6 Healthier Alternatives to Your CNY Snacks

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you could already see shops promoting their Chinese New Year goodies in your neighbourhood. Yet, with the year just began and you are probably in the mist of fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions with regards to health and fitness. I ain’t going to deny that CNY is always the season where my fitness journey went into a complete meltdown.

Over the past few days, I tried to research on the healthier alternatives to our traditional CNY goodies and realised that yes, we do have some options that are available here in Singapore.


Cookies make the best type of snacks because of its minute size and how fast we can gobble one piece down our throat. It’s not surprising that despite snacks like kuih bangkit contains roughly about 40kcals each, yet we tend to indulge in more than what we should be having. With the kind of calories we provided for our body, it is always better than these calories come together with the best kind of nutrients possible.

Oats provide a great source of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B1 and B5. It’s abundance of manganese also help provides for a strong bone structure. On the other hand, kuih bangkit contains coconut cream and while a little of the ingredient does not cause much of a harm but who could resist the temptation for more after the first bite?

Coco & Frank has been serving oats cookies and the catch? Their cookies are flourless, so you need not worry about the extra carbs that you’ll be digesting. They offer a variety of flavours, including macadamia (SGD8.90/100 grams), chocolate chips (SGD7.50/100 grams), Earl Grey Almond (SGD8.90/100 grams) and even Salted Egg (SGD18/120grams). You will definitely be spoilt for choices.

12 Haji Lane, Singapore 189205
Opening Hours: 1130 – 1930
More Information: Call 6341 7041, or, visit www.cocoandfrank.com.sg

2. A Variant of Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Tarts is as essential to CNY as turkey is for Thanksgiving. However, with roughly 82 kcals found in each tart, it could yet be another diet killer. However, BoxGreen has come up with this Pineapple Cluster, where you will still get that fruity pineapple aftertaste yet with more nutrients.

BoxGreen offers this Coco Pineapple Cluster in their limited edition The Fortune Corgi Box gift box (SGD68), launched specially for this CNY. Together with the pineapple delights, customers will also get to savour their Ginger Beetroot Snaps, Mandarin Chia Cookies and Natural Sambal Kacang Mix.

To Order: Call/Whatsapp 9771 6648, or, visit www.boxgreen.co/

3. Back to Basics

This is for those who wants to maximise their calories ‘usage’. Instead of choosing cashew cookies, go for unsalted cashew nuts instead. This will allow you to reserve more calories for more cashew nuts.

4. Swap your Bak Kwa For Fish

Bak Kwa is the staple food during every Chinese New Year, but it is the ultimate calorie bomb. A square piece of bak kwa contains about 180kcal, in which 4 pieces is enough to translate into a plate of chicken rice. While it is almost ridiculous to advise a total elimination of bak kwa during the first few days of CNY, but we have an alternative available.

The idea of replacing your pork bak kwa with fish jerky will reduce a bit of energy intake and boost some health benefits. Ocean King’s fish jerky isn’t a new snack in town, in fact, it has been around for the past 30 years. Offering 3 different flavours – Emperor Salmon, Tropic Tuna and Seared Marlin – the snack provides more nutrients as compared to the traditional bak kwa. The Omega-3 found in each piece of jerky can help reduce the risk of cancer as well as cardiovascular diseases.

To order: Visit oceanking.com.sg/order/
Enquiries: Email info@oceanking.com.sg, or, call 9423 2895

5. Dark is Better Than White

Chocolate is everyone’s love and definitely one of my greatest weakness. There are so many kinds of chocolate in the highly concentrated market that it is almost difficult not to throw some into your shopping basket. Most chocolates that are enticing are usually the milk chocolate and they contain a significant amount of fats.

Yet, don’t let that be the reason you are keeping a potential anti-oxidant superfood out of your snacks list. Bring in the dark chocolate. Dark chocolate, in comparison, contains more cocoa – since it is not diluted with cream and milk. It, therefore, has a higher nutritional value.

Cocoa contains flavonoids, which can help to improve vascular functions and lowering blood pressure. Further studies also have shown that these nutrients could also have help in normalising glucose level in the body – if taken in moderation.

6. Less Fried Snacks

Steering away from fried food can help. Instead of fried prawn crackers, opt for oven-baked ones. For those who are more health conscious, you might want to go vegan on your snacks, i.e. choosing seaweed crackers over prawn crackers.

Delcie’s is the bakery to go to if you are going for healthier snacks. It is no doubt that their selection of gluten-free, trans-fat-free and diabetes-friendly pastries and snacks has won them the Health Promotion Board (HPB)’s ‘Healthier Choice Bakery’ certification.

34 Whampoa West, #01-83, Singapore 330034
Opening Hours: 1100 – 2000
More information: delcies.com/chinese-new-year/

The article is just a recommendation to those who are more health conscious or those who are currently on a diet. This is the festive season after all and just enjoy the season without regretting too much (like I always do) afterwards.