Dinz With My 2 Bitches

So… On last Thursday, 22/05, I had finally meet up with these two bitches of mine, Nicole and Wanlin. Wanlin said to meet up because she missed us a lot and a lot (Awwww Wanz… :P) And so, I was back here again, at Fat Boys.
And why Fat Boys?
Because some people wanted to have alcohol flowing in their blood. Even though there’s school tomorrow. 
And so after school, I met up with Nicole first. She was raging. Because she had a bad day. And then I tried to be an asshole to her, and I failed, terribly bad. :'( Sorry Nic. I am really sorry. My EQ kinda failed that day, really.
Then I realised Wanlin was waiting for us at the bus stop. SHE CAME ALL THE WAY FROM SP TO NP! 
On our way to Upper Thomson, on bus 74, the girls were complaining about their own respective lives, ranting that it was the ‘worst’ time of their life. I looked at them, feeling unsympathetic at that point of time, I blurted out, “While I am having the best time of my life.” They all stared at me. Ok, I admit I was being a bitch then. :’D But hey! In the end I still lend them my ears! :’D
Actually no need worry, whoever, after seeing Eddy will definitely start to smile and laugh and HAHAHA! (CAUTION: Narcissism over-rated here. :P) I think I can wipe the blues away from the blues.
Alright. I don’t know what I am saying either.
Let me fast forward all the way to when we were at Fat Boys. Nicole ordered a Hoegaarden, Wanlin wanted to try the Hoegaarden before ordering one for herself. While me, myself, as the only guy out of the three, decided to order a cup of orange juice.
I swear many would give me the face like:
upon reading this. But here’s a quick fact to myself: Eddy don’t like alcohol, he doesn’t like the taste at all.   

I mean, you see, don’t you think orange juice is like more er… tasty? And can stimulate your tastebuds better? And ohya, before I start comparing the nutritional values between orange juice and any alcoholic drinks.
(Image: feveravenue)
Alright, alright. Maybe if you give me fruit beer like those above, I wouldn’t mind. At least got better flavourings. 😛
My orange juice and Nic’s Hoegaarden came.
Wanlin hugged the huge-ass cup of alcohol and tasted it. And she ordered another one for herself.
I swear this is where the change of gender differences starts. Guy drinking non-alcoholic drinks and gals drinking those with alcohol content. This is a good example if anyone wants to do any project on gender discrimination (er… Is there even discrimination here in the first place? Or, perception of the different genders).
Food’s finally here.
And check out my burger (I can’t remember what it’s exactly called)!
And here’s all our food!!!!
(Credit: Wanlin)
And while eating, we had to lend our ears to Wanlin because she was ranting about her life. It had been long since I heard someone ranting so much about their lifes to me. 
I couldn’t help her much other than listening to her and I was glad Nicole was there, because she was the one who could give her the advice.
Know what? I love listening to people rant about their lifes. I guess it is bacause that’s when you know who really takes you as a really good/best friend deep in their heart. Because they know, they can entrust everything on you and you know, they are very comfortable with you. This kind of feeling is great, mutually great. You know your position in their heart and at the same time, they are able to clear off their mind a little.
Of course, the entire evening was not only filled with everyone’s ranting (Yes, yes. Eddy rants too. :’D).
Here’s some selfie to end the evening (and also to end off this post, I am very tired. Hehe. :D)

PS: I admit I am starting to miss you two when I am writing this blog. Meet up soon!!! (Esp. Wanlin, cos I can see Nicole in school. ^^)