EC is 18 Series (3): The Xclusive

23 October. Afternoon.

I was supposed to meet them at 2.45PM. I ended up leaving my house late and arriving slightly later. At least, I was not THAT late, I guess. I reached at quite a few minutes after 3PM and they were just about to finish their payments at the counter of Kbox in Cineleisure.

I think I’ve been singing too much this birthday.

But I am glad I was able to do what I love most on this special occasion.

I am truly thankful for Dallies, Crystal and Zeliang to specially celebrate this wonderful day with me, at Kbox! And guess what they got me? A sweater from one of my favourite clothing retail store, H&M! I heard they had chosen quite long of the suitable clothing for me because they are in doubt of what I like. But hey! Don’t be afraid of choosing presents for me because I treasure and love everything people give it to me!

That’s a reason why I don’t request for any specific presents because it’s all down to the heart and no one in this world actually owes you anything.

The sweater was indeed sexy.

By sexy, it means that it looks fashionable enough (Well, you’ve always have to trust their taste) when I wore it to lesson the following day. It fits me just nice and makes me looked like a professor.

Kbox was fun for a start until the touch screen thing decided to hand on us and the staff had to restart the thing and Dallies was like complaining about the time wasted (oops). Of course, the problem was solved within a few moments and we began singing like it’s our concert.

I still feel bad to hog the mic for most of the time. SORRY!!!

And this Crystal, fulfilling her promise by singing the song 煎熬 by 李佳薇 (Li Jiawei, definitely not the ex-national table tennis player) IN THE ORIGINAL KEY. Which is still giving goosebumps till today whenever I thought about it (And that’s actually a good thing though).

In contrast, Zeliang and I singing a duet together was a disaster in the making. Especially when we tried to sing the female’s part. It was gay. But I think we did not bad singing 泡沫 by 鄧紫棋 (G.E.M), despite us trying to sing at the top of our voices like we were drunkards. The girls gave us the ‘dafaq’ look.

(Image: Elbrookyntaco)

2 hours of KTV was never enough but too bad, we had to go. Haha! We went to walk around Cineleisure before heading down to the *Scape next door. Which I was rather amused by the Halloween’s decoration there. I swear I would scare to death if it was at night. It was damn freaking real.

(Image: moviepilot)

Anyway, we decided to take a photo there and managed to get two pretty ladies to help us take it. (The photo is above, in case you are wondering) I swear Zeliang looked like a robot in the picture. HAHAHAHA :’D

Before I end this post, I would like to use this chance to thank you guys again for going to KTV with me on my birthday. Thank you so much! Hope we will continue to build on to this friendship in the next 2.5 years in CMC and of course more years further down the road! I may be an asshole or even fierce to some of yall or even being very direct but remember, that’s because I treasure this friendship! HAHAHA. Okay! I will definitely wear the sweater more often, and hopefully with a white-based shirt. HEHE! LOVE YALL!

