From Tumblr To Reality: Happy 18th, Wanz

(In the mist of all the plagiarism thing going on because of some blogger, I need to credit the term ‘My One and Only Wanz’ to Yap Qi, because it first appeared on her Instagram HAHA!)
This small little girl is finally legal.
Few days back, Peishan created this Whatsapp group which included those of us who were rather close to Wanlin back in 13-1SR06. Peishan & Wanlin were like, I don’t really know how to describe but, they were the one who can plan really extreme surprises for each other. (Uh-huh, I experienced the birthday surprise for Peishan planned by Wanz last year which really caught Peishan by surprise.)
Here’s the plan: To create a tumblr-inspired wall with fairy lights and polaroids at her house while she was being distracted (or I should say, jio-ed out of her house) by Peishan and Charmaine.
Yea. Something like that.
It sounds like a really big project, at least it is to me. I’ve never really tried surprising my friends during their birthday to that extend.
You know their friendship is real. (Not saying my friendship with all my friends are not real. I treasure at my friendships. Just that, well, guys being guys, you know. We are not as thoughtful as the girls you see. HAHA ^^)
Anyway, so I’d been looking forward to this day where I can get to see those tumblr wall being done up right in front of me, in reality.
And the day finally came. I was tasked to buy all the materials since the rest of the girls had school in the morning till 4pm. For a moment, I almost have no idea where to buy fairy light. No wait, it was much worse, I don’t know what fairy lights are. But thank God for Google, I finally knew that fairy lights are those kinds of lights we put during Chinese New Year at my house. Well, that’s kind of something new I learnt.
And thanks to my conversation with Elyssa, I decided to head down to Spotlight and finally was able to get hold to a packet of 100 fairy lights. That was blessed.
So after getting everything, not to not mention the 3 helium balloons in which one of them got deflated on the way due to I-don’t-know-the-reason-why, I had to meet them outside school. It’s kind of awkward waiting just outside my ex-school which I withdrew from, and to think the possibility of acquaintances recognising me. I mean with my shades and my dressing, I look like some pedophile waiting impatiently for his prey.
Anyway, they came out quite soon to spare me from all the awkwardness.
And then, I looked like a pimp. That’s what they all said.
Peishan and Charmaine went to meet Wanz at nex while the rest of us headed down to Wanlin’s house to do the preparations.
Michelle, Dom, Yap Qi, Vivian and I tried our best to locate her house.
Thank God we got the correct place, despite dropping off at the wrong stop. :’D
It took us quite a while to finish up what we wanted to do. When we were ready, the other girls were on their way back.
So, we tried to hide. And I hid under a bed, which we thought to be Wanlin’s (We eventually got to realised we’ve been mistaken her sis’s bed for her bed throughout the entire day). It was not easy, given my not-so-slim waistline, my hips was just in contact with the reverse side of the bed frame. I tried my best to manoeuvre around to make myself comfortable and I did, thanks to my agility and flexibility. But then, how I am going to make my way out in time. I shouted,

“Eh, if I don’t get out in time, don’t mention me. That could the 2nd surprise.”

Oh dear me.
The entire room turned silent the moment the sounds from the unlocking of the locks were heard. I was under the bed, not a vacuum. As long as I could feel that the door was being pushed opened, three familiar sounds of different frequencies travelled into the room we were in, and then to under the bed.
I gasped, trying to grab the last bit of oxygen before I died of anoxemia.
Peishan was hurrying Wanlin to show her her room and the sounds just got closer and closer. We knew the moment is coming. At that moment, I was still trying to figure out how I am suppose to get out from under the bed in time to give her the surprise.
She pushed open her bedroom door which we purposely left adjacent.
I could hear the footsteps before everything went silent again.
“Oh my God.”
Wanlin stood just in front of her bed, shocked from the decoration in front of her.



Not that I wanted to praise all of us, but we indeed did a great job. I mean, wow. It’s so damn pretty. The lights and the balloons made her room seems like it was projected out from a laptop on a Tumblr page.
Everyone came out from where they were hiding and the room flooded with birthday wishes and of course, birthday song.
While I managed out under the bed but still hiding in between two of the beds. I was thinking of appearing as if I teleported out from under the bed (I know I sounded so sci-fi but ehhh, it makes sense can).
Peishan ruined for me. “Eddy, come out already lah!” :’D HAHAHA
I knocked my head on the table which on top of that was two alcohol glasses — one empty and the other one filled with hoegaarten.
Everyone felt the pain for me.
I came out, trying to look like I had actually teleported here. I tried to look stupid.
Wanlin claimed to have suspected something because ‘Peishan cannot lie’.
I tried my best not to laugh but HAHAHAHA
Wanlin when we brought out the small little piece of cake in front of her.


Look, she’s lost for words.


And here, she blew the candle after making her wish.
And then, after that, Peishan led her out because she got a video to show her.
A birthday video specially made for Wanlin by Peishan.
That’s really sweet! 🙂
Everyone crowding around as the video was being load.


I think there must be some really unglam photos and Wanlin was laughing, embarrassedly.


Not sure if she was crying because she was moved or… she laughed too much. 😛
She hugged Dom whom she hadn’t seen for quite a long time.
Wanlin still fancied by the transformation of her wall.
Before we could continue with photo taking, Wanlin’s dad brought out food for us! We were all saying how cute her dad is. :’D



Here’s a random shot featuring, from left, Dom, Vivian and Charmaine.
While we were eating, we skyped Nicole, who wasn’t able to make it because she got to rush an assignment that was going to due the next day.
I swear the funny parts were on how the screen just froze when she pointed the middle finger at me when I said something damn asshole.

“How is it, guys?”
“Nic, listen to this very carefully, better without your presence.”

Sometimes I really think I deserve a punch, not just 2 middle fingers.
At the help of Wanlin’s dad, we took a group photo in the room, of course, with Nicole.
Although it kind of seems to be weird.
“She looks faceless.” *pointing at Nic’s face in this photo*
And then, each of us took photos with Wanlin individually.
Wanlin with Peishan.


With Vivian.


With Dom.


With Charmaine.


With Yap Qi.


With Michelle.


With me!
Of course, with such a nice background, who could have forego the chance of taking a picture with it?
Yap Qi almost was having her personal photoshoot with the background. HAHAHA!
Dom posing with the back drop.


Peishan and Dom. Dom looks like a model here.


Yap Qi and Peishan were er… hugging. HA!
And the girls suggested a crew shot and Wanlin decided to spam the shutter release. She’s just that adorable, isn’t she. But we took quite a few good shots though.


We took a lot more photos and not forgetting polaroids before we went off, since Wanlin had another date with her another group of friends at the bar. She’s really popular uh. 🙂
The entire house was filled with noises for the past few hours. I guess I should apologise to her dad and her neighbours for the chaos we’ve made. :’D
Let’s take a look at the nice wall as I put an end to this post. 😉



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