Mish’s 21st Surprise Party

2 May is Mish’s birthday.

Most of her friends came together to give her a surprise birthday party on the seventh.

From planning to execution, the majority of us took part in the various roles. Yapz booked the venue at her condo. Charmz and Nic cooked simple yet delicious and filling food for the party, while Mish’s secondary school friends Marilyn and PC helped out in getting the decorations, and putting them up as well. Peish was tasked the ultimate mission of duping Mish to the venue.

DECORATING: PC, Le’schane and Marilyn making sure that the decoration for the photo booth is put up nicely.

The entire process from planning to execution reminded me about the time when I was doing my PR and Events mod for my course two years ago. I kind of enjoy doing events although it can be tiring at times, the sense of fulfilment is rewarding. 

While some of us were putting the decorations in place, the rest of our JCFC clique who were present were doing the final touch to the birthday card. The card very pretty right?

As we prepared for Mish’s arrival upon Peish’s prompt, I made use of the chance to capture a photo of everyone, who were taking their position to welcome our birthday girl.

And then, shortly afterwards, our birthday girl arrived. The moment she came in and all of us sang the birthday song, and she was so taken aback. She was damn shocked by the setup of the room and the presence of most of her friends. She was ushered to the ‘podium’, aka where the cake and the photo booth are, in the spotlight of everyone.

Did the usual ‘rituals’ – making wish and blowing candles, under the eyes of around 20 people. 

SO MANY BALLOONS: Look at how happy our birthday girl was with her helium balloons. 



It’s time for cake cutting and team work was once again evident. I think our core team works very well together in turning this party into reality. 

SHARING SOME LOVE: Marilyn helping with the serving of cake. 


Let’s talk about the birthday cake that we got. Since Mish was lactose intolerant, we decided that it was only appropriate to get her cake that she can digest – without any ‘side effects’. We got our cake from Brownice – which serves vegan (as well as dairy-free) ice-cream and cakes.
The one we got was ‘Mudpie Madness’ – which was made with a mix of hazelnut chocolate and French chocolate, and topping it off with sea salt, caramelised almonds, fresh fruits and homemade chocolate fudge.
After we were done with eating, we decided to have some social activities. We had initially agreed to play beer pong but in the end, because most of us were more comfortable to do away with alcohol so we ended up with a modified version of the game. Replacing beer with a mixture of leftover drinks (yes, apparently I bought too many drinks that we ended up having a total of 16 bottles of drinks catered for just 20+ people) sounds like a good idea, but it makes one think twice when you start mixing carbonated drinks with the non-carbonated ones. Some of the mixtures turned out well, but some just tasted like putting coffee together with tonic drink – it just doesn’t match at all.
POUR IT: Nic and Peish preparing for the game.
Not many people was playing the game at the start but we eventually managed to rope everyone into the game. Apart from the entertaining element of the game, watching two groups of people (one group obviously overpowering the other with the unbalanced amount of players) trying to throw a ping pong ball into plastic cups filled with weird tasting drinks, there was also an impromptu performance of ball-catching antics put up by that one guy (no prize if you can guess who that person is correctly).
I think I put my table tennis skills to good use (says the one who lost to a lower sec kid when competing at the National Games two years ago HAHAHA)
The entire night ended at around 10pm and I went back together with Mish and her Nan Hua friends, and we looked extremely dangerous because apparently, helium balloons are culprits of the recent MRT train breakdowns. Credits to Fraser for being our Balloon IC and helped to carry about 18 balloons on the train despite being heavily judged by fellow commuters. Oops.

Check out the photos we took with Mish at the photo booth. HAHAHA




Another 21st down. I think I am addicted to attending 21st birthday party already. Shit.

Graduation 2017

The 5th of May, the big day that I’ve been looking forward to since 2014, has finally arrived. The day of when I finally donned on the graduation rope, stepped into Ngee Ann Polytechnic for the final time as its student and mingle with the majority of my coursemates and friends for the last time in school.

3 years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears culminated in the Diploma that I’ve always wanted. Life might have not gone the way I wanted it to be, but at least, at the end of the day, I managed to enrol into my dream course and graduate from it.

