Think Fast Food Is Always Junk Food?

This will mark my last post of the year.
When we talk about fast food, the first thing that will arise in everyone’s mind would be that fast food are equivalent to junk food and many find it unhealthy to a certain extend that some will even reject the idea of having fast food for their meal, me alike. 
I’ve been trying to avoid fast food for the past one month because I don’t really like the idea of fast food.
But then, today, on the second last day of the year, we decided to try out a whole new kind of fast food. 
The Vegan kind.
For those who know me well enough, I am the kind of person who could not survive one meal without meat. I need at least a piece of meat before I can consider that I actually had a meal. (Ok, minus the days where I had to be vegetarian due to religious obligations) However, since the year is coming to an end, maybe I should try something new.
And since Peiyi was like craving for Vegan burger in the morning, we decided to head down there for dinner.
And I guess this will be the first time when Yoke can get to order anything in the menu of where we are eating since she’s a vegetarian.

VeganBurg is a so-called fast-food outlet whereby they serve vegan burgers and vegan food. It provides gluten-free and nut-free option, for those who are allergic to gluten or nuts.

Although it is located at a rather secluded corner along Jalan Eunos in eastern Singapore, in the middle of a pet shop and a Buddhist temple, it is not difficult to notice the existence of the rather big and round VeganBurg logo above the shop.
As we walked into the premises, I was awed by the aesthetically-pleasing modern interior design of the restaurant. Big glass door coupled with a nice combination of black, white and green. It was as though we’ve walked into some modern countryside eatery. 
Sir Paul McCartney’s favourite fast food joint, as they claim. 

Initially when I first saw the menu, I was rejecting to the fact that the burgers served contains nothing but vegetables, and more vegetables. I was like telling Peiyi and Yoke that I would “rather eat salad” because I thought there was no patty inside. However, looking at the menu closely when I was there, I realised every burger actually does contain patty, and it’s GMO-free soy patty.

We walked in to find ourselves a seat.

After doing much thinking, I’ve decided on ordering this Avocado Beetroot Burger. Why? Because I love avocado. 🙂

Notice that ‘Limited Edition’ label? HAHAHA

We’ve all went for a set meal instead of a la carte and there we go, three drinks to choose from.

I tried the seaweed fries first and as I took the first bite, I felt that I was in wonderland. The fries are perfect. The crisp was on point, and the inner part was rather mushy which made the entire feel felt so good. It was fried to a point where the exterior of the fries was crispy while the inside remains mashed potato. The combination of crisp and mash is like a combination made in heaven. I fell in love almost immediately.
The burger was another that’s worth talking about. It was made in the way that you won’t realise you are actually eating something that is vegan, it tasted like any other normal burger that you get from fast food joints out there. The GMO-free patty really does taste like meat, it looks like one too. So if you tried to buy burger for a friend or your children, you can pretend that it is some normal burger that contains meat. I was truly amazed on how they even managed to make it so similar. One word, marvellous.
The only thing that I need to complain, as usual since I complain a lot, is that the avocado was a little too little that I don’t really get to get hold of the taste of it. It’s almost non existent. Maybe I can suggest them to put a little more of avocado so that the taste would be there yet not strong enough to overpower the taste of the soy patty and other veggies.
Overall, the experience was great! Able to dine in such a comfortable setting with food that makes you feel healthy (of course, if you want to feel more healthier, you can opt for broccoli instead of fries).
Yup, like the broccoli you see above. (That’s Peiyi’s meal btw) 
Look how happy they are with their food. HAHAHA
44 Jalan Eunos
Singapore 419 502
Monday – Saturday and Public Holidays: 11:30AM – 10:00PM (last order at 9.45PM)
Sunday: 10:30AM – 10:00PM (last order at 9.45PM)

Phone: +65 6844 6868

(Since this is the last post of 2015, I hereby wishing everyone a Happy New Year and may 2016 be a good year, if not, better year for all!)

Because We Are in a Wonderland

HOHOHO! Merry Christmas everybody!
“We wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Everyone wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”
It’s finally Christmas and it’s about time to wrap up the year soon.
But of course during this Christmas season, everywhere and anywhere is putting up Christmas decorations to attract people to the area and Gardens by the Bay did an exceptional one.
They made sure that you spent your Christmas in a Wonderland.
So I decided to spend the 23rd December with Turtle Shadow (No, please don’t question me how the clique even got that name in the first place) in the Wonderland.
Gardens By The Bay’s Transformation to become a Wonderland this Christmas
I was of course mesmerised by the lightings that light up the night sky surrounding me. I looked up, the lights were bright and colourful, apparently the lightings are brighter than my future. Darn.

I swear that design looks like some bloody roots.

That call for a Bloody Mary, anyone?

Oh wait, it’s the Christmas season, not Halloween. Alright then.

As we walked through the entire stretch of lighting display, there was one that really caught my eye, which is the venue where performances are and where one can experience 5-mins of snow.


Just that you won’t feel the coldness, no thanks to the body heat produced by over thousands of people around the area.

I swear I was soaking wet. HAHAHA

Anyway, let’s go back to that venue. It was designed like a pavilion that comes alive from Cinderella. So fairy tale like that I felt that I was actually inside a fairy tale. So mystical.

*cue Lavender’s Blue*

Ok, maybe I am the pumpkin carriage in Cinderella. Oops.

It was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but to snap some photographs of it.
At 8pm, the snow moment came (ya, I don’t know what it’s actually called, so I called it the ‘snow moment’). It started raining soap bubbles.
And it was everywhere that I accidentally digested some of them.
“Merry Christmas, here’s some bubbles for you. Enjoy your meal.”
I thought I heard someone saying that, ok, maybe it’s my hallucination. HAHAHA
All of us from Turtle Shadow! Finally a full strength ya

After enjoying the ‘snow’, we went to Adam’s car to do our gift exchanges! Everyone’s got gift from everyone!

I need to admit I had a rather difficult time trying to choose the gifts for the rest of them. But HAHAHA, hope you guys like what I’ve gotten for ya’ll!

Thanks for the presents guys! I need to confess that some of the gifts are rather interesting 😀 LOVELOVELOVE <3 <– See my love your yall?

Meanwhile, enjoy the vlog of my trip below!


Jay Chou’s Fans, You Will Love This Song

(Image: 50tu)

If you are a Jay Chou fan, you will sure love this one.

Someone has actually tried to combine 15 of Jay Chou’s past years songs together into one legit song. Yes, I repeat myself again, one legit song. That means if you haven’t heard any of Jay Chou’s songs before, it will be no doubt that you will take it as another new song.

A Youtuber by the username 基路伯 has decided that he should try combining 15 Jay Chou’s hits and compose the tune together to make it flow melodiously.

I am sure that you have be awed by how this user managed to combine the songs together and the tune is…

One word. WOW!