Members of Public Signing Petition for 4 Days of School

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Looks like someone has decided that it is time for Singapore to implement a 4-day school week.

A petition has been circulating around the internet over the past few days in a bid to request the Ministry of Education to implement a 4-day school week.

Gabriel Ee, who started the petition on 24 July (Monday), provided the reason that a reduced school week ‘may remedy the sleep problem than most students have’ and he believed that ‘the extra day off may benefit the learning economy of Singapore’.

His ideas resonate with many of the members of the public. One of the signatories, Jeremy Sng, agreed that a 4-day school week will help the students to become less tired. He left his reason on the comment column, stating, “All of those days of school could give student homework which we aren’t able to complete in one day so I think there should be one day less of school.”

Improved Results

The call to reduce the number of school days is not new. Schools in the U.S. states of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming have already cut back on the school days since 2015. However, here’s the catch: In the school that pushed out shorter school week, there also implement longer school hours on the each school days as well.

A study conducted in 2015 has concluded that a four-day school week is linked to better academic performance. It was initially thought that longer days on a shorter school week would hurt the academic performances of the students due to shorter attention spans and a longer weekend would mean an increased chance of them forgetting whatever that had been taught.

However, after looking at a number of students in each school that scored “proficient or advanced” on state-wide maths and reading test, before and after the school changed to a four-day week, they observed improvements in their results. It was observed that there is an increase from 55.5% of a school’s students on average achieving the top scores before the change to 63.1% after the change.

At the time of publication, the petition has already received 25,213 signatures, close to three-quarter of the total amount of people required for activation.

Amazon Prime Now Launches in Singapore

Amazon officially launches its two-hour delivery service Prime Now in Singapore on Thursday. Singaporeans will be offered thousands of products and are able to receive their goods via express delivery. Goods will be dispatched from its new fulfilment centre at the western part of the island.

The fulfilment centre covered a total of 100,000 sq ft at the Mapletree Logistic Hub in Toh Guan Road East and is now the largest in the world.

It hasn’t been a surprise to some, who have been following Amazon’s movements actively. There were reports last year claiming that the e-commerce giant will make its entry into the South-East Asian market. A source close to the company had even expected Amazon to launch selected services in Singapore by the first quarter of 2017, after its failed acquisition of RedMart last year.

It is better late than never.

In the recent days leading up to the official launch, there was a series of high-profile Instagrammers making sponsored posts with regards to the service. This further the speculations that Amazon will land here soon.

What is Amazon Prime Now?

According to its website, Amazon Prime Now is a benefit of Amazon Prime where members can place orders fast with same-day delivery in selected zip codes.

What’s in stall for Singaporeans?

Although Amazon Prime Now is extended to only Amazon Prime members, yet the company is still in the process of launching the membership here in Singapore. Therefore, the Prime Now service will be available without the membership element for the current being.

Orders over S$40 placed via the smartphone app will be delivered straight to your doorsteps within two hours without any delivery charges. Customers can also pay an additional $9.99 to get their goods within 1 hour.

And apparently, they are really selling almost everything.

From vegetables…

To health supplements.

And also monitors and TV…

And of course, they didn’t forget how everyone gets rather awkward buying condoms over the counter…

As part of the introduction of the Prime Now service, Amazon will also be offering a S$10 discount for your first order (‘10PRIMENOW‘) upon checking out. Visa card users will be entitled to a S$20 discount with your first order through the code ‘VISA20‘.

Deliveries will be conducted between 10AM to 10PM daily.