I spent the past few months gearing up for this day. Going to the gym, going on diet and planning my #ootd, just to make sure that I looked my best – the best I have ever look since birth. 

On that momentous day, I woke up just before dawn, feeling rather excited and looking forward towards the day full of activities. I’ve enthusiastically invited most of my friends down – because I want to share my proudest moment with them. Although it’s merely a graduation with a Diploma certification, yet I’ve never felt so accomplished in my life. From hell to heaven, back to hell and bouncing back again, I realised I really have experienced the most depressing downs, downs and ups in the past 21 years of my life.

Of course, as sentimental as I am, I decided to put on the SR collar pin on my collar. I admit it did look a little out of place but that’s my last tribute to Serangoon JC – the JC that I’ve gone to, failed and realised that there might be another life path for me to consider. In the light of the recent MOE merger exercise, SR was one of the unfortunate scapegoats schools, due to low birth rate and dwindling enrollment, that ends up in the fate of mergers. I had quite some explaining to do whatever people asked me about the badge. Oops.

It took me a good two hours to get prepared – from washing up to hair styling (although doesn’t look much of a difference) to putting on minimal makeup to re-ironing my shirt. I made it look as if I was about to get married instead of graduating.

‘Grab’-ed down with my parents to school on an electric car. That’s really rather coincidental and made the ‘last journey down from Ang Mo Kio to NP’ a more momentous one.

We had breakfast before my anxiety problem acted up. I locked myself in the toilet for a good 15 minutes while Sijie whatsapp-ed me where I was. I thought I was late until I saw Iphi still at Munch with her mum as I came out of the toilet. I directed my parents towards the Convention Centre – the venue of the ceremony – before proceeding to my reporting venue at LT68. 

Met up with Nicole along the way – to let her deposit her makeup case into my bag. HAHAHA.

For the last time, I get to see everyone from my course, seated down at the Lecture Theatre. It kinds of reminded me of the very first time when all of us met each other. It was awkward and everyone was adjusting to the new environment. Some were more vocal than the others, while some were sitting all be themselves quietly. 3 years on, friendships are forged – some of which are strongly because of common interest and also, because we literally eat, sleep and struggled together. 

People who do not matter to you 3 years ago, becomes a core part of your Poly life. Sometimes, I am just amazed by the uncertainty and the unexpected in life. You don’t know who will be there for you at a certain point in life. You don’t know who will continue to be there with you at the end of every journey.

Taking a last look at all of them, I know I have no regrets. They are the best coursemates I could’ve ever ask for. 

We waited for quite a while because it’s finally our turn to be on the stage. I was waiting eagerly for Nic’s appearance on the stage to receive her cert from the Director but I was ushered out from my seat to get ready for my 5-seconds of glory.

Credits to Papa See (Nic’s dad) for the footage!

I was telling Ying Xuan a week back that I was planning on some antics on stage before receiving my cert from the Director. Yet, I backed out on the plan to do so because firstly, I can’t think of a creative antic (despite graduating from a creative course) and secondly, doing antics on high heels will probably put my already injured ankles in danger.

Okay, thirdly and the most important reason, I pussy.

So I ended up walking like a celebrity on a red carpet.

You could hear Dr. Kang shouting “CMC 古天樂” at the background towards the end of the clip. Quite fit the atmosphere. They used to say I am like Louis Koo – maybe because I am quite tanned, that’s it. HAHAHA.

Apart from that, you could also hear that sharp scream from the audience. Thanks Nic!

We went back to our seats after receiving our cert and the graduation gifts from the school. Colin and Rebecca (not Minzhen but the other Rebecca, but Minzhen was awarded a Diploma with Merit, it’s a credible achievement as well!) were our top 2 students – and they really deserved the honour bestowed upon them. To be able to stay consistent through the 6 semesters, one requires to be very dedicated to every single assignment, regardless modules it is.

