3-Step Guide for Newbies Ordering Flowers Online

There’s a first time for everything, and having jitters ordering in local online florist is not something new, especially to those who are used to buying from physical shops. Where do I click? What do I do? How do I pay? Et cetera, et cetera. The online buying process is simple, and some comprehensive online shops even guide customers through it. Below are three steps you can follow for a smooth online transaction.

Browse and Compare

Every online shop offers feature flowers, some even have flower of the day or flower arrangement of the week. That’s a great way to start if you do not know what you want to get. If you know that flower that you want, take the time to browse through the pages of florist online shops as they post their inventory, complete with photos and descriptions. Check out various websites offerings, compare among your top choices, and select the one that can best satisfy your demands.

Select and Inquire

If you want the best florist offerings for your occasion and you can’t find them in the featured products, you can always contact the shop directly to ask them about your particular interest—whether it’s a hand bouquet, birthday flowers, or any other special products or services. The online florist Singapore shop that has great customer service will find a way to get you what you need.

Add to Cart and Checkout

Some florist does instant checkout, but most have online carts for customers so they can conveniently browse the site for other products or services they might need for their occasion. After you’ve got everything you need, just check out and wait for the delivery of the products. That’s it—easy, convenient, and every transaction done in the comforts of your home.

First-time online transactions can induce panic at first, but the more you use the service, the more it becomes more addictive. It’s even a better experience if the online florist Singapore shop you’ve chosen goes out of their way to accommodate your requests.

Just remember to always double-check the items you have placed in your cart and make sure you have not added the same item twice (or thrice!). And here’s an extra advice: Always be vigilant and look out for hidden charges! These can make you spend unnecessary cash, and it can damage the budget you have for your occasion.

7 Things You Should Pack In Your Luggage

It’s the holiday season again, you have already gotten your air tickets booked and you are ready to embark on another journey out of this sunny island. You’ve gone on a thorough research on where you are going to stay over and where you are going to visit during your trip. Everything seems to fall nicely into place, but you realised something’s off.

You took a glance across your room and realised you have yet to pack for the trip. Your departure is just under 48 hours and you went into a panic mode. You suddenly have no idea what else, apart from your daily necessities and clothing, should be inside your packing list.

That was me before I left for Hong Kong two years back. I mean, hey, that was my first overseas trip in over a decade so I think I could still be excused for being so lost, right till the last minute.

I eventually figured out myself that there are actually a few items that one should be packed into your luggage no matter where your destination is. Guess it would be right if I share it with you guys as well!

1. Action Camera

(Image: Emily Ashman /RedSharkNews)

As a film and photography enthusiast, filming equipments are definitely at the top of my packing list. I don’t consider myself completing my trip without having to blog or produce a video on it. It’s like a habit that’s hard to get over, you see.

For those of you who share the same interest as myself, you should consider packing an action camera for your trip. Yes, I know most of us would own a DSLR, a mirrorless camera or, at the very least, a smartphone capable of recording in 4K. However, I felt that an action camera – as its name suggested – would best capture every action during your trip. It’s so handy, you can even hang it around your neck and start recording.

With various competitive brands and models for you to choose from, you will definitely find one that suits your budget and needs.

2. Power Bank

(Image: Hardwarezone)

I swear if you were to forget to throw this somewhere in your luggage, you will cry once your phone battery goes flat in the middle of your trip – especially when you are at places where power points are not readily available (i.e when you are trekking).

I would never leave home without a power bank (half charged at minimum), let alone leaving the country without it. It is the fundamental gadget in my backpack, apart from my phone and my earpiece. I will always have it on standby and grab it out anytime when I need it.

We are at an era whereby we become overly reliant on our mobile devices – we use it for any sort of purposes, be it finding your way around the city, booking private hire, communicating with your friends or even updating your whereabouts on social media. Once you are able to find a power source for your dying phone, I would say good luck to you.

Of course, power banks can also help charge your camera battaries (as long as you have the usb adapter for it) and any other electronics. You will be thankful for its existance, trust me.

3. Travel Adaptor

(Image: Materialicious)

Of course, apart from a portable power bank, you will also require a universal travel adapter. The type of power sockets differs from country to country. While a power plug from Singapore might fit in Hong Kong or the UK, you will find it incompatible with the sockets found in mainland Europe or USA.

DIFFERENT HOLES: The various types of sockets that can be found in different countries. (Graphics: Wikitravel/Peirz)

Hence, it is important to bring along some travel adapter so that you wouldn’t find any problem powering your gadgets back at your accomodation or at any power points whenever you are required to.

4. Sleeping Bag

(Image: Winfields)

Just in case you travelled too far out from your accommodation or you decided to be adventurous and wander deep inside the forest/desert, you will find comfort in a sleeping bag. You will want to sleep inside a spongy-feeling sleeping bag instead of lying flat on the grass or on the bench – at least it will do its part saving you from all the exposure in the wild.

Sleeping bag can also be extremely useful when you returned back to your accommodation too late in the night and you are too tired to wash up before heading to bed. Grab the sleeping bag and you can start dozing off on the floor – without dirtying your bed or the blankets.

