When You Just Decide To #YOLO For One Day

Welcome to the one and only, the Jalan Besar Stadium.
Many Singaporeans shouldn’t be a stranger to this place. Even if you’ve never been here before, at least, you’ve heard about it’s existance. This is the place where Singapore’s football owed most of its history to (apart from the Old National Stadium and Farrer Park) 

Last Friday, because of my Visual Communication (Viscomm) assignment, I went down to Jalan Besar Stadium to catch the final of the Starhub League Cup final between Tanjong Pagar United and Brunei DPMM.

So… what’s the link between my assignment and a League Cup final? Well… I decided to do a photo story on the love of football among Singaporeans, hence this Final is part of the story.

After school at 5pm, I took my own sweet time to travel down to Singapore Polytechnic (SP) to find Adam Oh. I was supposed to meet him for dinner on that day itself, then I almost have to pangseh him because I need to do this assignment. But luckily, he didn’t mind coming down with me to watch the match.

I shan’t mention how I got lost in SP for the second time within 2 days (Yep, I went to SP to have lunch with my classmates Crystal, Meihong and Zeliang on Thursday. Thn, I wanted to go to their School of Business to find Wanlin. Guess what, I went towards the other side of the campus.)

I swear SP is huge and confusing.

Well, getting back on the topic. So we went down to Lavender MRT Station by the MRT and that’s when all the yolo-ing starts.

This Adam looks delighted with the 2 concession tickets for the match. (Btw, it’s only S$1 each)
Above the entrance on the stadium.

Marshalls checking the tickets, and bags.
Adam taking photo of the stadium too!
There were really quite a number of fans coming down to watch the match. According to the stats from SLeague.com, there were a crowd of about 2 000. But for a league cup final, there were really too many empty seats there. I really think that we should be more supportive of our own domestic league. 
But I have to admit that I am also guilty of not showing too much support for the league. I still remembered that the last time I watched S. League on Ch5 was back in primary school. While watching, I would tend to kick a small soccer ball that I used to have around my house. Those were the times.
This was in fact my first time watching a competitive football match live in a stadium. And actually watching the match ‘live’ at the venue is so much interesting. The comments that were shouted out by the fans were so much more interesting than the commentary over the tv.
“Referee kayu!”
“How much did you all pay the ref?”
And when the opposing player was injured:
“Bee-po Bee-po Bee-po”
“Stop bloody wasting time lah sial.”

The Tanjong Pagar United’s mascot actually poses for me!

Here’s a strategy to attract more fans! Free curry puffs from Polar and coffee/tea from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves!

Of course, as a Singaporean, got free gift, confirm must go get. ;D

Yes. I caught him drinkng.


First time seeing such a big camera!
The match’s about to start!
Tanjong Pagar United’s players doing pep talk.

The League Cup trophy!
As the match was being played, I kept taking photos, until…
My SD card decided to be a bitch.
My SD card was only 8GB, and I was forced to transfer all my files to my laptop before reformatting it. A new lesson learnt: Either get a 32GB or bigger SD card or bring a lot of SD card along with you when taking photographs, esp. when you are trying to the .RAW photographs.

The match ended 2 – 0 to Brunei DPMM.
After the match, it took Adam and I quite some time to decide on what to eat.
He suggested Swee Choon in the end.
Swee Choon is located at Jalan Besar. And when we reached there around 10.30pm+, it was really full. It was one of the shops there that operates throughout the midnight. It opens from 6PM to 6AM. While I was still wondering if anyone would even come out to Jalan Besar to have supper so late at night (I was eventually proved wrong in the end).
As we reached Swee Choon, its doorstep was filled with many patrons. Initially, I told Adam that we should eat elsewhere because the queue was too long and it was too late. I think by the end we finish waiting and finish eating, we won’t be even able to find any public transport to go home.
And no, we are not crazy enough to walk home from there.
But… we went to enquire about the estimated waiting time with the staffs there.
20 minutes.
Seems reasonable. We decided to just wait. 
Surprisingly, the waiting time seems to be lesser than 20 minutes.
We went in, took our order and our food was served quite promptly.
The appetiser.
Things that we’ve ordered.

