Happy 18th Birthday, Pang!

Happy Birthday Brendan Pang!!!
Ya. Someone is finally 18-year old already. Sounds really good to be legal, doesn’t it? 
So 29th May, is the birthday of one of my close bros! So, we’ve decided to surprise him! And so, we decided to ask him out for a dinner that evening. Of course, we didn’t let him know what hidden agenda we had in mind. At first, we, particularly myself, were afraid that this might be kind of failed because Pang was giving us some kind of indirect replies. We weren’t even sure if he was coming or not.
I was like telling the rest that he might have realised what we were actually up to and he was just trying to troll us all. :’D
But, it turned out to be, he didn’t.
He wasn’t expecting anything. And, he didn’t suspect anything at all.
I rushed down from school to meet Yujing and Meiqi at AMK Hub’s Artbox to get the birthday presents. They were looking at the different helium balloons designs when I was reached. And we were still contemplating over which is the most suitable design when Hong Kiat arrived. We just have to shortlist 3 designs and voted among the 4 of us. 
Of course, one of the designs received the majority and hence we got it and proceed to buy other stuffs.
As always, holding a helium balloon around the shopping centre would definitely attract stares from the passers-by.
We walked around the entire second level of AMK Hub without knowing what to buy as the main present, I mean, we can’t only give a helium balloon as birthday present because I don’t think the helium inside will stay for eternity.
Junwei came afterwards with a birthday cake.
And we continued to wander around AMK Hub having no idea of what to buy.
And then, we walked pass 77th Street and we decided to try our luck in getting something from there. We were running out of time because Pang was reaching soon. I was suggesting on getting a zippo lighter since I think he likes lighter, plus the zippo lighters there have various kinds of rather exquisite designs. But then, something else caught our eyes: DOG TAG. I ain’t sure how that even caught our eye but it just caught our eyes. We eventually bought it after few rounds of discussion. 
After that, we received ‘tip-off’ that Pang had already reached AMK Hub and had met up with Qing. We decided that Junwei and Yujing would take the cake and presents and meet up directly at where we were supposed to have our dinner at. So that we could surprise him from behind!
I suddenly felt like a commander giving orders during an operation. I ‘dispatched’ Meiqi and Hong Kiat to take the escalator from outside 77th Street down to Lvl 1 while Junwei and Yujing would leave AMK Hub few minutes after all of us leave for dinner. Meanwhile, I took another escalator down from the other side of the shopping centre. We quickly ‘evacuated’ from Lvl 2 when Qing informed us that Pang and her were going up to the 2nd level. Meiqi and Hong Kiat ended up taking the elevator down to Basement 1 and took the escalator up from there to prevent meeting Pang on the way.
As I reached the Lvl 1, I purposely asked Pang where he was. And guess what… he was near the ATMs at Lvl 3. That meant that I had to go up again, but this time, to the third level. I met up with him and Qing. Then it took long enough for Meiqi and Hong Kiat to meet up with us, because they went to Lvl 1 and found no one and they decided to go up to Minitoons to take a look.
I swear that wasn’t part of the plan, at all. :’D
But at least, all of us met up, except of those two who were supposed to be er… ‘late’.
Initially Pang wanted to go to EighteenChef to have dinner and I was afraid the surprise will fail because there was simply no place for the two to suddenly popped up from behind with a helium balloon and a cake, a cake with lighted candles on it.
We still went to check it out afterall, and I was praying that the queue outside the shop would be long. Fortunately for the plan, the queue was really long. So I suggested to go to the nearest coffee shop to have tzi char.
Things were going smooth. I like.
As we left AMK Hub, I texted Junwei and Yujing.
We walked to the coffee shop, found a large round table, the so-called waitress from the tzi char stall brought us the menus and we discussed on what to order. 
We ordered the food, we ordered the drinks, the drinks arrived, the food also arrived… But the other two had yet to arrived. I was thinking where on earth were they? Kena kidnapped uh?
Then I realised that the two of them were hiding behind the tree few foots away from us, trying to light up the candles. I tried not to giggle. I made a call to Junwei in front of Pang, asking where was he. Thn I stood up, walked away from the table.
“Behind you lah.”
“I know lah. You faster come.”
Thn I lowered my voice.
“Meaning, you all can take action now.”
I hung up the phone.
“Pang, if you want to eat, can eat first. That two damn slow, don’t need wait for them.”
The moment to put some food into his mouth, the two appeared, one holding the cake and another holding the balloon.

