Dine and save with FoodPanda coupons and cashback with ShopBack!

So I got introduced to this website called Shopback.sg a few days back and was invited to try it out. I heard can get some money back after you order things via this service, to put it in another word, IT PAYS YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH 500 OF THEIR MERCHANT STORES.

Of course as someone who love to eat (as clearly seen from my big-sized body), I decided to use it on Foodpanda. For those of you who still clueless about what Foodpanda is, Foodpanda is actually a food delivery service. Basically, you just need to order food from any of the participating F&B outlets and you’ll have your favourite food being delivered right to your doorstep.

In these days, people are getting more and more lazy, either we are getting too exhausted after work drained us both physically and mentally or that technology improves tremendously that we need not do a lot of things on our own.

I’ve finally found a perfect moment to put this service to good use.

After a day trying to figure out how I am going to survive my next school term, I was both mentally drained and hungry. Being a lackadaisical person, especially when I am enervated, I will pray for food to magically somehow appear right in front of me.

Typical overly-pampered Singaporean first world problem.

Logging in to Shopback, I was directed to this sign-up screen. It states, “Sign up for free and get $5*!”, and that sounds like a good deal.

Alternatively, if you decided to just surf around the site before you really decide on creating an account, just click on the ‘x’ button to close the window. And when you realised you want to create an account, just click on the ‘Sign up’ button on the top right-hand corner of your window. Just as simple as that.

Once I logged in, it was given a short tutorial on how this site actually works.

After going through the tutorial, what appeared before me is a whole list of participating merchant.

So I decided to grab a Foodpanda voucher here.

And hey, there’s a ‘SB Exclusive’ sales there with 20% deal! Which means after spending a minimum of $30 using the coupon code, I can get at least $6 back. And plus the $5 that they give for my first purchase, I will most likely going to have at least $11 cash back on this order.

Nothing sounds better especially when you are cash tight and you are hungry and you want to make take-away delivery.

The current deal (that’s going to last till 30 June, 2016) is definitely going to promise more than 8% cashback.

I am not even kidding! The 20% off is a real deal. And on top of that, I am going to expect an up to 8% cash back. Who doesn’t like offers and deals anyway?

Apart from getting cash back when ordering food from Foodpanda via Shopback, you can also get cash back from other services such as Redmart, Burger King and Groupon! And that’s not all! You can also get more discounts when shopping for brands like Nike, mds, Guardian and Sephora, etc when you shop using these coupons!

If you are still unsure of how Shopback works, feel free to check out the video above! HEHE


The Day We Wore Black For A Birthday Celebration

5 June 2016.

It’s Nicole’s birthday and so we celebrated for her – like how we celebrated for the past 2 years. Ok, maybe there’s a little different to how this year’s celebration would be like.

After 2 years of surprises, we all had come to a conclusion that we are going to ditch all those surprise ideas and the reason is simple: We got so used to having a surprise on our birthday that it is not a surprise anymore. We tend to expect something to happen during our birthday. Not sure if this is a sign that we are growing old and surprises seems to not be as fun as it used to be. To be honest, birthday surprises tend to become more of a routine if we were to do it every year, for everyone. It can be tiring.

So why not? Leave the surprise element in the gift that the person is going to receive instead. That sounds more fun.

We did not get around the bush. We just said, “Let’s meet up for Nic’s birthday for a celebration.” That seems way easier than to try to get someone out without letting the person knows that the clique is celebrating her birthday in a surprise location.

2014 – We got to surprise her in Ngee Ann Poly after her lessons.

2015 – We celebrated at this restaurant, which I forgot the name, at night. I still remembered I almost got lost trying to find them.