5. Head Lamp

(Image: REI)

You can bring along a torchlight too, but I strongly suggest getting a head lamp for convenience sake. Imagine you are trekking through the jungle and your hands are holding on to the trekking pole, a torchlight and a map. It’ll be worse if you would also want to take photos for memories sake.

With a head lamp, it will help lessen the load on your hands, so that you wouldn’t struggle with so many items and end up dropping everything. You wouldn’t want to drop your phone on soil and mud.

6. First Aid Kit

(Image: Ready First)

You don’t leave for a holiday without packing in one of the most important things. I couldn’t emphasise more about the importance of having a first aid kit for your trip. Accidents might happen and when it does *touchwood*, you will want to respond fast.

It’s a matter of life and death we are talking about right now. Always be prepared because the faster you respond to an emergency case, the chance of it escalating will be minimised.

7. Waterproof Holder for Phones

(Image: Superpohod.ru)

This is especially for those who are visiting the beach or taking part in water activities. Grab a few waterproof holders and put them into your bagpacks. This will help protect your phone whenever you are going to the water and you can also take photo while inside the water!

Loan your travel gears from LEASANY

Leasany is a local start-up that advocates sharing among travellers to-and-fro Singapore. Travellers would be able to loan essential yet costly equipment for their trip. While this initiative helps to reduce travel budget, yet, the start-up aims to encourage travellers like us to try on new things without spending a huge fortune for a huge yet risky initial investment.

Rent your items from Leasany using the promo code ‘EDDYCHUA’ to enjoy 20% off your total rental fee! Do it fast because the offer ends 10 September 2018!

5 Ways To Plan For Your Future

Everyone wants to be financially independent. Youths like me, who are still finding our way in life as we approached the real deal of adulthood, hope that one day, we will be able to make enough money to sustain our living. We want to be able to earn enough to spend on the necessities that we need and the luxuries that we crave yet having enough money for rainy days and for retirement.

Despite having a national savings scheme in the form of CPF which covers your housing and health expenditures as well, we still need to be self-reliant when it comes to personal finance. Such financial literacy becomes all the more important when the cost of living in this island are getting higher each year.

According to a recent study done by local bank DBS, they found out that more than 50% of their customers aged 20 – 35 either do not plan or do not know how to plan financially. As for the remaining who plan for financial goals, the majority of them do not exactly know the estimated target amount needed to achieve each goal. To one’s relief, 3 in 5 young adults do want to manage their money better in order to help them achieve their future goals – be it buying a home, growing their money or for self-development.

So with that, we decided to just share with everyone 5 simple ways to plan for your future because being financially stable and independent is our future.


I remembered watching this old MediaCorp Ch8 sitcom “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. The uncle of the main character was being rather stingy at times but that’s because he lives by a financial motto: Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit. Despite it being a Chinese show, it actually provided me with my favourite Malay phrase of all-time. The Malay proverb actually meant, “Bit by bit, and over time, it will accumulate into a mountain”.

Although that doesn’t mean you should be stingy with every penny. Instead, we should learn to set aside some money as our savings every month. For those who are working, whether as a part-timer or have already stepped right into the workforce, put aside a percentage of your income into your savings account. By the meaning of SAVINGS account, it means that you should not be touching the money inside at all unless it’s very emergency.

NOTE: Dying to buy a Hermes bag that’s at 60% off during this GSS season but you do not have a spare cash to spend on it is NOT an emergency.

I think we all do need some discipline when it comes to weighing between what is emergency spending and what’s not.

If you would like some tips on how to save money, do check out 5 Most Cheapskate Ways to Save Money.


Planning ahead means that you have to sit down with a pen and paper (or in front of your laptop/PC) and start to think ahead. Where do you want to be in 5 years time? How do you want to live your life in 10 years time?

It is inevitable that there are many uncertainties in life, but it is important to plan for at least 5 years ahead. It will give you the enough time to actually deliver what you’ve actually planned for yourself amidst all the uncertainties. There’s a reason why government plan always come in 5 years (remember a certain Stalin’s 5-Year plan for Soviet Russia back in the late 1920s and early 1930s?).

Plan backwards. Once you see where you want to be in 5 years, start planning backwards. Instead of an unachievable big leap forward towards your goal, break them into smaller steps. For instance, if you want to complete a full marathon in 5 years, and if you hadn’t been running, go for a 5km run in your first year. In the second year, upgrade and train for the 10KM. Maybe try running that distance for about 5-8 times at the pace you are comfortable in before moving on to the next milestone. Of course, you don’t run your half marathon straight, go for 12, 14, 16, and as long as you feel that you are comfortable with the distance already, move on, add another 1-2KM to your next run. By the third year, you are most likely ready for the half marathon. And you are half-way there already. The difficulty increases as you move beyond the 21KM, it becomes more tough and challenging. Yet, as long as you persevere, train right and take the right nutrition, your plan to compete your first ever full marathon can be fulfilled.

It’s the same as in life. Things eventually gets tough but you’ll always need to have that mental prepareness. That’s why planning ahead is so important. You give yourself and aim and the strategy to achieve it. Being clear of your goals and taking small steps towards it helps you make your life better.


(Image: Janisrae)

There is an old English proverb that goes “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.”

