Dining In The Habitat

It was two weeks back, a few days just before the end of the semester.

Back to the stretch of road where I usually hang out with my friends. Not exactly ‘usually’, just exclusive to a group of friends, who appears to be living around the area. Actually, if I were to really think about it, it has been a rather long time since I’ve actually really hang out with the group of friends I cafe hop with. And here I am, sitting in front of the counter of the cafe, with irresistible aroma of fresh coffee dispensed from the coffee maker adjacent from where I am sitting at. Coffee, something that has been powering my soul and mind since Day 1, is something that I could not live without.

Exactly my case right there.

This is Habitat, a cafe that I’ve been wanting to come since my JC days (Okay, maybe I make it seems that it’s so long ago. Actually it is. 2 years ago.) I was not really exposed to cafes until someone brought me to this stretch along Upper Thomson Road. This whole stretch of road is a heaven for many Singaporeans. From Pratas to waffles to dim sums, it has almost everything you would crave.

Not to mention Mookata and Aston’s, which have been favourites among Singaporeans in the past few years. Well, at least favourites among my groups of friends.

Many of us may have the misconception that this entire road contains shops that will set to burn a hole deep in your pockets. I have to clarify that despite the rise of cafes in this area, there are always a few coffee houses around that will help fill your stomach with good and tasty food. (I heard that the bak chor mee around here tastes not bad)

For those of you who are interested, you can check here for my adventure at FatBoys (a burger bar who has one of its outlets located along Upper Thomson) and Udders while you can also check here for an appetizing dinner at The Roti Prata House. 

Oh ya, I think I’ve digress too much, but that’s a short introduction to the legendary Upper Thomson Road.

I was back here in fill my soul with coffee. While contemplating which cafe to patron that day, I decided to scroll down the street. The amount of cafes is not exaggerating.

One Man Coffee is a cafe located within Crust Pizza so it is not surprising if you miss it from the first look. I had always wanted to visit this cafe because it kind of remind me about this Cafe.Waiting.Love movie:

(Image: funtori)
A direct translation to this movie would be ‘Waiting for One Person Cafe’. Hence when I first came across the name of this cafe online, I was like, 

“Hey… This sounded so familiar!”

To make a clarification, I doubt the cafe is named after this movie or inspired by it.

I continued to walk down the street… 

And then I saw this new Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters. You got to love its interior, if you are a fan of pure white design. I heard it is actually a rebranding of OZ Specialty which waas originally situated on the upper half of Upper Thomson Road. Walking past the shop makes you feel “WOW!”. 

I told myself that probably I will come again with my friends next time because there was a strong force that pull my mind and soul to the other cafe near to the bus stop where I alighted at.

Yes, you’ve already know what it is.
Now back again to the scent of coffee that spirited past my nose and down my windpipe into the air sacs. It totally makes sense now if I were to say I actually breathe coffee. No exaggeration at all.

The surrounding is so beautiful, I was mesmerized by the contemporary design which is made up by mostly black and white. This is exactly one would come if they want to take a good breather from work.

Or unless you are like me, bringing your work into the cafe while having your meal.
That’s like a whole new level.

Probably it’s only me, I seldom see anyone trying to do their studying inside a random cafe (Apart from that Starbucks where almost every local student patronised just for the sake for a place to study or to leech on their power supply or best still, to leech on its WiFi, which still remains rather rare in most of its outlets).

I humbly recommend more cafes to provide WiFi.

(Image: mrgeek)

That’s what the whole world is doing, isn’t it?

Before I took out my laptop from that bright red bag of mine, I took a look at its menu.

Sandwiches, brunch and pasta.

It was not that hard to actually decide a category of food that I wanted to have at that point of time since I haven’t had my breakfast. Pasta, that’s it. I flipped to the page and glanced at what kind of pasta they have. My eyes locked on the Chili Crab Linguine. That is really something new. While I was imagining how it will actually taste like, reality struck my mind that instant. I realised I do not have that much money to spend on one lunch. I decided to search for an alternative.

I took long enough to decide on my order, as always. Once I was done, I walked to the counter to place my order. Served by a rather handsome looking guy (Well, girls take note, the cafe guys there are not bad looking, probably you might want to go there to hunt for some eye candies).

I went back to my seat. The scent of aroma coming from the coffee making machine took away all my attraction and my focus on any thing around me. I shut my eyes, took a deep breathe in again. There is no doubt it caffeine was to be banned, I would be arrested by ICA and CNB officers for smuggling caffeine into this tiny little island.

The scent seems to be approaching nearer and nearer to me. It was not long before I realised that my cappuccino was served hot and fresh in front of me. 

It looked so sexy and seems to be seducing my taste buds. I whipped out my phone and started taking loads of photos. I need to confess that that’s like an obligation for me to take good photos of food.

Especially when the food is not that cheap (I mean, what can you expect from cafes) and when it was being presented so nice and appetizing!

While I was slowly savoring the taste of happiness, the main course arrived. Grilled Teriyaki Salmon pasta with a slice of lemon. 


I love the way the salmon is being cooked, just nice and just suit my taste. The sauce complimented very well with the meat, it was so close for me to describe it as a ‘match made in heaven’. I really recommend this to anyone who wish to patron Habitat.

As I enjoyed my meal, I took out my laptop and to continue on my work.
I am now hoping for my holidays to arrive before I can really go all out and enjoy life.

Which I am currently obviously deprived of.