EC is 18 Series (2): Because We Are Sisters For Life

23 October. Morning.
I’ve been waiting for this day for all these while. On this very day, I finally turned 18. 18, is a really special number for teenagers like us. After 23 October, I can consider myself to have achieve some sort of ‘self-governance’.
I’ve woke up so much early that morning to well wishes appearing on my phone. I don’t know. I just couldn’t sleep since the previous night. I slept at 1AM and woke up at 7AM. The day is just too precious for me to waste it on sleeping. I know, I need to make this day count.
To make this day more special, my favourite bitch Nicole See had booked me a couple of weeks ago because I need to return her the DSLR I borrowed from her previously (Er… Which was like back in June, remember the time when we watched ‘The Fault In Our Stars’?) Initially, I was supposed to meet up with her to pass her the camera on the Thursday of the previous week. Then, after knowing that I don’t have lessons on Thursdays (coincidentally she also doesn’t have lessons on Thursdays too), she suggested to collect it from me ‘next Thursday’.
I need to admit I almost wanted to book the ticket to the WTA tennis match on the afternoon of 23 October before she messaged me that.
Of course, it would definitely be great and more memorable if I were to spend my birthday with this bitch (and of course I expected more of them to come :P) than to spend the day sitting alone in the se of unfamiliar faces at the back of the Singapore Indoor Stadium watching Serena Williams or Caroline Wozniacki playing.
Hence, I agreed to meet her on the 23rd.
Waking up at 7AM naturally and not feeling like going back to the warmth of my bed is a miracle. That explained how excited I was for the day. I even went to get my breakfast early and came home to clean up the house before Nicole came. (You see the effort I put for your first visit, Nic? HAHAHA)
Then that bitch come and tell me she’s going to be late. HAHAHAHAHA So I made use of the time to set up my studio equipment (since Nicole wanted to play with it) and to rest.
I was about to fall asleep on my bed when the door bell rang.
I just realised people love to arrive at my doorstep when I am in the not-very-good condition. HAHA! I leaped out of my bed, trying to balance between sleepiness and excitement. I got to the door, of course to open it, I mean you don’t say.
Then, I saw not one, but three familiar faces. I was shocked and then moments later, I heard the birthday song ringing round my ears.
Nicole. Peishan. Michelle.

OMG. They all came, with this little home-made mango cheesecake made specially for me by Nicole. AWWW~~~ <3

See the ‘e’ on the cheesecake? E for Eddy. E for Edward. E for Edelyn. (Oh dear, all my alter egos)
I know my eyes looked weird here but here’s me cutting the cake… with my knife I used to cut lime…
OMG. I am so freaking touched! I know my anticipation for this day didn’t go into waste. 😀
And the girls suggest to take individual shots with Mr. Birthday Boy.
Nicole just came over and hug me tightly once she stepped into the house, and then again when during the individual shoot. So sweet of her eh! 
My fellow Chua here. I did just realised I could just rest my head on her head. HAHAHA
Peishan! Yup. It took me long enough to realise she changed her specs.
After individual shots, there come a series of group shots.
Happy shot! 🙂

The thinking pose.

The ‘Wts, Nic pls’ shot.

The Angry shot. (But Peishan and Nic no look angry sia HAHA)

Maybe this one is called the Gangster shot.

And here, a more normal shot. 😛
So as I was looking through the pictures taken on the day, I found some other pictures that look interesting, like these:

Ya. Someone trying to do a Pantene hair wash advert. SWING YOUR HAIR!

Mich brought her guitar along that day because Peishan and her are heading to Ms Ong (their History’s lecturer’s house for Waffle party after that). And so, they decided to play some songs over at my house.
And that’s the start of madness.
All of us turned into portable MP3 players once we stepped into the recording ‘studio’ (Just my study where I set up my recording equipments uh).
Actually not MP3 players, but we became like a band.

Ehhhh… Here’s a preview to our future superstars okay!

And then everything became karaoke session, with Michelle playing on her guitar, of course we do take music from youtube though, for some songs.

While halfway through our madness, Charmaine came to join us (I think after her tuition or taking care of her nephew?) I think she took cab to AMK MRT Station before getting lost finding her way to my estate. She called us and the entire episode was rather hilarious. I suck at giving direction but I tried okay, I tried. HAHAHA

She was clever enough to get what I tried to mean and eventually got to my house…

And to join the madness.

And of course, I did get my share of fun! 🙂
I really need to thank Peishan (I AM GIVING YOU CREDIT, PEISH!) for most of the very nice photos you all are seeing right now. And that I even don’t hesitate to not edit the pictures on Photoshop before posting them with this blog post.

“Not sure whether the picture is nice because of the person inside, the person behind the camera or just the camera itself.”

I just remembered someone saying it.

It’s Peishan’s skills that make the difference.

