Bunch of Morons Trying To Be Step

Celebrating a birthday so belated but it can be as fun as celebrating a birthday exactly on the day itself.

So I was at Hot Tomato in 313@Somerset to have a lunch with my AMKSS Drama Club darlings (or in our own term: Bunch of Morons): Kaihao, Tricia, Tan Ting and Audrey yesterday. And also to give Tricia a really belated birthday surprise (Her birthday was actually last week hehe).
We had our lunch first, talking about how the Drama Club is operating right now. Suddenly everything sounds like an informal General Meeting between the graduated seniors and the juniors. Kaihao and I were the graduating batch 2 years ago, but I was the one who came into Drama Club the earliest among them all. Kaihao joined when we were Sec 3 (?). Not sure if that makes me be counted as the ‘Old Guard’ of the club. 2 years, and as far as I could remember, I only returned once. And disappeared forever. Legends are meant to be gone forever when they leave (HAHAHA, jkjk!)
As for Tricia, she was a year younger than me. And was the President of the club the moment my batch steps down. She graduated last year and now studies in my former Junior College, Serangoon JC. It comes no surprise that she’s doing way better than me when I was in JC1 last year. *Claps!* 
Audrey and Tan Ting are the current batch of Sec 4s. Yep, if you can realised, they are 2 years younger than me. Tan Ting has been my daughter since I dont even know when (I know I am really a fatherly figure ^^). Audrey is like the 一姐 of the Drama Club (I mean like how Fann Wong is to MediaCorp). Ohya, they were the previous President & Vice-President of the club, taking over the control right after Tricia’s batch steps down. It’s really pleasing to hear that they were actually the one who kept the club going after the seniors left. 
No one would really want to hear my honest critic on the club right now.
OKOK. Let’s stop all these very long paragraphs of words. All I wanted to do was to introduce them. Seems like I’ve typed a bit too much hehe! Oops :’D
So when we were more or less finished with our lunch, the waiter brings in the cake. 
Really need to thank Tan Ting and Audrey for making the cake the day before. I was there with them at Tan Ting’s house while they were making the cake though, but I didn’t help out much. Baking’s not my kind of thing though, I prefer cooking. You know what I mean. HAHAHA!
EH~ But I made the card!!!!!!!!! I don’t usually make cards because I am not an art and craft person (that’s the reason why Adobe’s my really good friend you see :P). 
I think not bad only uh.
Tricia with her cake. And the moment just before she wanted to slice the cake. (I ain’t going to mention how she actually do it HEHEHEHE!) I swear she looks like one maniac here. :’D

The cake looks FREAKING DAMN NICE RIGHT???!!!
I think next time if I need cake I should just order it from Tan Ting. Dardie should have special price right, girl? πŸ˜›
Tricia trying to decipher my handwriting. (It’s not that bad right. :x) 
Tan Ting (left) and Audrey.

This candid of Audrey is really nice. Don’t ya’ll find her smile so sweet here. (Must be the photographer and his angle. :P)
Kaihao looking smart here. Er… Or is he trying out some magic power? :’D
Don’t mind me, I was just trying to act cute. πŸ˜€
Big Boss Ed feelings swag.
After everything, we wanted to go somewhere nice to take photo, so I suggested this bridge at Orchard Central. I like that bridge because the pillars are white and there are just adequate amount of lighting coming in to make it a really nice place to take nice photos.
The girls trying to take selfie with the camera…

This picture is nice because my face is cropped out. :’D HAHAHAH

I swear they really had a good time taking pictures :))
And thn… We decided to be some step models for a day…
Kaihao like a swag only. πŸ˜›
Our birthday girl smile until cannot see the eye. HAHAHA

Audrey was really like the model of the day and this is the picture I particularly like. You know, it gives people that kind of model feel. #ModelInTheMaking
Tan Ting and I dont have any step photo but I kind of like this edit, so I decided to put it here. Shall name this: ‘The Father and the Daughter‘. πŸ˜€
And we step together. (I need to proudly announce that the coloured version of this picture hits my all-time Instagram record of 131 likes – as of publishing time!!!) I swear we look like we were trying to do a poster for some blockbuster epic drama. Or best, we look like some band! πŸ˜›

After an afternoon of fun, we have to leave, because the rest needs to study. I’ve been looking forward to this day since like few weeks ago and it didn’t pretty much disappoints! It had really been a pleasure hanging out with this bunch of morons and take step photos together.

Eh eh, if you all are reading this, December. We will meet again in December.

Kaihao, all the best for your A Level, you bloody smart Hwa Chong kid!
Tricia, all the best for your Promos! You will definitely be promoted to Year 2, just need to keep your composure and study hard! You’ve got way more potential than me to succeed in SRJC!
Tan Ting, my dear, all the best for your O Level! Though dardie didn’t get a chance to treat you sushi meal, I will treat you after your exams can?
Audrey, I know you are from through-train, means your major exam will only be next year. But all the best to your EOY. Study hard please, anything dont know come ask me or smart guy Kaihao.

Here’s a picture we took while we were on our way back down to Lvl 1. We wanted to copy the actions of the guys on the poster behind us. Not bad, really!

Here’s a star to end this post! ><



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