From Tumblr To Reality: Happy 18th, Wanz

(In the mist of all the plagiarism thing going on because of some blogger, I need to credit the term ‘My One and Only Wanz’ to Yap Qi, because it first appeared on her Instagram HAHA!)
This small little girl is finally legal.
Few days back, Peishan created this Whatsapp group which included those of us who were rather close to Wanlin back in 13-1SR06. Peishan & Wanlin were like, I don’t really know how to describe but, they were the one who can plan really extreme surprises for each other. (Uh-huh, I experienced the birthday surprise for Peishan planned by Wanz last year which really caught Peishan by surprise.)
Here’s the plan: To create a tumblr-inspired wall with fairy lights and polaroids at her house while she was being distracted (or I should say, jio-ed out of her house) by Peishan and Charmaine.
Yea. Something like that.
It sounds like a really big project, at least it is to me. I’ve never really tried surprising my friends during their birthday to that extend.
You know their friendship is real. (Not saying my friendship with all my friends are not real. I treasure at my friendships. Just that, well, guys being guys, you know. We are not as thoughtful as the girls you see. HAHA ^^)
Anyway, so I’d been looking forward to this day where I can get to see those tumblr wall being done up right in front of me, in reality.
And the day finally came. I was tasked to buy all the materials since the rest of the girls had school in the morning till 4pm. For a moment, I almost have no idea where to buy fairy light. No wait, it was much worse, I don’t know what fairy lights are. But thank God for Google, I finally knew that fairy lights are those kinds of lights we put during Chinese New Year at my house. Well, that’s kind of something new I learnt.
And thanks to my conversation with Elyssa, I decided to head down to Spotlight and finally was able to get hold to a packet of 100 fairy lights. That was blessed.
So after getting everything, not to not mention the 3 helium balloons in which one of them got deflated on the way due to I-don’t-know-the-reason-why, I had to meet them outside school. It’s kind of awkward waiting just outside my ex-school which I withdrew from, and to think the possibility of acquaintances recognising me. I mean with my shades and my dressing, I look like some pedophile waiting impatiently for his prey.
Anyway, they came out quite soon to spare me from all the awkwardness.
And then, I looked like a pimp. That’s what they all said.
Peishan and Charmaine went to meet Wanz at nex while the rest of us headed down to Wanlin’s house to do the preparations.
Michelle, Dom, Yap Qi, Vivian and I tried our best to locate her house.
Thank God we got the correct place, despite dropping off at the wrong stop. :’D
It took us quite a while to finish up what we wanted to do. When we were ready, the other girls were on their way back.
So, we tried to hide. And I hid under a bed, which we thought to be Wanlin’s (We eventually got to realised we’ve been mistaken her sis’s bed for her bed throughout the entire day). It was not easy, given my not-so-slim waistline, my hips was just in contact with the reverse side of the bed frame. I tried my best to manoeuvre around to make myself comfortable and I did, thanks to my agility and flexibility. But then, how I am going to make my way out in time. I shouted,

“Eh, if I don’t get out in time, don’t mention me. That could the 2nd surprise.”

Oh dear me.
The entire room turned silent the moment the sounds from the unlocking of the locks were heard. I was under the bed, not a vacuum. As long as I could feel that the door was being pushed opened, three familiar sounds of different frequencies travelled into the room we were in, and then to under the bed.
I gasped, trying to grab the last bit of oxygen before I died of anoxemia.
Peishan was hurrying Wanlin to show her her room and the sounds just got closer and closer. We knew the moment is coming. At that moment, I was still trying to figure out how I am suppose to get out from under the bed in time to give her the surprise.
She pushed open her bedroom door which we purposely left adjacent.
I could hear the footsteps before everything went silent again.
“Oh my God.”
Wanlin stood just in front of her bed, shocked from the decoration in front of her.



Not that I wanted to praise all of us, but we indeed did a great job. I mean, wow. It’s so damn pretty. The lights and the balloons made her room seems like it was projected out from a laptop on a Tumblr page.
Everyone came out from where they were hiding and the room flooded with birthday wishes and of course, birthday song.
While I managed out under the bed but still hiding in between two of the beds. I was thinking of appearing as if I teleported out from under the bed (I know I sounded so sci-fi but ehhh, it makes sense can).
Peishan ruined for me. “Eddy, come out already lah!” :’D HAHAHA
I knocked my head on the table which on top of that was two alcohol glasses — one empty and the other one filled with hoegaarten.
Everyone felt the pain for me.
I came out, trying to look like I had actually teleported here. I tried to look stupid.
Wanlin claimed to have suspected something because ‘Peishan cannot lie’.
I tried my best not to laugh but HAHAHAHA
Wanlin when we brought out the small little piece of cake in front of her.


Look, she’s lost for words.