He was stunned, while all of us started laughing. I was about to open my mouth to sing the birthday song, Hong Kiat stopped me. Everyone else in the coffee shop was watching. Not sure it was kind of embarrassing for us or that it was kind of embarrassing for Pang himself. We made him to make some wishes before blowing off the candles.
Everyone just looked on, even the coffee shop auntie and the staffs from the tzi char stall.
Beautiful cake.
 I shall not say more cos the most interesting part is now over. Other than that the coffee shop auntie wished Pang happy birthday when we order more drinks from her. 😛
We ate and we took selfies!

(PS: If you look at the above photos carefully, you’ll realised Qing was actually doing the once-famous gwiyomi. :’D)
Before we ended our dinner, one waitress from the tzi char stall came with 7 small tub of jelly to treat us. o/

Marriage, Is A Blissful Occasion

On Friday evening, I accompanied my mother to attend one of our relative’s wedding at Yishun SAFRA Club.


 The door gifts look really adorable.


Mind my selfie. I took that for my PEDORO peeps. 😛


The first dish consists of jellyfish and lobster. Of course not that little, I just took some and placed it on my plate, took a photo and send it to Gerald (aka jellyfish, my friend from my CSOP’14 sub-tribe who has a fetish, ahem, I mean er…, likes to eat, jellyfish :’D).


Shark-fin soup.


Look at that abalone!


And for the first time, there’s bird nest being served in a wedding dinner I’ve attended.

Of course these were not the only dishes on that evening, I didn’t took more because I was afraid of the awkwardness (Later they think this boy siao one uh, take photo of every single food). 😛 But I swear this is the best ever wedding dinner I’ve been to.

Thought I don’t really know that relative, but HAVE A BLISSFUL MARRIAGE!

Dinz With My 2 Bitches

So… On last Thursday, 22/05, I had finally meet up with these two bitches of mine, Nicole and Wanlin. Wanlin said to meet up because she missed us a lot and a lot (Awwww Wanz… :P) And so, I was back here again, at Fat Boys.
And why Fat Boys?
Because some people wanted to have alcohol flowing in their blood. Even though there’s school tomorrow. 
And so after school, I met up with Nicole first. She was raging. Because she had a bad day. And then I tried to be an asshole to her, and I failed, terribly bad. :'( Sorry Nic. I am really sorry. My EQ kinda failed that day, really.
Then I realised Wanlin was waiting for us at the bus stop. SHE CAME ALL THE WAY FROM SP TO NP! 
On our way to Upper Thomson, on bus 74, the girls were complaining about their own respective lives, ranting that it was the ‘worst’ time of their life. I looked at them, feeling unsympathetic at that point of time, I blurted out, “While I am having the best time of my life.” They all stared at me. Ok, I admit I was being a bitch then. :’D But hey! In the end I still lend them my ears! :’D
Actually no need worry, whoever, after seeing Eddy will definitely start to smile and laugh and HAHAHA! (CAUTION: Narcissism over-rated here. :P) I think I can wipe the blues away from the blues.
Alright. I don’t know what I am saying either.
Let me fast forward all the way to when we were at Fat Boys. Nicole ordered a Hoegaarden, Wanlin wanted to try the Hoegaarden before ordering one for herself. While me, myself, as the only guy out of the three, decided to order a cup of orange juice.
I swear many would give me the face like:
upon reading this. But here’s a quick fact to myself: Eddy don’t like alcohol, he doesn’t like the taste at all.   

