Yichen, My Big Brother


My dear brother is finally 18 years old already! I am so proud of him! HAHAHA.

Many people might be wondering, since when did Eddy have a brother? Of course, I don’t have a blood-related brother. But I have 2 sworn brothers: Yichen and Hong Kiat. And our story goes all the back to 4 – 5 years ago.

The three of us were from AMKSS Drama Club, and back then, we were the only three guys from our batch in the club. Hence, we eventually become rather close despite being from 3 different classes. While we were in Secondary 2, our relationship becomes so much closer, primarily because of the Night Of Music And Dance (NOMAD) – an once-in-two-years art event uniquely to Ang Mo Kio Secondary.

And because of this game and this novel…

(Image: ign)
(Image: Soso)

Let me explain how NOMAD, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce and The Romance of The Three Kingdom were linked together.

Let me start with the game. So… our senior Melvin and Hong Kiat were both playing this game on their PSP and I recognised it. I’ve got the game at home too. We tried to play together, but my game seems to not be able to connect to their server. Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce is part of the Dynasty Warriors series, which in turn is a spoof of the classic Chinese novel, The Romance of The Three Kingdom.

And then here comes Yichen, who had read the novel (not the original version but the simplified version) and started to talk to us about the storyline. So apparently, since I couldn’t be able to connect to the server, two of us chatted about the novel.

And somehow, Yichen, Hong Kiat and I decided that since there are three of us, we’d be the three famous brothers in the novel.

(Image: The Android Closet) Liu Bei(劉備).
(Image: Koei) Guan Yu(關羽).
(Image: Koei) Zhang Fei(張飛).
And how did we decide who’ll be which character? Easy. We just follow our birthdays, whoever who’s the eldest will by Liu Bei, the second will be Guan Yu and the youngest be Zhang Fei.
Since Yichen was born on 19 July, he was the eldest.
Hong Kiat, having his birthday coming just a mere 10 days after Yichen, was the second.
And then there’s me. The youngest.
There we have, our alias.
Yep. We sometimes call each other by our alias, or simply Big Brother (大哥), Second Brother (二哥/二弟) and Third Brother (三弟).
Sometimes I feel that my characteristic is really very close to my alias, aka Zhang Fei. Well, apart from both of us being relatively larger as compared to the other two (I don’t know if that’s really considered as a characteristic, but well…), I was kind of a rather hot-tempered guy.
Maybe not really that hot-tempered. Just er… Easily agitated.
But not to my friends, you see. 🙂 (Yes, I am really really a kind guy who gives in a lot. I think.)
Ohya. And so how NOMAD came into the picture?
Well… There was one night when we were doing a rehearsal for a NOMAD Fringe event (which is still NOMAD, but just a so-called Preview at the community level. I mean, we went to the amphitheater nearby our school to perform for the community to see), there was a dinner break for us. So, of course, we went to eat at the void deck (Uh-huh, the school is generous enough to provide us with catered buffet).
After we were done, we got some drinks for ourselves and then looked at each other.
Yes. We were reminded of the Oath of the Peach Garden(桃園三結義)
(Image: e3ol)
We suggested to follow the steps of the three brothers and to take the oath of fraternity, using fruit punch instead of tea/wine. 

“不求同年同月同日生,只願同年同月同日死。” (We seek not to born one the same day of the same month of the same year, we’d only wished to die on the same day of the same month of the same year.)

And hence, we literally become sworn brothers.

So, here’s the story. Haha. I feel like an old grandpa, telling old stories to the young ones. HAHAHA. Now, let’s get to his birthday surprise.

It was a last minute one. But I was lucky to be able to get Junwei, Meiqi and Weifang to come down to give this brother of mine a small little birthday surprise by crashing his house.

It almost failed because Yichen told me that he’ll be going out for family dinner at 5PM and Junwei could only make it at 4PM+ (In case if ya’ll are wondering, I jio-ed Junwei first, before I jio-ed the others, so must follow Junwei’s time).

But luckily, everything went smoothly.

Other than going up to the wrong level, thanks to Junwei. :’D

Initially, I told Yichen that I’ll be going to his house to pass him something that I’ve owed him long time ago. He believed and told me to come before 5pm. And I assured him it’ll be a fast one.

I knocked on his door at 4.30pm. And I told him to come out of his house, ‘cos I wanted to show him ‘something’.

And then the other three walked down from the staircase with 3 little cakes and a poor little candle.

He was shocked and surprised!

Apologies that this shot was taken properly because I almost lost my balance at the staircase. HAHA.

We were all joking that he’s only 1-Year Old this year. 😛
Trying to put back one cake because he can’t finish…
And then, he wasn’t ready for this shot. Oh god, Eddy is capable of taking people’s unglam. 😀
Yichen’s being a nice host, as always. 🙂 Meiqi looked a bit too serious here. Oops.
Preparing to eat the cake.