One thing about being in mass communications is that you get to study a variety of things. And being in a Chinese-language based mass comm course that broke away from Chinese Studies means that there are modules that involve the cultural and language aspect of it. It is not easy for students to be that consistent in the various aspects. For people like me, I can be very strong in some modules, yet scoring Bs and Cs for the others. I struggled with those examinable modules like ‘Introduction to Mass Comms”, “Chinese Literature” and “Media Ethics, Law & Policies” (in which I was expecting myself to ace in it), etc but scoring relatively up to expectations for “Video Production”, “Web Design & Applications” and “News Reporting & Feature Writing”, etc. I really marvel at the kind of consistency they’ve portrayed and the discipline that they exercised. It could be because of talent, but talent wouldn’t be visible without working hard and working smart.

Our recognition of them was evident. Once their names were announced, we were shouting and screaming because we know – they are the pride of CMC and we are proud of them. 🙂

To those of you who’ve achieved honourable mentions, you guys really deserved it. I will be more motivated – but hopefully, this motivation will linger on when I returned from NS two years later. HAHAHA

The entire ceremony lasted about slightly over an hour before it we strolled out of the Convention Centre – most of us for the last time. As I walked down the stairs, I looked back and noticed one thing: Three years ago, I walked up the stairs alone, not knowing anyone else (okay, except for you Nic). Three years later, I walked down the stairs, bringing away with me the memories, knowledge and friendships. Most of us came here alone, but when we leave, we leave together.

Made my way out of the Convention Centre as quickly as I could before the entire crowd of people started flowing out of the place. The last thing I want on my last day is to be suffocated to death.

The first group of people I met up with immediately after I came out of the CC is my peeps from Pedoro! We graduated together 4 years back and since went on different paths. Yet, we make sure that we continue to stay in contact and hang out whenever we could. 

Throughout the years, you peeps have been really supportive of me. Pedoro is the clique that I’ve stuck to for the longest period of time, and that being said, y’all have seen me through my darkest time and also, my best times. Although most of our members graduated from JC, yet never had I felt out of place before – just because I decided to drop out of my previous school to focus on my dreams. As I put on my graduation gown that day and received such a beautiful bouquet from all of you, I teared a little inside. I admit that for a guy, I teared a little too easily, but I was really touched. It was the first ever bouquet that I’ve received in my life.

Without the mental supports, there wouldn’t be the Eddy today. 

JUNWEI: The person who I am the most thankful for although I am guilty of neglecting you sometimes. But remember this man here is my bestie, my brother, my best assistant and the best ever slanderman on Earth. He’s probably one of the very few people who’ve tolerated with my nonsense for the past 8 years and the only person who knows me inside out. I am someone who has a lot of problems if one were to truly know me, so it’s not really easy to be my bestie. Thank you for enduring all my shits – my rants, my insecurities and all my other problems. And thank you for always rendering your service like doing this:
I would never forget how you ended up having serious sunburns after helping me with my first ever Video Production assignment. You ran under the scorching sun, running over a stream of water and tiring yourself out so that I could get the shots that I wanted. Thank you, Sergeant. 






This is the bouquet of flowers that Pedoro got for me!

My kids from A Bunch of Morons were also present (okay, although Kaihao wasn’t really considered my ‘kids’ HAHAHA). Kaihao and Auds were there very early and were helping me to take photos with my Pedoro buds. All of these were happening while Trish was still on the way rushing from home. HAHAHA

A Bunch of Morons will always be a bunch of morons. Thank you guys and kiddos for the antics every time we meet up and all the stupid jokes we crack. Back then, some of us were merely batchmates, some of us were just in that junior-senior kind of relationship, I didn’t expect our friendships to blossom and last so far. You guys never fail to cheer me up every time and always lifted my spirits – especially when we do retarded stuffs.






Must also thank Kaihao’s mum for this very beautifully assembled bouquet!

Very pretty right?

JCFC were also there to share the moment – together with Nic and I. They are my best takeaway from SRJC. It is hard to imagine that a guy like me can be accepted by a group of girls eventually. Even though I was in SR for just 10 months, I didn’t get the A’ Level cert but what O got are friendships like this that I treasure a lot.

“Everything happens for a reason.” Hence, I never regret taking that JC path. For without it, I wouldn’t get to know these pretty ladies and will never know a group of people who likes Jay Chou as much as I do (hence JCFC hahaha).