I mean, you see, don’t you think orange juice is like more er… tasty? And can stimulate your tastebuds better? And ohya, before I start comparing the nutritional values between orange juice and any alcoholic drinks.
(Image: feveravenue)
Alright, alright. Maybe if you give me fruit beer like those above, I wouldn’t mind. At least got better flavourings. 😛
My orange juice and Nic’s Hoegaarden came.
Wanlin hugged the huge-ass cup of alcohol and tasted it. And she ordered another one for herself.
I swear this is where the change of gender differences starts. Guy drinking non-alcoholic drinks and gals drinking those with alcohol content. This is a good example if anyone wants to do any project on gender discrimination (er… Is there even discrimination here in the first place? Or, perception of the different genders).
Food’s finally here.
And check out my burger (I can’t remember what it’s exactly called)!
And here’s all our food!!!!
(Credit: Wanlin)
And while eating, we had to lend our ears to Wanlin because she was ranting about her life. It had been long since I heard someone ranting so much about their lifes to me. 
I couldn’t help her much other than listening to her and I was glad Nicole was there, because she was the one who could give her the advice.
Know what? I love listening to people rant about their lifes. I guess it is bacause that’s when you know who really takes you as a really good/best friend deep in their heart. Because they know, they can entrust everything on you and you know, they are very comfortable with you. This kind of feeling is great, mutually great. You know your position in their heart and at the same time, they are able to clear off their mind a little.
Of course, the entire evening was not only filled with everyone’s ranting (Yes, yes. Eddy rants too. :’D).
Here’s some selfie to end the evening (and also to end off this post, I am very tired. Hehe. :D)

PS: I admit I am starting to miss you two when I am writing this blog. Meet up soon!!! (Esp. Wanlin, cos I can see Nicole in school. ^^)

As The Beauty of Nature Strikes

Since today’s lesson started at 1pm, I went down to the HDB Office and the Post Office to pay some bills.

And I encounter one of the best scenes in Singapore.

Okay. Not those moths of course.



Singapore can be very beautiful at times too. 😀

Bird Eye View

A couple of weeks or so since this interesting thing on the roof top of Block 51 in Ngee Ann Poly.

Which inspired local trollers SGAG to come out with this:

Which in turn inspired me to want to make my way up to the rooftop and see how on earth they actually managed to get themselves up there.

After my last lesson, which is my Social Psychology lecture, I dragged Jonathan to follow me up to the highest level of Blk 51. Level 8. At least that’s the highest according to the lift. I tried to find the correct way up to the roof top.

Jonathan just wanted to wait for me at level 8 while I tried to maneuver my way around. I found a really ulu (Singlish, meaning some distant corner) stairway and it actually has a lift beside it. Woah. I mean, who will realise the existence of this lift. And the stairway lead me up to Level 9, or in my words, the level that never exist. Why? Because as I walked out of level 9, it’s like a small balcony over level 8. Nothing much. And it is impossible for me to find any way up to the roof top.

However, the view from level 9 was too magnificent that it is impossible for me not to take some shots from there.




Suddenly, I feel like a bird.


Nope. This post is in English. 😛

Whoever who is reading this might have question why the title of this post is in Chinese. So, before I continue with this post, allow myself to make an explanation. This is a song lyrics, and it can’t possibly change in into English.

