My Journey with IDS (Part 2): Trying out the Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment

(This is a follow up of my ongoing skincare journey with IDS! You can read up on the first instalment of the series here.)

I must admit I am a lazy person. Maybe that’s also the reason most guys give ourselves when it comes to facial care. As you’ve read from my previous post, there are quite a number of products that were prescribed to me for my journey towards a flawless and perfect facial skin.

While the adrenaline of receiving new products kicked in almost as instantly as the night following my first visit, I told myself to go slow. I took some time to get used to the product, understand how they work, and, most importantly, how they affect my skin. It took me a couple of weeks to get very used to my morning and night facial routines. Not to mention that due to the fact that I frequently change where I am based, I always have to carry a carrier full of products in my travel pack.

About one month later, right before Recess Week, I returned to the IDS outlet at the International Building for the second part of my treatment.

This follow-up visit has two main objectives: first to undergo this facial treatment called Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT) and secondly, to see Dr. Ben again so that he can also help monitor my progress.

Hydro-Therapeutics Treatment (HTT)

HTT is a facial treatment created by the very professional team at IDS for all skin types. During this process, accumulated dirt and clogged sebum will be removed from the skin and hence, resulting it being returned to a clean slate.

As a guy who wears make-up occasionally, I am also aware that makeup and products tend to build upon the skin and might cause some skin troubles as a result. So such treatment comes in handy too to help with the deep cleansing of my skin. And especially with my skin condition in a bad shape after rushing against time to complete my assignments on time and study for my tests, it’s really time for my skin to enjoy some rest.

The entire HTT process last 60mins, under the precision and care of my beauty consultant. The procedure includes:

1. Double Cleansing
2. Microdermabrasion (MDX)
3. Ultrasonic cleansing
4. Extractions of Blackheads
5. Ultrasonic penetration of Vitamin C
6. Anti Acne Mask
7. Moisturiser
8. Sunscreen

Please mind me for not having any photos taken during the entire course of the treatment because I was pangseh-ed by my photographer that very morning (tragic story).

Before we start the entire process, I stored my belongings (you know, me and my habit of carrying my entire home with me) in a reasonably sized cabinet located at one corner of the treatment room. It can actually store the number of barang-barang I have, that’s enough to help you visualise how spacious the cabinet actually is. I love cabinets of reasonable size.

Thereafter, I was handed a bouffant cap – so that my hair would not be stained during the process. I lied down on the bed and the professional consultant pulled the blanket over me, exposing only my face.

First thing first, double-cleansing. This step helps to prepare the skin for treatment by removing the dirt and oil from the surface of the skin. The cleansing was accompanied by a tender message on the face. That completely clears any nervousness I had prior to my first ever facial treatment.

Once the foams from the second cleansing were washed away with water, my consultant then brought forward a machine. For a moment, I thought I was at the dentist. The MDX is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew the overall skin tone and texture of the skin. It requires the usage of a special applicator (part of that massive machine I saw), containing an abrasive surface to help gently ‘vacuum’ the other layer of the skin, rejuvenating it during the process. To help you relate to it better, it’s exfoliation.

Once the outer layer of the skin in rejuvenated, it’s time for Ultrasonic Cleansing. With the help of ultrasonic (sound) wave motion, aged surface skin cells are impurities are being removed. Such include the irritating blackheads and whiteheads most of us encountered.

Of course, while ultrasonic is powerful enough, manual extraction of dirt and impurities are still required, just in case the wave did not manage to remove them completely. Although it was done using a relatively sharp tweezer, I am glad that my consultant was so experienced and gentle (yet effective) that I did not actually felt any sharp pain.

“You don’t seem to have much blackheads actually” She said shortly.

Well, could have been due to the IDS products I’ve been using thus far. Effective.

Cleared of the impurities, it’s time to apply some Vitamin C on the pores vacated by the impurities. I mentioned in my previous article that Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant essential in promoting the production of collagen, and collagen helps promote the thickening of the dermis and hence contributing to the strength and flexibility of the skin. The ultrasonic penetration of Vitamin C is done to ensure that the vitamins are optimally absorbed into the skin, achieving the best effect possible.