Here’s more photos from the ‘recording studio’:

*Ahem* Someone not tall enough uh, so must tip toe. 😀

And then Peishan and Mich tried a duet.
Other than taking photos with DSLR, taking selfies with fish eye lenses is like a must whenever with this group of girls:

And that marks an end to the celebration and madness. I need to rush off to my next celebration (Hint: featuring in my next post) while Peishan and Mich (as I mentioned earlier on) need to rush off to Ms Ong’s house for more madness!

Before I end this post, I want to just tell you girls (if you are reading this) that,

You all make me feel so fortunate and blessed to have yall in my life. JC might be a mistake for me but it gave me a chance to get to know such sweet and thoughtful angels. It’s blessing in disguise. Thank yall for coming to celebrate one of my most important birthdays in my life, making it memorable and at the same time, one of the best birthdays. For those who didn’t make it today, Elyssa, Wanlin and Yap Qi, I feel your love too HAHAHA! I will continue to work hard towards my goals with everyone’s blessing and hope that yall also know that yall will have my blessing and support in whatever you do. I love all of you and since ‘love’ is a strong word, I mean what I say. I will treasure these friendships and we still have a long way to go, because we are sisters for life!

All the best to those taking A’ Levels in a few days time. Always believe in yourselves! Those not taking A’ Levels, all the best in whatever you do! Take necessary rest when you need to and to over-stress yourselves! LOVEYA! <3

EC Is 18 Series (1): All Came Crashing In

I am going to just post all my birthday celebrations in a series, with different posts dedicating to the different groups of friends who specially came and celebrate my birthday with me!
23 October, one of the days in the year that I’ll always look forward. Although I keep saying that it is just a birthday and there’s no much difference compared to other normal days…
But, as the day is near, I realised I kind of treasure this day a lot. Maybe, especially this year. Not sure why, maybe it’s because I had received quite a number of surprises last year and I kind of looking forward to more surprises this year. HAHAHA Receiving surprises on/near your birthday is really really pleasant and looking forward to one is like one of the best feelings in this world. I mean, anticipating someone somehow someday will appear with a card or anything in front of you and wish you on the occasion feels so blessed and fortunate. And it’s especially memorable if they are people whom you love.
This year, it will be the 18th year I ‘landed on’ this planet. It is a landmark. I always think that 18th, 21st, 40th, 50th and 60th birthday are a landmark. Well…
18 Y.O.: You are regarded as partially legal, at least you are of driving and drinking age. But at the same time, you become liable to the law (Not saying those under 18 year-olds can get away with crime but they are punished less severely. I mean hey, if someone were to throw a packet of 500g cannabis into my bag right now and I was caught somehow by the police, I will be in the queue to meet Hades for some tea session. I am sure I don’t want to wrap my neck around with a noose). 
21 Y.O.: Legal voting age. That means if the General Election were to held at the end of 2017 (which is constitutionally impossible), I would be able to cast my vote. At the same time, I could also make it in time to run as an independent candidate in the election. But too bad, I would probably have to wait till at least 2021, the following GE.
40 Y.O.: It’s an indication that you are going into middle age. There’s this saying which goes: 

At forty, life starts.

Which, to many local comedians, especially Kumar, it’s one nonsensical saying. It’s more like ‘At forty, life starts… to end’, which is practically proven by scientist back in 2000. I am not sure how it actually feels like in mid-life crisis. I heard it’s not really pleasant. I am not so sure, I am still young right now and I just want to stay young. HAHAHA.

50 Y.O.: Half a century being alive. Taking a random road trip down the places you used to go when you are young. I bet you can hardly recognised most of the new places. 50 Years Old. It’s an entrance to more mid-life crisis. Maybe not, it is an entrance towards old age. It’s probably the last few years to do get fully prepared for old age.

60 Y.O.: It’s a step closer towards CPF withdrawal age. Yes, we have to wait till THAT old to be able to take out the money we spend more than half of our life earning out. 65 Years Old, to be exact. Why didn’t I choose 65Y.O. as a landmark because we Chinese takes 60 years old as a very important age to reach. I am not sure why but because I see all those periodic dramas and every person who hit 60 tend to have a very grand birthday celebration…

Enough of all the long paragraphs. HAHA. I bet most of you are going to fall asleep or even wanting to click the ‘back’ button right now.