The first thing to arrive was our Chrysanthemum-brewed Pu’er Tea. Didn’t try it before so I decided to order that. 
The taste of the tea is really nice. It has a very pleasant combination of bitterness of the pu’er and the sweetness from the chrysanthemum. It might just be my cup of tea. Get it? My CUP OF TEA. :’P
Look at how Adam is enjoying his tea.

And being excited for the rest of the food to be served!
We didn’t have to wait for quite long before all our food (except our dessert) is being served.
Pork Chop. (Yes, I know I am sinned for eating fried food, but hey, today supposed to be just yolo)

Our Xiao Long Bao!!! The Xiao Long Bao is really nice. Take one bite off the skin of the bao and suck in the juice within it. The fragrance of the juice is just so sedap, it’s like eating from a dumpling soup. It’s best tasted when it’s hot!

Baked BBQ Pork Pastry.

Chee Cheong Fun.

Har Kow. And I like this a lot!

Swee Choon Mee-Suah Kuay.
Of course, I wasn’t the only one doing #foodporn. HAHAHA

And we took #foodporn to the whole new level. I swear the patrons and the staffs there were all judging us. We stood up, one holding a DSLR, and another holding an iPhone, shooting pictures of all the food.

(Image: Quickmeme)
(Image: Pandawhale)

I am sure they must be judging us the moment I rose up my camera to take a bird-eye view of all the food, with my hands trembling. I saw one pair of eyes sharing over at me before I quickly sat down and try to find a place to hide. :’D

How can people not judge sial? HAHAHAHA

Here’s an overview of what we’ve ordered. It’s really a lot for 2 person.
It’s like so long since I’ve met this Adam Oh. The last time we met was a dinner at The Tea Party Cafe. And that’s like close to 2 months already. I just realised one thing that, everytime when I went out to have a meal with Adam, we two tend to go and eat some really good food. Shiok lah!
We were eating, drinking and chatting about our respective lifes. Yes. Secrets and more secrets. Critics and more critics. He’s really one of those people whom I can trust everything with, really.
We were so full that we even have to eat really really slowly. And by the time we finished everything, it’s already close to 1am in the morning.
And guess what, we’ve got to travel down from Jalan Besar to Little India to catch the midnight bus (Nite Owl) back to Ang Mo Kio.
On the way to Little India, we were like having a small exploration around the area in the freaking midnight. 
Actually Little India is a rather quiet area at night despite the streets are all filled with cars.
We took quite some time strolling through Little India and someone even tried to take selfie in the middle of a road. He thought that one his grandfather’s road uh. HAHAHA
Eventually, we got on to 1N and went home.
Selfie taken on the bus, at 0150hrs.
Surprisingly, the bus took just about 5 minutes to reach AMK from Little India. Woah.

Yichen, My Big Brother


My dear brother is finally 18 years old already! I am so proud of him! HAHAHA.

Many people might be wondering, since when did Eddy have a brother? Of course, I don’t have a blood-related brother. But I have 2 sworn brothers: Yichen and Hong Kiat. And our story goes all the back to 4 – 5 years ago.

The three of us were from AMKSS Drama Club, and back then, we were the only three guys from our batch in the club. Hence, we eventually become rather close despite being from 3 different classes. While we were in Secondary 2, our relationship becomes so much closer, primarily because of the Night Of Music And Dance (NOMAD) – an once-in-two-years art event uniquely to Ang Mo Kio Secondary.

And because of this game and this novel…

(Image: ign)
(Image: Soso)

Let me explain how NOMAD, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce and The Romance of The Three Kingdom were linked together.