A herbal-scented anti-acne mask is then being applied onto my face to help soothes the sensitive spot. My consultant then excused herself for the next 15 minutes for the mask to take effect. I continued to lay there, lowkey cursing Jon for not being there to entertain me (sorry mate haha, just adding some banter here). I would really want to see how I look with the cement-coloured semi-solid being applied across my face. Not sure if I am the only one who felt it but there was some minty feeling on my skin as the duration goes.

15 minutes later, she’s back to clear off the mask. I wouldn’t really mind if she came in any later, I was enjoying the smell and the texture of the mask already. Once the mask is off, she helped me to apply the oil-free moisturiser (OM) and the sunscreen (S2) to complete the entire process.

Final verdict: I hadn’t really felt so relaxed since school started so I was enjoying every moment of the treatment! Shiok lah

You can read more about HTT or make an appointment with IDS for a HTT HERE.

Apart from the HTT, IDS also offers other facial treatments such as the Cyro-Therapeutics Treatment (CTT), which is catered to personnel who are troubled by hypersensitive skin issues and Omega Rejuvenate & Renewal if you are looking for some anti-ageing solutions.

The Follow-Up

After the treatment, I was ushered out to the waiting area, where I met my stand-in photographer Huiqi – who kindly offered her service during her lunch break. (Means, yay, some photos to go which this entire chunk of text!) Not long after, I was called for my consultation with Dr Ben.

IDS Consultation with Dr. Ben Yim
Hello doc?: Me consulting Dr Ben Yim

It’s a follow up consultation so Dr Ben was looking at the condition of my skin. My other beauty consultant Cass was like saying, “Your face looks whiter now.”

Of course, those of you who are reading this will be thinking, “Eh, where can ownself say ownself one?”

What about a few weeks later during one of my productions, my AP was telling me how my face look brighter.

The power of IDS and their products.

Post treatment with IDS
ASSEMBLE: All the products from IDS which I’ve been using for the past 4 months.

Guy Trying out Skincare regime with IDS

I know I disappeared from blogging for quite some time because I was jumped to the YouTube bandwagon (thank God I haven’t really jump on the Tiktok bandwagon yet). Gosh, the new WordPress UI looks familiar yet strange, I almost forgot how to write blogs already. But thankfully, I managed to keep myself within the top 40 blogs in Singapore. But if you managed to read this post, then yay, I successfully managed to manoeuvre my way through the slightly new interface.

In this rare update, and hopefully we will be expecting more in the upcoming 3 months because it’s Summer Break! Oh yeah! Didn’t really expect Even as a guy, I will tend to be over-cautious with how I look. I mean, everyone wants to look aesthetically pleasing right? I’ve tried 1001 ways of skincare routine to keep my facial condition in its optimum.

Recently, I get to hear about this aesthetic clinic called IDS and they offered me to hop onto a skincare journey with them! They have two branches, one at Novena and the other at Orchard. Heard a lot of good reviews about it both from online and by mouth, so I decided to give it a go!

I went to the Orchard outlet as it was more accessible and convenient for me. Located at the 2nd level of the International Building (beside Shaw Theatres Lido), the outlet looks very posh, giving a royalty impression.

I was greeted by a group of very polite and friendly consultants. Even though it’s my first time there, I felt very welcomed and there is a feeling of familiarity around. First impression counts and they got it right!

After going the standard procedure of scanning in, temperature taking and filling up forms, the friendly consultant told me to take a seat at the posh waiting area.

front of ids clinic


So Dr Ben Yim is my designated dermatologist. I explained to him that I am troubled with oily and acne-prone skin for the past few years. My face was quite alright that day because it just happened to be ‘good skin day’. But once faced with weather changes and other stress factors like poor work-rest cycle and poor diet choices, it will go haywire again.

GOING BARE: This is the condition of my face on the first day of treatment.

Of course, like many other dermatological clinics, they will help us to take a before and after treatment photo. But then, I also want to keep a record of it, so I got a photo of myself taken right before I went in to see Dr. Ben.