So in 2016, 20 years after she was born, we decided to try something different. We went to this cafe at Petain Road called The Tiramisu Hero.
Nic was late so while Wanz and I waited for her around City Square Mall to surprise her with our gifts, the other 3 girls – Charmz, Mich and Yapz – went to get us a table at the cafe.
She was more than late. The 3 girls were panicking because it was getting awkward for them to cope a big 6-pax table other nothing but just plain water. But then again, since she was the birthday girl, we cut her some slack.
You guys should see that expression filled with beatitude on Nic’s face when Wanz and I walked towards her with our presents and a Hello Kitty-themed helium balloon (chosen by Wanz) as she came out from the gantry at Farrer Park MRT Station. It was clear that she loved that helium balloon a lot. And apparently, the helium hasn’t escape from the balloon for the past 2 weeks (it is still ‘floating’ when we visited Nic house after our Ramadhan bazaar trip). I am definitely impressed by its durability.
It took us quite a while to walk to Tiramisu Heroes from the train station because it is located in a rather secluded area of Farrer Park. We found that area eventually of course – thanks to this invention called the Google Maps.
We walked in and the three girls were there seated facing the entrance. And I noticed a common dressing code amongst all of us: we are wearing black. The thing is that we did not even agree upon any dress code, we just came and hey… everyone is wearing black. Although I was wearing a white shirt and a white casual blazer, my pants is black so I count myself as wearing black too – just wearing an ‘opposite’ combination from Wanz.
“Is it yall dressing for my funeral?” Nic remarked.
“It’s as black as your soul.” Yapz retaliated.
Oh damn. That sounds like the truth not a very pleasant thing to say. HAHAHA oops.
We ordered our food before more friendly fires of burns were shot across the table directed at Nic. How can we not love our friendship this way?
LET ME TAKE ONE FIRST: Apparently someone got hungry and decided to make her move. HAHAHA


“I TOTALLY DIDN’T KNOW THIS CONTAINS RICE”: Pardon me, I almost got a shock because I got risotto was some sort of pasta.
After food, we decided that it’s time to head out to take some mandatory to-proof-that-we’ve-celebrated-your-birthday shots. To put it in layman term, group photos.
HMM…: I don’t know why but I felt that the cat logo on the top-right hand corner is judging us badly. 
DIFFERENT EMOTIONS: I swear this looks like a legit movie poster.


WHO’S THE QUEEN?: Look at my fingers and you’ve got the answer.
While Yapz needs to leave early, the rest of us walked back to City Square Mall and someone decided that we should take…

I don’t think I have ever taken purikura before because I apparently don’t have a childhood.

But then, this made me feel young again, and despite the rise of smartphone and related photo applications, people do still visit the arcade for these photobooths because it is still as fun. Dear Generation Z kids, this is our Instagram/Meitu more than 10 years back.

FLAWLESS: I swear the edit/effects makes our face looks white and flawless.


These are concrete memories that we are going to keep for the rest of our life. And yes, I am going to keep these intact in a time capsule (which is in the cover of my current phone) and then when time comes, I will show them to my children and grandchildren that ‘Hey, these are the people who makes my teen life fun and memorable.’

Charmz needed to leave after that so the remaining of us proceeded for our next plan and to our next destination: Singapore Art Musuem. We had told Peish and Viv to meet us there so that that can get to meet Nic and afterwards we could go and visit the museum.

Nic was thrilled to meet the other two girls, as much as she was when she met us that day and every other day. They gave Nic a stalk of flower which you can see vividly in the photo above. Round 3 of phototaking session started shortly.

The meetup was brief because Viv and Peish needs to go off after that. We were left with 4 of us (Nic, Mich, Wanz and I) who thought that it might be a good idea to visit the museum and view the exhibitions that were on showcase.

Let me end off this post with one of the art piece that we’ve encountered:

You are very much welcome.

It’s Drink, Food and Henna: The Adventure To Geylang Serai’s Ramadhan Bazaar

It is the Ramadhan month. And for those who don’t know what Ramadhan is, it is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. It is narrated from Imam ar-Ridha that “Verily, the month of Ramadhan is a month in which the holy Quran was revealed. It was in this month that the Prophet of Islam was infirmed of being a Prophet. The Night of al-Qadr which is better than a thousand months and therein every matter of ordainments is decreed is in this month.”