I mean, it will be weird. xoxo
(Video: Youtube)
It’s a lyrics from this song called 《洋蔥》, or ‘Onion’ (See, it doesn’t make sense once I changed it into English). And why did I use this portion of this song as my title? Because it somewhat becomes my class’s anthem. Ever since Susien laoshi showed us the song during lesson, and Meihong started singing the song continuously, everyone started singing it. 
So… Since I put a song lyrics as my heading… Which means… This is gonna be a blog post about KTV!!!
Initially, we don’t have lesson today but then we had to go back for Deming laoshi’s Speech & Presentation make-up class from 9am to 11am. After that, we decided to go to Singapore Poly (SP) to have lunch before heading down to Nanyang Technological University (NTU)’s Alumni Club’s Teoheng to sing! WOOHOO!
While at SP having lunch, I messaged my two good friends who were studying there, Adam and Wanlin, telling them I am in their school and they can come and see me if they want to. HEHE. 
I sent them this picture to give them a hint of where I was at.
Then… Both of them were too far away from where I was at (Yes, not exaggerating but SP is really THAT big :P). So they cannot come and find me. HAHAHA. I feeling so sad la. 😛
After lunch, we headed down to Teoheng. And I don’t want to mention how we even overcome that hill to reach our destination. :’D
Initially, Bao Yun was not with us but then… 
I used Rainie Yang to lure her all the way from East Coast. Poor Baoyun had to take a cab down to join us, but we made sure that fun was guaranteed!
I must admit that Baoyun and Meihong are both very good singers, I mean, I can just sit back and relax and enjoy them singing the whole day. Hehe. Talents!
A selfie by Baoyun with the rest of us.
(On the sofa from front to back: Baoyun, Jonathan, Peiyi, Huiqi, Yoke Yeng, Meihong. 
On the floor: Rebecca)
While I tried to appear at some top right hand corner of the picture. Hehe. ^^

Jonathan told Baoyun to take this picture because I was too dramatic. Oops. :O 😀

A group selfie again before we parted ways outside Buona Vista MRT Station. Jonathan wasn’t in here because he left early due to some commitment.
Definitely a good outing with the class despite only 8/15 people there. Hope that we will have a full class outing soon! YAY!

Squash Woash.

17th May, 2014.

143 days after the majority of our PEDORO peeps turned up for a gathering, we finally meet up! Yay! That’s definitely a call for celebration. 🙂

143 days.

You guys never know how much I’ve actually missed ya’ll over the past 4 months and 22 days. (Ya lah, I admit I had seen some of you quite a number of times within this period of time, and even met some of you recently. But well, it is rare to have like 8 PEDOROS gathering together. It’s just rare.)

So, about two weeks ago, this Meiqi said that she wanted to play squash. And then she jio-ed all of us to go to Yio Chu Kang Squash Centre to play. And since I am a ‘myactivesg‘ member, I booked the court.

So, yesterday, we finally met.

Wan Qing.
Brendan Pang.
Wei Fang.
Yu Jing.

Actually, Junwei and Hong Kiat was supposed to join us. (And then that will be 10 PPL!) But unfortunately, Junwei fell ill while Hong Kiat *ahem* overslept.


You didn’t read it wrongly.

And then Chen Yu sent this to us.

(Image: SGAG)

Which somehow explained the entire situation. :’D


Playing squash with two school team players from YJC (B Pang and Meiqi) was no easy feat. It’s like a rookie playing against a certain Ong Bee Heng. I love the fact how I acted so clumsy in the court. Like a Mr. Bean.

After some squash, B. Pang, Meiqi, Fang, Qing and I, went to the nearby Yio Chu Kang Stadium for a jog — 3 rounds of the track. The moisturised condition of the surrounding air made it really nice for a slow jog. Meanwhile, don’t know if I took too many Viscomm lesson that I tend to try and find any ‘photogenic’ parts of the sky and try to enjoy the beauty of nature.

After that, it’s LUNCHTIME.


The AMK HUB one!

This is like the second time we’ve went to eat at 18CHEFS. But first time with this large amount of people. Woohoo! I admit we seems to like 18CHEFS a lot ever since it opened its latest branch at AMK Hub (At least we no need to travel all the way down to Cineleisure for it).

And of course, we didn’t forget to take selfies:

Take 1.
Take 2.
And then we realised we guys can’t really be trusted to take selfies. So Meiqi took over and took a shot. WHY ISN’T JUSTIN FACING THE CAMERA? :’D
The girls took their own selfie.

And I decided to photobomb them. 😛
After that really really full meal, we went to Challenger so that Yujing can get her stuff while Fang got her new iPhone a cover.
Thn they were deciding between whether to go LAN or go play pool. And of course, the majority of us don’t play games (I mean games like LOL, Blackshot, or anything like this), hence, POOL!
But I went home first cos I’ve left an SD card at home and I need to pass it to Zhi Rong, who was my senior back in SR Drama. 