So yes, you can roughly see the condition of my face. There are scars left behind from my previous acne outbreak and it is kind of visible.

Dr Ben then told me about the products that I can use to help with my condition and improve my complexion. And he went on with several acronyms that I was quite puzzled with, but later I realised that those were the ‘code’ for the products. Throughout the consultation, a beauty consultant was stationed alongside me so she could take note of the issues I am facing and also jotting down the doctor’s instruction diligently.

After the quick yet efficient consultation with Dr Ben, I followed my beauty consultant to another room where she explained to me about the prescribed products and taught me how to apply them!

So her name is Cassandra, or Cass I would call her by. Pretty young lady but definitely quite experienced in her trade. She gave me a crash course to IDS products and went through my routine very clearly and patiently.


Note: The following photos are taken 3 months after my first treatment.

IDS Skincare products


IDS C1 Refresher Cleanser

Best for Normal to Oily/Blemish Prone skin, the Refreshing Cleanser has a gentle, pH-balanced formulation that maintain our skin’s natural protective barrier. You can trust it to help remove your makeup and end-of-the-day residue from the pores without excessive dryness. It supports natural skin cell regeneration and soothes irritated skin and reduces redness. In just one wash, you can feel that your skin is thoroughly cleansed.

So, I will use this cleanser to wash my face the first thing after I wake up and of course, before I go to bed. It’s the first step to my morning and night skin routine. Just apply 2 pumps onto the palm of my hand, rub my hands together to form a soft foam and then massage onto damp skin.

Oh did I mention that this product won the Bazaar Beauty Awards in 2014?

IDS PORE FORMULA (PF) – SGD80.25 w/ GST (30ml)

IDS PF Pore Formula

The ultra-light pore refining solution. This synthetic preservative-free product is formulated using the clinic’s proprietary NEULASTIN transcutaneous delivery system, meaning active ingredients are effectively delivered and absorbed into the skin. The PF works to refine pores and reduce blackheads and whiteheads, yet being gentle on the skin.

I would consider this as one of the most ideal products for myself because it suits individuals who have oily and blemish-prone skin. I was told to apply this on the T-zone area of my face – as this area is the most vulnerable to whiteheads and blackheads development. And yes, after using it for a few weeks, I do feel a difference in my skin texture along this area of my face.

C-PLUS (C+) – SGD160.50 w/ GST (30ml)

IDS C+ C-Plus

Also known as ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant essential in promoting the production of collagen. And, I am sure you guys know how collagen benefits our facial health. Well, in case you don’t, collagen helps to thicken the dermis – a component right below the epidermis of our skin that contributes to the strength and flexibility of the skin. Furthermore, it also promotes melanin production, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, hence evening out the skin tone and enhance skin radiance.

This very beneficial vitamin does not produce naturally by our human body and the only way to acquire it is through supplements or diet (cue the annoying orange). Therefore, this make Vitamin C application right on your facial skin all the more important.

The C+ serum can be (and should be) applied to all skin types. IDS’ formulates their Vitamin C serum together with Nobel Prize ‘Fullerenes’ and Tocopheryl to improve its antioxidant action and promote strong collagen stimulation. The sum to the equation is a ‘wrinkle-free’ and a significantly brighter skin!

BLEMISH CLEAR (BC) – SGD73.83 w/GST (30ml)

IDS BC Blemish Clear

Having concerns over your active and inflamed pimples? The BC is your answer!

As the name suggests, the BC can help to treat inflamed blemishes and whiteheads effectively, and at the same time, lighten old blemish marks. Dr. Ben heard me loud and clear. My blemish issue is quite evident and one reason why I have to put on a thicker foundation so as to cover it seamlessly. This product is a legitimate ‘life-saver’. If I were to recreate Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, then BC will stem its position right alongside my Psychological Needs.

It is effective in clearing active and inflamed pimples, and also help prevents new breakout from occuring. Furthermore, it stimulates cellular activity and aid in cell regeneration by regulating sebum production.

SPOT CONTROL (SC) – SGD30.50 w/GST (10ml)

IDS SC Spot Control

My favourite and most essential product, hands down. And one of the key items in my Everyday Carry (EDC).

