BBQ By The Pool

26 October 2013

I’ve been waited for this BBQ gathering for very long time. And it’s finally here!

It had been really long since the few of us met up and have fun for a day.

I remember the last time when we Gossip Club had our BBQ session, quite long ago, probably even a year or so ago, it was really fun! I really enjoy hanging with these bunch of people once in a while.

Let’s talk about the BBQ this time. I must really applaud Yong Kang. It was him who organised everything, yes, almost everything by himself. The food, the utensils, the charcoal and even the venue (Yes, the BBQ is held at the BBQ pit within his condo), all settle by him.  He swear he is really a great planner. (Uh-huh, so that we are able to go there and just help cook the stuff and eat them.) Haha!

In the afternoon, Tan Rong, Wei Hao and Junwei met at Yio Chu Kang MRT Station and wait for Yong Kang and his dad to fetch us to his condo apartment. We’ve 4 guys trying to squeeze into the back of the car. That’s really suffocating.

When we reached there, Tan Rong and Weihao decided to go for a swim. Junwei and I decided to follow them down to the pool, with a packet of chips.

When we reached the pool, I was really amazed of how beautiful the view of the entire place from the pool. Marvelous view!

Really spectacular, doesn’t it?
So while the two are swimming, me and Junwei were eating chips by the pool and enjoyed the pool water hitting our legs. And I decided to take a selfie with such a nice backdrop, apparently my angle wasn’t that good that I’ve basically blocked almost the entire background. :’D

Not long after, we went back to Yong Kang’s unit before going to the BBQ pit to prepare the fire!

And I must mention the view again!!!
Yes, that’s the view from our BBQ pit. It’s like I’ve went to another world, the world of paradise. OMG. I must have this in my dream house! o/
We managed to get the charcoal burning and cooked the food before Stefanie arrived. And moment before she arrived, we ran out of charcoal, so I dragged Junwei along with me to get them. So, basically, I didn’t see her arriving. Heh.
We returned shortly (but in fact, not really shortly).
We started to cook more food, eat more food and talk more crap. While I borrowed Stef’s DSLR to take some random shots.
Well, that’s me. Definitely not taken by me. (Image: Stef’s FB)
Tan Rong enjoying the basically tasteless otah. Hehe. (Image: Stef’s FB)

This Junwei just know how to play his phone game… (Image: Stef’s FB)

Fine…. He did help lahh! A lot! Haha! (Image: Stef’s FB)

Stef, with one eye being covered. And according to her caption for this picture, she’s gonna stab you. Be careful! Ahh! (Image: Stef’s FB)

(From left to right) Yong Kang and Weihao, the most hardworking duo of the night. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK! (Image: Stef’s FB)
WHAT DO YOU WANT – Weihao (Image: Stef’s FB)

Yong Kang enjoying the fruits of his labor! (Image: Stef’s FB)
And there goes the fan that has been with me through hot and cold in SRJC. (Image: Stef’s FB)

And towards the end of the BBQ session, while we were all trying to BBQ our marshmallows, Yong Kang disappeared suddenly. And not long later, I heard a little boy saying “Happy Birthday to you”. 
Everyone turned around.
Yong Kang was holding a cake.
And I was like, “Whose birthday is it today? Cannot be Weihao’s, cannot be Junwei’s, definitely not Stef’s. Tan Rong’s?!”
Everyone looked at me and started singing the birthday song. Of course I sang along too. Until my name was mentioned. Eh… Wait… What?
Everyone looked at me again and said:
OMG! They remembered! SHOOOO SWEEEEET EH!!!
I swear I was really stunned. 
My third birthday celebration and 5th cake in 5 days.
Here’s a picture of the cake. It’s really very nice (I mean it looks and taste equally great!) Chocolate, me favourite!
(Image: quickmeme)
I must really treasure all the friends that I have made. It’s good to really meet so many different cliques of very thoughtful friends. Really must treasure them, because they don’t owe you anything, not even a birthday celebration but yet they organised birthday celebrations for me. Really really really very nice and thoughtful.
Before we left, we took some group photos, here’s one:
And here’s a photo I owe Stef, since it had been long since we last took a photo together:
The last thing I could remember from this was Stef complaining and bitching about the very late arrival of the taxi. 😛

Birthday Celebration (Part 2)

23 October 2013

This is a late post, a really really late post. Webs is trying to be anal so I decided to migrate back to Blogger, the place where I started blogging back in 2007. As I am busying with school work (Yes, especially PW).


23 October is finally here.

As many of my friends will know, it’s my birthday.

As I’ve blogged about earlier on, my SWAGGLICIOUS darlings came specially to my house to celebrate my birthday early! Really very touched.

And on that night, I received a message from my CG’s Yap Qi:

So… My CT wanted to see me.
That’s kind of sucks.
But then…
I find it really suspicious (Sorry girls if you are reading this but I can’t help it. Haha!)