I returned.
And I realised I still can barely play pool.
Fang taking her shot on target.
I think we played for like two hours? And I swear the price made us broke a little. Let just try and ignore that. Haha.
Really happy to be able to meet them in such a large group after so long. All the best to their MYE and hope PEDORO can gather together again soon one day!!! (Of course, hopefully, with FULL ATTENDANCE!)

Random Photoshop: Selective Colouring

Wanted to take a break from my BCR (Business Continuity Readiness) assignment.

Which is practically e-learning.

My first independent trial on Photoshop since I need to edit one of my photos and upload it on Flickr as one of the assignments.



This is probably my favourite editing tool in the whole of Photoshop, as least for now lah. I know it’s not very nice though, but my very first proper edit lehh. 😛

Project Superstar 2014: NP Audition

Finally saw the photos the organiser took during the audition, and so I decided to do a post about it. 😀

The poster for the Project Superstar 2014 Campus audition!
So after 8 years, yep 8 long years, Project Superstar is finally back! And it coincides with my first year in Polytechnic! Woohoo! Well, I think everything in life is destined. I mean, if Project Superstar returned last year, I wouldn’t be able to join (I would be so busy and stressed with my JC work that I don’t even feel like heading down to any public auditions). But since it’s here this year and that it is at the doorstep (uh-huh, audition for NP students in NP lehhh), why not give it a try?
Initially, we were not able to take part in the audition.
1) Originally, my class was supposed to have a field trip to Red Dot Museum on that very day and the timing clashes. We tried to persuade our Design & Publication teacher, Ms Liaw to let us off for the audition. Coming up with relatively interesting persuasions. And she initially rejected our persuasion but then few days later, she announced to us that our field trip is postponed. o/
2) Thn on that day, 6th May, we realised that we need our own photographs to the audition. Those who wanted to join had no photos (at first we thought we need one picture of close-up shot and a picture of full body), but then we tried to crash the audition. And thn Jonathan sent us a message (he was there early) that WE NEED THE PHOTOS IN ORDER TO TAKE PART. So I suggested that if we can’t join, we just go KTV after that. 😛 
But when Meihong and I reached, Jonathan and I went to ask the organiser if we really need the photos. Thn they said need. Thn I took out my passport size photo from my wallet and asked if that is acceptable. To my delight, they say can. Thn we decided that those without photos, just take a photo with a phone and thn go somewhere to print. Zeliang, who was waiting at Clementi (cos he thought we confirm cannot join and thought we confirm going KTV), was called down to NP to take photo and print it out so he could also join.
So eventually, the 4 of us managed to get into the audition.
I was the first to go up, followed by Jonathan, thn Zeliang and afterwards would be Meihong.
Got two girls became model for the sponsor. :’D
(Image: Project Superstar’s Official Facebook) The organisers decided to help us take a group photo, without Dallies, because we didn’t know where were she. 
From left: me, Jonathan, Zeliang, Jingwen, Meihong, Crystal.
Ignoring the part which I was interviewed and I dragged the other guys down with me. If next time the interview is shown on YouTube or TV, I will blog about it then (haha, which means, I don’t think will be shown lorh).
When it was my turn, the organiser told us, the three guys, to go on stage together.

(Image: Project Superstar’s Official Facebook) I admit I was very nervous that I failed to perform to my optimal standard (which is probably when I am in the bathroom). I totally forgot about needing to drag the ending a bit when singing my《昨夜星辰》.
After the three of us had sang, the judges gave us the comment that I could still remember:


(If we let you three in, we are afraid that you might not have the experience. However, if we don’t let you three in, it will be a pity. Why not, three of you go form a team, choose another song that is suitable for the three of you and try again later.)

So we took up their suggestion, went out to prepare ourselves. We decided on singing 《你是我的眼》. We seems fine during a short rehearsal but we were rather chaotic on stage. Firstly, because I was so nervous that I nearly forgotten what I were supposed to do. And secondly, all of us wasn’t really sure of the lyrics (I mean, it was a last minute thing).