The cake is nice, isn’t it? 😛 Oops! UNGLAM AGAIN! HEHEHEHE

And I successfully tried out my remote shutter for taking group photos. /
For once, LIM JUN WEI poses for the camera. 😀
It’s time for a legit group photo. This looks like a family portrait I swear. HAHAHA (Credit: Mrs Woon)

Fun shot! (Credit: Mrs. Woon)
Let me ends this post with someone mourning over a dead fish.
Once again, Happy 18th Birthday, Yichen! I shall declare you officially of legal age! This time only buy 3 small cakes for you, next time treat you to your favourite KFC! Work hard and all the best for your A’ Level at the end of the year. I know you’ll definitely succeed because you are my brother! I have faith in you! We’d better meet up soon because I miss you! And everyone else too (Yes, especially your Drama mates and juniors)!

Nicole’s Birthday!


5th June 1996, an angel was born.

5th June 2013, I still yet to know her well enough. She was just, at that time, a classmate to me. Someone, whom was more like a hi-and-bye friend.

5th June 2014, I finally able to celebrate her birthday with her for the first time, and of course, not the last time.

It is really surprising how things have changed for the past one year. Just only one year, 365 days. From some stranger-friend relationship into one of my closest princesses (or Queen, as she would always like to be called).

The moment I gave up mugging alone at The Study back in SRJC after the June holidays, I wandered about the school before I decided to go to Good News Cafe (GNC) to have my lunch, I think. There, I saw Nicole and Ratna.

“Don’t mind if I share the table with you?”

This was the sentence that changed the relationship between they and I. Of course, I don’t know how exactly, I ended up sitting with them for the next 4 – 5 months, until the day I decided that it’s time for me to leave the hectic and moral-diminishing JC life.

My JC life wouldn’t be memorable and pleasant without these people. They just added colour into my originally dull life. They added hope to my seemingly worst year of my lifetime.

Before I get carried away reminiscing my life as a member of 13-1SR06, I shall introduce Nicole to all of you, whoever who are reading my blog. Actually, she need not much introduction. For whoever who had been reading my blog, you will know that Nic is one of my closest bitches.

Yes. I used the term ‘bitches’.

Because she can be really bitchy when you get on her nerves.

But she’s a really good friend afterall.

Because, I tend to be more of a bitch to her most of the time. (well, that’s Eddy for you! ;P)

Ok. If I continue to praise her characters and describe her, this post will never end. The fun part is coming…

At the start of the year when we went back to SRJC (yes, she withdrew from school around the same time as me, and is now studying Early Childhood and Psychology in NP!), she recorded her birthday in my planner, that it makes it unexplainable if I didn’t remember to celebrate her birthday >< :D.

So, I remembered. And I made sure she will ‘pay back’ for the surprise Ratna and she gave me during my birthday last year.

So eventually I managed to make her wait in school till 5pm.

Actually, my class on that day started at 9am and ends at 1pm. After school, I went down to nex to get her birthday presents and, at the same time, to wait for Peishan, Michelle and Charmaine. Meanwhile, Wanlin told Nicole that she can’t celebrate her birthday with her because she was caught up with something in school. (Of course, Wanlin waited for all of us at Clementi after her class ended.)

It took long enough for the three girls to reach Serangoon Station and it gave me some reason to squat at one corner at the station like some mat holding onto a helium balloon and a box of Tiramisu cake. :’D

We eventually reached NP at around 5.15pm. And Nicole was at The Munch, according to what she told me through Whatsapp. As the 5 of us approached the venue, we saw Nicole sitting outside Munch with her friends. The 4 girls instantly went into hiding behind the wall while I walked up to meet Nic.

It was kind of awkward, because I am always awkward with strangers. I put down my stuff, and I gave an excuse to leave the place for a while, and to wait for the girls to finish lighting up the candles. I walked to Old Chang Kee, staring at the girls and then messaging them to reply me once they were done.

But it kind of failed. They went to surprise Nic without me.

I rushed into Munch and out from the other door and shouted: “SURPRISE!”

Okay, that’s kind of awkward again. No wonder Peishan and Michelle said I could join Charmaine’s Awkward Club. :O

‘Nuff said, it’s time for more photos! Hehe. ><

The birthday cake!

Making a wish..

Look how fortunate Nic is. HEHE!
Nic with Charmz. (Look at their faces :’D)

Nic with Michelle.

Nic with Wanz.

Nic with Peishan.

Nic with me.
Group photos!

Group photo with Nic’s favourite pose. 😛

And selfie time!

Nicole and I were really happy to see these bunch of girls again. It made me feel like I am back at SR again! 
The birthday surprise is kind of like successful. Okay, it’s very successful. You should see how touched and happy Nic was. Hopefully, that’ll be one of her most memorable birthday till date! 😛
Alright, before I end this post, here’s a photo of me posing with the helium balloon. :’D

Don’t judge.

Happy 18th Birthday, Pang!