Now let’s go all the way back to my first birthday celebration of my 18th birthday.

19 October 2014

Junwei came to crash my house on Sunday. Well, he was supposed to crash my house on Saturday too, but I was busy with the SG50 Gift of the Song recording through the weekend. Yeah, it was rather last minute because the deadline was on Sunday, 2359hrs.

Speaking of ‘The Gift of Song’, I managed to persuade Chen Yu to enter our creation for this competition which ‘invites Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to write a song that will resonate with the nation’. With great confidence in Chen Yu’s composition skills and, er, my poetic touch (not sure I should really trust myself but well…), we are entering this competition looking forward in being the top 3 finalist. Hmm…

Coming back to the topic, Junwei arrived at my house at 4PM, ringing the doorbell which awoken me from my after-lunch sleep. Er, yea, not a nap, but in-fact my motive was just to sleep. I was really tired after work that day so all I want is just er… SLEEP.


I know I sound like a pig trying to sleep right after my lunch but… I can’t reiterate that much that I was really tired. I walked out of my room like a zombie, a lazy one who didn’t even bother to take any human’s life.

I let Junwei in, he went into my study and I took the opposite direction — into my bedroom.

Poor Junwei had to emo in my study, engrossed in his thick booklet of H2 Economics paper while I snuggle into my pillow and bed sheet.

Of course, I felt guilty leaving my guest alone in a room he’s rather familiar with. I grab my Macbook from beneath my bed, and joined him in the study.

He sat at the table, I lied straight on that bloody cold yet comfortable marble tiles.

“The table is here for a reason.” He threw the few words at me.

“I want to sleep.” I yawned.

He continued to immerse himself into the deep sea of Econs knowledge. I started typing away on my Macbook.

I was trying to do my final editing for the recordings and to fill up the online form… So I needed Chen Yu’s help in that and then, I whatsapp-ed him.

I feel that there’s something weird about the conversation. Especially the one with the wink emoji. HAHAHA!
To be honest, I still wasn’t suspicious of anything. Probably due to the reason that I was in serious fatigue.
But of course, I was anticipating them to come soon since the start of the weekend. Sorry peeps, I was really looking forward to you all coming to my house to surprise me. Oops 😀
Towards the evening, Junwei told me he’s going to the toilet and even asked me if he could use the toilet.
For the first time, he asked. Okay, that’s according to my ailing memory.
In just a few seconds after he returned from the toilet, my doorbell rang. I turned to look at him and gave him a smerk. I took quite a while to open the door because I am also very nervous uh. My legs were trembling, not sure it’s because of the stretching that I was doing earlier on or what.
I looked through the door hole but it was blocked, apparently on purpose. :’D
I knew it, so I took a glance at Junwei who was standing right behind me, and I decided to be an asshole and tried to ‘counter-surprise’ them. So, I opened the door and…
I shouted ‘HELLO!!!!’ almost a second ahead of them screaming ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!’.
It was epic yet fun.
This is while they were trying to light up the candle. (Look at one of the candles bowing down to the word ‘birthday’. BOW DOWN YOU!)

As I was being ‘surprised by them’.

So it’s time for some cake cutting!
Well, it kind of reminds me about this childhood show I used to watch, yeah, don’t judge.
(Image: Wikia)
The cake was nice, other than we had a little complain on the sourness of the fruit.
I was really touched by them for turning up in almost full force (It’s always Andrew and Kayven missing) to help me celebrate my birthday early! I just feel so blessed to clique with them since Sec 3. They will always be my top most favourite bunch of peeps (even though we may quarrel lah but you know we one day quarrel, next time see each other again forget everything).
We played some games which I think I used to play in some camps (not sure is orientation camps or what) before we head out for dinner together!
Oh ya, and before that, GROUP PHOTOS!!!!
Here’s a close up on Weihao. HAHAHA!