Indeed, imagine what happened if that basket dropped on the floor, you might just be left with no eggs at all. There is no secret that most major conglomerates actually venture into more than one industry. For instance, Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffett, currently has ventures in insurance (GEICO), retail (The Pampered Chef, Helzberg Diamonds, etc), media (Buffalo Evening News) and real estate (HomeServices of America) – just to mention a few.

Make investments, open a small company that is sustainable, write a blog, be a freelance, even picking up new skills at your own free time. These will actually help you receive money via several streams of income.

There are actually 3 types of income for your consideration.

a) Earned income: This is basically the money that you’ll be getting in the form of salary – something that you exchanged your time and effort with. It is one kind of fixed income. There is not much fluctuations, unless you receive a rise/drop in your paycheck or that you’ve decided to change your job.

b) Passive income: This is the money that you’ll get when you sell something more than it had cost you initially. It’s like selling things you’ve got on Taobao on Carousell or even opening your own business outside of your full-time work. You know, you can be the boss of a company yet you actually personally work for another company. As long as there’s no conflict of interest, I think this is a pretty good way to earn some extra money. Furthermore, it’s your own business.

c) Portfolio income: By portfolio, it means selling your investments at a higher price than you’ve initially made. Although it requires quite some time and effort to do the necessary research and gain credible knowledge about your investments, but the capital gains that you are going to receive from it might be more than what you’ve actually earn from your earned income or your passive income. But there’s always a risk to meddle with.


(Image: PinsDaddy)

Planning for the future also means finding THAT industry that you are willing to stay in for for at least 10 years. You might change job but never change your industry too fast. Give yourself some time to gain enough experience so that once you change job, you can upgrade your salary as well – instead of changing career path.

Unless you are very sure about your passion, spend your teens or years as a student to experience the different job environments out there in the market. Be a retail sales person, work in the F&B industry, shut yourself within the four walls of the office doing admin/office work, run around perspiring or squeeze your creative juices at media companies or test your limits with kids in the education industry. You will meet different people while working in different environment, experience things that you’ll never get to experience before (not to be biased but I strongly think being in the media industry gets you the best exposure to almost everything).

Slowly, you will find where your real passion lies and you will understand that the industry that you eventually venture in would probably be the best for you. You won’t even want to think about leaving your industry because you’ve experience first-hand of how other industry is like and the reason why you didn’t venture there in the first place.

It will give you the mentality to push yourself in your industry. Passion will eventually turn to cash, as long as you stay rooted to it.

If you are still unsure of how to be financially independent for the future, you should speak to a financial advisor. I know many of you, me alike, do not really trust financial advisors or basically anyone when it comes to money. You might be that they might pressure you into some investments or insurance that you are totally not interested in. Same here.

However, at DBS’s NAV Hub, they offer young adults free personalised financial planning sessions with no financial products being sold. In other words, don’t be sceptical once you’ve stepped into the comfy shophouse because they are not going to sell you any financial packages that you are not ready to invest in under this new initiative by DBS.

No financial transactions, just helping customers to navigate through life changes, uncertainties and opportunities.

Through a roughly one-hour session, you can learn more about their current financial health, as well as understand their financial goals and how to achieve them. In addition, you can also obtain financial planning tips from the NAV online space and attend monthly financial planning classes at the “NAV Hub” conducted by industry experts to boost your financial literacy.

“NAV HUB” is housed at 45 Tras Street, just some 5-minute walk away from the nearest MRT station at Tanjong Pagar. Do make a booking of the available slots HERE before heading down.

5 Ways to Speed Up Productivity

Everyone loves high productivity, but is it easier to be said than done? As a person who procrastinates too often, high productivity seems to be out of the question for me. I used to not be able to hand in my best work for school assignments periodically because of that very bad habit of mine – something that I usually referred to as ‘a peccadillo’.

As I grow up and becoming increasingly bothered by my constant unproductivity, I knew I need to do something to rectify my problem.

I ‘googled’ my problem and did some rather intensive research on the remedy. I experiment with a few of the suggestions and it turns out to be beneficial. Hence, I would like to share with everyone here on the 5 ways to speed up your productivity.


(Image: philmaffetone)

Everyone tends to make such a mistake. We all thought that engaging in multi-tasking will speed up our work. But, to disappoint you, no it does not.

Unless you are that 2% of the population who are capable of multi-tasking, but the chances are low, and we tend to overestimate our ability to do so. Just like you are unable to focus on the road while driving and talking on your phone at the same time, multitasking at work or studying has the same detrimental effect. Our brain needs time to refocus and studies have shown that multitasking reduces our productivity by 40%.

Instead of reading e-mails, scrolling through your social media accounts, reading random fanfics, working on your proposals, messaging your friends all within the span of 5 minutes, why not focus on one thing first, complete it, before moving onto the next one?

Prioritising is important. Prioritising what you have to do first can help you stay on track because you will be more organised this way. It will help to keep your mind clear from any distractions and your focus level will go up.

(Image: Happyologist)

Since we are on ‘prioritising’, it would not be complete if we do not set a deadline for ourselves. We can be spending hours and days and probably weeks on the task that is on top of our priority list but that is going to defeat the purpose.