But well. I don’t want to be too suspicious. Because it may really be true. I mean I was really low key about my birthday when I am in JC. Not many people actually knew about my birthday. So it’s better to be careful. And then this almost resulted in me having an insomnia because my CT is not really easy to deal with. She’s SCARY. I swear.

Then the next morning (Yes, the morning of my 17th birthday), I received a Whatsapp, this time from Wanlin:


(Image: memecrunch)
But even though I started to be suspicious, I am still touched by the fact that someone bothers to celebrate my birthday with me in school. Really thanks!
For the first half of the day, Ratna, Nicole and I were like sitting outside GNC doing almost nothing because we had no H1 Mother Tongue lessons to go to. That’s a great 3hrs to waste and lepak. 
Thn at 10am when the H1 MT people were released, I must admit that I was really expecting that someone will come up to GNC and celebrate my birthday with me. And even till few minutes before our OP coaching, nothing happened. I must be really sad and yes, sad. Maybe I’ve thought too much. 
Thn the three of us went up to B3-1 for our lesson. And the moment before I stepped into the class… 
I SAW SOME OF MY CG GIRLS DOING SOMETHING SECRETLY AT THE SIDE OF THE TABLE. (I am so sorry, I just have to see it and leak it out here. haha!)
But me being so kind, decided to pretend that I didn’t see anything.
And as I walked into the classroom, this Peishan rushed out to me and start asking me some questions about PW. And I was really shocked.
Really shocked.
I took some time to calm myself down before I tried my best to answer her.
And before I could finish my sentence…
Okay. This time I was really shocked because the heart attack Peishan gave me earlier on had yet to cease.
Michelle, Peishan and Wanlin then pass me a box of Chewy Juniors…
Damn adorable I swear. Still got a cupcake with a face on it. (and they all say it looked like me)
They are really sweet. And for the first time, I managed to be able to celebrate my birthday together with my classmates. I’ve waited 17 years for this day to come and they let me wait no further. I would like to, through this blog, shoutout to them:
(Image: Hankblog)

 And after this, we returned to rehearse for our PW.

My group (Michelle, Peishan, Finzi and I) decided to do our rehearsal outside. A few moments later, more people from my CG started to walk out of the classroom. I was amused. “Why you all all come out sia?” I asked. Apparently, no one give me a reply, I supposed. Then this Nicole went up to Finzi and started talking in Korean. And I was like…


And here comes Soyoung. I turned to her and said, “You can talk to them here, they are conversing in Korean.” Haha. She looked puzzled though. And then Nicole went away. And we continued with our rehearsal.

Not long after, half-way through our rehearsal, I saw Nicole and Ratna at the staircase and Nicole called me to go over. I excused myself from the group and walked towards them.


This time, I didn’t expect such thing to happen. Nicole and Ratna got a cake for me! AWW!

(Image: memegenerator)

OMG. They are so sweet I cannot.

Thank You girls!
After that, we went into the classroom to cut the cake.

And yes, we didn’t have plates so I ran to the toilet to take toilet paper as our plate (Guys, toilet papers are clean).

Nicole then pass me a slice of cake and the moment I took it, Peishan puts the cream on my face and someone else, I think Michelle, slam the slice of cake into my face. OHDEAR!

(Image: memecrunch)

And more creams on my face. That’s the first time a slice of cake went straight into my face. It was really really fun. I rushed to the toilet to clean up after that. Heh.

I must really thank these bunch of crazy girls for my first ever birthday celebration in class. You’ve given me a lot of fun. One of the best birthday I ever had.

And… I AM 17!!!!

Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

22 October 2013
I was unfortunately, laying sick on my bed after a series of on-and-off fever. So actually, I was sleeping in my room since the morning of that day… And something great happened in the evening, after 6pm.
The door bell rang.
And wow! My peeps came to my house with a cake to celebrate my birthday (which was on the following day)! WHAT A SURPRISE!
I think I don’t want to go into further details in the blog, but instead I’ll be posting more pictures!!! :)
Nicely decorated cake by my dearest peeps! <3
Wishing upon a cake. Hopefully 2014 will be a better year for me!
Me and the guys! Trying to act gangster only…
Me and the girls. Kind of like Charlie’s Angels here.
Some groups shots that we took!
Thn after that, coincidentally, my godparents also gave me a surprise visit with a very very big cake which my godmother actually make by herself!
A rare family shot.
I am really thankful for them to have existed in my life. Really thankful. Maybe this is fate or what, I don’t know. But really, they are one of the best I’ve had in my life up till now. It had been more than 10 years since a large group of people actually came and celebrate my birthday together with me. And this is the first time where people actually come and surprise me during my birthday.
17 Years Old Now.