The 5ingaporean Weekender: 5 Things to do this weekend (25 – 27 March 2016)

It is towards the end of March now and with Easter weekend coming up, it seems that there is definitely no places that you will find uninteresting to hand out at this weekend. Everywhere is having Easter celebrations, being it be just down below your block where the grassroots leaders organised Easter block party for the children, or at the shopping malls where there are shows and promotion going on, or (and the most obvious of all) the church where churchgoers will head there for some Good Friday and Easter sermon and then to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

But, well, nevertheless, for those of you who are looking for events that are ‘un-Easter’, like I do, here are 5 events that you can head to and enjoy the last week of March.

1. Gain for knowledge on how to take care of your pets at Pet Expo 2016

Image: Pet Expo

Event: Pet Expo 2016
Date: 25 – 27 March, 2016
Time: 11AM – 8PM daily
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 7
Price: $4 (1-day Pass); $10 (3-day Pass); Free entry for children below 12)


There is a Pet Expo that will be going on at Singapore Expo Hall 7 from today till Sunday. Being marketed as Singapore’s ‘Largest Pet-ducational Fair’, it is definitely a must-go if you are a pet owner, or if you are considering to adopt a pet in the future.

There will be a series of informative seminars, educational workshops and entertaining contests and competition that will help you learn more about your pets needs.

Ohya, and guess what? If your pet is feeling lonely, you can bring him/her to ‘The Pawfect Match: Season 2‘. Organised by AVA, this is to help your pets to get a perfect match. Basically, speed dating for your pets. Well, you’ll never know that you might also find yourself a good match there too if you are interested in the owner of the pet that your pet is being match with.

Call that a Double-Date.

Check HERE for further details on the Pet Expo 2016.

2. Fashionistas paradise at Orchard Fashion Runway

(Image: Fashion Steps Out 2016)

Event: Orchard Fashion Runway 2016
Date: 26 March, 2016 (Sat)
Time: 6PM onwards
Venue: Along Orchard Road

Fashionistas assemble!

Samsung Fashion Steps Out is back again! This year’s theme is ‘Style Parade‘. Models will be donning the latest Spring/Summer 2016 trends and walk down the runway that will stretch from Scotts Road to Bideford Road. Those fancy dress will probably give you an idea what you can buy during your next shopping (actually, you can just shop on that day itself since you are in Orchard). Brands that are participating in this Fashion Runway includes FOX Kids & Baby, Raffles Privato, MASH-UP, PHANTACi, RÊVASSEUR, SEAN & SHEILA, Thomas Wee and UNIQLO Lifewear.

Here’s the fun part if fashion is not really your cup of tea: there will be an AFTER PARTY AT ORCHARD ROAD immediately after the Fashion Runway. It is like clubbing, I promise. It features ZOUK Singapore’s anchor resident DJ Hong! And hey, there will also be pass for 700 guests to Zouk on 26 March given out so GO THERE AND PARTY LAHHHH!

Oh and did I not mention that JJ Lin will be there too?

What better way to spend my birthday than to celebrate it in style back home? Come join me in this season of love…
Posted by 林俊傑 JJ Lin on Thursday, 24 March 2016

It will be a rather star-studded event because JJ Lin and other celebrities and influencers, like Sheila Sim and Heyley Woo will be there to witness the event with you! So whether or not you are a lover of fashion or fashion design, just make your way down to the event to catch the stars. HEHE
3. Catch the stars at Marina Bay
(Image: iLight Marina Bay)

Event: Stargazing At Marina Bay

Date: 26 March, 2016

Time: 8PM – 10PM

Venue: The Promontory @ Marina Bay
Well, if you are a nature lover and loves to enjoy a peaceful environment, you can also catch the stars! And I really mean, the stars, literally. As part of the iLight Marina Bay 2016, Singapore Science Centre will be setting up telescopes at The Promontory @ Marina Bay to allow astronomy lovers to catch the Moon and Jupiter and also, to catch the constellation: Leo (if the weather permits)!

