Comida Mexicana por primera vez!

You must be thinking why the title to this post is written in Spanish.

When translated to English, it means “Mexican food for the First Time”. (Well, if I got it wrong, blame it on Google Translate)

Personally, I’ve never tried Mexican food before. I mean, hey, I love my Bak Chor Mee, Kway Chap, Chicken Rice and Prata. I seldom will try fancy, non-local food. Okay, with the exception of Japanese, Western and Korean food.

It was Michelle’s birthday on the 2nd of May. After KTV with Peish, Charmz and Yapz, Mich, Yapz and I travelled down to Clarke Quay to meet the rest (Viv, Clar, Nic and Wanz) at this Mexican bar called “Señor Taco”.

We took the menu, and I stared at it and was at a perplex state of mind almost instantly.

(Image: Señor Taco)

There was hardly a dish that I recognised. Because, since this was the first time that I was inside a Mexican restaurant. I felt out of place – being introduced to a culture that is so stranger to me. Hence, like what I always do, I left the decision making process for the rest to worry about.

I just sat there and stare at the rest of the girls.

Well, I love to do the easy stuff.

It didn’t take long before the food were being served.

Apparently, one should never trust the photo above. We ordered more than these nachos. We’ve even got some tacos, some chicken wings and etc. (Look, I can’t even remember what we got in the end. All I could remember is that the food filled up any available capacity of the two round tables that we were occupying.
We ate, talk and watching people doing some sort of line dancing.
I left a random statement, “Guys, I felt like I am in a club. Community Club.”
After eating, we wanted to take some photos together and with our birthday girl. We tried to take along the river side but realised that the quality of the photo is rather pathetic. Nic suggested that we should take them inside Central – the shopping mall nearby.

Is it 7 princesses? HAHAHA 

Someone smile until cannot see eyes one…

That’s it for now! Not sure when I will post my next blog post again because you know, semester is starting and I am on the verge of dying – I know it rhymes. Okay I won’t die because there are people like these girls who will always make me realised how blessed I am. Geez.



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