Meanwhile B Pang was caught giving the WTF look.

Qing with her er… Trying to act cute with a erm… poker face. I don’t know how’s that going to work well HAHAHA

And the girls are trying to playing around with the camera…

With Meiqi deciding that she should take a selfie HAHAHA

And then Qing joined in.

Everyone was just staring a B Pang… For lying on Chen Yu. EYYYY

You two gotta fit in the hole!

The Maths Pro and the Technogically Pro.
Okay… There were a lot of the very unglam photos so I decided not to upload them here. HEHE! So let’s get to some more serious group photos.

Check out our new sign!

The girls decided that they should take a group photo, featuring Chen Yu’s photo bomb. :’D

After taking the photos, massive spams of photos, we went for our dinner at the nearby tze char stall because going to somewhere near Weihao’s house to take a walk around the pasar malam. I LOVE PASAR MALAM!

While the rest went home at the end of the day, Chen Yu, Junwei and Adam, who joined us for pasar malam after his work, returned back to my house. Junwei continued with his Econs, Adam just slack around while Chen Yu and I tried to finish our song and send it in before the deadline, and of course we managed to get it send in 2 minutes before 2359hrs. (HENG SIA)

Very attentive. Much focus. Many seriousness.

Last minute rushing of our work!

And of course, there’s still time to post for a picture upon prompt.

As I end this post, I would like to reiterate how much I am thankful for the surprise you’ve done for me and you all just have to remember: I will always love you all no matter what happens, 3 years as a clique and still so bonded shows that our friendships are so strong that nothing can seem to break us apart. You all are one of my favourite bunch of people, and trust me, I will do anything just to keep us all together, at least in contact for the years to come. Thank you for making my night, the night before I return back to school for a brand new semester.

EC is 18, soon.

7 Things Men Truly Want In A Relationship

This morning, while I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across this blog post written by Wang Wenhui in her guest post for The post is titled as ‘7 Things Women Really Really Want In a Relationship‘. Well, she talked about this 5 Languages of Love, which I’d try before. Hehe, but in order to write this post, I decided to redo the quiz again.

For those who need an introduction on the 5 languages of love, what it basically is is that different people have different love languages, ranging from quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch and receiving gifts. There are no surprises that some people have more than one love language (that is, scoring high scores in two love languages).

Here’s the score I’ve gotten. Seems like I am the kind of person who values quality time with my another half, although I myself have never been into any kind of intimate relationships before. Pretty cool though.
Anyway, let’s go back to the ‘7 Things Women Really Really Want In a Relationship’ post, the writer, posted, rather accurately what women expects of their other half. But then, women need to realise that we guys also have a set of expectations, what we truly want in a relationship. We’ve tried our best to digest what women really wants, but at the same time, I feel that in order for a relationship to work, the girls also need to understand what the guys want.
Here’s are the 7 things men truly want in a relationship:

1. Freedom
Stop being paranoid and over-attached at times. Not saying guys won’t do such things, but well, all of us really appreciate if we are given the right amount of freedom by our partners. Everyone loves just a bit of adequate amount of free space. By saying adequate amount of free space, I mean to stop whatsapping or call or whatever your boyfriend every now and then to check on what he’s doing. You know, it can get quite irritating it is being done too many times. Of course, good guys out there keep quiet to all these ‘torture’. But hey, you have to understand that he has his own freedom, he is entitled to one. We need some breathing space. Allow us to do whatever we want to do, as long as it is not too extreme (I mean, of course you shouldn’t allow your boyfriend to go kiss other girls right). Allow us to go pub to drink or to have fun with our buddies. Well, I guess most of us don’t mind if you actually ask if we could bring you along, if you are feeling that insecure. Right, guys?