4. Grab your electronics with Gain City

(Image: Gain City’s FB)

Event: Gain City’s 35th Anniversary Sale

Date: 24 – 27 March, 2016

Time: 11AM – 10PM daily

Venue: Gain City Megastore @ Sungei Kadut/Singapore Expo Hall 5A
There is always at least an activity that will cater to the different groups of people we have here. Tech gigs, here’s a chance to grab some electronics for a cheaper price when Gain City celebrates its 35th anniversary.
Located conveniently at two locations in Singapore, in the West area and in the East area, the Gain City’s 35th Anniversary Sale will definitely not disappoint. There will be large discounts in most of the products so DON’T MISS IT man!

5. Stay Healthy With some Yoga by the Bay!

(Image: iLight Marina Bay)

Event: Yoglo @ ilight Marina Bay

Date: 26 March, 2016
Time: 7PM – 10PM
Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay
Here’s one thing that’s part of my bucket list: to exercise or do yoga by the Marina Bay. It’s like the best place to keep your mind relax with some yoga. As a frequent to the Marina Bay area (didn’t you realised that most of the to-dos that I’ve recommended are all around that area HAHAHA), I really like the sea breeze that will make you feel cool during the night. And while looking at the beautiful buildings around that area, you really appreciate the work that everyone has put in to bring Singapore to become a successful city-state.
For those of you who want to do yoga, high-intensity workout and sightseeing and enjoy the sea breeze, Yoglo @ ilight Marina Bay is definitely for you. HIIT session will kick start from 7pm to 7.30pm while Yoga will start from 8pm – 9pm. Shed some calories and keep your mind at ease, there’s not many chances where you will get to attend an event that will cater to both your physical health and your mental health!
Do sign up for Yoglo HERE!

The 5ingaporean Weekender: 5 Things to do this weekend (18 – 20 March 2016)

Since there was great reception to my previous The 5ingaporean Weekender post, so I’ll be introducing everyone to 5 things you could do this weekend (18 – 20 March, 2016). Your weekend will never be boring again!

1. Be Part of a World Record at Earth Hour Singapore

(Image: WWF Singapore Facebook)

Event: Earth Hour Singapore
Date: 19 March, 2016
Time: 6PM
Venue: Float @ Marina Bay

Earth Hour is back again this year! As part of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s effort to unite people to protect the environment by turning off non-essential lights between 8.30PM – 9.30PM local time. This year’s Earth Hour will kick off with a celebration from 6PM onwards at the Float @ Marina Bay. Be involved in a world record initiative as participants will from a human forest as they try for the biggest yoga tree pose ever (just by balancing on one foot), to raise awareness about deforestation and haze pollution that have troubled the region for past years.

There will also be an Earth Hour Concert featuring ‘live’ music from local artistes Tay Kewei, Inch Chua, Dru Chen and Roze Kasmani. There are also entertainments from E-merged Dance Crew, Stopgap, Munah & Hirzi and radio DJs Cheryl Miles and Joshua Simon. Also, there will be an unique Earth Hour performance by sand artist Stacey Lee.

At 8.30PM, you will get the best view in town as you witness Singapore’s most famous buildings in the surrounding areas switched their lights off in support of Earth Hour.

Beside being present for the event itself, go the extra mile by signing the petition to protect peatland in Indonesia and also, to stop the haze pollution that has been troubling the regions over the past many years.

Bring your family and friends to Earth Hour Singapore and with collective efforts, we can help fight climate change!

2. Celebrate all things Irish at St. Patrick’s Street Festival 2016

(Image: St. Patrick’s Day website)

Event: St. Patrick’s Street Festival 2016
Date: 19 – 20 March, 2016
Venue: Singapore River – Circular Road

Another ‘green’ event on this week’s list, but this is really a literally ‘green’ event. The St. Patrick’s Day is a day whereby to celebrate the culture and heritage of Irish people worldwide. Its characteristic is marked by festival-goers wearing green attires or shamrocks. The St. Patrick’s Street Festival in Singapore has been growing every year since its first parade in 2006. If you are feeling green or wish to experience Irish culture and heritage, come on down to Circular Road, along Singapore River!

You will be exposed to Irish cuisines like the traditional Whiskey & Bacon Marmalade with Soda Bread, Irish Cola, Pat’s Martini and Shepherd’s Pie, etc. There are also ‘live’ music, featuring artistes like local artistes Amery & Vannessa, Firefly Search Party, Lounge Out Loud, Rock Rosettes and Celtic musicians The Craig Horse, which will entertain you while you are indulging in the world of Irish traditions.