NIC: Happy Graduation to this bitch hahaha. We went SR, left SR and came NP (and the same school some more), and now we graduated together. FINALLY. The road has been tough for both of us, perhaps even tougher for her, yet I am proud to see how far we’ve both come.

A stalk of sunflower from Nic – and still got a small note some more. 😀








Featuring the bouquet the girls had gotten for me.

Apart from JCFC, another ‘best takeaway’ and my favourite minah, Ratna, dropped by as well – for her best friend Nic. 

Of course, I did not forget to take photos with the clique that I’ve went through thick and thin with over the years in CMC. Turtle Shadow defined my CMC life and provided me with a lot of wonderful memories – like rushing for projects and the day out at Sentosa (and many many more). They see me through this chapter of my life, tolerating all my PMS. NP always market itself as “Always that Something Xtra”, I guess Turtle Shadow is that something xtra-ordinary. 










And also, really thankful to Xueni and Adam for dropping by and giving me a small bouquet and a stalk of sunflower respectively. Xueni was from the same secondary school (Huayi Sec) as Jon and Reb and I knew her when I volunteered to help their council with their camp in 2015 (damn how fast time flies).



And the petite and cute bouquet from Xueni.
Aside from Turtle Shadow, my school life wouldn’t be possible without the support, teamwork and random ranting sessions with these people.




Jin Ming. 


Yee Tong. 




Bao Wen. 


Ying Xuan.


Wan Ling.




Ang Ling. 




Rebecca M.


Hui Shuen (although she’s not from CMC hahaha but knew her when I was doing emcee-ing for one of Chinese Orchestra’s performance).

Susien 老師 – one of the best teachers and mentors I’ve ever encountered.

This part of my education journey wouldn’t be possible without the two most important person in my life – Pa and Ma.
They are the ones that I couldn’t have come so far without. For the past 20 years, they’ve groom me, educate me, and supported me to the person I am today. They supported my decision to pursue my dreams after I didn’t do well and drop out after a rough year in JC – they are the people who supported me through every ups and downs in my life.
They are one of the main reasons why I persevere on till today. I wouldn’t be able to put on that graduation gown without their support, both financially and mentally.
It actually pains me every time I witness how hard they have to work in the ship, waking up before dawn to earn a loving and to put me through my education.
You know, not all heroes wear capes. My heroes wear civilian clothes – and clothes that they’ve been wearing for years because they’ve spent the money investing in me.
Not all heroes are strong and muscular. My heroes put on a smile on their faces and a strong front in front of me despite age and health problems catching up with them.
I know this is not the end of my journey. I will have to work even harder over the next few years so that they are able to enjoy the best retirement ever – because they deserve it. I will keep myself in check and make sure that I follow exactly what I’ve planned out for myself.
Times like this make me feel so loved. I’ve been lucky all these while to be surrounded by the correct people and people that I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with.
Featuring Fang’s Boomerang of me, which sums up how I feel on that very day.
The following Monday (8/5) was Wanz’s turn to graduate. This time round, we headed down to Singapore Polytechnic, on a hot afternoon.
So I actually went down to Far East Flora to get the flowers. Peish said that Wanz wanted roses so I was looking out for roses – that were for graduation/normal purposes and not Mother’s Day. After a quick online vote, we decided to settle with the bouquet with such arrangements:
First time buying a bouquet of roses and I was trying to avoid too much attention directed at me when I boarded the bus to find Nic. We met at Ang Mo Kio before taking a cab down – because the ceremony ended earlier than expected.
Peish was already with Wanz at the Jazz Band room (a distance away from the Convention Centre where we supposed to meet) while we were on the way. We waited a while after we reached SP for the both of them to make their way to come find us.
I looked like going to propose to someone in the middle of the SP.
Featuring my ‘wingwoman’. HAHAHA
Everyone eventually arrived and we braved the scorching sun to take photo with the limelight of the day.
This is the girl who graduated from AMKSS as well – but back then we still didn’t know each other. We crossed path in SR, but we left SR to the respective Poly to find our dreams. We graduated together. I know it wasn’t easy yet she managed to overcome all the odds and I am so proud of her.
Happy Graduation to us all.
Featuring Wanz’s handwriting. To quote her, “I spent too long drawing this shit pls appreciate.”
To the rest, I’ll be waiting to attend your poly/uni graduations in the next few years. (And to think that y’all will all graduate from Uni before I do. Oops)