This tiny yet powerful bottle of fast-acting formula helps to rapidly minimise the appearance of breakouts, while reducing inflammation to soothe and heal the skin in the process. While BC promotes and regulates sebum production, the SC further inhibits excessive sebum secretion, giving the skin an optical state of balance.

So how does it actually work? Being anti-bacterial, the BC helps to kill the harmful bacteria associated with blemishes. When you remove the main cause of your main problem, that basically leaves you with not much problem, and I love that.

Although I was told to apply it whenever I have outbreaks, but it is important to self-note not to use it on broken or inflamed skin. While it’s very effective, I need to keep remind myself not to use it excessively. One reason is that it’s not cheap but the key reason is that excessive usage may result in dryness, peeling, and/or irritation.

There is no question about it being awarded the Editors’ Choice for Best Face Saver Acne/Blemish Treatment at the Beauty & Wellness Awards 2018 organised by Beauty It is simply the best.


IDS S2 Non-Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++

The perfect finish to a morning/start of the day skincare routine, given that the nature of my job is to be exposed to the sun most of the time.

Approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, the S2 is a chemical-free, ultra-lightweight daily skin protector that protects the skin from 99% of UV radiations and blocks more than 35% of blue light (or High Energy Visible Light, HEVL). In additionally, the sustainably produced Squalane provides natural moisturisation which contributes to the anti-ageing benefits.

Even if you are someone who sweats a lot, or a content producer like myself who often have to parkour all over the place to get the best shots, fret not. The S2 is proven to be sweat-proof and has 40-min water resistance.

Probably providing the best of both worlds, apart from its prevention benefits, the S2 also contributes to your wellness, by boosting your anti-oxidant activity by as much as 200%.

FACIAL SCRUB (FS) – SGD66.34 w/ GST (50ml)

IDS FS Facial Scrub

How can a facial routine be considered complete if facial scrub is not being added?

Exfoliation of our skin helps to remove the dead cells that built up on the layers of our skin, and by removing them, it helps to give us a squeaky clean skin that is free from dirt, oil, and sweat. Furthermore, it helps to remove dark patches and acne scars — which is exactly my problem, and provide our facial skin with a new radiant glow!

The IDS’ FS contains ultra-fine crystals that do exactly what it has been tasked to do — to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and speed up the process of skin turnover. It is especially useful when you are suffering from oily and/or blemish-prone skin like myself. By clearing out the impurities on our skin and absorbing the excess oil, it then leaves us with a more radiant and an evenly toned face, and inhibits the growth of p-acne.

A-PLUS (A+) – SGD160.50 w/GST (30ml)


Now for the more anti-aging part to the entire skincare routine. Introducing Vitamin A, the vitamin vital to cell growth. So once you are done with exfoliating, apply a little of the A+ to help and boost cellular turnover without irritation, hence reducing the fine lines and any wrinkles growing on the face.

Formulated together with another potent anti-oxidant called Niacinamide, A+ provide anti-inflammatory effect, lightening blemish marks, and thus resulting in a brighter and clearer complexion.

RECOVERY SERUM (RS) – SGD85.60 w/GST (30ml)

I was told to pair my A+ together with the RS so as to achieve a better effect in combating skin irritation. The enhanced serum helps improve and stabilise skin immunity and capillary integrity, and also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin tone in the process.

IDS RS Recovery Serum


My routine was quite simple, nothing short of the routine I was following previously.

MORINING ROUTINE: C1 –> PF –> C+ –> BC –> SC (if needed) –> S2

NIGHT ROUTINE: C1 –> SC –> PF –> C+ –> BC –> A+ w/ RS

If you also want to know more about your skin, feel free to visit their website HERE or if you are interested in buying their products (or check out other products), they have an e-shop too!

As this is a part of my skincare journey with IDS, do look forward to the next installment to this series where I’ll be updating on my skin condition and my follow-up visit at the clinic!


360 Orchard Road
International Building
Singapore 238869
TEL: (+65) 6450 3555

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Singapore 307470
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