Happy Birthday Brendan Pang!!!
Ya. Someone is finally 18-year old already. Sounds really good to be legal, doesn’t it? 
So 29th May, is the birthday of one of my close bros! So, we’ve decided to surprise him! And so, we decided to ask him out for a dinner that evening. Of course, we didn’t let him know what hidden agenda we had in mind. At first, we, particularly myself, were afraid that this might be kind of failed because Pang was giving us some kind of indirect replies. We weren’t even sure if he was coming or not.
I was like telling the rest that he might have realised what we were actually up to and he was just trying to troll us all. :’D
But, it turned out to be, he didn’t.
He wasn’t expecting anything. And, he didn’t suspect anything at all.
I rushed down from school to meet Yujing and Meiqi at AMK Hub’s Artbox to get the birthday presents. They were looking at the different helium balloons designs when I was reached. And we were still contemplating over which is the most suitable design when Hong Kiat arrived. We just have to shortlist 3 designs and voted among the 4 of us. 
Of course, one of the designs received the majority and hence we got it and proceed to buy other stuffs.
As always, holding a helium balloon around the shopping centre would definitely attract stares from the passers-by.
We walked around the entire second level of AMK Hub without knowing what to buy as the main present, I mean, we can’t only give a helium balloon as birthday present because I don’t think the helium inside will stay for eternity.
Junwei came afterwards with a birthday cake.
And we continued to wander around AMK Hub having no idea of what to buy.
And then, we walked pass 77th Street and we decided to try our luck in getting something from there. We were running out of time because Pang was reaching soon. I was suggesting on getting a zippo lighter since I think he likes lighter, plus the zippo lighters there have various kinds of rather exquisite designs. But then, something else caught our eyes: DOG TAG. I ain’t sure how that even caught our eye but it just caught our eyes. We eventually bought it after few rounds of discussion. 
After that, we received ‘tip-off’ that Pang had already reached AMK Hub and had met up with Qing. We decided that Junwei and Yujing would take the cake and presents and meet up directly at where we were supposed to have our dinner at. So that we could surprise him from behind!
I suddenly felt like a commander giving orders during an operation. I ‘dispatched’ Meiqi and Hong Kiat to take the escalator from outside 77th Street down to Lvl 1 while Junwei and Yujing would leave AMK Hub few minutes after all of us leave for dinner. Meanwhile, I took another escalator down from the other side of the shopping centre. We quickly ‘evacuated’ from Lvl 2 when Qing informed us that Pang and her were going up to the 2nd level. Meiqi and Hong Kiat ended up taking the elevator down to Basement 1 and took the escalator up from there to prevent meeting Pang on the way.
As I reached the Lvl 1, I purposely asked Pang where he was. And guess what… he was near the ATMs at Lvl 3. That meant that I had to go up again, but this time, to the third level. I met up with him and Qing. Then it took long enough for Meiqi and Hong Kiat to meet up with us, because they went to Lvl 1 and found no one and they decided to go up to Minitoons to take a look.
I swear that wasn’t part of the plan, at all. :’D
But at least, all of us met up, except of those two who were supposed to be er… ‘late’.
Initially Pang wanted to go to EighteenChef to have dinner and I was afraid the surprise will fail because there was simply no place for the two to suddenly popped up from behind with a helium balloon and a cake, a cake with lighted candles on it.
We still went to check it out afterall, and I was praying that the queue outside the shop would be long. Fortunately for the plan, the queue was really long. So I suggested to go to the nearest coffee shop to have tzi char.
Things were going smooth. I like.
As we left AMK Hub, I texted Junwei and Yujing.
We walked to the coffee shop, found a large round table, the so-called waitress from the tzi char stall brought us the menus and we discussed on what to order. 
We ordered the food, we ordered the drinks, the drinks arrived, the food also arrived… But the other two had yet to arrived. I was thinking where on earth were they? Kena kidnapped uh?
Then I realised that the two of them were hiding behind the tree few foots away from us, trying to light up the candles. I tried not to giggle. I made a call to Junwei in front of Pang, asking where was he. Thn I stood up, walked away from the table.
“Behind you lah.”
“I know lah. You faster come.”
Thn I lowered my voice.
“Meaning, you all can take action now.”
I hung up the phone.
“Pang, if you want to eat, can eat first. That two damn slow, don’t need wait for them.”
The moment to put some food into his mouth, the two appeared, one holding the cake and another holding the balloon.

He was stunned, while all of us started laughing. I was about to open my mouth to sing the birthday song, Hong Kiat stopped me. Everyone else in the coffee shop was watching. Not sure it was kind of embarrassing for us or that it was kind of embarrassing for Pang himself. We made him to make some wishes before blowing off the candles.
Everyone just looked on, even the coffee shop auntie and the staffs from the tzi char stall.
Beautiful cake.
 I shall not say more cos the most interesting part is now over. Other than that the coffee shop auntie wished Pang happy birthday when we order more drinks from her. 😛
We ate and we took selfies!