And here, she blew the candle after making her wish.
And then, after that, Peishan led her out because she got a video to show her.
A birthday video specially made for Wanlin by Peishan.
That’s really sweet! πŸ™‚
Everyone crowding around as the video was being load.


I think there must be some really unglam photos and Wanlin was laughing, embarrassedly.


Not sure if she was crying because she was moved or… she laughed too much. πŸ˜›
She hugged Dom whom she hadn’t seen for quite a long time.
Wanlin still fancied by the transformation of her wall.
Before we could continue with photo taking, Wanlin’s dad brought out food for us! We were all saying how cute her dad is. :’D



Here’s a random shot featuring, from left, Dom, Vivian and Charmaine.
While we were eating, we skyped Nicole, who wasn’t able to make it because she got to rush an assignment that was going to due the next day.
I swear the funny parts were on how the screen just froze when she pointed the middle finger at me when I said something damn asshole.

“How is it, guys?”
“Nic, listen to this very carefully, better without your presence.”

Sometimes I really think I deserve a punch, not just 2 middle fingers.
At the help of Wanlin’s dad, we took a group photo in the room, of course, with Nicole.
Although it kind of seems to be weird.
“She looks faceless.” *pointing at Nic’s face in this photo*
And then, each of us took photos with Wanlin individually.
Wanlin with Peishan.


With Vivian.


With Dom.


With Charmaine.


With Yap Qi.


With Michelle.


With me!
Of course, with such a nice background, who could have forego the chance of taking a picture with it?
Yap Qi almost was having her personal photoshoot with the background. HAHAHA!
Dom posing with the back drop.


Peishan and Dom. Dom looks like a model here.


Yap Qi and Peishan were er… hugging. HA!
And the girls suggested a crew shot and Wanlin decided to spam the shutter release. She’s just that adorable, isn’t she. But we took quite a few good shots though.


We took a lot more photos and not forgetting polaroids before we went off, since Wanlin had another date with her another group of friends at the bar. She’s really popular uh. πŸ™‚
The entire house was filled with noises for the past few hours. I guess I should apologise to her dad and her neighbours for the chaos we’ve made. :’D
Let’s take a look at the nice wall as I put an end to this post. πŸ˜‰

Happy Birthday, Fang

Another of us has reached the rather special and significant age of 18, before I do.
Two day ago, 24 September, Weifang finally reached 18 and that means, that little girl is finally legal to do almost everything she wants. I really wondered how one feels the moment the clock hits 12 in the midnight on the day of your birthday.
Well, it won’t take me long enough to figure out.
Nevertheless, we decided to plan a surprise for her by getting almost everyone from Pedoro to head down for a tze-char dinner that evening.
Of course, the preparation of the surprise package came way before. Meiqi did the card and I still remembered her bringing the card to my house for Junwei & I to write our wishes last Saturday.
And then, on the day itself, I met up with Pang, Yujing and Weihao after my filming (yep, I went to help to act in another Year 2’s production). We got gifts for Fang before we realised we are a bit too early (we finished with our stuffs at around 4.30pm while the entire clique was to meet up at 7pm). What to do? We just head down to Pang’s house to lepak.
And to wrap the gift.

Weihao and Yujing trying to figure out how to wrap the present with the only tape available — duct tape, and it was running out.
While Pang was on his bed playing his guitar, while I just literally lepak-ed.
We stayed there for about an hour before we left his place for AMK Hub.
I am not going into details on how all of us eventually met up and what happened along the way, I could only remember Yujing and I went down to get the birthday cake while the rest heads to the meeting point.
Like what happened during Pang’s birthday, we went to this tze-char store opposite AMK Hub while Yujing and I sneak from behind to present the birthday girl with the birthday cake and of course, bags of presents.
You should see how epic it is when almost all the candles on the cake were all on the verge of going off one after the other.
At least I managed to save one from going off, but it still went off eventually. ._.

Fang’s making her wish while  4 candles were spared the fate of being blown of by the gust of wind, after we lighted them back the second round.
Yujing aiding Fang with removing the candles from the cake. (YES! Managed to capture their brightest smile of all time!)

Fang with her presents!

The birthday cake sure looks sexy (Credits to Pang for such an awesome photography!)
The moment we are done with the surprise, we settled down to order our food. Well, of course it took us 

Feels like we were having our meals in a restaurant.
Hey, look at everyone so happily having their meals. It has been long since I’ve seen them all smiling so brightly.
Our 老倧 and fireman Chen Yu.

Weihao looks like some geek here. Not so sure. HEH

Apparently Yujing seems to be really enjoying her chicken wing.

Not smiling becaue Meiqi was too serious eating her veggies and eggs. HAHA

This Qing trying to avoid the camera because she wasn’t ready. And when she was ready, I decided not to take a photo of her. HA!