Get Fit This Summer At Marina Regatta 2017

The annual DBS Marina Regatta is back again this year. Into its sixth year now, it will be packed with a slate of unmissable activities to take outdoor enthusiast, fitness lovers and party goers alike from day to night, whilst watching top dragon boating teams from around the region battle it out against the iconic Marina Bay skyline for Asia’s highest prize purse of S$134,000.
For fitness lovers like me, this edition of Marina Regatta is more of a regatta – it’s more than just watching fitspos rowing their dragon boats across our scenic bay. With many other activities lined up for you, it is going to be fun for you and your peers because you will be entitled to the summer of your life.
Complimentary Sailing Sessions
(Image: DBS)
Eventgoers will have a chance to try out sailing in the Bay during the regatta with the DBS’ 18-m tall Swedish Match 40 sailboats – the first of the kind in Asia. These sailboats were debuted in 2015 as part of the DBS Marina Bay Sailing Programme
The Sailing Programme has been a part of the regatta since 2013 so that eventgoers like us will not miss out on the fun of sailing.
Take on Singapore’s largest inflatable water obstacle course
(Image courtesy of DBS) Artist impression of Marina Regetta 2017
For those of you who love “Wipeout”, here’s a chance for you to live it! This year’s edition of the regatta will see the debut of BATTLE BAY – Singapore’s LARGEST inflatable water obstacle course – spanning over 11,000 sq ft.
Famous local DJ Jamie Teo will also be taking the challenge at the Battle Bay on 2 June, together with our very own Nathan Hartono.
With an affordable price of S$10 per try (S$5 for student), there’s really no harm trying out and test your fitness level!
For those who would like to complete as a team, do register your interest at www.dbsmarinaregatta.com.
I will definitely be there to take on the challenge so hope to see you guys there!
Free Workout Classes
(Image: DBS)
Fancy free fitness lessons? Fitness apparels brand lululemon will be curating their globally popular classes, which features FREE handpicked workouts such as barre classes with WeBarreyoga with Yoga+; and high-intensity circuit workouts (HIIT) with F45.

These workout classes will be hosted in a nine-meter tall Play Dome on 3 and 4th June, so get ready for entering the weekend fit!
To make you feel extra motivated to sign up for all the classes, participants who complete all classes will get a surprise from lululemon! (Of course, on top of that, feeling fit is the main deliverable HAHAHA). Now, grab your buddies and sign up for the lessons here!

Replenish Your Energy At Bay Eats & Coconut Bar

(Images: DBS)

What should you do after your workout session? Replenish your energy, of course! Situated right beside the Play Dome, there is a food village called Bay Eats. Curated by The Local Peoples, Bay Eats will feature food stalls from award-winning and top new eateries in town – such as the “Neo-Sin” restaurant Labyrinth, French eatery Garcons, The BellJar, Leng Leng ice cream and more!

(Image: DBS)

For those who are interested something liquid and to get that summer experience with some cocktails, like those you seen on TV, you will not be disappointed! Potato Head – a famous beach club from Bali – will be bringing their legendary Coconut Bar to Singapore FOR THE FIRST TIME, complete with their signature uber fresh coconut cocktails and beers! Those who have a craving for burgers could also try out the delicious burgers (such as their signature cheese burger Bubba Huey, and buttermilk fried chicken sandwich Honky) from their Three Buns gourmet restaurant! (The patty used in their burger is really very juicy)

DBSMR X Ultra Countdown Party

#TBT Dat skyline though  Early Bird tickets on sale. DON’T MISS OUT! www.ultrasingapore.com/tickets
Posted by Ultra Singapore on Wednesday, 11 January 2017

For those of you who are looking for some clubbing opportunity this summer, the DBSMR X Ultra Countdown Party is definitely a fit for you! DBS is partnering Ultra Music Festival – the world’s premier electronic music festival to feature a prelude to the actual Ultra Singapore event (which will be happening the following weekend) at the Regatta. It will feature three deejays from the Festival every night, including Dubvision, Crossnaders, Raiden, Jade Radif, Moe and Myrne. 