Imposing deadline on yourself will create the sense of urgency, expect for those of you are impervous to deadlines. I will always set a deadline for myself on when I have to get certain things done – even for my shopping and fitness schedule.

Spend a little time at the start of the week to schedule your work (if you have more than a week to complete them) evenly, so that you wouldn’t have to panic when the deadline is reaching. If your deadline is on Friday, try and complete it by Wednesday, so that you will have 2 days to fine tune them and make sure you produce your best possible work. It’s not going to be easy, but force yourself – that’s the best advice I can give because I am also still in the process of doing this right.


Not as and when you like, but when required.

American self-help author Melody Beattie once wrote in “Journey to the Heart”,

“Rest when you are tired. Take a break when life stales. Take time to recharge your battery. Energy isn’t something you have – it’s something you are. To give and give and give, to put out without taking in, depletes your battery. It drains you, runs you down.”

Whenever I become wearied, I will put all my work aside and put my mind into rest mode. I am the kind of person who cannot focus once the fatigue level reaches a certain level and my brain will automatically shut down.

Instead of pushing yourself through the ordeal (and you can’t focus anyway), why not take a break, have a cup of coffee, have a KitKat or go for a walk. It’s good to put occasional 15-30 minutes breaks into your schedule so that you know the duration of the break you should be having and prevent yourself from turning a well-deserved break into a period of slacking.



 (Image: DBS Bank)

Thanks to the developments in technology, it is not surprising that there are mobile apps out there which can aid us in our cause for better productivity at the tip of our fingers. There is a “To-do List” app to keep track on your task, an “Accompany” app to keep track on your daily schedule and much more.

In Singapore, we all love food. But because of that, almost every hawker stalls, restaurants are full of crowds and it is inevitable that we have to spend much of our lunchtime queuing up for our favourite food (especially if your favourite food turns out to be everyone else’s favourite food).

I could be working on my articles or my videos instead of spending meaningless time stalking people scrolling through my social accounts while queuing.

One day, I was introduced to this app. It changes how I work, completely.

Okay, actually it’s a few apps.

Simply search for “DBS FasTrack” in your Apple or Google app store and you will see a list of restaurant apps appearing right on your screen.

Something like that.

After which, download the app that you wish to use.

Launch the app, order from a menu and pay for your food/drink on-the-go. Cashless payment is built into the apps so you can pay using your DBS/POSB credit or debit card, or with DBS PayLah! (a separate innovative mobile wallet app you’ve got to download which allows customers to transfer money instantly and conveniently to anyone, oven non-DBS customers!) [iOS] [Android].

There’s no doubt why DBS Bank is crowned the “World’s Best Digital Bank” in 2016 by Euromoney. They have been putting in efforts, such as embarking on a comprehensive and holistic mission, to change the culture and mindset of staff, re-architecting its technology infrastructure, and leveraging Big Data, biometrics and artificial intelligence to reimagine banking.

I don’t even need to bother about wasting time to queue. Just order it using the app and take note of the waiting time, go down to pick up your food/drinks once it is ready (the app will send you a notification). Just take and go, what can be more time-saving in comparison? It really helped me utilise my time to the maximum because instead of queuing, I could be doing my work to speed up my productivity.

Restaurants like Old Tea Hut, Five Star Restaurant, Old Kim Guan and Koufu (100AM and Square 2 branches) already have apps powered by DBS FasTrack available for download!

You can check out more information right here!


(Image: Empiretoday)
My workplace is never that tidy. It is always in a constant mess, hence it explains why if I were to rush out my articles or any work, I will leave the comfort of my work desk and probably find myself sitting in the dining room to get them done.
The dining table is much cleaner as compared to my work desk – which is filled with magazines, stationaries, and drafts lying all around. It is not surprising how a cleaner workplace does aid in increasing your productivity level. 
According to a study done by Jeffery Campbell, PhD chair of the facilities management program at Brigham Young University, on the relationship between cleanliness and learning in higher education, 88% of the 1, 481 respondents reflected that ‘productivity, concentration and learning is hampered by dingy places.’ The reason being? When there are too many things on your work desk, you will tend to get easily distracted from what you are supposed to do.
Take me for an example. I have a stack of Men’s Health magazines on my desk, right beside my working area. Over the period of an hour when I was trying to research for this article, I’ve realised I’ve probably spent at least a quarter of the time flipping through the magazines. And after which, I got my brain really drained to even able to focus on my research. You see, when you are not focusing on something, that something suddenly becomes more interesting. 
Hence, remove everything that could be a distraction to you on your desk and keep it clean and tidy. If not, move to another tidier place where nothing else will distract you. Trust me, your productivity will increase.

Dine and save with FoodPanda coupons and cashback with ShopBack!

So I got introduced to this website called Shopback.sg a few days back and was invited to try it out. I heard can get some money back after you order things via this service, to put it in another word, IT PAYS YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH 500 OF THEIR MERCHANT STORES.

Of course as someone who love to eat (as clearly seen from my big-sized body), I decided to use it on Foodpanda. For those of you who still clueless about what Foodpanda is, Foodpanda is actually a food delivery service. Basically, you just need to order food from any of the participating F&B outlets and you’ll have your favourite food being delivered right to your doorstep.