The brightest smile this Junwei can ever give. Yes Yes, I think he was staring at Pang, who was seated just between both of us.
I just took a side-view of Pang because he was just right there, beside me. He was complaining how the flash light almost blinded him with every single shot I took. πŸ˜›
Before we called for the bill, we tried to play a game of ‘The Price Is Right’.
I can’t remember who got the closest answer.
But it was epic shit. Someone even went to the extent to predict that the 5-dish meal cost over a S$100. Of course, I could breathe better when the bill came, showing that it didn’t cross into the three-figure horror.
About $10 per person, it made sense.
So after that, we went to the top level of AMK Hub to slacken a bit.
Yes. We just wandered somewhere outside the exits of the movie theaters.
I needed some place so that we can take polaroids, Fang loves polaroids. So I decided to give her polaroids as one of the presents. I find it a must to have your very own set of polaroids that you take with your friends and then hang them up in your room. Polaroids represents memories, you know.

But before that, just as we put down our bags…

The girls starts playing er… what do you call that… merry-go-round? They just look so happy here. So, for those of you who are having a bad day, that a look at these two photos, or probably the next…

Yeah yeah… A pedo face for you from our dear birthday girl.

The guys were just standing in an orderly straight row, looking like some inmates on death row waiting to be executed (The only difference is that they are still having the smile on their faces compared to the inmates).
*Ahem* I know you are legal already but… why look so happy when someone seems to going to er… IDK. THIS IS JUST FREAKING WRONG. :’D

Ohya, I need to give a special mention to these two… Who had been fighting since the start of the day… Hmm…
Before we even go into the process of taking polaroids, we decided to take some group shots with the camera first. I mean, no one is going to be there to help the entire group of us to take polaroids…
I kind of love this shot but not sure why, I looked kind of out of place here. :O

The girls doing the ‘warrior’ pose while the guys, well, we just have to face palm. And more face palm came afterwards when I saw the picture. Being anal about photos, you see that the guys are being blocked and that somewhat almost ruined the photo… But hey, that makes the facepalm seems much more significant. Oops. πŸ˜›
We all were still so into taking group photos. So, here you go, the girls’ group photo.

And their selfie…
And the guys’ really step photo. (Feat. my plastic bag… hehe)
So finally, after having some really fun time with the camera, it’s time for us to take polaroids… Of course, the camera was still be utilised by the side to take like some sorts of candid shots. πŸ™‚
You know, something like behind the scene? PHOTOCEPTION MUCH.

I don’t why but I don’t seem to have any shots with Yujing and Pang in it. OMGWHY. πŸ™ So sorry peeps, if you are reading this. 
And here’s our Chen Yu with his rather random close-up shot, because we find him in a rather photo-worthy position :)))
And after taking polaroids, the girls decided to have more camera time…
So they tried jump shot… Which somewhat failed after n tries. :’D

So they decided to take a more formal and proper one…

And then they think they can be swag too. :’)
By the time we decided to head off for home, it’s around 10pm. And the downpour was still rather heavy as I walked out of the mall with Junwei and Chen Yu.
It was probably my happiest day with my favourite and closest bunch of peeps this year because it’s the day I finally see them all smile, ever so brightly that it affects my mood. It makes me so elated. I know, very clearly in my heart, as long as they are truly happy, as long as they smile, as long as all of us are still together, I will be a happy man.
Before I end this post, here’s two more candid shots of our ‘female lead’ of the day…

Yeah. 18 but still that girl who will never grow up.
ζ°Έι ι‚£ε€‹ι•·δΈε€§ηš„ε°ε₯³ε­©γ€‚
Happy 18th Birthday.
And I am still jealous that you are older than me by just 30 days. πŸ˜›

A Personal Comparison Between JC & Poly Education

And so, I’ve received my results for my first semester in Chinese Media & Communication (CMC) yesterday. It has been like so long since I’ve seen such a decent result being shown on any of my own result slip. In fact, I’ve waited for this moment for about a year and 8 months

A year and 8 months. You didn’t see it wrong.

Definitely, I am not counting my A’ Level Project Work results — which is pretty much decent in my own definition. But too bad, it’s just a single subject and I doubt it’s of any value to me since the moment I decided to give up on the so-called ‘direct path’ to the University.

Ever since I received my O’ Level results in January 2013, my results have never go back to its glorious days. My year in Serangoon JC goes down in history as the most disastrous academic year for me to date. It started with an aspiration, then desperation comes into place and then depression. It eventually ends with devastation.

Well, I guess I need to blame most of it to my refusal to adapt to the sudden change in the academic environment. And my disability to absorb anything that seems just too difficult for me to even understand. Maybe, I lost interest in what I wanted to study — Econs, History, Chinese Lit. I just couldn’t cope with the fast pace of work in the JC.