2. Trust
Since we want freedom, of course we want your trust too. Being around with girls or texting another girls doesn’t mean that we are going to neglect you or you are going to be ‘replaced’. No, not at all. We still love you as much but we have friends too. In order for a relationship to work, mutual trust is really important. What’s a point of a relationship if you are going to be suspicious in every thing your partner do? You just got to trust them in whatever your man says,

Oh ya, don’t be offended if your boyfriend decided to take a peek on a girl who just walked pass, guys are programmed to do that. It doesn’t indicate anything, it doesn’t prove that the other girls are prettier/hotter than you. Guys just want to take a look. I mean, an artist does take a peek on other artists’ work even though he is a renowned one. Just make sure he isn’t erecting, that’s a total different story. That’s when you can really give him a good slap in the face.

3. We Are More Than A Gift Machine
All girls need to know this. We guys need to be sure that we are more than just a mere gift machine. I know some people’s love language, according to the 5 love languages, is ‘receiving gifts’. But expect gifts at a more appropriate timings. Not all guys are born in the Gates or Slim family, who can even afford to buy you a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and a Central Park apartment in NYC. Let’s be realistic, gifts from guys come as a bonus, despite some are necessary during special occasions. Expecting too many gifts from guys will only result in them suffering in financial stress. I am sure you don’t want your boyfriend to start robbing people or suffer from clinical depression while trying to find money to get gifts for you almost every week. Prada or Gucci bags anyone?

4. Understanding OUR Language
Girls want the guys to understand their language, a language that even a man who masters in both sign language and morse code has difficulty understanding. For the sake of God, we are not freaking encoders. We love things to be direct, because that’s how we work. Of course, all the guys are trying their best to understand what the girls are trying to mean in their words, ever so simple on paper yet complex in meaning like a contender for the annual Nobel Prize for Literature. What we guys want is that the girls are more straightforward. Yes = Yes, No = No. Don’t mix and match. At least we know what is expected of us so we can spend more time treating you like a princess instead of wasting time figuring what on earth do you actually want from us.

5. Commitment
Everyone wants a committed partner. Everyone wants quality time. The girls expect this from the guys, so do the guys expect this from the girls. I know everyone is busy with almost everything in life, from work to family to friends. But hey, you’ve got a partner too. Enjoy all the moments together. I need not say much because you know it yourself. Ask him out for dinner or to just slacken off together, yes, it doesn’t always necessarily be the guys asking the girls out. Anyone can just take the initiative.

6. Acknowledgement
Girls want to feel special, want to hear praises because their low self-esteem (which is particularly true because at least 97% of the girls think that they are ‘not up to standards’. Guys, we of course give them the necessary praising from time to time, because most of the time, we meant what we say. I mean, if the guy doesn’t find your attractive, he won’t be attracted to you, let alone spending all the mights and powers to woo you. Likewise, guys need acknowledgement from their partners. We are vulnerable too. Walking pass Abercrombie and Fitch and looking at those hot guys on the poster makes us feel insecure too. We just need to hear some words of assurance too, that we are the only man to treat you the best (apart from your dad and probably, brothers). I guess that will probably make us feel more confident.

7.  A suitable amount of personal touches
We don’t talk about the greatest desire of all men (allow me to generalise), which is SEX. Though I must admit guys wants sex. But that’s not even go there for now. Guys love personal touches, even though it does not go to the extreme. A little cuddling will make him feel rather happy. Give him a gentle kiss on the forehead or the cheek or the lips whether he is happy or sad. If not, give him a hug, I guess no one will turn down a hug right? It will really make his day. He will feel your love through all these. Of course, don’t over do it.

Of course, the above are from my point of view on what men truly want in a relationship. I don’t wish to generalise things and assume that that’s the thinking of ALL the men.

Bendgate And How The Other Companies Rub Salt Into Apple’s Wound

By now, many of you would have know about the Bendgate incident which brought Apple’s newest product, the IPhone 6 into shame. For those of you who didn’t manage to catch up with the latest news (even though this incident is not that new anyway), here’s a short description. The Bendgate incident happened when users who, well, kiasu enough to queue up front to be one of the firsts to get their hands on the most ‘in’ product from one of the highest grossing electronic company in the world, realised that they can actually bend their IPhone 6.

