Happy Birthday, Pei Shan!

Yes. This girl has finally turned 17 years old. I mean like a finally. Yes, before I knew when was her birthday, I really thought she was older than me (I am referring to the month) cos she just look erm… way matured? I guess. I remembered when she told me her birthday was on 2nd December, I was like…
(Image: salzdummyspit)
I could still remember how she stared at me when I can’t believe she’s really younger than me by a month plus. (Well, one does not simply imply that a girl looks older than what she really is. Ohdear, I am gonna be dead if she read this paragraph.)
Alright. Let’s skip this nonsense, before I can imagine her saying, “Nonsense uh, Eddy.” (Yup. I can imagine that with her voice. Okok. Staph staph.)
Let’s be blog about the entire birthday celebration. Which was really rather epic.
Few days ago, a few of us went to buy birthday present for Pei Shan’s at nex. There were Nicole, Adrian, Wan Lin, Michelle and myself. (Apparently I could still remember the rather unpleasant moment at nex’s Pastamania. Fine. It’s not really unpleasant but the kind of mixing that Wan Lin made from the left over was really haunting me still right now. I should apologies to the Pastamania people for wasting their resources the other day.) After dinner, we went to get balloons and card for Pei Shan.
Initially, because we were afraid that too many people will be crashing the hotel room (at Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa) that her parents booked as a family birthday celebration for her, only Charmaine and Wan Lin were supposed to go. But in the end, I don’t really understand what happened, they decided to jio more people. In the end, Yap Qi and I tagged along. That Ashley and Adrian wanted to go but in the end had to miss it due to personal reasons.
We decided to meet at 9AM at HarbourFront’s Vivo City.
Yes. 9A.M.
It’s kind of early. Very early actually. I don’t remember when’s the last I left home so early apart from school, CCA or work last time.
Well. I must make a confession here, I left home at 8.50A.M. And I hoped I could really reached there by 9.30A.M. so that the girls need not need to wait too long for me.
When I left Ang Mo Kio, Wan Lin was complaining that people had been staring at her because she was holding a balloon inside the mall. I felt really really bad. So I told her to give me sometime so I can reach there and help her with the stuff.
She then told me she’s meeting Charmaine and Yap Qi first. And I was like, oh man, I’m gonna be the latest again. (I must really admit that I am always the one whom people always have to wait for. Sorry ya!) As I reached Douby Ghaut, Wan Lin called me. And guess what?
What a nice twist of plot in here.
(Image: knowyourmeme)
That means I’ll be the earliest. (THAT’S SOUNDS REALLY NICE! No sarcasm intended. :)) And really, I reached at 9.45A.M., being the earliest to reach there.  I predicted that they should reach before 10.30A.M. While waiting for them, I decided to walk around Vivo. At that timing, many of the shops were not yet open. The entire shopping mall was really very quiet. I went round and round the area. The girls eventually reached at around 10.15A.M. (I guess) and we travelled down to Sentosa.
It was raining out there, so we had to take the sheltered walkway to Hard Rock Hotel, despite me being there just last week, we still managed to get loss because we can’t find the lobby of HRH. We went around in circles trying to find the sheltered route to HRH but we got lost. We even walked down to some unknown place and even almost hijacking some restaurant. (Yesh, we found ourselves at the back door of some restaurant in which we don’t even know what is it.)

But luckily for us, we eventually found the route, but we just have to bare with the tiny rain droplets hitting hard on our body.

Wan Lin went up first while Charmaine, Yap Qi and I were at the hotel lobby. The two girls were trying to complete the writing the cards.

We went up afterwards and found the room eventually. I swear that the hotel corridor is so damn freaking long and a bit complicated. Charmaine and Yap Qi were trying to hide on the left side of the door while I was hiding on the right, with my sunglasses on. Knock few times already and no response from inside, so this Yap Qi tried to kick the door. That was really hilarious.

The door opened and the girls shouted ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’. I was still trying to hide at the side, trying to find the best opportunity to give Pei Shan an ultimate scare. And if you guys are wondering, yes, I’d succeeded. She was shocked by everything that was happening at that moment.

She didn’t know we were coming, she only expected Wan Lin. (Charmaine told her that she had went Malaysia and would only be back on Tuesday. Nice prank.) And best prank of all, Wan Lin told Pei Shan that she had called for manicure service for her and she really bought into her story. The bell rang, and no, not manicure service, but 3 familiar faces. This Wan Lin and her way of hiding things up.