In these days, people are getting more and more lazy, either we are getting too exhausted after work drained us both physically and mentally or that technology improves tremendously that we need not do a lot of things on our own.

I’ve finally found a perfect moment to put this service to good use.

After a day trying to figure out how I am going to survive my next school term, I was both mentally drained and hungry. Being a lackadaisical person, especially when I am enervated, I will pray for food to magically somehow appear right in front of me.

Typical overly-pampered Singaporean first world problem.

Logging in to Shopback, I was directed to this sign-up screen. It states, “Sign up for free and get $5*!”, and that sounds like a good deal.

Alternatively, if you decided to just surf around the site before you really decide on creating an account, just click on the ‘x’ button to close the window. And when you realised you want to create an account, just click on the ‘Sign up’ button on the top right-hand corner of your window. Just as simple as that.

Once I logged in, it was given a short tutorial on how this site actually works.

After going through the tutorial, what appeared before me is a whole list of participating merchant.

So I decided to grab a Foodpanda voucher here.

And hey, there’s a ‘SB Exclusive’ sales there with 20% deal! Which means after spending a minimum of $30 using the coupon code, I can get at least $6 back. And plus the $5 that they give for my first purchase, I will most likely going to have at least $11 cash back on this order.

Nothing sounds better especially when you are cash tight and you are hungry and you want to make take-away delivery.

The current deal (that’s going to last till 30 June, 2016) is definitely going to promise more than 8% cashback.

I am not even kidding! The 20% off is a real deal. And on top of that, I am going to expect an up to 8% cash back. Who doesn’t like offers and deals anyway?

Apart from getting cash back when ordering food from Foodpanda via Shopback, you can also get cash back from other services such as Redmart, Burger King and Groupon! And that’s not all! You can also get more discounts when shopping for brands like Nike, mds, Guardian and Sephora, etc when you shop using these coupons!

If you are still unsure of how Shopback works, feel free to check out the video above! HEHE


10 Most Useful Shortcuts: Google Docs

Be it in school or at your workplace, we are constantly being exposed to Google Doc. The reason why Google Doc is one of the most commonly used word processor because it’s easily accessible (I mean, look, it is web-based, that means you can practically edit your documents online at where ever wifi is present and you can be using different PCs or laptops to edit the same document. And guess what, you don’t even need to be afraid if your PC crashes because as long as you are online, they will save it automatically for you!) and it’s free (who doesn’t have an affection for freebies?)

Ever since coming into Polytechnic, I am being exposed to Google Doc. And I love it. Gone are the days where group members actually need to meet up so frequently to get shit work done. We can do our work at the own comfort of our own homes and still, get shit done (provided everyone really get shit done HAHAHA).

Of course, along the way, I get to realise some shortcuts that really help me to save time and allowed me to concentrate on the tasks I’ll need to complete instead of trying to find for the ‘effects’ or ‘tools’ I need in order to make my document more aesthetically pleasing. Every time when I see my fellow friends doing the extra steps to get to the feature, I will be like ‘Hey, no need waste your time lah. Make use of the shortcuts!’ Hence I decided to write this blog post to introduce to everyone and save you guys from all the inconvenience!

So here you go, the 10 Most Useful Shortcuts I believe it will come in handy for everyone using Google Docs!

1. Be Bold and Control + B, Italics with Control + I and Underline your Keywords with Control + U

(Image: WeKnowMemes)

Bold is one of the most commonly used feature for a document, it helps to better structure your document by highlighting the header so that people will know what your next paragraph is all about. There is no need to move your cursor to that B logo. Simply press Control + B (or Command + B on Mac) and there you go! Everything will be in bold. Press the same buttons again to go back to normal.

Since Italics is represented by the I symbol, that means you can press Control + I (or Command + I on Mac) to get that italic effect.

Now, I guess you’ve already know what to press when you want to underline a word, a phrase or even a sentence. That’s right, Control + U (or Command + U)! Good job!

(Image: memecenter)

2. Increasing Font Size with Control + Shift + >

(Image: Relatably)

Now, instead of trying to increase or decrease your font size by moving your cursor to the font size option, here’s the easier way, free from using the mouse. All you need to do is to press Control + Shift + > (or Command + Shift + > on Mac) to increase your font size or Control + Shift + < (or Command + Shift + <) to decrease your font!

You don’t even need your mouse.

3. Increasing Paragraph Indentation with Control + ]
There are times when there a need to increase your paragraph indentation, especially if you are going to type a quote into your document.

As usual, everyone will move their cursor to increase their paragraph indentation. However, there is an easier way to do it. By pressing Control + ] (or Command + ] on Mac) you will get the indentation that you want. Press Control + [ to decrease your paragraph indentation.

4. Align with Control + Shift + L/E/R

(Image: memegenerator)

All documents are usually aligned to the left but there are times where we want some part of it to be centre aligned (especially in a table for me) or when we want it to be right aligned. Go ahead and use the shortcut:

Left align: Control + Shift + L (or Command + Shift + L)
Right align: Control + Shift + R (or Command + Shift + R)
Centre align: Control + Shift + E (or Command + Shift + E)
Justify: Control + Shift + J (or Command + Shift + J)

5. Making a bulleted list with Control + Shift + 8
Sometimes, having your work being presented in bullet format increase the clarity of your presentation. It’ll be more straight to the point and easy to read. And guess you don’t know that there’s a shortcut to create a bulleted list. Just Control + Shift + 8 (or Command + Shift + 8 on Mac) and you are ready to go.