So what happen during the ‘Month of Fasting’?
Muslims all over the world will observe As-Sawn (fasting), that means to refrain from food and drinks, throughout the daytime – from morning Twilight after the Fajr prayer till the evening twilight after the Maghreb prayer). Fasting is an obligation of the Islamic religion, where it is being constituted as one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Why do Muslim fast?
The reason behind the rationale of fasting is simple – self-restraint. It is definitely not easy to fast for more than 11 hours, yet Muslims, during this holy month, are able to achieve such feat. As some scholars have put it, fasting acts as a mean of giving up haraam things, hence avoiding things or actions that Allah forbids.

As stated in the Quran (2:183), “O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may observe al-Taqwa (self-restraint).”

Living in multi-cultural Singapore has its benefits. Since we live, work and play together regardless of race, language or religion, we get to celebrate the culture of different religions here too. We get to have days off during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa (Eid al-Fitr) and Haji (Eid al-Adha), Vesak Day (Buddha Purnima), Deepavali (Diwali) and Christmas.

Since during Chinese New Year, we have a carnival-like bazaar set up along the streets of Chinatown, it makes sense when we also have a bazaar being set up along the Malay heritage area of Geylang Serai. Being Singaporean, such bazaar should not be missed because everyone is talking about it. Even The Smart Local called the Ramadhan bazaar ‘The Largest Pasar Malam of All Time‘ – which I have to kind of agree on it.

Two days ago, my JC clique (Clar, Mich, Nic and Yapz) and I decided to head down to the bazaar at Geylang Serai (apparently there are more than one Ramadhan bazaar around the island) to check out the food and drinks that were being sold there.


We reached there before the sunset in order to avoid the after-work ‘whole world appear suddenly out of nowhere’ crowd. At 5.30PM, the crowd at the bazaar seems to be ‘just right’ – not too many people but also not too little. We were able to find our way to every store and destination with ease.

CAN I HAVE ONE PLEASE: Michelle ordering the crispy squid from the makcik manning the store.
We started off by buying Crispy Squid from this Yum Yum store because I swear CRISPY SQUID IS THE SO DAMN ‘IN’ THING NOW. Most of us came to this bazaar with the thought of having to try this newly-adored delicacy. Hence, when walked past this store and some of us wanted to walk around first before buying, it was met with a certain resistance. Of course, such defiance does not last long because who would say no to food huh.
We were lucky that we got our hands on the food first because once the peak hour arrives and the queue starts to form, you will be wondering how long more will it takes in order to fill both your stomach and curiosity. 
Verdict: Quite well done, the meat was tender and juicy. The downside to it is that the flour (aka the crispy part) tend to be ‘detached’ from the squid meat. So when we were eating, we were eating the crisp and the meat separately. At $7, it might sound a little expensive but hey, it’s the festive season. CAN TRY.

THE W-CUP: It is so big that some of us consider it as a bra-size.

The another highlight of the bazaar. The Watermelon Volcano is the sex. It is the solution to all those heaty fried food that you will get to enjoy while you are at the bazaar. And of course, we got it because we want to look hilarious holding a big round thing at our chest level while walking around the bazaar in search for more food taste it for ourselves how wonderful this critically acclaimed drink can be. Served with ice-blended watermelon juice and numerous watermelon balls in half a watermelon, we, or at least I, could feel a sense of liberation from the Singapore heat and humidity. One of us even commented with, “It feels like summer.”

Verdict: The $6.90 Medium-sized definitely can quench the thirst of more than 2 people because 5 of us simply just shared that big ‘bowl’ of watermelon ice-blend and it seems to be just enough for us. Either we aren’t that water-deprived or they are really generous in their serving. Of course, for those who thinks that they want to make queuing for the drink more worthy, you can try getting the large one (supposedly for 3 – 5 people) at $12.90. MUST TRY.

CHEESY & BEEF-UP: Look at how delicious those nacho chips are.

As we continue on in our exploration of the bazaar, we walked past this store selling nacho chips. Yapz and Nic stopped in front of the store and decided that they wanted some nacho chips. So they ordered Beefy Cheesy Nacho Chips. I did not get to taste it because, well, I cannot eat beef due to my religious obligations. But looking at the girls’ faces, it seems to be a delicacy. The beef sauce, filled with meat, was drizzled above the chips coupled with both mayonnaise and chili sauce. It looks heavenly and at $3, it is just so worth it.