Wear your greens and come on down to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Click HERE for more info!

3. Fill your souls with blossoms at Gardens by the Bay

(Image: Gardens by the Bay)

Event: Blossom Beats Floral Display
Date: 11 – 27 March, 2016
Time: 9AM – 9PM
Venue: Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
Price: Admission charge to conservatories applies (HERE for full price range)

Why fly to Japan to see blossoms when you can view it right in our own backyard?

Gardens by the Bay has imported more than 20 varieties of cherry blossoms (or sakura) and peach blossoms from Japan into the Flower Dome and guess what? They are already blooming! Stepping into a garden of pastel blooms coupled with designs of a traditional Japanese garden (featuring displays such as tori gate, Japanese screens and kimonos) will definitely make you feel that you’ve been teleported to Japan. With the air-conditioned dome, it will be it extremely comfortable for visitors and the one of the best place to escape from the heat.

4. Elyx House @ Potato Head Folk

(Image: Absolut Elyx Singapore’s Facebook)

Event: Singapore Cocktail Week: Elyx House @ Potato Head Folk
Date: 16 – 19 March, 2016
Venue: Potato Head Folk, 36 Keong Saik Road

For all you alcohol and cocktail lovers around, as we are heading towards to last end of the Singapore Cocktail Week, there is one very atas (high-class-like) experience that you would not want to miss out from. For the first time in Singapore, Absolut Elyx is having its pop-up store. With that, they will be launching a range of bespoke cocktails inspired by the luxury Vodka. You will get to taste new types of cocktails like Asian Spies Trade and Ka Ka Manis which will be served in Absolut Elyx’s signature copper pineapple cups and punch bowls.

While enjoying your cocktails crafted by Gareth Evans (who’s a global ambassador of Absolut Elyx), Monica Berg (who represented Norway in a world-class bartender competition) and Irwan (the bar manger of Potato Head Folk),  you can chill with the Elyx jazz band.

Grab your drinking buddies down to Keong Saik Road and start experiencing another kind of alcohol! Cheers!

5. Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival

(Image: Singapore Sports Hub)

Event: Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival
Date: 11 – 20 March, 2016
Time: Various (Click HERE for showtimes)
Venue: Singapore Sports Hub
Price: $25 – $120 (excl. booking fees)

One way to escape from the humid weather that we are experiencing during the past two weeks is to watch Disney on Ice. It will definitely be cooling. Since this weekend marks the end of the March holidays, bring your children to watch their favourite Disney’s characters, such as Anna & Elsa from Frozen, Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Rapunzel & Flynn from Disney’s Tangled, etc and get ready to enter a world of enchantment! Final show will be held on the 20th, so lets help your children to end the March holidays with a blast!

Tickets sales are ongoing. Buy your tickets HERE!

10 Most Useful Shortcuts: Google Docs

Be it in school or at your workplace, we are constantly being exposed to Google Doc. The reason why Google Doc is one of the most commonly used word processor because it’s easily accessible (I mean, look, it is web-based, that means you can practically edit your documents online at where ever wifi is present and you can be using different PCs or laptops to edit the same document. And guess what, you don’t even need to be afraid if your PC crashes because as long as you are online, they will save it automatically for you!) and it’s free (who doesn’t have an affection for freebies?)

Ever since coming into Polytechnic, I am being exposed to Google Doc. And I love it. Gone are the days where group members actually need to meet up so frequently to get shit work done. We can do our work at the own comfort of our own homes and still, get shit done (provided everyone really get shit done HAHAHA).

Of course, along the way, I get to realise some shortcuts that really help me to save time and allowed me to concentrate on the tasks I’ll need to complete instead of trying to find for the ‘effects’ or ‘tools’ I need in order to make my document more aesthetically pleasing. Every time when I see my fellow friends doing the extra steps to get to the feature, I will be like ‘Hey, no need waste your time lah. Make use of the shortcuts!’ Hence I decided to write this blog post to introduce to everyone and save you guys from all the inconvenience!

So here you go, the 10 Most Useful Shortcuts I believe it will come in handy for everyone using Google Docs!