I know some of you might prefer the numbered list. It’s okay because here’s the shortcut keys for you: Control + Shift + 7 (or Command + Shift + 7 on Mac).

6. Control + Z to Undo
There are always times when we copy and paste the wrong thing or want to undo a certain edit or when you realised that you’ve edited the wrong thing and want to revert your edit. And then when you forget what the original work was, you start to panic.

(Image: Quickmeme)

Not to worry! There is a shortcut for us to undo edits: Control + Z (or Command + Z for Mac). Hope I’ve save some of you souls.

7. Count your Words with Control + Shift + C
As a student, we are always faced with word limits and we are extremely concerned about how much we’ve actually written for our essays or reports.

(Image: Quickmeme)

Here’s a shortcut for you to actually check the words you’ve written so far: Control + Shift + C (or Command + Shift + C).

8. Comment with Control + Alt + M

(Image: kim-cnd)

This is especially useful in group projects. When you want to add in some suggestions for your other team members, you can add a comment to the sentence or paragraph. That is so that when they logged in next time, they will see exactly where they can edit in accordance to your remarks.

Comment with Control + Alt + M (or Command + Option + M).

9. Insert Footnote with Control + Alt + F

(Image: chucklesnetwork)

Footnote. A very crucial part especially if you are writing your thesis or report. You need your reference and there are some who will choose to create a footnote to identify their sources on every page. So here’s how you can go about doing it: just by pressing Control + Alt + F (or Command + Option + F). And you are ready to add your reference at the bottom of the page!

10. Open Revision History with Control + Alt + Shift + G

(Image: learningspy)

For those anal concerned team leader or team mates. This is probably the best tool to check if your team mates are actually doing work. It shows you the entire revision history: who edited what at what time. It actually tells you a lot.

Oh God, CIA you should really start hiring me.

But well, stop it. The main purpose of this function is to actually to restore the past version of your document, just in case you edited so much that you realised your current work is worse than the original one. This is really a life saver.

Or your doomsday. It’s for you to decide.

But of course, such cool and interesting feature does not come easy, there are 4 keys you’ll need to press but it’s still better than going to File and see the Revision History. Here you go: Control + Alt + Shift + G (or Command + Option + Shift + G). I tried it and it took me just about a second.

21 English Words That You Might Have Been Pronouncing Wrongly

English is the lingua-franca of the World and it is important to get your pronunciation right in other for people from other countries to understand you. As we are in Singapore, it is good to get yourself familiarise with the correct British pronunciation of certain words. There are words that we tend to read it as it is when it’s actually not, and there are also words that we tend to read it as some other words when the pronunciation is rather obvious.

So here’s a list of 21 words that most people, including myself, have been pronouncing wrongly since the day we started speaking.

Since we are talking about pronunciation here, let’s get the keyword right from the first place. While the word ‘pronounce’ is pronounced as ‘pro-nounce’ (that’s really direct, doesn’t it?), the word ‘pronunciation’ tend to cause some confusion. The noun form of ‘pronounce’ is spelt differently (notice that they dropped the ‘o’?). Hence, it read it as ‘pro-nun-ci-a-tion’. Read it as how it is spelt.

Many people in Singapore, as much as I am hearing, mispronounce the longer formed of ‘etc.’ as es-se-tra. Of course, it should have been et cetera. Apparently, we are too lazy to read out the 4 syllabus word that we shortened it to just three.


(Image: theolinecitizen)

A parliament is probably the most boring productive place in the nation where parliamentarians from different political parties come together to engage in serious political mudslinging debates over national issues. The English language is kind of confusing when it comes to this, while we tend to decrease the syllables in words like ‘et cetera’, there are times that we get too conscious over our pronunciation that we actually very single syllabus that we think the word contains.

The word ‘Parliament’ is often read as ‘par-li-a-ment’. But, well, it should be read as ‘par-li-ment’. Probably whoever who derived the word realised that they doesn’t really deserves the ‘A’. Just kidding.


(Image: findhealthtips)

Something that we use as much as we get it pronounced wrongly. “Hey, do you have a comb? I need to comb my hair.” Many of us, including myself and the Americans, tend to pronounce words like this literally. We mispronounced it as ‘com-b’ – as in the ‘comb’ from the word ‘combination’. (Of course, it’s considered a correct alternative pronunciation if you are coming from somewhere where American English is preferred.) The actual and of course the British way of pronouncing ‘comb’ is ‘keum’ as in ‘womb’.

I swear English itself is confusing enough, and we really need not British English and American English to further complicate things.


(Image: enkivillage)

“Could you help us take a picture?”

Often, we pronounce it as ‘peek-ture’. Not sure what you are peeking at while taking a picture, but the actual pronunciation is in fact ‘pik-cher’. Don’t drag the ‘i’, just make it short and simple, just like you just press your shutter once to take a picture.