(Image: DBS)

The parties will take place on 2 – 3 June, from 7pm to 10pm. Partygoers will stand a chance to win tickets to Ultra Singapore. Furthermore, there’s good news for DBS Live Fresh cardholders out there, because you will get priority access to the countdown party!


Dates: 1 June (4pm – 9pm), 2 – 4 June (10am – 10pm)
Venue: The Promontory @ Marina Bay
Price: Free admission

Farewell to Teenage Years: How Is It Like Being a 20-Year-Old (Part 3)

(This post is part of a series. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

Advisory: This is going to be a very long post.

This post was supposed to be uploaded last year but I realised that it will be more appropriate if I post this after my graduation. This will somehow briefly document my past three years in Ngee Ann Polytechnic as I was embarking on the journey to attain a Diploma in Chinese Media & Communications (CMC).

While I was considering my future after Promos in 2013, I had a dream in mind – that is, to be a film director. I used to imagine myself being nominated for the Golden Horse Award (the Chinese equivalent to the Oscars) – either as an actor or as a film director. I was hoping that one day, I will have my own feature film, filmed according to those storylines that interest me.

During the Joint Admission Exercise (JAE) the following year, I stuck to my dreams. As much as I wanted to be a filmmaker and a media personnel in the Chinese-speaking world, I opted CMC as my first choice. As to my other 11 choices on the list, I couldn’t remember much about them.

I was accepted and I arrived at NP for the first time to purchase my laptop and install the software which I would develop a love-hate relationship with eventually.

A post shared by Eddy Edvaldo Chua 蔡慶順 (@theeddychua) on
2014 – Starting All Over Again
I was ready to start all over again right on the first day in my new school, new environment. I started out being extremely friendly during orientation (CSOP), initiating conversations with fellow freshmen. I admit that I am more comfortable talking to people who are of my age and younger. To me, seniority in age boosts my confidence in a group setting.
SAY CHEESE: A group photo with everyone from our sub-tribe in it during our fund-raising.
I eventually managed to make friends on the first few days in NP, but the only I’ve had till today is that we didn’t get to catch up with one another after since. We became more involved with our course, the new friendship that we’ve forged with our course mate. Of course, we would still chat occasionally in the group chat, which prevented us from becoming like the other OGs – we did not cease to exist. The start of the 3 years was already memorable. As we ended the ‘preface’ phase of this journey, we headed on to meet our course mates on the final day of CSOP.

As how everyone from my course eventually confessed to me that they thought I was seated with the wrong course, given my distinctive non-Chinese features. Everyone was puzzled to see me seated at the back of the row which stated “CHINESE MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS”. I forgive them for that because I would be confused as well.

Class (or Tutorial Group) was allocated and I was in T01. It was a small class – given our small enrollment for CMC. If I did not remember wrongly, we had 15 people in T01. A smaller cohort means that it is easier for us to know each other because it is hard not to miss anyone. I’ve been to classes with about 40 people (in secondary school), 23 people (in JC), there were always some people that you won’t really get a chance to interact with. A class size of 15 is just about right.

Weeks into the new semester that the entire class decided to come together to have lunch. That was, to the best of my memory, the only time all of us gathered for a meal together. It was difficult to actually find so many seats around the same area during lunchtime at Makan Place, so eating with our own cliques would be easier.
Being in T01 was something I am really thankful for. Being acquainted with people who eventually shaped the next three years of my life in Poly is something that I couldn’t have asked much for. Every part of my life, there are people who will define that moment, there are always those who will be there ensure that my life isn’t boring. Although I was the eldest in T01 (after Jingwen departed for university), never had I feel out of place because the kids are a bunch of really fun and enthusiastic people – each of them has a passion in the various sector within the media industry.