I failed. Terribly.

At the same time, I need to make a confession here, I even make unnecessary inglorious record in the history of the school.

I decided, at the moment I received my last paper back from marking, I had to leave.

JC education is not the only route one can take when one heads into tertiary education in Singapore. I am sure there are definitely some adults, be it your parents or your relatives, who will encourage you to enter JC in order to have an ‘upper-hand’ when applying for the University.

Here, I need to give those of you who are taking O’ Levels this year or those who will be taking O’ Levels a warning. It appears to be true that you will have an upper-hand when entering your preferred University and your desired course in the future. BUT IT IS ONLY PROVIDED THAT YOU SCORE WELL IN YOUR A LEVELS.


For those who are good in your academics throughout your secondary school years (esp. during Sec 3 and 4), good for you. JC might just well be the route for you.

For those who are very disciplined and take full ownership of your own work, good for you too. You have the potential to succeed in JC.

If you don’t meet the above two criterias I’ve listed, you have to be warned. JC education is not a stroll in the park. It’s not like secondary school education. The pace, like I’ve mentioned earlier on, it’s very very fast. Try to slacken just a bit, and you will find yourself lagging way behind in lectures and tutorials. People might not agree with me, but I need to say it here, you need to learn to study smart — something that I failed to do in my one year.

I am not saying Polytechnic education does not require self-discipline or good academics, it is equally important. However, for those of you who are complaining that ‘Those who say Poly are easier and fun, please think again’, I need to tell you the hard truth, what you are experiencing now, in terms of stress level and the level of coping, you are in fact having a better life.

Trust me, for a person who experienced both kind of tertiary education, I know just a little bit more. I might be wrong but I am just more accurate.

Let me ask you, do you need to return to school for academic purposes for at least 30% of your designated holidays?

Do you find yourself having to study even quite a bit during your long holiday (Referring to JC’s 1 month holiday and Poly’s 2 months holiday)?

Do you find that you actually have more time to participate in more extra-curriculum activities (eg. working, volunteering for events like NDP or Asian Games) compared to your friends in JC?

Ask yourself.

You might want to rebut that Polytechnic education covers a span of three years compared to the two years of normal JC. But do you know that you are going to study the same thing for examination for just one semester (let just take it as 4-5 months) and then you are free from the pressure of exam for that particular module. I need to be frank and say that you definitely cannot throw most of your knowledge away because it may come in useful for your other modules.

On the other hand, JC students have to deal with the same thing for 2 Years or even more (for MI students and those who are retained) and they have to add on to their knowledge weeks after weeks, not forgetting to add in the pressure of examination.

If you are saying they have 2 long years to study and get their results on track, try studying 2x (or even more) of your O’ Level syllabus in the 2 years.

It’s not easy.

And guess what? If you fail your Promos in Year 1, you will be retained. It’s definitely good if you managed to pull up your socks and achieve the promotion criteria in the next year. But if you fail to promote again, you will be superannuated.

Then where can you go? You have to spend three years in Polytechnic again in order to at least get a qualified academic certificate. That means you are going to spend 5 years in tertiary education.

What if you fail your Promos in your first year, pass it in your 2nd year, and then screw up your high-stake examination of the A-Level? You don’t have another chance anymore. Your route to university will just become longer.

What I want to say is that the danger of JC is that you have to do it extremely excellent in your A-Level in order to even be considered for your desired course and university.

Of course, Polytechnic education is not very easy either. Rushing project deadlines, working with people and being consistent in your work etc etc. These are also factors of stress. I mean in Singapore, how can you not feel a little bit of stress? You might even have to retake a certain a certain module if you failed it.

In conclusion, in my own opinion, it is advisable for people who are doing good or great in their O’ Level to consider the route of JC education and the rest, to opt for the Polytechnic education route. Well, I am not saying you can’t try otherwise, there are definitely people who succeed in A Levels even though they didn’t do very well prior to that.

Afterall, results doesn’t mean anything, it’s how much effort you want to put in to succeed. But it is important that you choose the route that suits you best.

