Being Single

Since today is February 14… Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

(Image: weheartit)

Valentines Day. Actually, to me, it’s a normal day. I mean nothing special will be happening to me, nothing abnormal will the nature be like and nothing unusual about any and every single living things around me. Okay… To be honest, I do mark it down on my diary that it’s Valentine’s Day, but I try to remind myself that it has nothing to do with me. I tried my best, but I failed to realise how depressed I am every Valentine’s. And nope, not because I know it’s Valentine’s but because of the what-I-call ‘extra things’ that couples usually do on this day. I mean, every couple in this world suddenly become so loving, so sweet (Not that I don’t believe that they are not as sweet as on normal days, but that kind of sweetness is like kind of over-flowing. I mean, why? Why being extra special on this day when you could do it every other day, or basically, everyday?)

Alright. Maybe I am getting jealous of couples that I don’t find myself making sense in my above paragraph. But well, everyone seems to have that kind of hoo-hah over Valentine’s.

And not to mention, Valentine’s is the best reason to make legit corporate scams. Walk down the shopping malls and you will see ‘Valentine’s Day Special’ or ‘Valentine’s Day Sales’ across every shop you can find. (Well, it is usually those shops that sells women’s stuff tend to have such sales.) Look, ‘Valentine’s Day Special’ and ‘Valentine’s Day Sales’ share the same initial of VDS, so does ‘Valentine’s Day Scams’. Ah well. Thanks to all these corporate ‘scams’, men who don’t buy Valentine’s Day gift may be seen as ‘scums’. Eh, I am very careful with my words, I said, ‘MAY’.

Talking about buying gifts for your girlfriends… I saw this picture while on Twitter last night:

(Image: @evansonthewall/Twitter)
Cny queue for 林志源 bakkwa, vday queue for pandora??? Tough being a guy in singapore lor HAHAHA”
Look at the queue at this Pandora outlet. Who says Singaporean man no good? You see, they even bothered queuing up to buy gifts for their girlfriends. (Not sure how much discount Pandora will give.) Although I may be depressed because I am single (Okay, depressed might not be a suitable word but you know what I mean) but I am kind of glad I am of that relationship status. I mean, imagine how broke I’ll be if I got myself a girl. Not to say in general but I think guys are the ones being expected to give gifts to his girls (although I also see many girls buying presents for their men, so fair enough. Haha). But I think in Singapore, being in a relationship is kind of a costly issue. Just look at the kind of occasions where there’s reason to give gifts:
1. Christmas
2. Valentine’s Day
3. Chinese Valentine’s Day (not sure if many people celebrate this, but still, a reason for gift. Heh.)
4. 1-month Anniversary
5. 100-day Anniversary
6. 6-month Anniversary
7. 1-year Anniversary
8. BF/GF Birthday
9. 1.5-year Anniversary
10. Any other kind of Anniversaries
11. GF/BF’s Mother’s Birthday
12. GF/BF’s Father’s Birthday
13. GF/BF’s Grandparents Birthday
14. Thanksgiving Day (also don’t know why this is on the list)
15. National Day (no shit, I am serious)
16. When your GF/BF’s favourite music artiste is in town
Yeah. 16 possible occasions when you have to fork out money on presents. And it can sometimes be really stressful because you know your partner too well to even be able to get anything for him/her.
I think I really know how to bullshit my way through this. But true right? HAHA!
Anyway, while many people are spending money on other people, I decided to give myself a Valentine’s Day present.
Yes. An Instax Mini90 Neo Classical instant camera by Fujifilm!
Have been longing for an instant camera since the end of last year and decided to place it on top of my wishlist for Year 2014.
And since I’ve gotten my last month’s pay and that Valentine’s Day is coming, I decided to get one and scrap it off my wishlist!
So I got this instax from Passion Gadget, where they sell a lot of Instax-related stuff and really cheaper prices, compared to other retailers outside in Singapore.
So there’s a brief description of the Mini90 that I got from the site. It’s a really really nice instant camera, giving the kind of retro feeling that I really fond of. I got it at S$225, and it comes with free gifts: film skin stickers, a photo clip, a mini photo album, a photo holder and a tripod stand. I kind of like the tripod stand, I mean, firstly I can use the tripod stand for my mini90 and also for my camera, it will come in really handy when taking group pictures!
After buying a camera, it is important that you get something to protect it, so I decided to buy a leather cover for it! (I got the picture below from the webpage itself because I wasn’t able to transfer the photo from my S4 to my laptop, ah well…)
Yeap. I got the brown CAIUL Cortex Vintage Leather Bag to add on to the kind of vintage feeling. As you can see from the picture I took above (the very first picture of my Mini90), the combination looks really good together! The leather bag was sold at S$18 (list price $25, according to their website). I think since it’s leather, it really worth the price tag!
For those of you who are also interested in getting an instant camera or getting accessories for your instant camera, just go to Passion Gadgets’ website ( and order your stocks online and they can get it delivered to your doorsteps! If not, you may just want to head down to their showroom at MacPherson and see what they have in store for you! You will be amazed by the things they have!
 Singapore Address:
PassionKites (Passion Gadgets located same as PassionKites)