1. Be Bold and Control + B, Italics with Control + I and Underline your Keywords with Control + U

(Image: WeKnowMemes)

Bold is one of the most commonly used feature for a document, it helps to better structure your document by highlighting the header so that people will know what your next paragraph is all about. There is no need to move your cursor to that B logo. Simply press Control + B (or Command + B on Mac) and there you go! Everything will be in bold. Press the same buttons again to go back to normal.

Since Italics is represented by the I symbol, that means you can press Control + I (or Command + I on Mac) to get that italic effect.

Now, I guess you’ve already know what to press when you want to underline a word, a phrase or even a sentence. That’s right, Control + U (or Command + U)! Good job!

(Image: memecenter)

2. Increasing Font Size with Control + Shift + >

(Image: Relatably)

Now, instead of trying to increase or decrease your font size by moving your cursor to the font size option, here’s the easier way, free from using the mouse. All you need to do is to press Control + Shift + > (or Command + Shift + > on Mac) to increase your font size or Control + Shift + < (or Command + Shift + <) to decrease your font!

You don’t even need your mouse.

3. Increasing Paragraph Indentation with Control + ]
There are times when there a need to increase your paragraph indentation, especially if you are going to type a quote into your document.

As usual, everyone will move their cursor to increase their paragraph indentation. However, there is an easier way to do it. By pressing Control + ] (or Command + ] on Mac) you will get the indentation that you want. Press Control + [ to decrease your paragraph indentation.

4. Align with Control + Shift + L/E/R

(Image: memegenerator)

All documents are usually aligned to the left but there are times where we want some part of it to be centre aligned (especially in a table for me) or when we want it to be right aligned. Go ahead and use the shortcut:

Left align: Control + Shift + L (or Command + Shift + L)
Right align: Control + Shift + R (or Command + Shift + R)
Centre align: Control + Shift + E (or Command + Shift + E)
Justify: Control + Shift + J (or Command + Shift + J)

5. Making a bulleted list with Control + Shift + 8
Sometimes, having your work being presented in bullet format increase the clarity of your presentation. It’ll be more straight to the point and easy to read. And guess you don’t know that there’s a shortcut to create a bulleted list. Just Control + Shift + 8 (or Command + Shift + 8 on Mac) and you are ready to go.

I know some of you might prefer the numbered list. It’s okay because here’s the shortcut keys for you: Control + Shift + 7 (or Command + Shift + 7 on Mac).

6. Control + Z to Undo
There are always times when we copy and paste the wrong thing or want to undo a certain edit or when you realised that you’ve edited the wrong thing and want to revert your edit. And then when you forget what the original work was, you start to panic.

(Image: Quickmeme)

Not to worry! There is a shortcut for us to undo edits: Control + Z (or Command + Z for Mac). Hope I’ve save some of you souls.

7. Count your Words with Control + Shift + C
As a student, we are always faced with word limits and we are extremely concerned about how much we’ve actually written for our essays or reports.

(Image: Quickmeme)

Here’s a shortcut for you to actually check the words you’ve written so far: Control + Shift + C (or Command + Shift + C).

8. Comment with Control + Alt + M

(Image: kim-cnd)

This is especially useful in group projects. When you want to add in some suggestions for your other team members, you can add a comment to the sentence or paragraph. That is so that when they logged in next time, they will see exactly where they can edit in accordance to your remarks.

Comment with Control + Alt + M (or Command + Option + M).

9. Insert Footnote with Control + Alt + F

(Image: chucklesnetwork)

Footnote. A very crucial part especially if you are writing your thesis or report. You need your reference and there are some who will choose to create a footnote to identify their sources on every page. So here’s how you can go about doing it: just by pressing Control + Alt + F (or Command + Option + F). And you are ready to add your reference at the bottom of the page!

10. Open Revision History with Control + Alt + Shift + G

(Image: learningspy)

For those anal concerned team leader or team mates. This is probably the best tool to check if your team mates are actually doing work. It shows you the entire revision history: who edited what at what time. It actually tells you a lot.

Oh God, CIA you should really start hiring me.

But well, stop it. The main purpose of this function is to actually to restore the past version of your document, just in case you edited so much that you realised your current work is worse than the original one. This is really a life saver.