In my first year, I started hanging out with Crystal, Dallies and Zeliang. We called ourselves Xclusive back then. I can’t remember how the name came about but I was sure Dallies came out with the name. HAHAHA.

Year 1 ended too quickly. Everything went by too fast for me to even realised it. It was a practice in our course that we were to reshuffle our classes for the start of Year 2, and hence that means that we have to face being separated before we could have the chance to really bond as one.
TO1: Took polaroid with my classmates at the end of Year 1, before we were reshuffled into different classes.

DRINK IT: One of the lunches we had together outside of school.

There is another group that I would like to mention – they are the one who shaped my Year 2 and 3. The Turtle Shadow. This ridiculous name came about because of an inside joke regarding a text from our Chinese Literature module. 

I am thankful for all of you – Huiqi, Peiyi, Reb, Yoke Yeng and Jon – to be by my side for most part of my Poly life. No other group of people in my circle would have able to tolerate by childishness, stubbornness, moodiness and my unpredictable personality. You guys have made my Poly life interesting and given me memories to take away from from this phase in my life as I hit 20. 

I couldn’t be more appreciative for all the fun we had over the short span of time we’ve known each other for. 

2015 – Return to Stage, SG50 & Other Happenings
2015 was a memorable year. It was the year when I actually experienced my first ups and downs in my Poly life. It was the year that our founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed on. It was the year we, as the whole of Singapore, celebrated 50 years of independence. It was the year when I made my first actual directorial debut. It was the year Uncle Alan left us. It was the year where I had my second mental breakdown in 2 years. It was the year where I decided to offer my service to different communities, enhancing my experiences in various aspects.

I took part in CSOP 2015, helping with the introductory video (both as a cinematographer and the narrator), as well as a skit during induction – which gave the freshies a rough overview of what to expect during their next three years with their respective course.

It has been a fun time working with these bunch of people, as well as HMS Society. A few collaborations with HMS Society, especially during Orientation, allows me to contribute to HMS in a more ad-hoc manner. My stress level is lower in comparison, which allows me to contribute fully and with enthusiasm. 

The skit marked my brief return to stage and theatre. It was also during this time when I returned to SRJC to help out with Thespian 2015. In 2014, I moved towards acting on-screen but it didn’t really turn out well for me. I was disappointed with all my actings to be honest. Maybe I am still suited for theatre plays.

MAKING A SHIFT: Me acting in one of the productions by my seniors.

BEHIND THE SCENE: Me acting in one of the few film projects by my coursemates in Year 1.

LIVING ANOTHER LIFE: Acting in a film production directed by Zeliang.

I even tried my luck appearing on TV.

A post shared by Eddy Edvaldo Chua 蔡慶順 (@theeddychua) on

We had roughly a month to work on the plays before putting up a show in front of the hundred-odd audiences in LT5. I eventually helped co-direct the remake of “Seven Deadly Princesses” with Kheng Yin and Zhi Rong (of course, also with the help of other alumni at times as well).

We worked hard every afternoon and evening on the scripts, characterisation and blockings. Thinking about it right now, I really missed the times that I spent on acting and plays.

It turned up to be a very successful performance. I always believe in one thing: 

Success = Passion + Hard Work

After Thespian, I also took up a calefare role at Love 97.2 21st birthday play. (Don’t bother finding me in the photo below because I was doing other stuffs when they took the photo HAHAHA)

My brief comeback to theatre might be short, but I know that one day, I will make an official return to stage and theatre, doing the things that I truly love. But for now, I will extend my break, wait for the right opportunity before seizing it.

Apart from my brief return to theatre, SG50 made up the remaining big part of my life in 2015. Everywhere I go, it was difficult for me to miss the red circular logo with an ‘SG50’ wording imprinted within it. I thought to myself, since every year I’ve failed to secure a ticket to the National Day Parade (NDP), why not I made 2015’s NDP memorable by being involved in it. Rather than going there for one day, watching the parade and then head home with the SG50 fun pack, it would be more meaningful to offer my service – during this special occasion – to the country?

WE ARE FROM AMK: The Ang Mo Kio peeps, whom I know after we were sent to bring kids from AMKPS to one of the NE Show.