Another word that has always been mispronounced by almost everyone. The ‘photo-‘ in the word ‘photography’ doesn’t sound the same as the word ‘photo’ when it is left alone. It’s not ‘pho-to-gra-phy’ but instead it’s ‘fhe-tog-ra-phy’.

Told you English is confusing.


(Image: Wynn Las Vegas)

No, it’s definitely not pronounced as ‘suit’. Repeat it after me, “sweet’. Yes, they rhyme. Well, apparently they think that being in a suite is the most sweetest feeling ever. Must be.

Those things that we put on our necks or wrists for decorative proposes? Yup, that’s accessories. As much as we love wearing them, I mean er… most of us would love to have some accessories worn together with your outfit of the day, we tend to shout out the wrong pronunciation for this word.

“Dear, do you have the asses-so-ry?”
This pronunciation probably requires some assessment. It should be pronounced as ‘ac-cess-se-ry’. Well, I didn’t know I was pronouncing it wrongly when I realised that there’s no such word as ‘assessory’.

Sometimes, you got to pronounce how it is written.
Of course, sometimes, you don’t.


(Image: Big Box Training)

Before you start commenting on how your friend has an ‘athlete leg’, get familiarised with the pronunciation first before you get, er hmm, checkmate. We tend to read it as ‘at-the-lic’ which sounded right, but wrong. If we look closely enough, you’ll notice that there’s no ‘e’ after the letter ‘h’ in the word. It’s ‘athlete’ and not ‘atheletic’.

Not sure how and why we kept seeing it as ‘atheletic’. Pronounce it as ‘ath-lit’ and you are ready to go.


While there are actually two ways of pronouncing it, just like the word ‘comb’: the British way and the American way. That pretty much sums up how the Brits and the Americans are often at odds with one another. For countries who are using the British English, or I call it the more traditional version of English, the ‘l’ in the word ‘almond’ is silent.

Therefore, do pronounce it as ‘ar-mond’. Like how you say it after every prayer before your meals.

I still remember how I was reprimand for pronouncing the word wrongly back in Primary School. As how it is being spelt, we tend to read it as ‘s-word’. But too bad, it shouldn’t be read that way. The ‘w’ in silent here, just like how the ‘l’ is silent in ‘almond’, as previously mentioned. Read it as ‘sord’, my fellow friends. At least your friend will probably get the correct weapon for you during a fight.


(Image: thickslicepizza)

The most delicious thing to appear in this list. We all love pizza, don’t we? But we love pronouncing it wrongly too. We’ve been calling it ‘pis-sa’ but actually it’s ‘pitz-za’.

Forget it and just enjoy your pizza.

I don’t know why, but some people tend to pronounce it as ‘cote’. Just remember to pronounce the ‘u’ and you’ll be fine.


(Image: cosmolife)

“Eh, you don’t anyhow uh! I call the poo-lice uh!”
“Eh, you sign on poo-lice uh?”

I know sometimes being an uniformed officer can be a shit job but there’s no need to say that you are a poo-lice. It is not poo-lice but per-lice.

A word that I, myself, have been pronouncing wrongly for the past decade or so. I read it as ‘co-cua’ while some others read it as ‘co-co-a’, which are both wrong. Forget the ‘a’ and read it as ‘co-co’.

Now let me make myself a cup of hot ‘co-co’ before continue on with the list.


(Image: raghukaka)

What do you call when you need someone to fix your sewage system for you? The plumber. That’s right. Not the ‘plum-ber’ but the ‘plum-er’. God knows why the ‘b’ is silent, probably it went down the drain.

A word that we tend to forget that there’s actually 2 ‘R’s in the word. Most of us tend to read it as ‘Fe-bu-a-ry’. For this, don’t miss out on any of the letters, pronounce the ‘R’s. Hence, it should be read it as ‘Fe-bru-a-ry’. It’s okay if you are struggling with it, because me too. TEEHEE

Many people look forward to this day because it’s an indication of mid-week and that means that you are halfway through your week and the weekend is coming in a couple of day’s time.

Wed-nes-day. That’s all how most of us read it as. But too bad, the Brits decided that since there’s only two more days to the weekend, they decided to read it as a two-syllable word instead of a three-syllable word. Therefore, it’s just ‘wenz-day’. They simply just combined ‘wednes’ into a syllabus. Well done, English.

For all you computer geeks out there, this word will not be stranger to you. For those who don’t know what’s cache is all about, it’s a part of the computer memory where informations are stored temporarily.

You may not understand how it works, but you’ll most probably love its actual pronunciation. It’s not anything close to ‘ca-che’. You’ll have to read is as ‘kash’, yes, somewhat like ‘cash’. Now, isn’t it easier to get it into your mind because it sounded like something you need it most?

Maybe that’s why my cash is always stored temporarily in my wallet. It’s gone almost immediately.

For most Chinese, we tend to read this as how it looks like, simply ‘chaos’, because that’s how we read it in Chinese. As if English pronunciation doesn’t create much of a chaos (remember this word has to be spelt with an ‘s’), they decided to pronounce it as ‘kay-yors’.

Sometimes I wonder how linguist gets to get everything right.