Let me start with the game. So… our senior Melvin and Hong Kiat were both playing this game on their PSP and I recognised it. I’ve got the game at home too. We tried to play together, but my game seems to not be able to connect to their server. Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce is part of the Dynasty Warriors series, which in turn is a spoof of the classic Chinese novel, The Romance of The Three Kingdom.

And then here comes Yichen, who had read the novel (not the original version but the simplified version) and started to talk to us about the storyline. So apparently, since I couldn’t be able to connect to the server, two of us chatted about the novel.

And somehow, Yichen, Hong Kiat and I decided that since there are three of us, we’d be the three famous brothers in the novel.

(Image: The Android Closet) Liu Bei(劉備).
(Image: Koei) Guan Yu(關羽).
(Image: Koei) Zhang Fei(張飛).
And how did we decide who’ll be which character? Easy. We just follow our birthdays, whoever who’s the eldest will by Liu Bei, the second will be Guan Yu and the youngest be Zhang Fei.
Since Yichen was born on 19 July, he was the eldest.
Hong Kiat, having his birthday coming just a mere 10 days after Yichen, was the second.
And then there’s me. The youngest.
There we have, our alias.
Yep. We sometimes call each other by our alias, or simply Big Brother (大哥), Second Brother (二哥/二弟) and Third Brother (三弟).
Sometimes I feel that my characteristic is really very close to my alias, aka Zhang Fei. Well, apart from both of us being relatively larger as compared to the other two (I don’t know if that’s really considered as a characteristic, but well…), I was kind of a rather hot-tempered guy.
Maybe not really that hot-tempered. Just er… Easily agitated.
But not to my friends, you see. 🙂 (Yes, I am really really a kind guy who gives in a lot. I think.)
Ohya. And so how NOMAD came into the picture?
Well… There was one night when we were doing a rehearsal for a NOMAD Fringe event (which is still NOMAD, but just a so-called Preview at the community level. I mean, we went to the amphitheater nearby our school to perform for the community to see), there was a dinner break for us. So, of course, we went to eat at the void deck (Uh-huh, the school is generous enough to provide us with catered buffet).
After we were done, we got some drinks for ourselves and then looked at each other.
Yes. We were reminded of the Oath of the Peach Garden(桃園三結義)
(Image: e3ol)
We suggested to follow the steps of the three brothers and to take the oath of fraternity, using fruit punch instead of tea/wine. 

“不求同年同月同日生,只願同年同月同日死。” (We seek not to born one the same day of the same month of the same year, we’d only wished to die on the same day of the same month of the same year.)

And hence, we literally become sworn brothers.

So, here’s the story. Haha. I feel like an old grandpa, telling old stories to the young ones. HAHAHA. Now, let’s get to his birthday surprise.

It was a last minute one. But I was lucky to be able to get Junwei, Meiqi and Weifang to come down to give this brother of mine a small little birthday surprise by crashing his house.

It almost failed because Yichen told me that he’ll be going out for family dinner at 5PM and Junwei could only make it at 4PM+ (In case if ya’ll are wondering, I jio-ed Junwei first, before I jio-ed the others, so must follow Junwei’s time).

But luckily, everything went smoothly.

Other than going up to the wrong level, thanks to Junwei. :’D

Initially, I told Yichen that I’ll be going to his house to pass him something that I’ve owed him long time ago. He believed and told me to come before 5pm. And I assured him it’ll be a fast one.

I knocked on his door at 4.30pm. And I told him to come out of his house, ‘cos I wanted to show him ‘something’.

And then the other three walked down from the staircase with 3 little cakes and a poor little candle.

He was shocked and surprised!

Apologies that this shot was taken properly because I almost lost my balance at the staircase. HAHA.

We were all joking that he’s only 1-Year Old this year. 😛
Trying to put back one cake because he can’t finish…
And then, he wasn’t ready for this shot. Oh god, Eddy is capable of taking people’s unglam. 😀
Yichen’s being a nice host, as always. 🙂 Meiqi looked a bit too serious here. Oops.
Preparing to eat the cake.