Take me for a good example, I chose a path that I am not suitable of and I suffered. I left, in search for another path, and here I am now, feeling more sense of accomplishment. πŸ™‚

PS: This is just my two-cents worth, you may agree or disagree with me but I don’t intent to offend anyone through this post. Cheers πŸ™‚

Virgin Online Shopping Experience

So… after going round and round shopping malls and not able to find what I want, I decided to shop online.
For the first time.
Initially, I didn’t trust online shopping a lot so it took me some time to look for really credible online shops. And Zalora apparently seems to be the one that has the most credibility. It is really important to go around and read about what consumers are saying about each and individual online shop/blogshop.
I need to admit Zalora was the first one to come into my mind when I decided to do online shopping. I don’t know, maybe friends around me were also shopping from that online shop (apart from Taobao). 
Looking at its website, I find that Zalora seems to have better looking men’s shirts and a generally lower price, compared to shopping malls’ shops. The clothes seems really really chio (pretty). I scrolled through the catalogue and I found some clothes that suit my taste.
I then decided to try online shopping for the first time in my life.
I chose 3 shirts that caught my eyes and buy it.
Thanks to being a NTUC Nebo member, I was entitled to a 15% off and also free LINKPOINTS! YAY.
As I filled in the payment and submit it, the gush of excitement filled my body. I SHOPPED ONLINE FOR ONCE.
Now I seems to understand the thrill of buying things online. The kind of anticipation is real. According to the website, they said that the parcels, containing my orders, will be delivered within three working days. That means, I would be getting my stuffs just before this weekend! (Since I ordered it on Monday night)
On Tuesday, they send me the notification through my e-mail that the parcel has been packed and shipped out, meaning, I will be getting my stuffs within the next two days (depending on how fast SingPost’s going to deliver my parcel).
On Wednesday, I waited for any postman to come and press on my doorbell. I went to bed that night with the exact same anticipation. I was praying it would as least reach my doorsteps by the next day.
On Thurday, which is today, I waited the entire morning and afternoon for the parcel. But no. No one send any parcel to my doorstep. I gave up waiting and went out to do my stuffs. I was still hoping the postman would deliver it to my house when I was away (At least my parents were at home to verify the delivery for me).
I came back, with the ecstasy of having able to collect my MacBook from repair, I almost forgotten about the parcel. Nope, it wasn’t here yet. No postman has delivered anything to my house even when I was away. I thought to myself, “Maybe tomorrow.”
During late evening, as I was having my sushi for dinner, someone rang my doorbell. I was puzzled. Who could that be? Is that my parcel being delivered to me? No wait, it’s late, since when postman work until so late? I peek through the peephole, and noticed a rather tall guy standing just outside my doorstep. 
I opened the door, nevertheless.
It was a neighbour living at the 10th level, passing me my parcel of clothes that have been sent to the wrong unit.
I was elated. Almost jumping for joy. I received the parcel from him and thanked him for actually verifying the parcel for me and actually return the parcel to me.
That was some thriller I swear.
I was lucky to have good neighbours to are honest enough. That’s pretty sums up the characteristic of my lovely neighbourhood. *thumbs up*
My first ever Zalora parcel!
Actually, to be honest, I was expecting it to be in an ugly SingPost box. But hey, that’s a pretty legit plastic bag! HAHAHAHA!
Since I just took a shower not long ago, I decided to try on the clothes, to see if it really matches me (You know, I use agar-ration when choosing the size of my clothes online. Since I am able to fit in ‘M’ size clothes in both H&M and Uniqlo, I presume that I would be also able to fit in any ‘M’ clothes.)
I didn’t believe that my virgin online shopping experience would be so smooth.
I am so happy that I decided to share on the blog what I’ve actually gotten myself.
1. Floral Denim Collar Polo (from EZRA by ZALORA)
I chose this polo tee because of it’s floral design. And also because of it’s colour. Not that I am a fan of light blue but I don’t remember having a proper shirt in that colour. 

HAHA. Stop judging me will you. I just love to take photos of myself wearing really nice clothes. I mean, look at my face and figure, I won’t ever get a chance to become a model or anything like that, so why not I be my own model for my own clothes. :’D
In my honest opinion, other than the collar looking really attractive due to the floral design, the material of the polo tee is just the usual pique cotton (which means it will look better if ironed. :)). But it still fit me nice. 
2. Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt (from 24:01)
For a moment, I thought I’ve bought myself yet another denim clothes. But after opening the packaging and feeling it’s texture, it’s actually chambray. I seems to light dark coloured clothings because maybe I am a dull person? HAHA
One will realise I’ve bought collar shirts and no t-shirts. The reason is because I seems to look more smart-casual and more presentable in collar shirts. πŸ˜›

3. Boat Pattern Short Sleeve Shirt (from EZRA by ZALORA)
Coming from Zalora’s very own brand, so I was really confident about it’s quality (another reason is because this shirt costs more than the other two individually). The moment my skin touches the fabric, I feel in love with it. This is probably my most favourite buy out of the three. The texture just feel so smooth and silky (Unfortunately, I don’t really know what kind of fabric it’s actually made from).

I swear I look really good in this (NARCISSIST ALERT!) :’D
I am really happy with the goods I’ve received. The delivery is considered fast, given that it’s from an online shop. The goods are of quality.
At least I know, this will not be the last time I am going to shop online (Esp. at Zalora). Cheers! πŸ˜€

Bunch of Morons Trying To Be Step

Celebrating a birthday so belated but it can be as fun as celebrating a birthday exactly on the day itself.