Passed the cake(s), two huge balloons and presents to her.

I admit I was quite awkward there with Mr. and Mrs. Lee around. But I eventually got comfortable. They were really nice to us. 🙂

So apparently, we bought Pei Shan a skateboard and there was a sticking under it stating the cautions. One caution was the one that I decided to use against Pei Shan for the rest of the day when she was trying to skate. It wrote (it was in Traditional Chinese, so I am doing a literal translation here):

Please note that user must have a certain level of skills in order to use this safely.

I broke into laughter while saying it. Everyone else laughed.

I shall try to fast forward things… But here are some photos we had taken in the room:



We decided to go to the Loge to enjoy the 2 rides. One of the ride was fun and the other one was… terrifying.

Before we went there, we took some proper #OOTDs.

(Images taken by our best photographer, Wan Lin)
You have to agree that these pictures were taken in a very good quality. Not sure if it’s the person taking the photos is good or the background is really awesome. 😛
Went to have Mac (I am sinned), and it’s a treat from Pei Shan. (I felt a bit p.s. No pun intended, I swear.)

After lunch, we took the tram to Imbiah Station.

I saw my long-time-no-see friend there. I remembered the last time when I saw this dude at Sentosa was around, let me guess, between 6 to 10 years ago? That’s really long. The place there really has changed a lot. Singapore is in a constant development. Hence what I saw there today, may not be there any more in the future. Okay. Let’s cut short my ‘reflection’ here. We walked to a place called The Luge. For those who don’t know what I am taking about, here’s a screenshot from the official website:
(Image: Screenshot of Skyline Luge Sentosa’s website)
What I didn’t foresee was one of the scariest moment in my life. I paid the ticket without knowing what shit I was putting myself into. We walked to the starting point of the Skyride, my heart palpitated and my goosebumps developed. WHAT ON EARTH DID I DO WRONG?
I am gonna be hang up high into the air? I mean… WHAT?! Are you serious? Oh dear. I felt like running away right now. I have been afraid of heights since young. I remembered how I once refused to take the escalator from the top level of the shopping centre because I did not dare to look down. I was afraid that the escalator is going to collapse and bring me down with it. Now, I am going to face my worst nightmare and take it as a fun ride? Ohgod.
(Image: planetaurbe)
But still, I still took the helmet and put it on. And I was being really paranoid and make sure that my helmet was really in place because I am afraid of v = gt acting on me. (For those of you who don’t get what I am saying, do turn to your Physics book.)
Yap Qi suggested to take a group photo together before any really happens. (I am kind of glad I am not the only one thinking too much.)

We headed to the other part first. Go-kart. Finally I am able to breathe properly. Go-kart was really fun. And it turned out to be awesome! I was like speeding throughout the circuit. I felt like a certain Aryton Senna or Michael Schumacher. I felt like a speed demon.

There comes the nightmare in bright day light. The skyride. Wan Lin and Charmaine took the first cabin while Pei Shan, Yap Qi and me squeeze into the one behind. And here’s a fun fact: The ones in front were showing no signs of being afraid, while those at the back were on the verge of screaming and breaking down. The guy was trying his best to make himself comfortable, but on the verge of breaking down. The 2 girls were cuddling each other, afraid of looking down or anywhere else as the cabin went further up into the sky.

(Image: Taken by either Charmaine or Wan Lin while we are trying to make ourselves comfortable at the back)

I am glad that I eventually made myself comfortable, even trying to stretch my legs out to reach the leaves below me. I felt like I am trying to be like a certain Mr. Bean. I turned to the back and saw the beautiful scenery of the beach. Beautiful.

(Image: memecrunch)

However, those two siaocharbors beside me were still screaming. Guess what? They even sang… “MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB, LITTLE LAMB.” I tried to be really extra and sang together with them, only to realise that the two angmohs behind were laughing at us. I think we were really a nice entertainment in the middle of no where (yes, literally in the middle of nowhere). I am sure we are the best opera singers around the region.

After all these, we went to get Starbucks, took some pictures and play with the skateboard before returning to the hotel.


And oh ya, I must really mention this. We took photo with a snake. Yes. And this Peishan was really afraid of the snake that she almost dare not touch it. I was like saying, ‘Are we trying to get Peishan to overcome her fears today? Today mcm her Fear Factor Day sia.’
I don’t to comment much, but look at Peishan’s face here.



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