The cake is nice, isn’t it? 😛 Oops! UNGLAM AGAIN! HEHEHEHE

And I successfully tried out my remote shutter for taking group photos. /
For once, LIM JUN WEI poses for the camera. 😀
It’s time for a legit group photo. This looks like a family portrait I swear. HAHAHA (Credit: Mrs Woon)

Fun shot! (Credit: Mrs. Woon)
Let me ends this post with someone mourning over a dead fish.
Once again, Happy 18th Birthday, Yichen! I shall declare you officially of legal age! This time only buy 3 small cakes for you, next time treat you to your favourite KFC! Work hard and all the best for your A’ Level at the end of the year. I know you’ll definitely succeed because you are my brother! I have faith in you! We’d better meet up soon because I miss you! And everyone else too (Yes, especially your Drama mates and juniors)!

Homophobia & the Society

Recently, there were many disputes and controversy surrounding the issue of homosexuality. And I decided to touch on that in one of my Social Psychology assignment. It was suppose to be a letter to media, but here I am, sharing with you all an extract of my work.  

(Image: dw.de)

“I am Eddy Chua, a student currently studying in a local polytechnic. I am writing in with the purpose of discussing one of the most important and critical problem that still in existence in a first-world nation, a status claimed by many (Furland, 2008). That is, the discrimination of homosexuality.
Despite the success of the ‘Pink Dot SG’ event, which saw an unprecedented 26000 people attending to rally for the rights of the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders (LGBT) community (Pink Dot SG, 2014), the discrimination against homosexuality is still significant in local society (Alviar-Martin & Ho, 2010). A recent study has shown that Singapore is still a conservative society in regards to such issue with 78.2 per cent of the respondents finding it wrong and 72.9 per cent finds gay marriage unacceptable (Tham & Mokhtar, 2014). The current judiciary does not make things better by suppressing the rights of the LGBT community. Under the infamous Section 377A of the Penal Code, it criminalized homosexual acts with a jail term of up to two years. It is no stranger to locals that there have been law suits surrounding this law, with the most famous ones being Tan Eng Hong v. Attorney General (2012) and Lim Meng Suang and another v. Attorney General (2013). Both the suits challenged the act for being unconstitutional and a form of inequality but were eventually dismissed (Channel News Asia, 2013). Such inequality can be regarded as a form of discrimination. The LGBT community is discriminated because they are not doing things that are considered ‘mainstream’ and therefore, people thinks that they do not entitled the similar basic rights as other ‘normal’ human being (Donnelly, 1999). On the week leading up to this year’s Pink Dot’s event, some Christians and Muslim groups urges their followers to wear white in protest of the ‘normalisation of homosexuality’ (Reuters, 2014). Following that, two children books, “And Tango Makes Three” and “The White Swan Express”, were removed from the National Libraries after a feedback from a member of the public that the books contained LGBT contents and ‘does not promote family values’ (Channel News Asia, 2014). Such stigmatization may results in two main problems: one being stimulation of hostile reactions towards the LGBT community with little obvious motivations other than hatred (Adams, Wright, & Lohr, 1996)and second being the arosement of minority stress (Glassgold, et al., 2009). Homophobic hostilities might be imminent as long as a significant proportion of the public refused to acknowledge such kind of alternate lifestyle, which in turn might results in social unrest. For example in Russia, the anti-gay laws inspired extremists to throw verbal and physical abuses onto gays (Luhn, 2013) and fightings among the two groups were even witnessed (The Huffington Post, 2014). Such anti-gays sentiments will also increase the chance of having mental disorders among the LGBT community (Meyer, 2003), which is not idealistic to the overall mental health of the community.