At the end of the actual parade, all of us were too busy taking photos and for me, it’s like another milestone achieved. I didn’t expect myself to do community service during my post-secondary years but I am glad I did. All the friendships forged, especially with Jess (who’s also my junior in CMC) were memorable. Although the majority of us didn’t keep in touch privately (apart from knowing each other’s life through Instagram), but I am glad to have known you guys and shared this experience with you. I didn’t volunteer for 2016 and this year, but I am sure that one day, I’ll be back again.

How would I complete my 2015 story without mentioning my ‘directorial debut’.

It was the year that I directed a short film – although just 5 minutes, but it was the first film with actual casting, filming and budgeting process. This was the first time I got to really experience how is it like to be in a production team. I could consider it achievement unlocked.
This was, till date, my first and only ‘official’ film in which I directed. It wasn’t easy being a director because you have to be fully involved in every single process. (Of course being a producer might have a worse but well, different roles have different challenges.) It remains one of the proudest film I’ve directed in all (which includes a short introductory video in 2014 and a SEC film competition entry in 2016). 

I’ve been involved in other film projects as well, just that not as a director, but in other roles.
As a sound man/cinematographer in a documentary, together with Colin, Jin Ming, Zeliang and Elaine.
As a cinematographer for HMS10 Music Video, directed by Michelle Boey.

The list is not exhaustive, because there are still other productions that I don’t have pictures to showcase.

I am really thankful to be able to experience the different roles in a production team before I hit 20. At least, to me, my teenage dream is completed.
2016 – New Challenges, Running, Hong Kong & Farewell to Teenage Years

2016 was the year that I finally hit the big 2, but it was also the year that provided me with the most challenges – but at least I didn’t hate it as much as 2013, maybe I have come to terms with my own failure and success, and stress.

Other than academics, there were lots of personal problems that I’ve to deal with. I was preoccupied by my own problems despite having more important tasks on hand. I tried to come out of that constant depressing state of mind, but the stress from academics didn’t really help that much. It aggravated.

I wasn’t exactly my past self, or I should say, I wasn’t exactly myself at all. My mood disorder exacerbated as the days passed by, it was to the point when everyone around me was so cautious not to trigger me. No one knows when I could transform from a jovial person to an irritable and petulant person, neither do I.

I eventually returned to running in search for a better self. I thought, maybe taking up sports will help me to regenerate my cells and makes me feel better overall. Eventually, I ended up participating in 4 runs (3 10km runs and 1 half-marathon). I trained whenever I had the time to and every time I see progress, I would feel extremely satisfied. I somehow used that sore and pain to divert the attention away from my mental health-being. 

2016 marks my first overseas trip (not counting Malaysia) since 1998, and my first trip to Hong Kong. I was at Hong Kong for a school trip and it wasn’t a relaxed one. I’ve got an integrated project awaiting to be completed. And for that project, my team and I basically had to rush all over the place and made a few visits to the Legislative Council Complex to conduct our interviews and filming.

 ROLLING: Interview with Mr. Bruce Lui, senior lecturer in Hong Kong Baptist University’s Department of Journalism and former award-winning reporter at HK Cable TV and TVB.

QUESTION TIME: Interview with Legco member and social activist Mr. Leung Kwok-hung. 

DRAFTING: One of our drafts for the poster for our e-book project.

FINALLY: Posing with our poster during the day of presentation.

We really worked very hard towards our final group project in our CMC life. I always tell myself this one thing: As long as you’ve given your all, there will be no regrets. You will embrace whatever results that you are given because you know, it’s the experience and life lessons that count.

On 23 October 2016, I finally reached the big 2.

It is the start of a new decade of my life, whether it be good or bad, it’s all up to by doing. But I believe, with the support I have around me and the lessons and experience that I’ve accumulated in the past 20 years, I am more mature towards facing my future – despite how unpredictable it might be.

Really thankful for those who had celebrated my 20th birthday with me, and here’s a virtual toast to our future friendship.

And thanks to those who’ve accompanied me through the final 3 years of my teenage life at NP.

My post on Graduation will be up soon so stay tune!