HELLO CLASSIC: One of the most classic food in every pasar malam and we understand why.
In every Pasar Malam, we get to see Ramly Burger being sold. Over the years, it has slowly become the must-eat food in all pasar malam. Hence, when I walked past one of the few stores selling Ramly Burger, it is an involuntary action that brought my legs to the front of the store and to order a chicken burger.
Verdict: Just like every other Ramly burger. But then again, it is the must-eat in every pasar malam. Just need to find whichever store that has the shortest queue and get one from them. You wouldn’t regret until you hit the gym the next day. SHOULD TRY.

THE ART OF HENNA: A handful of henna decorations that Wendy had done for us! Featuring (from left) Mich, Nic and my hands.
How can we claim that we had patronised the Ramadhan Bazaar without leaving a mark of proof on our hands? So the girls went on to find their friend, Wendy, who has set up her store ‘Wendy Peaches Henna’ at the bazaar. Since they had patronised her before in the past, they were searching for pictures of their hands (with henna designs on them obviously) from the ‘catalogue’. 
Like us, a lot of people were there to have their henna done. Each henna has its individual characteristics that fit just right with each individual hand. We were lucky that when we got there, Wendy was almost done with her previous customer and we need not wait long before the first person from our group (Nic) got her henna done. 
We sat around her while waiting. Although I felt peculiar initially because there weren’t much guys there wanting to do up henna on their hand. Most guys were there to accompany their girlfriend while I was there with my girls and to join in the fun together. 
I was the last of the group to have it done. It was my virgin experience having someone to draw henna on me. 

Wendy: How do you want yours to be?
Me: Just freestyle.

For me, I think art can be portrayed in its finest form when you give the artist the freedom to do anything, not to constrain him/her to a certain theme or design. Freestyle is where artists can utilise their creativity and to create something unique and exclusive (I love everything to be sui generis). Wendy then went on to tell me that she will do something like Nic’s but more masculine. 
That sounds like a good idea.
It took about 10 minutes before the artwork appeared in its complete form on the back of my left hand. It was pulchritudinous. I love it!
A photo posted by Yeo Wendy (@wendypeacheshenna) on

See, these henna design just look elegant and graceful. So do support Wendy by dropping by her store – Wendy Peaches Henna (Booth MV232A) to have your henna done while you visit the bazaar! Oh, you might also want to follow her on Instagram (@wendypeacheshenna) (and remember to ‘like’ that photo above alrights! HAHA)
FOR THE SAKE OF INSTA: The extend we go just for that first henna photo posted above. I swear we were attracting attention HAHAHA. (Image: Yapz’s Snapchat)
While we were waiting for our henna to be done, Yapz and Nic were talking about a gigantic cup of drink a random guy was drinking from. They were wondering where did he get that drink from. I think they were deprived of water by then.

Me (staring at them): What?
Yapz: We were thinking where that guy bought the drink from.
Nic: Ya.
Me: Ohhh
Yapz: Eddy can you ask him?
Nic: Don’t exploit my Eddy.
Me: Ask what.
Yapz: Where he buy that from. HAHA
Nic: Don’t exploit him.
Me: Oh…
Nic: See, he will go and ask one. Don’t exploit him.

Of course in the end, I didn’t go and ask him because Nic said no need.
But then, it didn’t take us quite long for us to locate the store selling it. The pakcik was damn loud and his touting was audible from far. He called the drink the ‘Knock-Out’. We got a huge cup of mocha after a rather long and ‘tense’ discussion because Mich is lactose intolerant. We were trying to get something with less milk content so that she wouldn’t suffer the aftermath of it.
After taking the first sip, we understood instantly why they called it ‘Knock-Out’. It was so sweet that you might knock out.
Verdict: No doubt value for money. It’s like the pasar malam version of Starbucks but much more worth it. If you need some caffeine (although they also have other non-caffeinated drinks), you might want to buy from this store. MUST BUY.
SATISFACTORY: Look at how Nic was so satisfied with the mocha.