(PS: If you look at the above photos carefully, you’ll realised Qing was actually doing the once-famous gwiyomi. :’D)
Before we ended our dinner, one waitress from the tzi char stall came with 7 small tub of jelly to treat us. o/


This blog post is late because my phone decided to jump into a pail of water and I don’t have the photos to do up this blog earlier on. But with my back up phone, I am able to use Whatsapp and contact Peishan for the photos.
Ok. Let’s skip all this. And I decided to schedule this blogpost to be on 3rd May 2014, when our female lead is 18 years and one day old.

Yet another of my sisters turning 18 already. (Ya, I am still sad I am still 17. It’s alright, my turn will come this October!)
And on her birthday, she got her dance performance show with her dance club at SRJC (what a special day to have such a special performance which made her entire day a more special one). Too bad I wasn’t able to go watch her performance because I had lessons.
I think Wanlin shared the same regret as me. Her lessons ended later than mine, way way later than mine. And so I made use of the time to play street football. In a black shirt with jeans. I must be really crazy to have even done that. Ohwait, that’s not the point.
Because I wanted to go down to surprise Michelle with Wanlin at night after her performance and have dinner with her so I lepaked at NP till around 7.20pm before I start making a move down to…
Alright. I admit I was a bit bored. We were supposed to meet at Commonwealth MRT Station but I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WANLIN THAT I TRAVELLED DOWN TO HER SCHOOL.
Ok. I was kidding. I was just bored.
Thn I thought I saw her walking into the Ladies. And I asked where she was.
‘Dover MRT.’
I thought I must have seen the wrong person.
But suddenly I felt like a damn bloody stalker.
(Image: dcclothesline)
I rushed down to Dover MRT and she wasn’t there. I went up to the platform, saw a girl pointing into the train and I just walked in.
It wasn’t her.
By the time I reached Buona Vista MRT Station, Wanlin was waiting at Dover MRT Station.
(Image: kym-cdn)
But after so much chaos, we eventually met at Buona Vista and we took the train down to nex.
Shop for a helium birthday balloon (it was in an uniquely squarish shape) and rush down to Kovan.
And then we realised there’s no candles.
And I ended up wandering around Kovan to look for candles and lighters (can’t blame me, Cold Storage’s queue was freaking long and slow). But the sad thing is that I eventually found no candles. 
(Image: pandawhale)
Forget it. Wanlin called me that Michelle and the rest were there at the Hong Kong cafe. Which means, it’s time for me to make my guest appearance. (Yup. It seems that I am always the shock inclusion in every birthday celebrations, because I can. I am always the element of surprise. Hehe ^^)
Let’s skip all other details and enjoy our selfies of the night. :)))

I swear I somehow look like a girl in every of the selfies taken. That shows I can be either gender. Wow.


(Image: gaiaonline)

(PS: For the first time foodporn wasn’t taken at such grand birthday celebrations. Sorry lah, I was damn hungry can? :’D)

Ash’s 18th


Our Miss Leow has turn eighteen yesterday. And look at the amount of people coming down to celebrate her birthday on that special occasion. Vivian wasn’t in this picture and I didn’t get to see her although she was with Ash this morning at her house. Maybe she got something on. And we don’t see Adrian in this picture because he got something on earlier and came only later during the lunch.


Buying the present the day earlier (as mentioned briefly on my previous blog) was quite funny because I was going around from Bugis to nex. Okay, not quite funny. But quite interesting. After buying my pop filter at Sim Lim Square, I went down to OG Albert Park to take a look. And while liaising with Elyssa on what to get for Ashley as her birthday present. And I saw this…

For S$49.90 and it looks kind of legit. But then since Yap Qi they all got here a bag, we decided to get something else. I continue to look around OG for fun. Then I saw some man wallets that looks nice. Although I need to change my wallet because it is torn, but the price of the wallet is too over the top for me. S$80 – S$110 for a wallet. I think I will be spending all my cash on a wallet that will cause me to have no money left to put in the wallet.

I left OG for nex.

And I walked around the area for some gift ideas. And eventually, I decided to get some kind of very nice mug for Ash.

The next day, I went for the birthday celebration later than the rest of them because I’ve got to help out at my parents’ shop in the morning. And yeap, I missed the fun part where they get to see Ashley do all the funny pranks. Well. Luckily Yap Qi videoed the process and put it onto the Whatsapp group.


I was in time for the group photo (which you see at the top of this post). 🙂

And then, it’s lunch.

And we took quite a long time to decide what and where to eat at VivoCity because the entire VivoCity was damn freaking crowded. I don’t know why, but it seems that the entire Singapore suddenly filled with human beings. The MRT train was freaking full despite it was only 12 noon. The shopping mall was darn freaking full. I must admit it might due to the effect of the public holiday, the first public holiday Singaporeans and any foreigners working here get to enjoy ever since Chinese New Year about, let me see, 2 months or so ago. I think everyone was so stress because of the lack of holiday here that everyone decided to go crazy and come out from their shell like some flocks of birds during the winter season.

But eventually the 13 of us who stayed for lunch managed to find seatings at some KimGary restaurant.