I guess the bendy phone only adds to the misery of this guy.


Many in Perth were still glad that he dropped the IPhone, not the legendary Nokia phone. Probably he got home to realise that he’s probably not the luckiest person on Earth.

Meanwhile, the bendgate incident took a storm in the twittersphere and of course anywhere else on the World Wide Web. The moment it was reported, the world just went crazy.

And here, this blog post is going to collate some of the most satirical advertisement and parodies done by netizens and of course, major corporates.

. @vladsavov @verge I went to check, the bent iPhone 6 poster in Berlin is real an hilarious
— Tom (@taknil) October 1, 2014

Someone’s Going To Pay For This
The person who’s in charge of this ad board in Berlin, Germany must have been fired from his company for making things for awkward and embarrassing for his client. But well, it seems like they are being honest in their advertising. At least, that’s something we should applause about.

This is freaking hilarious. From the Straits Times. #BendGate
— Tan Jiawei (@Bananasian) September 29, 2014

Taylor Swift’s Version’s A Guarantee 
A comic drawn in The Straits Times, Singapore. Apparently, there are 3 different versions to the IPhone 6 Plus. And… I guess everyone’s going to get the Taylar Swift’s version? Is there a red colour one?

— breen (@mehreenrana) September 29, 2014

iRolling On The Floor Laughing
In this technologically advanced era, there’s no need for a stylus. All you need is this iRoll though. It can help you to make your phone looks flatter than ever before. Any Michelin chef interested in investing in one?

Five reasons why @KitKat got 28,000 shares on a single tweet: #bendgate
— Nestlé (@Nestle) September 29, 2014

Have A Bend Break, Have A KitKat
I’d guess Apple should just take a break and we should all give them one. Here, have a KitKat. Oops, I bend, I mean I broke it into half.

LOOOOOL FAM #bendgate
— Mickey Goom™ (@Beatsbymichael) September 28, 2014

Bend It Like Beckham
I guess Becks will be the best candidate for brand ambassador., but at least goals are scored with Becks’ bend.

Bends rule! #bendgate #hyperbolicparabaloid
— Pringles (@Pringles) September 25, 2014

We Need Some Sauce
Pringles’ potato chips have the curve. So do the IPhone 6 Plus. Not sure if we should trying eating the IPhone, but we surely need some sauce to dip into. Is there any sauce available at the App Store?

Our phone doesn’t bend, it flexes…on purpose. #bendgate
— LG USA Mobile (@LGUSAMobile) September 24, 2014

It Flexes… On Purpose
A response to the Bendgate incident from one of Apple’s rivals (They sure have lots of rivals I must emphasise). It is just as brilliant, at least they’ve got a reason for their flexes. Apple might have sued them for infringing copyrights, you know?

@iarjunrk: Let the Apple #Bendgate trolling begin . Will it bend? @Nokia” HAHAHAHAHAHA iTROLL
— Ali Elnour (@itsALi01) September 27, 2014

No, Don’t Even Try
The legendary Nokia phone has something to say. Don’t even bother trying to bend that legendary phone. You don’t want to break the bones in your hands.

Dear Apple… #BendGate
— Heineken NL (@Heineken_NL) September 25, 2014

Bend It Out
A message directed at Apple from the… erm… alcohol manufacturer. Not sure if they are feeling high right now.

Curved. Not bent. #GALAXYNoteEdge
— Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) September 25, 2014

This tweet is an obvious evident on how intense the rivalry between the 2 of the world’s biggest smartphone makers. As much as Apple dislikes Samsung, Samsung dislikes Apple too. You’ll never see the end of the drama involving these two, it’s like Cold War, but this time between the West and
Asia. And I heard there’ll be a GapGate thing coming out, and we might see Apple taking its revenge soon.

Day Out To Adventure Cove

I was reluctant at first.

Then, they succeeded in persuading me to join them after telling me it’s okay to not to go topless.