We didn’t explore the entire bazaar because we went to Nic’s house for a ‘Make-up Tutorial’ session – ok, basically to just lepak at the house while using that chance to ask her to showcase her make-up collection.

I think I should be returning to the bazaar again one of these days before hell resumes and before I fly off for Hong Kong.

The Night is Ours: Sundown Marathon 2016

28 May, 2016. It was a night that I will never forget. For the first time, I am running a 10km race with a group of friends (Let alone Will Run 2013 since it was a school event). The Sundown Marathon 2016 marks my second 10km long distant competitive run (after 2XU Compression Run in April) since I returned to running after taking a short break last year.

Initially, I signed up for the run alone. It was until Yapz told me that the other girls and her were also running the same event (except Viv – she participated in the 21km run) on Twitter when I was complaining that I did not have much training leading up to the actual day.

And so, we decided to run together in the end.

It kind of reminded me about running Will Run back in SRJC and the trainings we received almost every PE lesson.

We took a photo before we headed to the 10km starting point.

Oops, I think my shadow had kind of eclipsed Charmz face.

The race supposed to start at 10PM but because there were too many participants that they dispatched us through different ‘waves’. I think by the time we started to run, it was already 10.20pm. The 4 of us basically ran in pairs: Charmz with me while Mich with Yapz.

By the 1st KM, Charmz and I were separated from Mich and Yapz. Despite the early human congestion, we managed to squeeze our way to the front and avoided the bottlenecked route. While Charmz ran all the way, I needed to make a few timeout during the course of the race. Despite that, I was in a much better condition to run compared to during that 2XU Run. This time, maybe because someone was there to motivate and pace me, I managed to only brisk walked for just about 1KM.

Maybe it’s beneficial to have a friend to run beside you during such event.

We continued running and didn’t get to meet the other two girls until when we were on our final kilometer. While we were heading towards our final 100m, we decided to sprint all the way. I swear if I used that speed throughout the race, I would have been on a prize-winning journey (of course I am not that disillusioned into thinking that I could be a road champion). To be honest, I almost ran out of breathe and consciousness.

By the time I crossed the finishing line, two things came to my mind: toilet and water. I needed to use the latrine and I was very much dehydrated. Here comes the horror story: the queue to the toilet was the longest queue (apart from the one during Lee Kuan Yew’s tribute last year) I’ve ever encounter. It felt like gravity was so strong that it was pulling everyone’s blatter and the contents in it.

Charmz and I went to the toilet at Promenade MRT instead before we returned to wait for the other two to complete their race.

We managed to meet with the Mich and Yapz back at the starting point. I went straight to the water station to gobble down a few cups of water before we find an area to lepak while waiting for Viv and Yapz’s bf (and his friends) to return from the 21KM race.

It was a little past midnight.

While prostration had taken over us, we tried to squeeze that remaining energy and zest to enjoy the rest of the night. Because, as the organisers said, “The night is ours”. We didn’t want to waste the night.

And so, it became a night of cheerleading, dancing and photoshooting.

Ya. Cheerleading. I wasn’t even kidding. But I swear they looked legit though.

We were so loud that the guy beside us decided to just take out his earpiece to isolate himself while he was reading his book. We were semi-conscious of our surrounding but I think our lassitude made us a little zappy.

Despite that, I almost fell flat asleep in the middle the road where a Ferrari or a McLaren would have speeded past every September. Before I really fell asleep, Yapz’s boyfriend and his friends joined us after the run. I could here every pathetic whine they made because of their strained muscles. We couldn’t help but to laugh.

Viv joined us a little later and she seems to be alright. Perfectly alright. We applauded her for her completion. And that means we can take a group photo with our medals finally at around 3.30AM.

We just spent the entire night with one another.

We might just decide that this might become our annual run, where we will all run for Sundown every year. I heard someone said that we could try 21KM next year. I am holding my breathe.