Happy Birthday, Fang

Another of us has reached the rather special and significant age of 18, before I do.
Two day ago, 24 September, Weifang finally reached 18 and that means, that little girl is finally legal to do almost everything she wants. I really wondered how one feels the moment the clock hits 12 in the midnight on the day of your birthday.
Well, it won’t take me long enough to figure out.
Nevertheless, we decided to plan a surprise for her by getting almost everyone from Pedoro to head down for a tze-char dinner that evening.
Of course, the preparation of the surprise package came way before. Meiqi did the card and I still remembered her bringing the card to my house for Junwei & I to write our wishes last Saturday.
And then, on the day itself, I met up with Pang, Yujing and Weihao after my filming (yep, I went to help to act in another Year 2’s production). We got gifts for Fang before we realised we are a bit too early (we finished with our stuffs at around 4.30pm while the entire clique was to meet up at 7pm). What to do? We just head down to Pang’s house to lepak.
And to wrap the gift.

Weihao and Yujing trying to figure out how to wrap the present with the only tape available — duct tape, and it was running out.
While Pang was on his bed playing his guitar, while I just literally lepak-ed.
We stayed there for about an hour before we left his place for AMK Hub.
I am not going into details on how all of us eventually met up and what happened along the way, I could only remember Yujing and I went down to get the birthday cake while the rest heads to the meeting point.
Like what happened during Pang’s birthday, we went to this tze-char store opposite AMK Hub while Yujing and I sneak from behind to present the birthday girl with the birthday cake and of course, bags of presents.
You should see how epic it is when almost all the candles on the cake were all on the verge of going off one after the other.
At least I managed to save one from going off, but it still went off eventually. ._.

Fang’s making her wish while  4 candles were spared the fate of being blown of by the gust of wind, after we lighted them back the second round.
Yujing aiding Fang with removing the candles from the cake. (YES! Managed to capture their brightest smile of all time!)

Fang with her presents!

The birthday cake sure looks sexy (Credits to Pang for such an awesome photography!)
The moment we are done with the surprise, we settled down to order our food. Well, of course it took us 

Feels like we were having our meals in a restaurant.
Hey, look at everyone so happily having their meals. It has been long since I’ve seen them all smiling so brightly.
Our 老倧 and fireman Chen Yu.

Weihao looks like some geek here. Not so sure. HEH

Apparently Yujing seems to be really enjoying her chicken wing.

Not smiling becaue Meiqi was too serious eating her veggies and eggs. HAHA

This Qing trying to avoid the camera because she wasn’t ready. And when she was ready, I decided not to take a photo of her. HA!

The brightest smile this Junwei can ever give. Yes Yes, I think he was staring at Pang, who was seated just between both of us.
I just took a side-view of Pang because he was just right there, beside me. He was complaining how the flash light almost blinded him with every single shot I took. πŸ˜›
Before we called for the bill, we tried to play a game of ‘The Price Is Right’.
I can’t remember who got the closest answer.
But it was epic shit. Someone even went to the extent to predict that the 5-dish meal cost over a S$100. Of course, I could breathe better when the bill came, showing that it didn’t cross into the three-figure horror.
About $10 per person, it made sense.
So after that, we went to the top level of AMK Hub to slacken a bit.
Yes. We just wandered somewhere outside the exits of the movie theaters.
I needed some place so that we can take polaroids, Fang loves polaroids. So I decided to give her polaroids as one of the presents. I find it a must to have your very own set of polaroids that you take with your friends and then hang them up in your room. Polaroids represents memories, you know.

But before that, just as we put down our bags…

The girls starts playing er… what do you call that… merry-go-round? They just look so happy here. So, for those of you who are having a bad day, that a look at these two photos, or probably the next…

Yeah yeah… A pedo face for you from our dear birthday girl.

The guys were just standing in an orderly straight row, looking like some inmates on death row waiting to be executed (The only difference is that they are still having the smile on their faces compared to the inmates).
*Ahem* I know you are legal already but… why look so happy when someone seems to going to er… IDK. THIS IS JUST FREAKING WRONG. :’D

Ohya, I need to give a special mention to these two… Who had been fighting since the start of the day… Hmm…
Before we even go into the process of taking polaroids, we decided to take some group shots with the camera first. I mean, no one is going to be there to help the entire group of us to take polaroids…
I kind of love this shot but not sure why, I looked kind of out of place here. :O

The girls doing the ‘warrior’ pose while the guys, well, we just have to face palm. And more face palm came afterwards when I saw the picture. Being anal about photos, you see that the guys are being blocked and that somewhat almost ruined the photo… But hey, that makes the facepalm seems much more significant. Oops. πŸ˜›
We all were still so into taking group photos. So, here you go, the girls’ group photo.

And their selfie…
And the guys’ really step photo. (Feat. my plastic bag… hehe)
So finally, after having some really fun time with the camera, it’s time for us to take polaroids… Of course, the camera was still be utilised by the side to take like some sorts of candid shots. πŸ™‚
You know, something like behind the scene? PHOTOCEPTION MUCH.

I don’t why but I don’t seem to have any shots with Yujing and Pang in it. OMGWHY. πŸ™ So sorry peeps, if you are reading this. 
And here’s our Chen Yu with his rather random close-up shot, because we find him in a rather photo-worthy position :)))
And after taking polaroids, the girls decided to have more camera time…
So they tried jump shot… Which somewhat failed after n tries. :’D

So they decided to take a more formal and proper one…

And then they think they can be swag too. :’)
By the time we decided to head off for home, it’s around 10pm. And the downpour was still rather heavy as I walked out of the mall with Junwei and Chen Yu.
It was probably my happiest day with my favourite and closest bunch of peeps this year because it’s the day I finally see them all smile, ever so brightly that it affects my mood. It makes me so elated. I know, very clearly in my heart, as long as they are truly happy, as long as they smile, as long as all of us are still together, I will be a happy man.
Before I end this post, here’s two more candid shots of our ‘female lead’ of the day…

Yeah. 18 but still that girl who will never grow up.
ζ°Έι ι‚£ε€‹ι•·δΈε€§ηš„ε°ε₯³ε­©γ€‚
Happy 18th Birthday.
And I am still jealous that you are older than me by just 30 days. πŸ˜›



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