Mish’s 21st Surprise Party

2 May is Mish’s birthday.

Most of her friends came together to give her a surprise birthday party on the seventh.

From planning to execution, the majority of us took part in the various roles. Yapz booked the venue at her condo. Charmz and Nic cooked simple yet delicious and filling food for the party, while Mish’s secondary school friends Marilyn and PC helped out in getting the decorations, and putting them up as well. Peish was tasked the ultimate mission of duping Mish to the venue.

DECORATING: PC, Le’schane and Marilyn making sure that the decoration for the photo booth is put up nicely.

The entire process from planning to execution reminded me about the time when I was doing my PR and Events mod for my course two years ago. I kind of enjoy doing events although it can be tiring at times, the sense of fulfilment is rewarding. 

While some of us were putting the decorations in place, the rest of our JCFC clique who were present were doing the final touch to the birthday card. The card very pretty right?

As we prepared for Mish’s arrival upon Peish’s prompt, I made use of the chance to capture a photo of everyone, who were taking their position to welcome our birthday girl.

And then, shortly afterwards, our birthday girl arrived. The moment she came in and all of us sang the birthday song, and she was so taken aback. She was damn shocked by the setup of the room and the presence of most of her friends. She was ushered to the ‘podium’, aka where the cake and the photo booth are, in the spotlight of everyone.

Did the usual ‘rituals’ – making wish and blowing candles, under the eyes of around 20 people. 

SO MANY BALLOONS: Look at how happy our birthday girl was with her helium balloons. 



It’s time for cake cutting and team work was once again evident. I think our core team works very well together in turning this party into reality. 

SHARING SOME LOVE: Marilyn helping with the serving of cake. 


Let’s talk about the birthday cake that we got. Since Mish was lactose intolerant, we decided that it was only appropriate to get her cake that she can digest – without any ‘side effects’. We got our cake from Brownice – which serves vegan (as well as dairy-free) ice-cream and cakes.
The one we got was ‘Mudpie Madness’ – which was made with a mix of hazelnut chocolate and French chocolate, and topping it off with sea salt, caramelised almonds, fresh fruits and homemade chocolate fudge.
After we were done with eating, we decided to have some social activities. We had initially agreed to play beer pong but in the end, because most of us were more comfortable to do away with alcohol so we ended up with a modified version of the game. Replacing beer with a mixture of leftover drinks (yes, apparently I bought too many drinks that we ended up having a total of 16 bottles of drinks catered for just 20+ people) sounds like a good idea, but it makes one think twice when you start mixing carbonated drinks with the non-carbonated ones. Some of the mixtures turned out well, but some just tasted like putting coffee together with tonic drink – it just doesn’t match at all.
POUR IT: Nic and Peish preparing for the game.
Not many people was playing the game at the start but we eventually managed to rope everyone into the game. Apart from the entertaining element of the game, watching two groups of people (one group obviously overpowering the other with the unbalanced amount of players) trying to throw a ping pong ball into plastic cups filled with weird tasting drinks, there was also an impromptu performance of ball-catching antics put up by that one guy (no prize if you can guess who that person is correctly).
I think I put my table tennis skills to good use (says the one who lost to a lower sec kid when competing at the National Games two years ago HAHAHA)
The entire night ended at around 10pm and I went back together with Mish and her Nan Hua friends, and we looked extremely dangerous because apparently, helium balloons are culprits of the recent MRT train breakdowns. Credits to Fraser for being our Balloon IC and helped to carry about 18 balloons on the train despite being heavily judged by fellow commuters. Oops.

Check out the photos we took with Mish at the photo booth. HAHAHA




Another 21st down. I think I am addicted to attending 21st birthday party already. Shit.



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