So I was at Hot Tomato in 313@Somerset to have a lunch with my AMKSS Drama Club darlings (or in our own term: Bunch of Morons): Kaihao, Tricia, Tan Ting and Audrey yesterday. And also to give Tricia a really belated birthday surprise (Her birthday was actually last week hehe).
We had our lunch first, talking about how the Drama Club is operating right now. Suddenly everything sounds like an informal General Meeting between the graduated seniors and the juniors. Kaihao and I were the graduating batch 2 years ago, but I was the one who came into Drama Club the earliest among them all. Kaihao joined when we were Sec 3 (?). Not sure if that makes me be counted as the ‘Old Guard’ of the club. 2 years, and as far as I could remember, I only returned once. And disappeared forever. Legends are meant to be gone forever when they leave (HAHAHA, jkjk!)
As for Tricia, she was a year younger than me. And was the President of the club the moment my batch steps down. She graduated last year and now studies in my former Junior College, Serangoon JC. It comes no surprise that she’s doing way better than me when I was in JC1 last year. *Claps!* 
Audrey and Tan Ting are the current batch of Sec 4s. Yep, if you can realised, they are 2 years younger than me. Tan Ting has been my daughter since I dont even know when (I know I am really a fatherly figure ^^). Audrey is like the 一姐 of the Drama Club (I mean like how Fann Wong is to MediaCorp). Ohya, they were the previous President & Vice-President of the club, taking over the control right after Tricia’s batch steps down. It’s really pleasing to hear that they were actually the one who kept the club going after the seniors left. 
No one would really want to hear my honest critic on the club right now.
OKOK. Let’s stop all these very long paragraphs of words. All I wanted to do was to introduce them. Seems like I’ve typed a bit too much hehe! Oops :’D
So when we were more or less finished with our lunch, the waiter brings in the cake. 
Really need to thank Tan Ting and Audrey for making the cake the day before. I was there with them at Tan Ting’s house while they were making the cake though, but I didn’t help out much. Baking’s not my kind of thing though, I prefer cooking. You know what I mean. HAHAHA!
EH~ But I made the card!!!!!!!!! I don’t usually make cards because I am not an art and craft person (that’s the reason why Adobe’s my really good friend you see :P). 
I think not bad only uh.
Tricia with her cake. And the moment just before she wanted to slice the cake. (I ain’t going to mention how she actually do it HEHEHEHE!) I swear she looks like one maniac here. :’D

The cake looks FREAKING DAMN NICE RIGHT???!!!
I think next time if I need cake I should just order it from Tan Ting. Dardie should have special price right, girl? πŸ˜›
Tricia trying to decipher my handwriting. (It’s not that bad right. :x) 
Tan Ting (left) and Audrey.

This candid of Audrey is really nice. Don’t ya’ll find her smile so sweet here. (Must be the photographer and his angle. :P)
Kaihao looking smart here. Er… Or is he trying out some magic power? :’D
Don’t mind me, I was just trying to act cute. πŸ˜€
Big Boss Ed feelings swag.
After everything, we wanted to go somewhere nice to take photo, so I suggested this bridge at Orchard Central. I like that bridge because the pillars are white and there are just adequate amount of lighting coming in to make it a really nice place to take nice photos.
The girls trying to take selfie with the camera…

This picture is nice because my face is cropped out. :’D HAHAHAH

I swear they really had a good time taking pictures :))
And thn… We decided to be some step models for a day…
Kaihao like a swag only. πŸ˜›
Our birthday girl smile until cannot see the eye. HAHAHA

Audrey was really like the model of the day and this is the picture I particularly like. You know, it gives people that kind of model feel. #ModelInTheMaking
Tan Ting and I dont have any step photo but I kind of like this edit, so I decided to put it here. Shall name this: ‘The Father and the Daughter‘. πŸ˜€
And we step together. (I need to proudly announce that the coloured version of this picture hits my all-time Instagram record of 131 likes – as of publishing time!!!) I swear we look like we were trying to do a poster for some blockbuster epic drama. Or best, we look like some band! πŸ˜›

After an afternoon of fun, we have to leave, because the rest needs to study. I’ve been looking forward to this day since like few weeks ago and it didn’t pretty much disappoints! It had really been a pleasure hanging out with this bunch of morons and take step photos together.

Eh eh, if you all are reading this, December. We will meet again in December.

