When A Bachelorette Party Goes Wrong

A bachelorette party is a party that is being held in honour of a woman who is about to get married. Thanks to Hollywood’s depiction, we tend to view such events as an evening of alcohol and to some extent, debauchery. It supposed to be a fun and thrilling night (depending on your definition) and everyone ought to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

But what if, things did not go as planned? Here comes THE JUGULAR VEIN,  written by seasoned in-house playwright James Thoo and directed by veteran theatre performer Kamil Haque. The Jugular Vein a one-act play about a group of women on a bachelorette night who, over the course of the evening, come to realise that they don’t all like each other as much as they thought. Tension builds, tempers begin to flare, and before long the entire situation breaks down into all-out anarchy.

This play is presented by The Haque Collective, a crowdfunded theatre troupe which prides itself in providing the opportunities for deserving talented and dedicated performers whose chances are limited due to their background, experience, vague ethnicity or appearance.

While there are a lot of plays or shows produced in Singapore with roles for women, few offer the range of characters or the breadth of definition to allow an actress to do their most interesting work. The Jugular Vein, features four strong female roles (portrayed by Stephanie Bovis, Nadia Dayan, Aiswarya Nair and Jolene Wong) with no male roles. The four characters may all be wives and one of them is a mother, but this is not the thing that defines them as people.

If you are ready to witness drama and splendid acting skills, be sure not to miss this play! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

When: 19th, 20th September 2019 @ 8pm; 21st, 22nd September 2019 @ 3pm & 8pm
Where: CENTRE 42, BLACK BOX – 42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951
Price: SGD40

Makeup Guide: Finding the Right CC Cream

CC creams help in correcting complexions, so you can achieve that flawless look. But, how many times did you end up buying the wrong CC cream? Let’s face it – looking for the right one isn’t as easy as most people think. In most cases, you end up with a few misses before you land the right product.

Here’s the big question – how do you choose the right product to match your skin? If you’re wondering the same thing, this post is for you. Know how to find the right CC cream online with this quick guide:

Identify Your Skin Type

Different products react to different skin types. If you have oily skin, choosing a CC cream with a matte finish may be the best option for you. If your skin is prone to being flay or dry, better go with a product that has a moisturizing ingredient. In any case, before choosing a CC cream, it’s best to determine your skin type. This will help you find the right formula for your makeup.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Opinion

Looking for the right CC cream shouldn’t be a task you do alone. It pays to have help. Ask for suggestions from close friends who may have tried a specific brand. You can also look at online reviews to see what popular products are out there.

Consider the Coverage for Application

One thing you have to understand about CC creams is they tend to have thinner formulations than your regular BB cream. This means you will have to consider the coverage when applying the product. If you’re looking for complete coverage, almost all CC creams can provide you with this.

Look for Products with SPF

The sun can be unkind to the skin, which is why you need to choose CC cream products that have a good amount of sun protection factor (SPF). Go for products with SPF 30. Otherwise, you need to apply sunscreen before anything else.

Time to Shop for Your CC Cream

One last tip: compare products. Take your time when browsing online cosmetic shops for your item. If anything, go over the details of your chosen products and see if these can match what your skin needs.

The above article is written by guest author Lance Sprewell.


Everyone has a favourite place and mine’s always the beach. I don’t know why but I always felt at ease sitting by the beach side and hearing wave crashing. As much as I enjoy personal time by the beach, I always fantasise about being part of a beach party. The idea of everyone chilling out by the beach, listening to live bands playing the familiar tunes sounds like a perfect storyboard for a day out.

Last Saturday, together with The Fitspo People, we took part in the 5KM Charity Fun Run at the AIA Glow Festival. For every runner who completes the race, the organiser will donate $10 to children in need at the Children’s Wishing Well. The AIA Glow Festival fits the definition of my perfect day out.

Beach? Checked.
Live bands? Checked.

And on top of that, it’s a fitness event! I enjoy being part of any festival/event that promotes health and wellness and sports. Hence a combination of both kind of events just makes me feel so at ease and this was one of the rare moments that I could really forget about all my worries and relax myself. There was no PB to worry about, there was no work to ponder about. I just let my mind went into relaxation mode.