(Image: thejournal.ie

With all the possible social problems that may occur, it is important that we as a society works together to improve the social cohesion of the country. I hereby suggest a couple of recommendations to improve the current situation. First, the LGBT population should start coming out of the closet if they have yet to. By not coming out, it gives others the impression that you are doubting even at your own beliefs. As soon as people recognise the LGBT population, the government and community leaders can help integrate them into the society, like what they did with the new immigrants. It is expected that heterosexuals who have more interactions with the LGBT community tend to be more accepting compared to those without interactions (Herek, 1996). By allowing more people to interact with the LGBT community, it helps to improve their relationship towards each other, hence resulting in a certain degree of mutual respect. Second, despite numerous failed attempts for the repealation of the infamous Section 377A act, I still believe that it is important that the legislation repeal an act which contains an obvious hint of discrimination. The act itself sets a social devider between the homosexuals and the heterosexuals (Singh, 2012). The government needs to show its support for a ‘strong and cohesive society’, a term which was mentioned in the Population White Paper (National Population and Talent Division, 2013). As long as the government voices their support, it would be a matter of time when the majority of the local population will be able to accept the LGBT community without the thinking that they are morally and lawfully “wrong”.


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Acting as A Form of Life

It seems like I’ve been involved in a lot of film production for the past one month. From one Year 2’s project to another and then to the other. Alright, maybe not a lot but it’s really a lot for me. Ever since leaving SR Drama and SR, I turned freelance. And yes, that’s one of the reasons why I decided not to join any CCAs (Ya, not even the English Drama and Chinese Drama Clubs in NP). Being a freelancer seems pretty nice, and ya, pretty free too. I can go around doing anything I want, going for different auditions, and yep, knowing different people.

My first ever on-screen production with Wanderlustories. 🙂
Ok, I realised I don’t have any photos for the second production I am involved in. Haha. That’s because I am only one of the small small calefares.
Although for this 3rd production I am involved in this year, I was also a calefare, but I managed to take photo with the 3 lead casts! (From left: Ian, Siqi and Kevin)

And now, after my involvement in various productions, I realised I enjoy my time in front of the camera as much as being on the stage in a relatively large theater.

Talking about being on the stage, it has been one year since I’ve performed in front of many people in the theater.

Yes. One year since performing in ‘Thespian 2013‘ with my beloved SR Dramateers.

It was the best show I’ve ever involved in. The passion of everybody, every single one of us, makes the the entire show a successful and memorable one.

With my ‘7 Deadly Princesses’ (one of the acts in the show) cast members (From left: Zhirong, Donna, Denise, Yap Qi, Zainur, me, Kheng Yin, Jishna, Shafa)


One of the scene in another act with Annas (I know I looked very ‘beng’ here).

Acting has always been a part of my life. Okay, it’s more like MY FORM OF LIFE. Actually, I think acting is a form of life for everyone. Like what I’ve shared in a presentation to my class last Thursday, everybody is capable of acting because we’ve been acting throughout our entire life.

Ok. That sounds really insulting to some people.

What I mean is that, we have had portrayed different kinds of emotions in various events in our life. Everyone definitely had portrayed such emotions before:









(Alright, I don’t know what sinister is here, but well… I know this is kind of really really extra. Who in the right mind will portray a sinister look, unless you are some sort of bad-ass villain from some Taiwanese soap opera. Ya’ll know what I mean?)

