Yichen, My Big Brother


My dear brother is finally 18 years old already! I am so proud of him! HAHAHA.

Many people might be wondering, since when did Eddy have a brother? Of course, I don’t have a blood-related brother. But I have 2 sworn brothers: Yichen and Hong Kiat. And our story goes all the back to 4 – 5 years ago.

The three of us were from AMKSS Drama Club, and back then, we were the only three guys from our batch in the club. Hence, we eventually become rather close despite being from 3 different classes. While we were in Secondary 2, our relationship becomes so much closer, primarily because of the Night Of Music And Dance (NOMAD) – an once-in-two-years art event uniquely to Ang Mo Kio Secondary.

And because of this game and this novel…

(Image: ign)
(Image: Soso)

Let me explain how NOMAD, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce and The Romance of The Three Kingdom were linked together.

Let me start with the game. So… our senior Melvin and Hong Kiat were both playing this game on their PSP and I recognised it. I’ve got the game at home too. We tried to play together, but my game seems to not be able to connect to their server. Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce is part of the Dynasty Warriors series, which in turn is a spoof of the classic Chinese novel, The Romance of The Three Kingdom.

And then here comes Yichen, who had read the novel (not the original version but the simplified version) and started to talk to us about the storyline. So apparently, since I couldn’t be able to connect to the server, two of us chatted about the novel.

And somehow, Yichen, Hong Kiat and I decided that since there are three of us, we’d be the three famous brothers in the novel.

(Image: The Android Closet) Liu Bei(劉備).
(Image: Koei) Guan Yu(關羽).
(Image: Koei) Zhang Fei(張飛).
And how did we decide who’ll be which character? Easy. We just follow our birthdays, whoever who’s the eldest will by Liu Bei, the second will be Guan Yu and the youngest be Zhang Fei.
Since Yichen was born on 19 July, he was the eldest.
Hong Kiat, having his birthday coming just a mere 10 days after Yichen, was the second.
And then there’s me. The youngest.
There we have, our alias.
Yep. We sometimes call each other by our alias, or simply Big Brother (大哥), Second Brother (二哥/二弟) and Third Brother (三弟).
Sometimes I feel that my characteristic is really very close to my alias, aka Zhang Fei. Well, apart from both of us being relatively larger as compared to the other two (I don’t know if that’s really considered as a characteristic, but well…), I was kind of a rather hot-tempered guy.
Maybe not really that hot-tempered. Just er… Easily agitated.
But not to my friends, you see. 🙂 (Yes, I am really really a kind guy who gives in a lot. I think.)
Ohya. And so how NOMAD came into the picture?
Well… There was one night when we were doing a rehearsal for a NOMAD Fringe event (which is still NOMAD, but just a so-called Preview at the community level. I mean, we went to the amphitheater nearby our school to perform for the community to see), there was a dinner break for us. So, of course, we went to eat at the void deck (Uh-huh, the school is generous enough to provide us with catered buffet).
After we were done, we got some drinks for ourselves and then looked at each other.
Yes. We were reminded of the Oath of the Peach Garden(桃園三結義)
(Image: e3ol)
We suggested to follow the steps of the three brothers and to take the oath of fraternity, using fruit punch instead of tea/wine. 

“不求同年同月同日生,只願同年同月同日死。” (We seek not to born one the same day of the same month of the same year, we’d only wished to die on the same day of the same month of the same year.)

And hence, we literally become sworn brothers.

So, here’s the story. Haha. I feel like an old grandpa, telling old stories to the young ones. HAHAHA. Now, let’s get to his birthday surprise.

It was a last minute one. But I was lucky to be able to get Junwei, Meiqi and Weifang to come down to give this brother of mine a small little birthday surprise by crashing his house.

It almost failed because Yichen told me that he’ll be going out for family dinner at 5PM and Junwei could only make it at 4PM+ (In case if ya’ll are wondering, I jio-ed Junwei first, before I jio-ed the others, so must follow Junwei’s time).

But luckily, everything went smoothly.

Other than going up to the wrong level, thanks to Junwei. :’D

Initially, I told Yichen that I’ll be going to his house to pass him something that I’ve owed him long time ago. He believed and told me to come before 5pm. And I assured him it’ll be a fast one.

I knocked on his door at 4.30pm. And I told him to come out of his house, ‘cos I wanted to show him ‘something’.

And then the other three walked down from the staircase with 3 little cakes and a poor little candle.

He was shocked and surprised!

Apologies that this shot was taken properly because I almost lost my balance at the staircase. HAHA.

We were all joking that he’s only 1-Year Old this year. 😛
Trying to put back one cake because he can’t finish…
And then, he wasn’t ready for this shot. Oh god, Eddy is capable of taking people’s unglam. 😀
Yichen’s being a nice host, as always. 🙂 Meiqi looked a bit too serious here. Oops.
Preparing to eat the cake.

The cake is nice, isn’t it? 😛 Oops! UNGLAM AGAIN! HEHEHEHE

And I successfully tried out my remote shutter for taking group photos. /
For once, LIM JUN WEI poses for the camera. 😀
It’s time for a legit group photo. This looks like a family portrait I swear. HAHAHA (Credit: Mrs Woon)

Fun shot! (Credit: Mrs. Woon)
Let me ends this post with someone mourning over a dead fish.
Once again, Happy 18th Birthday, Yichen! I shall declare you officially of legal age! This time only buy 3 small cakes for you, next time treat you to your favourite KFC! Work hard and all the best for your A’ Level at the end of the year. I know you’ll definitely succeed because you are my brother! I have faith in you! We’d better meet up soon because I miss you! And everyone else too (Yes, especially your Drama mates and juniors)!



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