While the fun run segment supposed to flag off at 4pm, most of us reached the venue slightly later than the timing. Some of us managed to run together with the rest of the participants in waves, the rest just OTOT start the run after the last wave had been pushed out. Shuen, Reb and I were the last few from FPAC to start the run because we arrived a little too late. Yet, the thrills and fun of running in Sentosa was never diminished. The scenery was equally breathtaking, the hills were equally deadly, the sun was equally scorching and the energy level was high.

I went off on my own after I took this video from my Instagram Story. I want to explore one of the running route that I’ve been wanting to try at my own pace – the slow yet comfortable one. I’ve been to Sentosa quite a few times and I’d be lying if I claimed not to be tempted by runners speeding past me along Siloso Beach. The place is as attractive – if not, more attractive – than East Coast Park but the downside is that Sentosa is just too out of the way for me.

I ended up completing the course of the run (which is around 4.3km instead of 5km) within 30 minutes. I couldn’t have ask for a better timing given how bad my stamina and performance is these days. Alright, this is supposed to be a fun run so no talking about form and performance right here.

We gathered back at our meeting spot for a photo before everyone left for their own post-run activities.

Not everyone who was present was in the photo but nevertheless, it was great to see new faces joining us. Even though some of them might be joining us one-off, but it is still a good thing. FPAC really grew from like a 5-person squad into a relatively sizeable community. It started with Viv, Mish, Charmz, Yapz and I during Sundown Marathon 2016 and we ended up expanding and welcoming new friends like Justin, Shuen, Jaslyn and Zongwei.

I am very touched every time when I heard people coming forward to say that they wanted to challenge their limit or indicate their new found interest in running – for example Shuen and Zongwei. Reb ended up liking Orienteering after I invited her to represent us for a ranking league upon invitation from the Orienteering Federation of Singapore. It is heartening to see people who never really run in their life, eventually attempted and completed their first 10km run, motivating each other along the way. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Justin, Farhan and I motivating one another for a good 42km timing.

Breaking physical and mental barrier is one thing, providing the support for each other is one thing, providing the support for each other and promoting active lifestyle is another and those are the most important objectives, I feel. To be honest, I had thoughts about ditching this little project along the way because our schedules made it impossible for us to meet up for weekly runs. But eventually I thought, why not just let this little community slowly builds up and even if we do not meet, we could still cheer on and encourage each other on fitness and maybe, performance.

On a personal level, I felt that we are constantly being introduced to unhealthy living habits as we grow up in today’s society. Junk food adverts are omnipresent, giving us – me alike – the impression of the ‘need’ to reward ourselves after a day or a week of constant overworking. I’ve been trying hard to get myself out of the perpetual cycle of indulging in unhealthy lifestyle, only to find the motivation depleting day by day. Coming to the Glow Festival, I found that huge motivation that I need. Witnessing people from all walks of life coming together to sweat it out, improve their fitness and renewing their vitality, I realised that the best way to reward yourself after a day/week at work is to rejuvenate your body and provide your body with the best nutrients to keep functioning.

BALANCING MY LIFE: Trying out my yoga moves because I see so many people doing yoga-inspired photoshoot around me.
LOOKING BACK: Ok, err… I just want to show off the back of FPAC’s singlet. That’s all.

I don’t know when I’ll be back on track for my fitness and wellness, but I hope that the good vibes I get from AIA Glow Festival will carry me through the next stage of my life.

Getting a pet? You might want to read this first.

Are you thinking about owning a dog, a cat or that cute little hamster you saw at the pet shop earlier on? They are so cute and adorable that you can’t wait to bring it home and cuddle with it or to keep you company, right?

But wait… wait… stop right there. If you think that it’s that easy to get a pet, you might want to think through again. There are more than just providing your new friend food and shelter. I had thoughts of getting pets (especially cats!) at some point in the past, because I thought it would be nice to have some, you know, a living thing to keep myself company when I am alone at home or have some furry thing to hug when I am sad. The idea was dropped almost as instantly as it came across my mind. The reason is simple, I’ve thought through 3 key points and I realised I might not be ready to commit as a pet owner.

But for those who want to own a pet, maybe you can also think through the 3 key points that I am going to share in a short while. I might not be an expert in pet ownership but I have heard enough stories from Vivian, who volunteers at a local animal shelter at a regular basis, to come out with a simple thought process before owning a pet.

