Thank You For My 19th

This year marks my 19th year alive in this world.

I have nothing much to wish for but for the solidarity among my friends and that our friendships will remain forever.

I would like to dedicate this post to all my friends who have made my birthday a memorable one. Thank God for all of you.

Let’s start with 21st October, 3 days before my actual birthday.
Location: Ngee Ann Poly.

This will be the first time this group of people will celebrate my birthday.
They’ve been with me for the past one year, going through all the shits together. I really feel thankful for this bunch of people, at least they make me feel that I’ve a emotional support base for the rest of my Poly life.

Since Peiyi was born like 1 day after me, we celebrated our birthdays together.

Haven’t really tried celebrating my birthday with other people’s birthday all-in-one before, it feel kind of special. You know, it’s not easy to find people whose birthday is just one day apart from yours.

(Back from the left) Huiqi, Yoke, Reb, Adam, Jon
(Front) Peiyi, Me.
The birthday kidz making our wishes. 😀
LOOK! Time to cut the cake!

Me and ‘that girl who is younger than me by 1 day’. HAHAHA Oops

23 October.
Location: Charcoal Thai, VivoCity

I finally had my first taste of Mookata on the day of my 19th birthday.

Nicole and Wanz booked me for lunch on that Friday and initially, Nicole was asking me what I wanted to have. I had totally no clue, actually to me, food doesn’t really matter but the company, the people I am having my meal with. Nevertheless, we decided on having mookata at VivoCity.

Apparently I was late and I had no idea how I was late. Oops.

The moment when I walked into the restaurant, I saw another familiar face apart from the two girls. Yap Qi made her special appearance! Hahaha!

The food appears shortly after I’ve arrived and WOW! Those things looked good!

Birthday presents from Nicole, Wanz, Yap Qi and the rest who couldn’t make it that day. 🙂 Thank you!!!
That usual very touching note from Nicole <3
We had a great time chatting about our individual lifes during that meet-up. The food was great, the company was greater.

From left: Me, Yap Qi, Wanz, Nicole

Of course, there’s always time for selfie 🙂

My closest female friend. I am so thankful for her existence in my life 🙂

Me and Yap. Thanks for making time for the short celebration despite having to rush back to revise for your A Levels! Appreciate much!

Me and le bitch. Thank you for everything!

Upon my request earlier the week, Nic decided to bring me for bingsoo after lunch. And then, we head down to Vivo’s McDonald’s first and there… RATNA! She was in the mist of doing her Law assignment when we appeared. I was so shocked you know? I haven’t seen her for so long and she actually got a cake for me! After which, the three of us head down to the bingsoo cafe in Chinatown on the recommendation of Nic.

Cafe Insa-Dong at Chinatown

Cafe Insa-Dong is a bingsoo cafe located within the Chinatown district. Just a few minutes of walk from the Chinatown MRT station, to be exact, it is located somewhere along the shophouses opposite of the famous Sri Mariamman Temple.

The elegant interior left me stunned when I first stepped into the shop. Some of the artworks will definitely catches your attention. And fyi, these artworks are not merely just for decoration, if you like it, you can also buy it back by paying the price stated.

So it’s somewhat like a cafe within a art gallery, or vice-versa.

The three of us decided to get a Green Tea Bingsoo and Injeolmi with Ice-Cream to share among ourselves.  AND THANKS NIC FOR THE TREAT!

It doesn’t take long enough for our dessert to be ready. It is self-service but you can never fail to see the smiles from the faces of the employees there.

This would be my 2nd time eating bingsoo, and first with a group of friends.

Nic and I kept spamming pictures while Ratna was like sitting there trying to wait for us to finish with phototaking. Thanks Rat for always be so patient with our nonsense hahaha!

Finally it’s time for us to really enjoy the food, we enjoyed. The bingsoo was the bomb! We really had fun chatting and eating nice dessert at the same time! 🙂

For those who are interested in some very nice bingsoo:

Cafe Insa-Dong
279 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058828
Operation Hours: (Mon-Thurs) 12nn – 9.30pm, (Fri, Sat) 12nn – 11.30pm, (Sun) 12nn – 6pm
Nic seems to be very fascinated by the camera function of my phone ^^

Me and Ratna, the future lawyer. Yes guys, meet my future lawyer.

2 years of friendship and going!
24 October.
Location: The lift lobby at my void deck.
This was the most ridiculous celebration of them all.
The most epic and the most fun one.
After a tiring day of filming since 10am, I decided to have dinner at VivoCity with my team: Huiqi and Jon. However, Adam had booked me for dinner that evening so I was like telling him why not join us at Vivo? However, he told me that he had already reached Ang Mo Kio and I was like just come down, Huiqi and Jon had told their family not to prepare dinner for them and I would be a freaking ass if I were to leave them to their own.
And there, he came down to Vivo and of course the four of us had our dinner together.
Then, I went home with Adam. He decided to come by my place to chat for awhile. Of course, I welcomed him.
The moment we reached the lift lobby of my flat, the moment just before I stepped into the lift…
I shall let the video explain the remaining of the story.
I felt sticky and creamy.
No thanks to B.Pang and gang! HAHAHA
My first ever cream smash in the whole of my life.
At least the cream tasted rather sweet. 😀
And Chen Yu decided to create a THUG LIFE parody out of it. HAHAHA

Look at the extent of the destruction 😛
While I went to clean myself up, the rest of us went to clean up the lift. It looked like we are all doing some sort of Corrective Work Order (CWO). And I swear that when we took the lift again, it smelt like Starbucks.

It’s time to cut the cake. I am lucky that this is not the thing on my face. HEHE

But THANK YOU GUYS! Yall love to give me surprises every now and then uh! I really didn’t see this coming!

Actually, being smash my cream isn’t a bad idea after all. 😛

Selfie with my most favourite bunch of people.

Now, as I embarked on my 19th year in this planet, this world, may peace and enlightenment befalls upon me. This year will be a better year for me and within the next one year, I will become a better person.



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