Yes. 13 of us. Imagine how people are judging us on the kind of noise we’ve made in the restaurant. 13 people chatting their way throughout as if we owned the whole place. Ok. Maybe I exaggerated much. We didn’t cause that much amount of chaos like how the pro-Russians did in the entire Ukraine.

Sat near Kheng Yin and Elyssa. And why am I mention their names? Because I still kind of find it funny that they ordered ‘instant noodles’ in the restaurant. The moment they wanted to order something that look exactly like something that I could have cooked within 10minutes back at my home, I was like:

Sorry Elyssa if you are seeing this. I promised you not to type that out but I can’t help it. It is really kind of hilarious. Not saying such action is not allowed but erm… Not sure if it’s as worth? But it’s alright, the ingredients in fact makes the price looks more legitimate.

Since Kheng Yin was like wanting to have some fries so I decided that we share it among the three of us and probably the rest who wanted it.

The fries, as according to them, were really good.

The plate of fries, featuring Kheng Yin’s finger.
And then the food came.
And then I ate.
And then I realised that I’ve forgotten to take a picture of it. I mean foodporn. So I quickly grabbed my phone and took two snapshots of my food before I carried on eating.

Looks kind of delicious uh. And guess the irony? Eating some kind of south asian food in an East Asian restaurant. I am kind of hilarious too. But luckily, I had a cup of YuenYang to make everything seems more legit. (But it might also look like some teh tarik)
Before I end this post, how about an ootd?

Happy Birthday, Pei Shan!

Yes. This girl has finally turned 17 years old. I mean like a finally. Yes, before I knew when was her birthday, I really thought she was older than me (I am referring to the month) cos she just look erm… way matured? I guess. I remembered when she told me her birthday was on 2nd December, I was like…
(Image: salzdummyspit)
I could still remember how she stared at me when I can’t believe she’s really younger than me by a month plus. (Well, one does not simply imply that a girl looks older than what she really is. Ohdear, I am gonna be dead if she read this paragraph.)
Alright. Let’s skip this nonsense, before I can imagine her saying, “Nonsense uh, Eddy.” (Yup. I can imagine that with her voice. Okok. Staph staph.)
Let’s be blog about the entire birthday celebration. Which was really rather epic.
Few days ago, a few of us went to buy birthday present for Pei Shan’s at nex. There were Nicole, Adrian, Wan Lin, Michelle and myself. (Apparently I could still remember the rather unpleasant moment at nex’s Pastamania. Fine. It’s not really unpleasant but the kind of mixing that Wan Lin made from the left over was really haunting me still right now. I should apologies to the Pastamania people for wasting their resources the other day.) After dinner, we went to get balloons and card for Pei Shan.
Initially, because we were afraid that too many people will be crashing the hotel room (at Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa) that her parents booked as a family birthday celebration for her, only Charmaine and Wan Lin were supposed to go. But in the end, I don’t really understand what happened, they decided to jio more people. In the end, Yap Qi and I tagged along. That Ashley and Adrian wanted to go but in the end had to miss it due to personal reasons.
We decided to meet at 9AM at HarbourFront’s Vivo City.
Yes. 9A.M.
It’s kind of early. Very early actually. I don’t remember when’s the last I left home so early apart from school, CCA or work last time.
Well. I must make a confession here, I left home at 8.50A.M. And I hoped I could really reached there by 9.30A.M. so that the girls need not need to wait too long for me.
When I left Ang Mo Kio, Wan Lin was complaining that people had been staring at her because she was holding a balloon inside the mall. I felt really really bad. So I told her to give me sometime so I can reach there and help her with the stuff.
She then told me she’s meeting Charmaine and Yap Qi first. And I was like, oh man, I’m gonna be the latest again. (I must really admit that I am always the one whom people always have to wait for. Sorry ya!) As I reached Douby Ghaut, Wan Lin called me. And guess what?
What a nice twist of plot in here.
(Image: knowyourmeme)
That means I’ll be the earliest. (THAT’S SOUNDS REALLY NICE! No sarcasm intended. :)) And really, I reached at 9.45A.M., being the earliest to reach there.  I predicted that they should reach before 10.30A.M. While waiting for them, I decided to walk around Vivo. At that timing, many of the shops were not yet open. The entire shopping mall was really very quiet. I went round and round the area. The girls eventually reached at around 10.15A.M. (I guess) and we travelled down to Sentosa.
It was raining out there, so we had to take the sheltered walkway to Hard Rock Hotel, despite me being there just last week, we still managed to get loss because we can’t find the lobby of HRH. We went around in circles trying to find the sheltered route to HRH but we got lost. We even walked down to some unknown place and even almost hijacking some restaurant. (Yesh, we found ourselves at the back door of some restaurant in which we don’t even know what is it.)

But luckily for us, we eventually found the route, but we just have to bare with the tiny rain droplets hitting hard on our body.

Wan Lin went up first while Charmaine, Yap Qi and I were at the hotel lobby. The two girls were trying to complete the writing the cards.

