Picnic Under The Lights

This post is more than just belated, it is way belated. I supposed to blog about this somewhere in early October – or at least before 2017 came to an end. Unfortunately, enlistment and being in the army takes up most of my time. A soldier in the weekdays and an amateur runner by weekends probably sums up my life during the past 3 months. That left me with little or no time for blogging.

Trust me, not having time to blog sucks. Yet, staring at the drafts whenever I open WordPress got me rather lethargic and lack of motivation. The sense of dilatory got so real that I was on the verge of giving up updating this blog completely.

I just stare at my laptop and stook my head helplessly.


Since I got some time to spare, I shall get this article completed before the procrastination kicks in again.

29 September, 2017

After a week or two of planning, this WAS the day.

Wan Lin’s birthday was the last 21st birthday before I enlist, so I was thinking of why not let’s do a good one.

It wasn’t easy planning a birthday celebration, especially when I tend to have too many far-reaching ideas coming to my mind.

For example,

I have no idea why I was so into event planning last year. This was the second celebration I’ve helped plan (not that two is a lot but, for the record, I hardly do such kind of stuff). The previous one was – to me – a success, so probably I wanted to try doing it

One last time.

IT ALL STARTS FROM PAPER: It was a challenge to turn whatever I’ve drawn on paper into reality.

The preparation starts around 1530. The sun was shining directly on me as I settled down with all the barangbarang at Marina Barrage. Vivian joined me a while later and we started getting the place ready for the occasion.

I took us about an hour to set up – deciding on the exact location and constantly moving things from place to place. And although the final product was far-fetched from what I’ve planned due to some unforeseen circumstances, I must say I am quite proud of our work.

Yap Qi joined us and helped us with the final touch-ups before our protagonist arrives.

Michelle brought Wanz over to the location, and our birthday girl was holding onto a gigantic helium balloon that Pei Shan had gotten.

When I say gigantic, I am not even kidding. I helped Wanz take the balloon home after the celebration because she was on the way to another celebration and it seems rather inconvenient to be holding a large item and walking around Somerset. The volume of helium was so much that it kept the balloon afloat for the next three weeks. 

I was so shocked that the balloon was still floating in my living room after I came back from my confinement in Tekong.

You could see how surprised Wanz was when she saw the setup in the vlog.

I am pretty sure everyone had fun with the balloon, especially Yapz.

Sunset arrived and everyone was taking the opportunity to capture some nice shots with the stunning backdrop – courtesy of mother nature.

Introducing swag Mish.

Okay, now let’s go back to our birthday girl.

Nicole and Charmaine joined us after they knocked off from work but the surrounding was a little too dark to take a decent photo – but it ain’t going stop us from taking photos

And having a picnic in the dark.

I shall end this post with a Jesus figurine that Yapz brought to bless my feed.



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