U Siao Drama Somemore.

So I saw this post by our famous Mr Brown about his new addiction on a relatively interesting website. (See his post here)


This website generates what your ‘future’ Facebook post will look like after synchronizing with your past tweets. And seeing how funny Mr Brown’s ‘future’ Facebook status will look like, I decided to generate my own set of the status, of course, with my account. And what turns out to be, are funny and getting more dangerous as more status are being generated.

Here are some of the tweets.

Well… That’s more of what others will say about me,not me to others. Or maybe this bot is trying to predict that I’ll be talking to myself sometime soon.
Err… Not sure about that. Calling a private crematorium? Did I kill anyone? Can’t remember.



This is somewhat true. But incomplete, so let me complete it for you bot: Ever since I log into ilearn. Wow, what’s that? 可以吃的嗎?
Probably a premonition on this year end’s countdown celebration. Don’t say I never warn you, 101. Boomz.
Hey Apple, is Siri lodging a complaint against me? and Adam, laugh, just laugh. And what’s with laughing like no ASEAN Leagues. Oh ya, no one ever watches them.
Please. Messi is not running for EuroParliament, neither is he running for UN. Wait… Ballon d’Or, winning over again. This is getting psychic.
The bot makes some sense here on our freedom of speech, I guess.
Ohgosh. Where is this heading to? What can you compare ISA to?
This is heading too far. Sorry Nathan, I can’t help with this. Smile and scroll down.
Someone’s death might result in a political change? Ohgosh. *Praying that MDA won’t get to see this before they decide to shut off the site*
I am screwed. Thai people will come after me. *starts Thai accent*
Yes, to all, don’t take it too seriously. This kind of thing, touch and go can already. And I know I am freaking dangerous that the bot even comes out with such status generation. Dangerous me.
Well, here’s one last to make you smile.
Probably at the end of the 48hrs, my brain will turn squarish.