(Image: bootsnall)

I will probably live there if I wasn’t afraid of the cold was given a chance to. It’s a very beautiful place because there is basically little or no humans and human activities. There are more people pronouncing ‘Antarctica’ wrong than the among of people actually working there. We mis-pronounced it as ‘An-tar-ti-ca’. This is because we clearly don’t realised that ‘Antarctica’ is made up of ‘anti’ and ‘Arctica’, which when combined, means the opposite of the Arctic land.

Hence for that, ‘Antarctica’ should be pronounced as ‘Ant-arc-ti-ca’.


(Image: Paul Carroll)

Although this might not be a legit English word but this is for those football fans who are amazed by the sudden rise of Leicester City. As much as the name of this Leicestershire-based club is being mentioned almost everywhere – from workplaces to the pubs – it seems like everyone has been pronouncing their name wrongly. I was guilty of the pronunciation too. The city where it is based in is not pronounced as ‘Lei-chester’ but ‘Leis-ter’ as in ‘Lester’. Probably your friend named Lester might suspect if his name was actually spelled as ‘Leicester’.

Ok. That’ll be weird.

5 Most Cheapskate Ways To Save Money

It’s near towards the end of the month and I am sure many people are facing the same issue. The issue regarding the amount of money in your wallet or your bank account right now. Many of you, like me too, has already somewhat spent away a good portion of your pay and/or allowance and now trying to make sure you have enough to last till the end of the month or until your paycheque has come in.


The contrast between the start of the month and nearing to the end of the month is massive.

(GIF: Goodmeme)

I could totally relate to that.

1. Have Meal With Someone Who Has A Relatively Small Appetite

(Image: BBC)

That works absolutely well for me, especially during the past few weeks. I haven’t been spending a lot on food thanks to the kind of friends I’ve been eating with. Slowly you will realise that some of your friends (not necessarily those who are small in size because you don’t judge one’s appetite by merely looking at his/her size) don’t really eat much and that means there are always food for you to ‘cope’ from.

What I’ve personally tried was I went to the caifan stall to buy some rice and some meat for merely just $2 and when I returned back, everyone was complaining about not able to finish their food. Ohohoh, did I not mention to always be the last person to buy food because you’ll roughly gauge how much food you need to spend your money on – you see, if you see someone with a small appetite coming back to the seat with a huge portion of food, you know you can just go ahead to just get some staple food for yourself. Of course, the only problem is that: what if that person is really hungry that day.

Here you go, for a second round of food.

2. Drink more water

(Image: Today Online)

Well, actually, there’s another way if you want to save money from food. That is, to drink more water. Water can help to make you feel full and for those of you who are trying to prevent yourselves from gaining some pounds, drinking water is definitely the way to go! No calories yet you still feel full!

We are very fortunate to be here in Singapore where drinkable water is readily available everywhere, especially from the convenience of your own kitchen. Although water tariff for household is $1.17 per cubic meter below 40m3 and $1.40 per cubic meter above 40m3, if you do your math, you will realised that at the end of the month, you will save more when you choose drinking water instead of buying too many snacks or considering extra servings of food!

Well, if you aren’t the one paying the utility bills, extra savings for you when you replace your snacks with water!

3. Sign up for as many free customer reward programs as possible and look out for coupons
Or you can invest in some of the reward programs.

You’ll never know how much you could save with all these customer reward cards, be it absolutely free or something you’ve got to invest on. I’ve personally signed up for Golden Village Movie Club card (something that I truly recommend if you are avid movie goers). It entitles you to a “GV Members’ Tuesday” privilege where you can catch a movie at just $6.50 instead of the usual $8.50. Hey, that’s $2 discount. You can save this $2 on other stuffs!

While some of these reward systems are card-based, there are many that are card-less and they are everywhere. For instant, you can sign up for CapitaStar and remember to always scan your receipts at the CapitaStar machine located within any CapitaLand Malls and you will soon gathered enough points to redeem vouchers that you can enjoy during the last few days of them month when you are nearly out of cash.

4. Take part in volunteer work

(Image: Careerealism)

The moment when your friends jio-ed you for voluntering work or when someone approached you to voluntarily help them in something, go for it, especially when you are trying to save money.

Look, volunteering is free and you didn’t need to pay for anything. And during volunteering, especially when it takes up your late morning till night, there will be chances that lunch and dinner will be provided. That’s when you are already spending $0 on food for that day. And guess what the other perks are? You get to earn CCA points (for students) and you’ll get to expand your social circle. And the biggest perks of them all? You’ll get a sense of accomplishment because you’ve done something in return to the society.

5. Make use of all the discounts during special seasons, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

(Image: dealtaker)

Thanksgiving has just passed and we are now entering Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, that means you are so going to look out for all the offers across the country and online. During these days, most of the shops are going to have massive discount since it marks the start of the Christmas present shopping season. Online sites like Zalora are having up to 80% off and some even offer further discounts if you were to download their app.

I am so going to check out the other discounts right now to see how I am going to utilise the remaining money in my bank before money comes in next week when the new month arrives.

Just hope you guys will not be like the Americans when you are rushing for the deals!

If you guys have any other money-saving tips to share, do comment at the comment column down below! Will collate your tips into my future blog post!