Kaihao, all the best for your A Level, you bloody smart Hwa Chong kid!
Tricia, all the best for your Promos! You will definitely be promoted to Year 2, just need to keep your composure and study hard! You’ve got way more potential than me to succeed in SRJC!
Tan Ting, my dear, all the best for your O Level! Though dardie didn’t get a chance to treat you sushi meal, I will treat you after your exams can?
Audrey, I know you are from through-train, means your major exam will only be next year. But all the best to your EOY. Study hard please, anything dont know come ask me or smart guy Kaihao.

Here’s a picture we took while we were on our way back down to Lvl 1. We wanted to copy the actions of the guys on the poster behind us. Not bad, really!

Here’s a star to end this post! ><

Lunch With Ashlyn

I can’t really exactly remember when’s the last time I actually saw Jiayi (aka Ashlyn) face to face, other than hearing her voice late at 11PM for the past few days when I was tasked to wake her up from her nap so that she could continue with her studies. Hmm… Maybe ever since April 18 (that’s like just few days before the start of my Poly life, but I wasn’t really sure if that’s exactly the date but the date on the blog post said so…), when we went to have Ajisen at nex.
Seeing her face again is so much different, I am referring to the feelings, compared to hearing her voice.
Alright, I admit that’s my feeling to every single of my very good friends.
That thought of finally being able to see her again after so long made me look forward to it since the start of the week.
Today, it’s Teachers’ Day. I actually didn’t realise it until er… two days ago, when Andrew Tham was asking if anyone is going back to AMKSS. Despite me looking forward to this so-called er… date, I wanted to head down to AMKSS with Tham. Then I realised only yesterday that… Oh Shit, I’ve actually got an appointment that morning.
And not sure if I should use the word ‘luckily’ or ‘coincidentally’… Ok, maybe any of these terms are not suitable for such context… Tham fell sick and he was not able to go down with me to AMKSS to pay a visit to our teachers there. (GET WELL SOON, THAM. IF YOU DON’T, GO SUCK THUMB.)
Well well well… So much of digression. So, it was Teachers’ Day today and Ashlyn had school till 11.30am. So, I decided to wait for her inside Kovan MRT Station (Phew, I was so well hidden that no one from SRJC actually saw or recognise me HAHAHAHAHA :’D). 
From there, we traveled all the way down to Expo MRT Station, where Changi City Point is. Initially, she wanted to have lunch at Izakaya Bar. I was like asking her if they actually sell kaya bread on Whatsapp last night when she mentioned it.
Apparently, it doesn’t.
We tried going around to find that shop, but we were too hungry and less bothered to continue further. In the end, we settle down for this shop called Yomenya Goemon.
“Let just eat Yomenya Goemon.”
“Huh, what? Doreamon?”
“Is Goemon, not Doreamon.”
I swear Goemon must be some monster. You see, Digimon is digital monster, Pokemon is pocket monster, I am sure Doraemon must be dorayaki monster (you see, he LOVES dorayaki).
>> Too bad though, Goemon is just a given name for males in Japan. Ah, well.
We ordered the same spaghetti: Mediterranean Tomato Cream Soup Spaghetti with Fresh Seafood.   
It’s my first time trying out soup spaghetti.
And my reason for choosing it? It looks good on the menu.
So here comes all the food…

Pretty appetizing uh?

You guys see the bowl of salad right there? The bowl with like cucumbers and cherry tomatoes?

Ashlyn called me to help her get the salad. Yes, the salad is self-service. They called us to ‘do help yourself at the salad bar’. So, I literally helped myself at the salad bar, I mean, you don’t say. I grabbed some lettuces, some cucumbers and some cherry tomatoes (since she wanted them) but I wasn’t sure what dressing to put. They provided us with French Dressing, Sesame dressing, Wagyu Dressing and the other one which I can’t remember at all. The wagyu sauce looks pretty much like BBQ sauce so I took two scoops and pour it down the bowl of fibre-rich food. Then, I scattered some sesame on top.

My creation seems pretty legit at first, visualising it as some salad done by some Michelin-rated chef… Until when Ashlyn started trying to mix everything together. It looked like a pot of plants partially submerged in water after days of downpour.

I added too much dressing, making things rather salty. Oops.

I shall not continue to shame myself further.

Did I not mention that we ordered another dish apart from our main course?

Yep. I didn’t. But now I do.

We were trying to decide between Calamari Fritto and Carpaccio with Smoked Salmon. But by looking at the picture above, you should know what’s our final verdict. The smoked salmon tasted pretty much alright, but I didn’t eat too many different kinds of salmon to comment on it any further. But it was good food.

Here’s our Mediterranean Tomato Cream Soup Spaghetti with Fresh Seafood. As quoted from Ashlyn, that’s really a large serving. As a first timer in eating soup spaghetti, I fell in love with it. The tomato cream is marvelous, the aroma stayed for a while in my mouth even when I’ve swallowed the noodle and soup. Though it’s creamy, it doesn’t really taste that oily compared to those I’ve tried elsewhere. The seafood given is quite a serving, given the expectation of a restaurant.

