Escape Into The Night with Sustainability

We are heading into the final weekend of the year and you might be wondering if there are actually any other activities apart from all the countdown events sprouting across the island.

Yes there is. In fact, there are plenty of it. The Lite-Up Sustainability Night is one of which you should not want to miss! Held this Saturday (28 December) from 6PM to 10.30PM, the event will be themed around energy conservation.


One of the main highlights of the night is the “Night at the Gallery” Eco Escape Room. You team of 4 to 8 explorers will have to travel back in time to prevent a climate apocalypse from happening. The objective of the game is to find out which year was the year of change. In order to find the answers, your team will need to solve some riddles and play some mini-games at the respective stations.

As the Escape Room is being held under a pitch dark environment, adequate safety briefing was given by the staffs before players embark on their journey. Each team will be provided with a game bag where you can find 2 torchlights and a map to help you navigate.

MAP IT OUT: Rebecca with the map that will be given to each group.
SERIOUS DISCUSSION: The team trying to figure out the answer of a riddle, in order to proceed to their next challenge.

Thanks to organisers, we managed to get a hand-on to the Escape Room and we can proudly say that we managed to solve all the riddles and eventually found the answer to the main question. Amazingly, we did it quite fast and learn a lot of knowledge regarding conservation efforts in Singapore, as well as how we as an individual can do our part in saving Mother Earth!

Registration is free and limited slots are available for the Escape Room! Sign up now HERE!


Apart from the exciting Escape Room, there is also a meaningful LED Bottle Lamp Workshop for you to unleash your craft skills and creativity! You will be surprised how upcycling plastic bottles can become a work of art.

All materials will be provided and it is free of charge for all participants! Limited slots are available so register now here.