Or your doomsday. It’s for you to decide.

But of course, such cool and interesting feature does not come easy, there are 4 keys you’ll need to press but it’s still better than going to File and see the Revision History. Here you go: Control + Alt + Shift + G (or Command + Option + Shift + G). I tried it and it took me just about a second.

The 5ingaporean Weekender: 5 Things to do this weekend (11 – 13 March 2016)

Hey there! Weekend is coming and you are feeling bored? That happened to be my case like every week, especially last week! It is quite tiring to stay at home and rot during the weekends when it’s one of the only times where you can get to enjoy life after at tiring week at work. Then something came to my mind, why not I collate 5 things that we Singaporeans, and tourists alike (yes, no one will be left behind), can do or visit every weekend!

The 5ingaporean Weekender series will introduce everyone to 5 things to do each weekend and I hope this will help everyone to plan for the weekend and to jio your family and friends out for some fun weekend! xoxo

1. Watch movie at the Botanic Gardens with your loved ones
Event: School’s Out@ A Botanic Garden Movie Series
Date: 12 March, 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30PM – 9.30PM
Venue: Swan Lake (near Tanglin entrance of Botanic Gardens)
This weekend marks the start of the week-long March Holidays so give your children some well-deserved break by bringing them down to the Botanic Gardens! Being Singapore’s first and only UNESCO site, having a stroll down the park while appreciating the beauty of nature.
In the evening at 7.30pm, bring your picnic basket and head down to Swan Lake with your family to watch Hotel Transylvania 2! I am sure your kids will definitely love it and you can take it as a time for family bonding! Watch movie, gaze at the stars, family bonding – ALL IN ONE! What a way to kick off the start of the Holidays!
2. Immerse into the world of design at Singapore Design Week 2016
Event: Singapore Design Week 2016
Date: 8 – 20 March, 2016
Venue: National Design Centre and various venues across Singapore 
Singapore Design Week is back again! Organised by DesignSingapore Council, the Singapore Design Week returns into its third editions, promising a diverse range of more than 100 design events and programmes. For the first time, the National Design Centre will host the Design & Make Fair where more than 30 Singapore designers, craftsmen and artisans will be assembled under one roof. For all those artsy people out there who has a high taste for design, this is definitely an event you do not wish to be absent from. You will get to view and even purchase a wide range of products designed, or made in Singapore. Of course, it’s more than shopping for art products. Those who wants some hand-on can take part in activities such as soap-crafting, glass-painting, leather crafting and ceramic doll making. The Design & Make Fair will definitely let you experience art in a brand new way! It will be on throughout the Singapore Design Week from 8 – 20 March, from 11AM to 8PM!

(Image: DesignSingapore Council)

Coffee-lovers, look here! Coffee crafting is an art too. With the collaboration between baristas and artists, the art of coffee making will definitely be brought to a higher level. This weekend, it’s time for you to take a good break and enjoy some specialty coffee while engaging in coffee-talks with fellow participants and baristas! I am sure it’s going to be a great and eye-opening experience! Register your interest here:

There are much more activities that you can take part in or exhibitions that you can visit apart from the two I’ve mentioned above! Check out more of the activities organised this week in collaboration with Singapore Design Week 2016 HERE!

3. Celebrate Easter with Resort World Sentosa
(Image: RWS)
Event: USS Easter Eggstravaganza 2016
Date: 7 March – 17 April, 2016
Venue: Universal Studios, Singapore

Easter is coming and USS is bringing back the Easter Eggstravaganza again! Since it was just opened on 7 March (which is like just a couple of days back), you can make use of this weekend to travel down to USS to take part in the ‘festival’! Apart from taking rides (which you can do it everyday and any time of the year), do go for the Easter Show at Pantages Hollywood Theatre and Eggingham Gardens. Also, do take part in the Egg Hunt to redeem some prize!

For Madagascar fans out there, there will be a meet-and-greet session with your favourite Madagascar characters, with an optional Easter Buffet Lunch. Wait no more, guys, and just celebrate Easter with USS!