I need to admit I thought I was having laksa towards the end.

That’s not the end yet. Ashlyn suggested we have some dessert before she starts shopping around for a pair of new shoes, new pink shoes.


Marble Slab Creamery.

Oh boy, that place looks really atas (high class). Okay, not so posh like some cafes but it looks hmm… it has that kind of European countryside feel. To me, at least.

We ordered two different flavours: Red Velvet and Macchiatto, together with a free topping (which I can’t remember the name of it, but you can see the colourful things sprinkled on the ice-cream in the picture above).

I swear they have so many flavour offered that they even have some really funny ones. Like er… birthday cake? I don’t know. I don’t know how’s that going to taste like. Ashlyn and I were both left wondering about what taste that flavour actually gives when it’s on our tongue.

That’s a mystery I am going to solve the next time I visit Marble Slab Creamery.

Here’s a picture of Ashlyn enjoying her ice-cream as a closure to this post. 
I would like to wish Ashlyn 姐 all the best for her A’ Level and we shall meet again after that! More Japanese food maybe!!!!


My first semester in Poly is finally over. 4 months into my new life, and everything seems to go just as fine.
So, last Saturday, 30 August, I met up with my most dearest group of people of all time. Well, I went to find them to have dinner together, that’s all. But hey! At least I got to hear their voices and see their faces again after so long.
They were studying, some for promos, some for prelims and others, doing their preparation for the upcoming A’ Level. It’s never easy being a student, and especially, being a student in Singapore’s tertiary institutions. At Ang Mo Kio Library, they were just so close to my house.
So I decided to head down to the library to find them and to have dinner with them. Guess where we had our dinner? EIGHTEEN CHEFS.
It seems like we have been going to the Eighteen Chefs’s outlet at AMK Hub too frequently. Let me see… The last two times we met up, we had dinner at that same place. (Well, hopefully I didn’t remember wrongly) It seems to have become our rendezvous.
It doesn’t matter what and where we have our dinner, the most important thing is about who you are eating with. Able to see them face-to-face after so long feels like a blessing. A blessing that I wouldn’t have call for more. Although we do not have the full strength that day, I know the friendship is too strong to be broken. I know, one day, when most of them are free from the torturous cycle of study-eat-sleep-school-study-eat-sleep-school, we will be able to come together again, like how it is during Christmas last year.
Here’s my attempt trying to take a selfie with Junwei. Freak. When can I learn to take proper selfie that wouldn’t make my face so… er… big.
It’s sad that we didn’t took a group photo, or, selfie together but at least… I took individual photos of them, with their food.
But first, let us look at what I’ve ordered.
This is actually from the Be-Your-Own-Chef menu where one can customise the kind of dish he/she would like. Choosing from 5 different bases (which consists of pasta and baked-rice), 8 sauces, 12 ingredients and 12 top-ups, there are really a lot of different kinds of combination for you to choose from. For me, this time, I chose to go for baked rice (hey wait… I always choose baked rice. :)). I tried to be funny and selected the sauce with 2 chili symbols by the side (You know, extremely hot that kind). Spicy tomato, that’s it. As for the ingredients, chicken sausage with top-ups of pan-grilled fish and scrambled eggs.
As I thought their spicy tomato wouldn’t be that spicy afterall, I was proved wrong. It is indeed very spicy. I swear they must have been using the killer chili padi instead of the usual garden salsa.
Junwei was laughing at my face being red.
I was suffering from all the sweat that was dripping off my forehead.
Before I could finish my food, my ice lemon tea was soon gone. Despite it being more spicy that I expected to be, my love for spiciness allowed me to enjoy it pretty much more than I expected. I mean, wow, the kind of numbness caused was so shiok.
The Deep Fried Wings that Meiqi and Fang ordered. (OMG. This just made me hungry while writing this post.)
B. Pang. Posed for the camera while he was halfway er.. adding cheese to his food.
Meiqi sat just right opposite me, so it was easy to take an individual photo of her with her food.


Junwei. It’s not very frequent that he will pose with that hand sign. No. It’s rare for him to even pose for you. HEHE ^^


Hong Kiat. He just can’t wait for munch on his food. HAHAHA


Fang, with her spaghetti and her fried chicken wings. It would be quite hilarious if she was holding on to a knife instead of a spoon. (Don’t ask me why, it’s like a photo before killing someone. Well~)


And then, that’s me with my food. Teehee~

After the dinner, they decided to come to my house (since it is, in my words, our Pedoro’s HQ) to slack a while before heading home at 11pm.

There, we chatted like it was 2012 all over again.

And how I hoped it was 2012 all over again. The day of reunion will come soon. SOON.