(Image: Project Superstar’s Official Website)

When it’s time to see if we are in or out, the moment was indescribable. The moment when you feel like seeing more greens than reds, not because you want to proceed to the next round but want people to acknowledge your singing skills. However, you also admit that your singing wasn’t really good and that your coordination was relatively poor.

And as I raised my head, it was all RED.

Disappointed, we thanked the judges and walked off. Although Jon and I were just merely there to just get the experience and to crash the audition for fun, I must admit it wasn’t really good to see 3 reds for our singing.



This time, one of the judges told us that THEY ARE GOING TO JUDGE US AS A GROUP THIS TIME.

We took a deep breathe, and I stared down and thought to myself, “MAYBE STILL GOT CHANCE UH.”

The moment I looked up again, this time, IT WAS ALL GREEN!!!!

Everyone was ecstatic, especially the girls outside…

So after confirming our places in the next round, we went through a series of on-screen interviews (This is when I realised how difficult an interview is, even if you are the one being interviewed).

We are definitely happy to proceed, but…


P.S.: For those who wants to come down to support us on the next round of audition, it will be held on 21 June (Saturday). I will blog about the further details once we are informed!

Shutter Speed

This is a late post, but it’s gonna be a short one.
For those who knows photography, you know what shutter speed means. For those who don’t know, here’s a definition:

The shutter is the mechanism that controls the amount of light entering the camera and the speed in which it does so. 

– Drew, Helen (2005). The Fundamentals of Photography (pp. 38). Switzerland, AVA Publishing SA. 

Before anyone mistakes this post as some photography introductory blog post, I just want to clarify that the reason I used the term ‘Shutter Speed’ as the title here because it seems more title-wise (ohgosh, is there even such term) compared to ISO or aperture. Well, the second reason is because I spent more time during the lesson on the DSLR trying out different shutter speeds.

I swear photography is really fun, of course with the presence of DSLR.

Hopefully I will continue to love my Visual Communications (Viscomm) lessons.

So, Mr. Alvin brought us outside of the classroom to take photos near the pond on a Thursday morning as the heat from the sun above was getting really out of hand. And, me being myself, got really excited (I mean, can use DSLR leh, why no happy? Gosh. I am so loving school). The main point of the so called field-trip was for us to practice our ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Shutter speed is the coolest thing on Earth. Sometimes I really regretted not getting a DSLR 4 years back.

Let me show-off to you some really good (well, at least I had never taken such visually pleasant photographs ever in my life before) photos from that day.
Okay. Before that, let us spend a moment enjoying this photo taken by Crystal. You might like to crop out the left side of the picture to get a complete 100% pleasant view. You’ve got to admit that Dallies look flawless in this picture. Mr. Photographer and Ms. Model.

It took me quite sometime to adjust my shutter speed, ISO and aperture combination to take this picture thanks to the bright daylight. And guess what, my main point isn’t the flower in front, but the red flower behind. 

 I tried my best to focus on the flower.

 One of my favourite photo taken. Focusing on the 1st and 2nd stalk of flowers.

Love the greens.
And since my title is SHUTTER SPEED, I must of course show you all the magic of shutter speed. 🙂
Ignore the greenery and focus on the water that was being splashed out. You can basically see the water droplets. Not convinced? Scroll further down.

Look at the water droplets that are being splashed out as the water hits the water surface.
Maybe this will look clearer. The effect wasn’t really good actually because my shutter speed was quite low, but not very low of course.
Look at the water droplets across the sky. Whoosh.
And then as it drops…
Then I spotted a butterfly and finally was able to take a photo of it after literally running after it for quite some time.

Hey look! Another butterfly! This time more colourful!
The next two photos will show you the different effects of different focusing.

Focusing on the leaves, leaving the water pool behind as a back drop.

Focusing on the water and the droplets, making the leaves in the foreground a secondary object.
And after an hour or so (?) out there under the sun with the DSLR, we had to call it for the day. But the entire hands-on lesson was really fun and fulfilling! (Heard that we are going to use Photoshop to edit some of these pictures! Hopefully I could survive that lesson. :P)

It’s time to leave. Bye all. 🙂