We went up afterwards and found the room eventually. I swear that the hotel corridor is so damn freaking long and a bit complicated. Charmaine and Yap Qi were trying to hide on the left side of the door while I was hiding on the right, with my sunglasses on. Knock few times already and no response from inside, so this Yap Qi tried to kick the door. That was really hilarious.

The door opened and the girls shouted ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’. I was still trying to hide at the side, trying to find the best opportunity to give Pei Shan an ultimate scare. And if you guys are wondering, yes, I’d succeeded. She was shocked by everything that was happening at that moment.

She didn’t know we were coming, she only expected Wan Lin. (Charmaine told her that she had went Malaysia and would only be back on Tuesday. Nice prank.) And best prank of all, Wan Lin told Pei Shan that she had called for manicure service for her and she really bought into her story. The bell rang, and no, not manicure service, but 3 familiar faces. This Wan Lin and her way of hiding things up.

Passed the cake(s), two huge balloons and presents to her.

I admit I was quite awkward there with Mr. and Mrs. Lee around. But I eventually got comfortable. They were really nice to us. 🙂

So apparently, we bought Pei Shan a skateboard and there was a sticking under it stating the cautions. One caution was the one that I decided to use against Pei Shan for the rest of the day when she was trying to skate. It wrote (it was in Traditional Chinese, so I am doing a literal translation here):

Please note that user must have a certain level of skills in order to use this safely.

I broke into laughter while saying it. Everyone else laughed.

I shall try to fast forward things… But here are some photos we had taken in the room:



We decided to go to the Loge to enjoy the 2 rides. One of the ride was fun and the other one was… terrifying.

Before we went there, we took some proper #OOTDs.

(Images taken by our best photographer, Wan Lin)
You have to agree that these pictures were taken in a very good quality. Not sure if it’s the person taking the photos is good or the background is really awesome. 😛
Went to have Mac (I am sinned), and it’s a treat from Pei Shan. (I felt a bit p.s. No pun intended, I swear.)

After lunch, we took the tram to Imbiah Station.

I saw my long-time-no-see friend there. I remembered the last time when I saw this dude at Sentosa was around, let me guess, between 6 to 10 years ago? That’s really long. The place there really has changed a lot. Singapore is in a constant development. Hence what I saw there today, may not be there any more in the future. Okay. Let’s cut short my ‘reflection’ here. We walked to a place called The Luge. For those who don’t know what I am taking about, here’s a screenshot from the official website:
(Image: Screenshot of Skyline Luge Sentosa’s website)
What I didn’t foresee was one of the scariest moment in my life. I paid the ticket without knowing what shit I was putting myself into. We walked to the starting point of the Skyride, my heart palpitated and my goosebumps developed. WHAT ON EARTH DID I DO WRONG?
I am gonna be hang up high into the air? I mean… WHAT?! Are you serious? Oh dear. I felt like running away right now. I have been afraid of heights since young. I remembered how I once refused to take the escalator from the top level of the shopping centre because I did not dare to look down. I was afraid that the escalator is going to collapse and bring me down with it. Now, I am going to face my worst nightmare and take it as a fun ride? Ohgod.
(Image: planetaurbe)
But still, I still took the helmet and put it on. And I was being really paranoid and make sure that my helmet was really in place because I am afraid of v = gt acting on me. (For those of you who don’t get what I am saying, do turn to your Physics book.)
Yap Qi suggested to take a group photo together before any really happens. (I am kind of glad I am not the only one thinking too much.)

We headed to the other part first. Go-kart. Finally I am able to breathe properly. Go-kart was really fun. And it turned out to be awesome! I was like speeding throughout the circuit. I felt like a certain Aryton Senna or Michael Schumacher. I felt like a speed demon.

There comes the nightmare in bright day light. The skyride. Wan Lin and Charmaine took the first cabin while Pei Shan, Yap Qi and me squeeze into the one behind. And here’s a fun fact: The ones in front were showing no signs of being afraid, while those at the back were on the verge of screaming and breaking down. The guy was trying his best to make himself comfortable, but on the verge of breaking down. The 2 girls were cuddling each other, afraid of looking down or anywhere else as the cabin went further up into the sky.

(Image: Taken by either Charmaine or Wan Lin while we are trying to make ourselves comfortable at the back)

I am glad that I eventually made myself comfortable, even trying to stretch my legs out to reach the leaves below me. I felt like I am trying to be like a certain Mr. Bean. I turned to the back and saw the beautiful scenery of the beach. Beautiful.

(Image: memecrunch)

However, those two siaocharbors beside me were still screaming. Guess what? They even sang… “MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB, LITTLE LAMB.” I tried to be really extra and sang together with them, only to realise that the two angmohs behind were laughing at us. I think we were really a nice entertainment in the middle of no where (yes, literally in the middle of nowhere). I am sure we are the best opera singers around the region.

After all these, we went to get Starbucks, took some pictures and play with the skateboard before returning to the hotel.