I am still traumatised by the roller coaster rides I took last year. Meh. HAHAHA 

4. Have A Great Family Time at i Light Marina Bay 2016
(Image: 2baht)
A directory of i Light Marina Bay outside The Shoppes at MBS

Event: i Light Marina Bay 2016

Date: 4 – 27 March, 2016
Time: 7.30PM – 11PM (extended to 12MN on Fri & Sat)
Venue: Marina Bay area
If you are looking for some light to your life, look no further. i Light Marina Bay is back into its fourth year. Lots of well-lit art installations and buildings that will illuminates the whole of Marina Bay waterfront. i Light Marina Bay is Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

This year, there is a record of 73 buildings and organisations around Marina Bay taking part in the event. There are also 25 innovative installations, with 14 of them coming from the creativity of local artists. These makes it the highest participant from local art scene to date, the very reason that you should really go down and appreciate the innovation and creativity of our local talents!

Apart from being mesmerised by the lights, there are also other activities to take part in during the event! This Friday (11 March) marks the opening of PasarBella Goes To Town, held at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza. This is a small market where delicacies like seafood, meat, dairy and wines, etc. are being sold! It’s like a NTUC Fairprice, but in the heart of the Downtown and seaview! It will be open from 4PM – 11PM (Mon – Thurs) and 4PM – 12MN (Fri – Sun) till 20 March!

Of course, apart from food, if you are in the mood of shopping (well well well, you’ll definitely not run of places to shop in Marina Bay), but on a tight budget, there is a Marina Bay Waterfront Bazaar that will be opening from 11 – 20 March at the Event Square. You will be spoilt for choices there, for sure! With a wide variety of products, such as handicrafts, LED products, fashion apparels, gadgets and snacks, being sold there, you will confirm spend quite a long time there contemplating over the choices!

(Image: i Light Marina Bay)

For those who wants to see more lights apart from those installations and buildings along Marina Bay, Future World: Where Art Meets Science is definitely a must-go! In collaboration with award-winning Tokyo-based art collective, teamLab, the exhibition is the new permanent addition to the ArtScience Museum. At the exhibition, visitors will get to explore a fully immersed 1500 sq m digital universe, where 15 spectacular art installations will be brought to life and evolve in real-time through visitor presence and participation. It will be opened this Saturday, 12 March. Check HERE for the ticketing details.

There are so many more happenings that will be taking place during i Light Marina Bay 2016, check HERE for more!
5. Get Great Deals at IT Show 2016 
(Image: Square Space)
Event: IT Show 2016
Date: 10 – 13 March, 2016
Venue: Suntec Singapore L3, L4 & L6
Time: 11AM – 9PM (L3), 12NN – 9PM (L4 & 6)
TECH GIGS ASSEMBLE! The IT Show, Singapore’s largest IT, Digital, Mobile and Consumer Electronic Exhibition is back from 10 – 13 March at Suntec Singapore! If you are a tech gig, or you are looking for some cheaper-than-usual gadgets, the IT Show is where you have to go this weekend! For the latest and best deals for gadgets, you can visit the Tech Showcase at level 4 (Halls 405 & 406). Lots of great new products will be on sale, and you can be one of the first to grab that as your prized possession of the week! For example, Sony will be launching its α6300 mirrorless camera which features the world’s fastest autofocus speed and is capable of 4K video recording quality.

The Sony α6300 mirrorless camara (Image: diyphotography)

Gamers, here’s a deal for you. Listen up. THE ENTIRE LEVEL 6 IS YOUR HEAVEN. Yep, for the second year in running, the organisers are dedicating the entire of the level 6 exhibition area for games. GAMEX will provide you with activities ranging from e-sports competition to exclusive hands-on sessions and also not forgetting the best gaming deals in town.

For those of you who are looking forward to the trade-in programme, here’s a great news for you! For the first time, you can trade in their old and/or faulty laptops, tablets and smartphones for cash vouchers to spend at the show. That means you can bring down your not-in-use-anymore gadgets and exchange for some vouchers so that you can upgrade to a better one! WOOHOO~

Check out more details HERE!

Maybe I should go down to IT Show this weekend to see if there are any camera lens on offer that I could consider. HEHE ^^

*If you have any lobangs to share with me for the next weekend (18-20 March), do comment below or drop me an e-mail HERE! Have a great weekend!*