I know I suck at making a point but I hope everyone can see that

And hence, with that, I think I somehow know what I should be doing in life.
Yeah. Act.
As long as there’s an audition, and I get to know about it, I will definitely try my best to go for it.
Like one audition for an upcoming film (not saying which film until when I am really involved in it :’D), which I got to know about it through Yundi (a Year 2 friend of mine, also from CMC). Initially we were supposed to go together but then something happened to her phone so she informed me through Instagram that we both go separately.
The audition was on Saturday and it is divided into two sessions: 1pm – 3pm and 4pm – 7pm.
Initially, I intended to go for the 1pm – 3pm session but I was too tired from staying up late to watch a World Cup match between France and Germany (And sadly, France lost 🙁 ). I woke up late, decided to have lunch at home before heading out for the audition.
The audition venue was at *Scape, so I reached there at around 4pm. Just nice. Then, I suddenly doubted my decision.
Should I really give it a try?
Am I capable of it?
What if I don’t perform up to my usual standard?
I know I can be really doubtful about myself sometimes.
Okok. I admit, not sometimes but in fact, MOST OF THE TIME.
It’s already after 4pm.
I stood right outside *Scape, where all the bazaar sales were held. The number of people there was overwhelming (I am referring to the huge crowd who were looking and shopping at the sales). I took a breathe, adjusted my shades, and walk forward.
Then I saw quite a couple of stalls selling phone casing, so I decided to take a look.
A few caught my eyes, like:
(Image: Shopify)
(Image: Agnes-Maurice)
Of course those on sale wasn’t the real stuffs.
I wanted to buy but…
(Image: Cheezburger)
I know people will judge me once I use that casing. I swear. Like how everyone judged my previous phone casing.
I digressed too much. Maybe I shall return back on track.
So where was I? Ohya, the audition. I loitered around for like at least 20minutes before I went to sign for the audition at the second level.
Initially, I thought it will be a scripted audition but no, there was no script and they told me that I have one minute to impress the judges (who are actually the casting directors).
(Image: dancilblog)
Er… Actually, not really.
(Image: memecrunch)
That wasn’t shit, but it came too sudden. I had filled up my name and it’ll be rather awkward if I tell them I don’t want to audition for the film already. I picked up my balls and decided to just do it.
I wandered around the 2nd level of *Scape trying to find ideas on how to impress the casting directors in 1 minute. I ran out of ideas.
Sua, just go in and either do or die.
I was panicking till I forgotten that it was my turn. I stood in front of the registration counter and the organiser saw me and lead me in.
Here’s a change in story plot.
As I went into the waiting area, the organiser grouped me and 4 other participants together.
A girl who looked kind of like the same age as me.
A guy with 3 tatoos on his rather muscular arm.
A guy who looks like caucasian.
A guy who looks a bit older than me, maybe 20?
The five of us were told to come out with a skit together and perform in front of the casting director.
(Image: Captionite)
Indeed really awkward.
Everyone I know told me that I am actually an extrovert, but to me, I am not really one in reality. So, when I was told to work with 4 total strangers, it came as a shock for myself. A total shock.
They were all very friendly people and they make me feel rather comfortable. Within 5 minutes, all of us were seen talking and laughing, as if we were very close friends. :’D
We came out with a rather hilarious and long (according to the casting directors) skit which we think impressed them a little.
The 4 guys were given a script from one part of the film to try out. We went out to prepare, and return back in again.
It seems rather successful, I think. Hmm.
Well, at least the four of us look rather beng. But I think I still look damn awkward with the camera in front of me despite being part of several on-screen productions, which I mentioned earlier on.
At least I didn’t regret coming to the audition because I GOT TO MEET NEW FRIENDS!
2nd Row, from left: Joel (who is NOT Caucasian), me (who, contrary to popular beliefs, is NOT Malay), Wayne (the one with 3 dragon tatoos which actually are fake ones :’D), Wizza)
1stv Row, from right: Yiling (who has a really great vocal talent and is from NP) and Melissa (who was just accompanying Yiling to the audition and was actually my schoolmate back in Townsville Pri — and neighbouring class somemore)


Selfie #2


I swear the tatoos looked freaking real. :’D
So, after the audition, the few of us (without Melissa, I think she had dinner at home) went to have dinner at Aston’s together. I can’t believe all of us can make rather good and close friendship after just a relatively short time together!
See, this is how acting can be a form of life.
It brings you the unexpected. 😉