And oh ya, I must really mention this. We took photo with a snake. Yes. And this Peishan was really afraid of the snake that she almost dare not touch it. I was like saying, ‘Are we trying to get Peishan to overcome her fears today? Today mcm her Fear Factor Day sia.’
I don’t to comment much, but look at Peishan’s face here.

BBQ By The Pool

26 October 2013

I’ve been waited for this BBQ gathering for very long time. And it’s finally here!

It had been really long since the few of us met up and have fun for a day.

I remember the last time when we Gossip Club had our BBQ session, quite long ago, probably even a year or so ago, it was really fun! I really enjoy hanging with these bunch of people once in a while.

Let’s talk about the BBQ this time. I must really applaud Yong Kang. It was him who organised everything, yes, almost everything by himself. The food, the utensils, the charcoal and even the venue (Yes, the BBQ is held at the BBQ pit within his condo), all settle by him.  He swear he is really a great planner. (Uh-huh, so that we are able to go there and just help cook the stuff and eat them.) Haha!

In the afternoon, Tan Rong, Wei Hao and Junwei met at Yio Chu Kang MRT Station and wait for Yong Kang and his dad to fetch us to his condo apartment. We’ve 4 guys trying to squeeze into the back of the car. That’s really suffocating.

When we reached there, Tan Rong and Weihao decided to go for a swim. Junwei and I decided to follow them down to the pool, with a packet of chips.

When we reached the pool, I was really amazed of how beautiful the view of the entire place from the pool. Marvelous view!

Really spectacular, doesn’t it?
So while the two are swimming, me and Junwei were eating chips by the pool and enjoyed the pool water hitting our legs. And I decided to take a selfie with such a nice backdrop, apparently my angle wasn’t that good that I’ve basically blocked almost the entire background. :’D

Not long after, we went back to Yong Kang’s unit before going to the BBQ pit to prepare the fire!

And I must mention the view again!!!
Yes, that’s the view from our BBQ pit. It’s like I’ve went to another world, the world of paradise. OMG. I must have this in my dream house! o/
We managed to get the charcoal burning and cooked the food before Stefanie arrived. And moment before she arrived, we ran out of charcoal, so I dragged Junwei along with me to get them. So, basically, I didn’t see her arriving. Heh.
We returned shortly (but in fact, not really shortly).
We started to cook more food, eat more food and talk more crap. While I borrowed Stef’s DSLR to take some random shots.
Well, that’s me. Definitely not taken by me. (Image: Stef’s FB)
Tan Rong enjoying the basically tasteless otah. Hehe. (Image: Stef’s FB)

This Junwei just know how to play his phone game… (Image: Stef’s FB)

Fine…. He did help lahh! A lot! Haha! (Image: Stef’s FB)

Stef, with one eye being covered. And according to her caption for this picture, she’s gonna stab you. Be careful! Ahh! (Image: Stef’s FB)

(From left to right) Yong Kang and Weihao, the most hardworking duo of the night. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK! (Image: Stef’s FB)
WHAT DO YOU WANT – Weihao (Image: Stef’s FB)

Yong Kang enjoying the fruits of his labor! (Image: Stef’s FB)
And there goes the fan that has been with me through hot and cold in SRJC. (Image: Stef’s FB)

And towards the end of the BBQ session, while we were all trying to BBQ our marshmallows, Yong Kang disappeared suddenly. And not long later, I heard a little boy saying “Happy Birthday to you”. 
Everyone turned around.
Yong Kang was holding a cake.
And I was like, “Whose birthday is it today? Cannot be Weihao’s, cannot be Junwei’s, definitely not Stef’s. Tan Rong’s?!”
Everyone looked at me and started singing the birthday song. Of course I sang along too. Until my name was mentioned. Eh… Wait… What?
Everyone looked at me again and said:
OMG! They remembered! SHOOOO SWEEEEET EH!!!
I swear I was really stunned. 
My third birthday celebration and 5th cake in 5 days.
Here’s a picture of the cake. It’s really very nice (I mean it looks and taste equally great!) Chocolate, me favourite!
(Image: quickmeme)
I must really treasure all the friends that I have made. It’s good to really meet so many different cliques of very thoughtful friends. Really must treasure them, because they don’t owe you anything, not even a birthday celebration but yet they organised birthday celebrations for me. Really really really very nice and thoughtful.
Before we left, we took some group photos, here’s one:
And here’s a photo I owe Stef, since it had been long since we last took a photo together:
The last thing I could remember from this was Stef complaining and bitching about the very late arrival of the taxi. 😛

Birthday Celebration (Part 2)

23 October 2013

This is a late post, a really really late post. Webs is trying to be anal so I decided to migrate back to Blogger, the place where I started blogging back in 2007. As I am busying with school work (Yes, especially PW).


23 October is finally here.

As many of my friends will know, it’s my birthday.

As I’ve blogged about earlier on, my SWAGGLICIOUS darlings came specially to my house to celebrate my birthday early! Really very touched.

