Giving Your Credit Card A Street Look: A Peek into the DBS x SBTG Collaboration

DBS has recently given their Live Fresh Visa payWave Platinum Card a refreshing look.


It looked as if you are holding onto a piece of graffiti artwork inside your wallet. But of course, I don’t think there’s any other artwork out there that will provide you with the kind of benefits the DBS Live Fresh Card brings.

This ‘graffiti’ artwork is the brainchild of local sneaker artist, Mark Ong. More notably known under the moniker of ‘Mr. Sabotage’, his clients include international celebrities like Kobe Bryant and Linkin’ Park’s Mike Shinoda.

This is the first credit card to be designed in collaboration with a homegrown designer to feature a unique, glow in the dark camouflage print.

Speaking of his design concept, Ong admitted how the iconic camouflage print was inspired by the notion of freedom – of choice and of independence. The signature design features a contrasting pink and turquoise camouflage, encapsulating the spirit of freedom of choice in its bold print.

He explained, “I designed the new DBS Live Fresh Card to buck against the trend. Camouflage is typically used to blend in, but I’ve adopted the camouflage design – with its unique glow-in-the-dark imprint – as a way for DBS Live Fresh cardholders to blend out. I hope that empowered with this newly designed card, young adults will take a cue from its design inspiration and truly start playing by their own rules.”





As part of the refresh, DBS will be introducing an exclusive giveaway of DBS Live Fresh X Mr Sabotage merchandise. From 8 January to 31 March 2018, 100 pairs of hand-painted AIR FORCE 1 sneakers and 1,000 G-Shock watches featuring the iconic camouflage print will be up for grabs via a lucky draw.

New applicants of the refreshed DBS Live Fresh Card will be eligible for a chance to win a limited edition G-Shock watch with every S$50 spent. Eligible lucky draw participants will be able to increase their chances of winning a pair of custom-painted AIR FORCE 1 sneakers with each additional spend on their DBS Live Fresh Card.

If you’d like to learn more about the DBS Live Fresh Card and its perks, click HERE!