I was relieved. I am not a confident guy as far as I could remember. Maybe, many of you might just tell me to YOLO, but no, I want my dignity. I don’t have a good figure, neither do I have a nice looking face that when combined, will make all the girls start screaming and shouting. Too bad, I am born in the other extreme. That explains why I wear shades (Those who saw my 20 facts on Instagram could have know this by now, though). Despite that, I am still trying my best, through all my training routines (I admit, all my training routines are more of towards able to run a full marathon by let say, 4 years), to get myself in shape.

Alright. Enough of this er… confident talk. I mean, this is not really important in this post. Wait, maybe it does? HAHA!

Anyway, Adventure Cove. Finally, after I don’t know how many years and after many of my friends went there (Yes, yes. I can see it on Instagram), I got a chance to step into the boundary of a water theme park in Singapore.

Allow me to dig deep into my memory to see if I’ve ever been to any theme park… Hmm. Nope. Maybe, other than the one at Genting Highlands which I could still able to remember the horror of being on a roller coaster, despite it is for children and it is indoor.

I am not a confident person, and to add on to that, I am not a dare-devil.

Singapore has just a few theme parks back during the times when I was a child: Escape, Wild Wild Wet (I still think that the name of this theme park seems rather inappropriate when it’s target audience seems to be children. I mean, this sounds more like an adult theme park situated right in the quiet alleys of Geylang or within Orchard Towers) and Big Splash. And then, as I grew older, there came the Universal Studios Singapore and Adventure Cove.

To be frank, I grew up in a family who doesn’t seem to be fancied over such attractions so I have never been to any of these theme parks before. And, we would rather spend the money elsewhere instead of paying for the entrance fee (Not cheap anyway).

So, finally for once, last Wednesday, I set foot inside a local theme park for once.

I must thank Dallies, who is a stuff there, so that we are entitled to a 50% discount. The perks of going with someone who works there. That means I am more flexible in my budget for the rest of the week (I ain’t going to rant about how overpriced the food there).

It was quite a shame that my phone wasn’t waterproof so I forego the chance of taking photographs.

It was also one thing I was glad about.

I ain’t going capture anything with my trembling body.

Riptide Rocket. I am going to remember the name of this ride for the rest of my life.

It was more than a ride and more of a roller coaster. The only difference between that and a roller coaster is the water element. I still can’t forget the entire ride, it’s a freaking nightmare, though happening in broad daylight.

I’ve never tried any thing that’s too extreme for my weak heart to take. I swear I almost died of heart attack, or at least, almost died of my heart being thrown out of my body. I still count myself lucky not to be a pain in the ass to myself and held on tide on the strap handle beside me. The powerful climbs and plunging drops almost threw myself out into the air.

Alright. I may have over-described my experience, it’s actually safe since I managed to come out alive, and in one piece.

I shan’t talk about the other rides which fades compared to the one above. Oh gosh, that’s gonna haunt me for the rest of my life.

I quite enjoy things that are of a not-so-adventurous nature. I kind of enjoy Bluwater Bay, with is somewhat like a seaside simulator, with simulated waves that almost caught me unaware. But it was really damn fun.

For those who wants something more leisure, there’s always this Adventure River, which you just need to grab a random float and ‘cruise’ around the entire place. And yes, you can even take photo (but we are too broke to buy the original thing so we decided to secretly took a snapshot of the photo at the booth).

I know it’s a bit blur but well… at least no need pay for the photo right? 😛
And of course, after the entire trip, we had to take photo at the entrance, like everyone else who came here did.
Er… Ya. We tried to look step.


And more step.


And we tried the 《那些年》post. It failed though, but I seem to get the spotlight, from the nature.


And more step.
Here’s me and Zeliang (right).


(From left) Crystal and Dallies with their selfie during lunch.
It’s a nice day out, but it’s still rather horrifying for me. It really lives up to its name of Adventure Cove. For those who love adventure and water, here’s your paradise.