And on that night, I received a message from my CG’s Yap Qi:

So… My CT wanted to see me.
That’s kind of sucks.
But then…
I find it really suspicious (Sorry girls if you are reading this but I can’t help it. Haha!)


But well. I don’t want to be too suspicious. Because it may really be true. I mean I was really low key about my birthday when I am in JC. Not many people actually knew about my birthday. So it’s better to be careful. And then this almost resulted in me having an insomnia because my CT is not really easy to deal with. She’s SCARY. I swear.

Then the next morning (Yes, the morning of my 17th birthday), I received a Whatsapp, this time from Wanlin:


(Image: memecrunch)
But even though I started to be suspicious, I am still touched by the fact that someone bothers to celebrate my birthday with me in school. Really thanks!
For the first half of the day, Ratna, Nicole and I were like sitting outside GNC doing almost nothing because we had no H1 Mother Tongue lessons to go to. That’s a great 3hrs to waste and lepak. 
Thn at 10am when the H1 MT people were released, I must admit that I was really expecting that someone will come up to GNC and celebrate my birthday with me. And even till few minutes before our OP coaching, nothing happened. I must be really sad and yes, sad. Maybe I’ve thought too much. 
Thn the three of us went up to B3-1 for our lesson. And the moment before I stepped into the class… 
I SAW SOME OF MY CG GIRLS DOING SOMETHING SECRETLY AT THE SIDE OF THE TABLE. (I am so sorry, I just have to see it and leak it out here. haha!)
But me being so kind, decided to pretend that I didn’t see anything.
And as I walked into the classroom, this Peishan rushed out to me and start asking me some questions about PW. And I was really shocked.
Really shocked.
I took some time to calm myself down before I tried my best to answer her.
And before I could finish my sentence…
Okay. This time I was really shocked because the heart attack Peishan gave me earlier on had yet to cease.
Michelle, Peishan and Wanlin then pass me a box of Chewy Juniors…
Damn adorable I swear. Still got a cupcake with a face on it. (and they all say it looked like me)
They are really sweet. And for the first time, I managed to be able to celebrate my birthday together with my classmates. I’ve waited 17 years for this day to come and they let me wait no further. I would like to, through this blog, shoutout to them:
(Image: Hankblog)

 And after this, we returned to rehearse for our PW.

My group (Michelle, Peishan, Finzi and I) decided to do our rehearsal outside. A few moments later, more people from my CG started to walk out of the classroom. I was amused. “Why you all all come out sia?” I asked. Apparently, no one give me a reply, I supposed. Then this Nicole went up to Finzi and started talking in Korean. And I was like…

(Image: troll.me)

And here comes Soyoung. I turned to her and said, “You can talk to them here, they are conversing in Korean.” Haha. She looked puzzled though. And then Nicole went away. And we continued with our rehearsal.

Not long after, half-way through our rehearsal, I saw Nicole and Ratna at the staircase and Nicole called me to go over. I excused myself from the group and walked towards them.


This time, I didn’t expect such thing to happen. Nicole and Ratna got a cake for me! AWW!

(Image: memegenerator)

OMG. They are so sweet I cannot.

Thank You girls!
After that, we went into the classroom to cut the cake.

And yes, we didn’t have plates so I ran to the toilet to take toilet paper as our plate (Guys, toilet papers are clean).

Nicole then pass me a slice of cake and the moment I took it, Peishan puts the cream on my face and someone else, I think Michelle, slam the slice of cake into my face. OHDEAR!

(Image: memecrunch)

And more creams on my face. That’s the first time a slice of cake went straight into my face. It was really really fun. I rushed to the toilet to clean up after that. Heh.

I must really thank these bunch of crazy girls for my first ever birthday celebration in class. You’ve given me a lot of fun. One of the best birthday I ever had.

And… I AM 17!!!!

Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

22 October 2013
I was unfortunately, laying sick on my bed after a series of on-and-off fever. So actually, I was sleeping in my room since the morning of that day… And something great happened in the evening, after 6pm.
The door bell rang.
And wow! My peeps came to my house with a cake to celebrate my birthday (which was on the following day)! WHAT A SURPRISE!
I think I don’t want to go into further details in the blog, but instead I’ll be posting more pictures!!! :)
Nicely decorated cake by my dearest peeps! <3
Wishing upon a cake. Hopefully 2014 will be a better year for me!
Me and the guys! Trying to act gangster only…
Me and the girls. Kind of like Charlie’s Angels here.
Some groups shots that we took!
Thn after that, coincidentally, my godparents also gave me a surprise visit with a very very big cake which my godmother actually make by herself!
A rare family shot.
I am really thankful for them to have existed in my life. Really thankful. Maybe this is fate or what, I don’t know. But really, they are one of the best I’ve had in my life up till now. It had been more than 10 years since a large group of people actually came and celebrate my birthday together with me. And this is the first time where people actually come and surprise me during my birthday.
17 Years Old Now.