Lion Building B, #05-12,
12 Arumugam Road,
Singapore 409958
(1min walk from MacPherson MRT Exit B)
(See map here)


Opening Hours:


Tue – Fri: 11am – 9pm


Sat – Sun: 11am – 6pm


(Monday Closed)


New Year Eve: 11am to 6pm


We’re closed on New Year’s Day  


Contact number: (+65) 9181 4105 (Call / SMS)




More info:


LiveChat at their Website


WhatsApp: (+65) 9181 4105


Happy Ma Year!

Sorry peeps. I know I went MIA since last year. Really sorry because I was really busy with work.

Yep. But it’s good to know that my work ends on the 9th of March this year. That means I’ll be able to enjoy about 3 weeks of freedom before having to return back to school, this time as a Polytechnic student.
Before posting any updates on myself, I shall wish everyone a very Happy Lunar New Year! This year’s the year of the horse. Hence I wish everyone to be as active as a galloping horse and may you reach your goals as fast as a horse. (Don’t know if I really make any sense here. Haha.)
I don’t know how long this post is gonna be because I am going to be like posting my updates for the past one month and beyond with this post. (Ya, that’s the consequence of not updating your blog regularly.)
Ok, maybe not.

Since my title wrote ‘Happy Ma Year’, I should post about how I spend my Chinese New Year this year. I will post on another blog post regarding the things that happened prior to CNY on another day then. 😛

So apparently, I was ill for the first few days of the Lunar New Year. (That’s really sucks) However, I am still able to enjoy most of the celebration, aka. going out for visiting.

Okay, I wrote this a day before Chinese New Year’s eve? How’s my calligraphy? I really think I should try and improve my skills. Hmm.

How can one don’t attend Reunion Dinner on Chinese New Year eve? Here’s a photo, and for those of you who are hungry now, skip this photo.

I must admit that’s really a lot of dishes for the steamboat since there are only three people eating the Reunion Dinner. (Yes, who say Reunion Dinner always need to involve a whole lot of people? As long as the entire family — the parents and the children — sits down together and have a meal, it is considered as a Reunion Dinner.) I must also admit my presence on the dining table is becoming rather rare ever since I went for work at a retail shop (yeap, imagine working 8hrs and 12hrs shift), hence this year’s reunion dinner become so much more meaningful.

So as usual, my family spent the entire CNY eve afternoon preparing the offerings for the prayers, which was to be done at the strike of 11pm, and also the reunion dinner food.

Let’s skip Day 1 of CNY, because what my family practically did was to sleep through the day. And look at my hlaf #ootd:

Erm… Ya. A mask and a singlet. That kind of sums up my first day of the Chinese New Year while everyone else was like having fun at their relative’s place or enjoying local scenery outside.
Okay, here’s a literally #ootd for you. Oranges of the Day 😛
And guess what I’ve done on this day.
Okay… Those who want my signature please line up, no pushing! 😛
Fast forward to Day 2.
Yes! My mum decided to bring me to my aunt’s house so… Here’s my first #ootd of this lunar year:
Cool eh? That was my first time wearing suspenders. And oh ya, I was trying to dress in a retro fashion.
Ah. Something like this.
Went to my aunt’s house to have more steamboats (Omnomnom!) And get to see a lot of my maternal side relatives and that means… More angbaos! 😀
Then I got bored… Hence…




Sorry, zi-lian over-load here. Oops. 😛
Okay. Let’s skip to Day 3.
Never had chance to do an #ootd for Day 3 because I decided to go to Brendan’s house in a rush after finding myself feeling rather better (Yes… I was still sick, actually, I am still sick at this point of time when I am writing this post).
4.30PM, I decided to set off while the rest had been there since like erm… One in the afternoon?
Yes. As promised, we took really a handful of photos.





Finally get to meet them after like 342364567320 years. Ps uh. I was busy with my work so didn’t go to meet them previously. Oops.
Ohya, and thanks Mrs. Pang for the angpao! Haha!
And here we go, fast forward to Day 7, aka the birthday of human. As a tradition, South-east Asian Chinese will tend to ‘lou hei’ on this day!


Yes, we ought to keep such tradition going!
Time flies, and today is the 9th day of the Lunar New Year. The Hokkiens will celebrate the birth of the Jade Emperor by doing offerings on the night of the 8th day of the Lunar New Year (practically at 11pm, when it is actually 9th day of the Lunar New Year according to Chinese customs).


Chinese New Year is always the time when I get to learn more about my own culture and to continue the traditions and also, to pass such traditions to the next generation.
That’s basically a summary of my CNY. 🙂 Again, Happy Ma Year to all!