Happy 18th Birthday, Pang!

Happy Birthday Brendan Pang!!!
Ya. Someone is finally 18-year old already. Sounds really good to be legal, doesn’t it? 
So 29th May, is the birthday of one of my close bros! So, we’ve decided to surprise him! And so, we decided to ask him out for a dinner that evening. Of course, we didn’t let him know what hidden agenda we had in mind. At first, we, particularly myself, were afraid that this might be kind of failed because Pang was giving us some kind of indirect replies. We weren’t even sure if he was coming or not.
I was like telling the rest that he might have realised what we were actually up to and he was just trying to troll us all. :’D
But, it turned out to be, he didn’t.
He wasn’t expecting anything. And, he didn’t suspect anything at all.
I rushed down from school to meet Yujing and Meiqi at AMK Hub’s Artbox to get the birthday presents. They were looking at the different helium balloons designs when I was reached. And we were still contemplating over which is the most suitable design when Hong Kiat arrived. We just have to shortlist 3 designs and voted among the 4 of us. 
Of course, one of the designs received the majority and hence we got it and proceed to buy other stuffs.
As always, holding a helium balloon around the shopping centre would definitely attract stares from the passers-by.
We walked around the entire second level of AMK Hub without knowing what to buy as the main present, I mean, we can’t only give a helium balloon as birthday present because I don’t think the helium inside will stay for eternity.
Junwei came afterwards with a birthday cake.
And we continued to wander around AMK Hub having no idea of what to buy.
And then, we walked pass 77th Street and we decided to try our luck in getting something from there. We were running out of time because Pang was reaching soon. I was suggesting on getting a zippo lighter since I think he likes lighter, plus the zippo lighters there have various kinds of rather exquisite designs. But then, something else caught our eyes: DOG TAG. I ain’t sure how that even caught our eye but it just caught our eyes. We eventually bought it after few rounds of discussion. 
After that, we received ‘tip-off’ that Pang had already reached AMK Hub and had met up with Qing. We decided that Junwei and Yujing would take the cake and presents and meet up directly at where we were supposed to have our dinner at. So that we could surprise him from behind!
I suddenly felt like a commander giving orders during an operation. I ‘dispatched’ Meiqi and Hong Kiat to take the escalator from outside 77th Street down to Lvl 1 while Junwei and Yujing would leave AMK Hub few minutes after all of us leave for dinner. Meanwhile, I took another escalator down from the other side of the shopping centre. We quickly ‘evacuated’ from Lvl 2 when Qing informed us that Pang and her were going up to the 2nd level. Meiqi and Hong Kiat ended up taking the elevator down to Basement 1 and took the escalator up from there to prevent meeting Pang on the way.
As I reached the Lvl 1, I purposely asked Pang where he was. And guess what… he was near the ATMs at Lvl 3. That meant that I had to go up again, but this time, to the third level. I met up with him and Qing. Then it took long enough for Meiqi and Hong Kiat to meet up with us, because they went to Lvl 1 and found no one and they decided to go up to Minitoons to take a look.
I swear that wasn’t part of the plan, at all. :’D
But at least, all of us met up, except of those two who were supposed to be er… ‘late’.
Initially Pang wanted to go to EighteenChef to have dinner and I was afraid the surprise will fail because there was simply no place for the two to suddenly popped up from behind with a helium balloon and a cake, a cake with lighted candles on it.
We still went to check it out afterall, and I was praying that the queue outside the shop would be long. Fortunately for the plan, the queue was really long. So I suggested to go to the nearest coffee shop to have tzi char.
Things were going smooth. I like.
As we left AMK Hub, I texted Junwei and Yujing.
We walked to the coffee shop, found a large round table, the so-called waitress from the tzi char stall brought us the menus and we discussed on what to order. 
We ordered the food, we ordered the drinks, the drinks arrived, the food also arrived… But the other two had yet to arrived. I was thinking where on earth were they? Kena kidnapped uh?
Then I realised that the two of them were hiding behind the tree few foots away from us, trying to light up the candles. I tried not to giggle. I made a call to Junwei in front of Pang, asking where was he. Thn I stood up, walked away from the table.
“Behind you lah.”
“I know lah. You faster come.”
Thn I lowered my voice.
“Meaning, you all can take action now.”
I hung up the phone.
“Pang, if you want to eat, can eat first. That two damn slow, don’t need wait for them.”
The moment to put some food into his mouth, the two appeared, one holding the cake and another holding the balloon.

He was stunned, while all of us started laughing. I was about to open my mouth to sing the birthday song, Hong Kiat stopped me. Everyone else in the coffee shop was watching. Not sure it was kind of embarrassing for us or that it was kind of embarrassing for Pang himself. We made him to make some wishes before blowing off the candles.
Everyone just looked on, even the coffee shop auntie and the staffs from the tzi char stall.
Beautiful cake.
 I shall not say more cos the most interesting part is now over. Other than that the coffee shop auntie wished Pang happy birthday when we order more drinks from her. 😛
We ate and we took selfies!

(PS: If you look at the above photos carefully, you’ll realised Qing was actually doing the once-famous gwiyomi. :’D)
Before we ended our dinner, one waitress from the tzi char stall came with 7 small tub of jelly to treat us. o/



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