EC is 18 Series (2): Because We Are Sisters For Life

23 October. Morning.
I’ve been waiting for this day for all these while. On this very day, I finally turned 18. 18, is a really special number for teenagers like us. After 23 October, I can consider myself to have achieve some sort of ‘self-governance’.
I’ve woke up so much early that morning to well wishes appearing on my phone. I don’t know. I just couldn’t sleep since the previous night. I slept at 1AM and woke up at 7AM. The day is just too precious for me to waste it on sleeping. I know, I need to make this day count.
To make this day more special, my favourite bitch Nicole See had booked me a couple of weeks ago because I need to return her the DSLR I borrowed from her previously (Er… Which was like back in June, remember the time when we watched ‘The Fault In Our Stars’?) Initially, I was supposed to meet up with her to pass her the camera on the Thursday of the previous week. Then, after knowing that I don’t have lessons on Thursdays (coincidentally she also doesn’t have lessons on Thursdays too), she suggested to collect it from me ‘next Thursday’.
I need to admit I almost wanted to book the ticket to the WTA tennis match on the afternoon of 23 October before she messaged me that.
Of course, it would definitely be great and more memorable if I were to spend my birthday with this bitch (and of course I expected more of them to come :P) than to spend the day sitting alone in the se of unfamiliar faces at the back of the Singapore Indoor Stadium watching Serena Williams or Caroline Wozniacki playing.
Hence, I agreed to meet her on the 23rd.
Waking up at 7AM naturally and not feeling like going back to the warmth of my bed is a miracle. That explained how excited I was for the day. I even went to get my breakfast early and came home to clean up the house before Nicole came. (You see the effort I put for your first visit, Nic? HAHAHA)
Then that bitch come and tell me she’s going to be late. HAHAHAHAHA So I made use of the time to set up my studio equipment (since Nicole wanted to play with it) and to rest.
I was about to fall asleep on my bed when the door bell rang.
I just realised people love to arrive at my doorstep when I am in the not-very-good condition. HAHA! I leaped out of my bed, trying to balance between sleepiness and excitement. I got to the door, of course to open it, I mean you don’t say.
Then, I saw not one, but three familiar faces. I was shocked and then moments later, I heard the birthday song ringing round my ears.
Nicole. Peishan. Michelle.

OMG. They all came, with this little home-made mango cheesecake made specially for me by Nicole. AWWW~~~ <3

See the ‘e’ on the cheesecake? E for Eddy. E for Edward. E for Edelyn. (Oh dear, all my alter egos)
I know my eyes looked weird here but here’s me cutting the cake… with my knife I used to cut lime…
OMG. I am so freaking touched! I know my anticipation for this day didn’t go into waste. 😀
And the girls suggest to take individual shots with Mr. Birthday Boy.
Nicole just came over and hug me tightly once she stepped into the house, and then again when during the individual shoot. So sweet of her eh! 
My fellow Chua here. I did just realised I could just rest my head on her head. HAHAHA
Peishan! Yup. It took me long enough to realise she changed her specs.
After individual shots, there come a series of group shots.
Happy shot! 🙂

The thinking pose.

The ‘Wts, Nic pls’ shot.

The Angry shot. (But Peishan and Nic no look angry sia HAHA)

Maybe this one is called the Gangster shot.

And here, a more normal shot. 😛
So as I was looking through the pictures taken on the day, I found some other pictures that look interesting, like these:

Ya. Someone trying to do a Pantene hair wash advert. SWING YOUR HAIR!

Mich brought her guitar along that day because Peishan and her are heading to Ms Ong (their History’s lecturer’s house for Waffle party after that). And so, they decided to play some songs over at my house.
And that’s the start of madness.
All of us turned into portable MP3 players once we stepped into the recording ‘studio’ (Just my study where I set up my recording equipments uh).
Actually not MP3 players, but we became like a band.

Ehhhh… Here’s a preview to our future superstars okay!

And then everything became karaoke session, with Michelle playing on her guitar, of course we do take music from youtube though, for some songs.

While halfway through our madness, Charmaine came to join us (I think after her tuition or taking care of her nephew?) I think she took cab to AMK MRT Station before getting lost finding her way to my estate. She called us and the entire episode was rather hilarious. I suck at giving direction but I tried okay, I tried. HAHAHA

She was clever enough to get what I tried to mean and eventually got to my house…

And to join the madness.

And of course, I did get my share of fun! 🙂
I really need to thank Peishan (I AM GIVING YOU CREDIT, PEISH!) for most of the very nice photos you all are seeing right now. And that I even don’t hesitate to not edit the pictures on Photoshop before posting them with this blog post.

“Not sure whether the picture is nice because of the person inside, the person behind the camera or just the camera itself.”

I just remembered someone saying it.

It’s Peishan’s skills that make the difference.

Here’s more photos from the ‘recording studio’:

*Ahem* Someone not tall enough uh, so must tip toe. 😀

And then Peishan and Mich tried a duet.
Other than taking photos with DSLR, taking selfies with fish eye lenses is like a must whenever with this group of girls:

And that marks an end to the celebration and madness. I need to rush off to my next celebration (Hint: featuring in my next post) while Peishan and Mich (as I mentioned earlier on) need to rush off to Ms Ong’s house for more madness!

Before I end this post, I want to just tell you girls (if you are reading this) that,

You all make me feel so fortunate and blessed to have yall in my life. JC might be a mistake for me but it gave me a chance to get to know such sweet and thoughtful angels. It’s blessing in disguise. Thank yall for coming to celebrate one of my most important birthdays in my life, making it memorable and at the same time, one of the best birthdays. For those who didn’t make it today, Elyssa, Wanlin and Yap Qi, I feel your love too HAHAHA! I will continue to work hard towards my goals with everyone’s blessing and hope that yall also know that yall will have my blessing and support in whatever you do. I love all of you and since ‘love’ is a strong word, I mean what I say. I will treasure these friendships and we still have a long way to go, because we are sisters for life!

All the best to those taking A’ Levels in a few days time. Always believe in yourselves! Those not taking A’ Levels, all the best in whatever you do! Take necessary rest when you need to and to over-stress yourselves! LOVEYA! <3



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