EC is 18 Series (4): Drinking On The Top Of The World

I am so sorry that this post is long overdue.
Close to a month overdue to be exact.
I was really busy ever since the end of VOX2014 (Yea, this New Media workshop hosted by my course for those Secondary school kids).
26 October. (I swear that’s so damn freaking long ago, but how did I feel like it was just last week…)
Adam Oh jio-ed me to go drink after I’ve been declared legal on the twenty-third day of October. He suggested this place on top of Raffles Place. Well, that’s pretty cool since I’ve never been to any attraction that allows me to view the night scenery of this beautiful island.
At least not in my memory.
We arrived at 1-Altitude after meeting at City Hall to take a train down.

We took no less than 5 minutes to locate this place because it is just in front of Raffles Place MRT Station. 
And of course, the decoration outside looked damn over and noticeable.
I guess we were quite lucky that our visit to the bar coincided with their Halloween’s weekend celebration. 
And everyone’s (I am referring to the staffs there) dressed up in fancy dress that were almost enough to make them look like something that just came out of Area 51. They looked horrifying yet hilarious (I ain’t sure how these two adjectives are going to mix together but well, get my point).
We were originally afraid of the age limit because we realised that 18 wasn’t the magical number this time. For guys, the minimum age is stated as 25 on their website. 
Two-time lucky for us. The age limit only applicable after 10pm.
We ordered our drinks at the counter before heading up to Level 62.   

We got lost for a while before realising that we’ve still had to up one level to the rooftop. 
Through a separate elevator.

And here, we are. The highest level of One Raffles Place.

The moment we stepped out of the place, I found it er… quite dark (I mean, obviously right?). The kind of dark was like something I’ve only seen on TV, especially TVB dramas when they always feature a group of men heading to some random pub for some men’s time. 
But I took another look at the surrounding. It was amazing to be frank. The lightings were just nice, adequate to make this place seems rather dim yet visible for careful movement. The set-up was just… well… high-class (Well, that’s why it’s located so HIGH up right?)
As we were trying to find our way around…

This is probably the best night view of Singapore city since I tried to take a glimpse of it from the Level 11 of the National Library Building (NLB). Mesmerising. Breath-taking. Bewitched. Ensorcelled. I don’t thing a spam of sophisticated English vocabularies can fully describe the scene right in front of me.
I need some time to breathe.
But I decided not to take in so much air thanks to the moderate level PSI threatening my ever-weak respiratory system.
We didn’t get to find any seat because they were all fully booked.
But that ain’t going to bother us since there were tables around and we could just stand beside them.
Time to get our drinks.
We were entitled to two drinks for the night. One was some Halloween special. And one was whatever we want from the menu provided.

Of course, we decided to introduce some Halloween special mix to our taste buds.

Swee lah.

Although I still don’t know what kinds of alcohol were being mixed but it tasted nice. C’est merveilleux!
We drank it slowly while admiring the scenery of the city skyline.

I was trying to figure out the F1 track throughout my time up there…

Some random angmoh capturing the astonishing skyline. You gotta love this place, dont ya mate?

And then this guy trying to take selfie with the background. Mainstream selfie is too mainstream. The view of Singapore from top-down as the back drop add some spices to the selfie, yes Adam? HAHAHA

Our favourite MBS. (Sorry uh, didn’t dare to turn up the exposure)
See that big round thing there? I swear it looks like the hoola hoop we’ve seen in the circus.
I guess we’ve seen enough of the scenery outside, I should introduce everyone to the scenery in the bar itself.

The lighted furnitures are just so sexy. I don’t mind just hobo around there for the rest of my life.

Captain Adam checking out the photos. HEHE

And then someone ordered some wine.

Think wine’s too high-class for me, just some rum with sprite for me would do.

Drinking and looking out at the scenery, thinking about life.

Well, everyone does that right?


We stayed around till it was near 10PM, the time when age limit will be implemented. But before we depart, we realised it would be a sin not to take pictures with the deco.

KNN. Whose hand is this.

Adam looked like he’s going to eat that hand anytime.

Damn pedo sia.

This skeleton a bit the sexy only. 

So, it was his/her hand?

Then must hold the hand a pose. Human-Skeletal Conference 2014.

“Why you never firm hand shake with me?”

I swear the deco just looked genuine.

Athlete’s Foot. Smelly right? 

The skull with beaming red lights…



Okok. We pose for the camera okay?
My turn now. Rock it out bro.

ASYLUM. Or I call it Siao Nang Geng.

Because we are swag like that.

The toilet sign a bit the cool only uh. Legitly GENTS.

I wonder how you even bury people under a pile of wooden planks. Ohwait…

Here’s a picture of Adam looking like a tourist. HOHOHO
And Captain Oh,
Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me and 讓我大開眼界! It was really really a good experience there! Ohya! Thanks for the Bruce Lee poster! It is damn nice can! I am sorry not able to update this post a bit earlier because of my busy schedule but there you go, the entire post as a tribute to you! KAMSIAHAMNIDA! When we both free again, we go 混 again. Just YOLO only.



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