1. Capability

Are you capable of being a pet owner? Being capable means to be both financially capable and mentally capable. Financially capability is the most important factor to be because not only you need money to get food for your pets (and those pet food ain’t cheap, especially if you are going to get quality ones), you will also need money to visit the vets to keep the health of your pet in check. Pets, like us humans, do fall ill. A trip to the vet can cost to hundreds and you need to be mentally capable to take time off to nurse your pet back to health.

Furthermore, pets are like little children. They have their moods and behaviour as well. Are you ready to face with their ups and downs days? Are you ready to handle your pets tantrums? Are you patient enough to train your pets – whether if we are talking about toilet training or simple manners like (for dogs) not barking at any random strangers. All these needs some strong mental capability as well. Take it as some sort of parenting, I guess?

2. Commitment

Pets are not only there when you need someone to comfort you after a breakup or for cuddling. Once you bring them home, their welfare will be your responsibility. Will you be consistent in taking care of them? Will you remember to feed them during mealtime? Play with them during playtime (and not only approach them when you need companion)? Take time of to take care of them when they are ill?

Like what I said earlier on, it’s really like parenting. You have to commit yourself to your pets. Be prepared if you are really going to own one, it’s going to be time-consuming at times. If you are a workaholic who spends most of your time out of your home, maybe pet ownership is really not for you. Go to the pet cafe or park if you’d like to interact with the animals.

3. Environment

Can your pet fit into you and your family’s lifestyle?

That is one important decision that is not only for you to make. Bringing a pet home is equivalent to adding a member into the household. The pet will be part and parcel of you and your family’s lifestyle. Everyone needs to be agreeable with that in the first place. You wouldn’t want to have a tiff with any of your loved ones over the pet and probably resulting in having to offload your pet in the adoption shelter in the end. It’s not good for either the humans or the animal.

Well if you’ve considered all the three key points above and believed that you are ready to take up the responsibility in having a pet, then I would say go for it! However, don’t head back to the pet shop that you’ve came across. Instead, pay a visit to the animal shelter instead to ADOPT a pet. You will feel more sense of achievement by giving a new lease of life to those animals who had been abandoned by their previous owners.

UberSnap & SOSD Collaborates to Help Shelter Dogs Find A New Home

Sparked by the recent shift to a smaller pet shelter and dip in adoption rate, UberSnap collaborated with SOSD to introduce Singapore’s first pet GIF booth. Photography plays a key role in the adoption of pets, since most of the potential pet owners would want to look through the pictures of pets while making their decision. UberSnap hopes that through the GIFs, people would be able to experience the unique personalities of those loving shelter dogs.

SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation that requires public donations to continue their mission to rescue and rehabilitate street dogs. With the big move from East to West, SOSD hopes to raise funds for the renovation of their new pet shelter.

Little Vienna has been growing up in the shelter, after being rescued with a litter of puppies, and is still waiting for a home. She is playful with other dogs, but tends to get selective so will need work on introduction when meeting dogs. She is otherwise a very sweet and affectionate girl, who may still be a little overwhelmed by the outside world, and socialisation would be very important at this age.

Duncan may be old, but he behaves very much like a big puppy! He was quite unsure when he first came to shelter, and let out a deep growl when we approached. As time went by, he understood that we were not so bad afterall, and would wag his butt and tail vigorously, while letting out high-pitched whines until we came forward to give him head rubs. This goofy old man also has also since learnt about sofas and loves rolling and lazing on one. We hope this boy will be able to find a home, despite the odds of being an older dog.

These GIF photos really bring the whole adoption drive to another level. I mean, it looks more interactive now instead of staring at the static photo, right? There are also other lovely dogs up for adoption, so feel free to visit SOSD’s website to find out more!


In another news, if anyone responsible enough would want to adopt a cat and bring a feline member into your home, I’ve got a cute little cat that is up for adoption.

Spot is 5 years old and has its own Instagram as well. I’ve personally interacted with him before and I realised that for some reasons, he seems to like staring at humans. I have no idea what he is staring at, but there are times we ended up in a staring competition.

faBOWlous is mi #adoptSpotthecat #fostercatsg #blackcatsOfinstagram #cat

A post shared by Spot (@sp0tacular) on

So if anyone would like to adopt Spot, feel free to contact me via my email or any of my social media! I will then link you to his foster mum ya.

Remember to adopt, don’t buy!

Till the next post, see ya!

3-Step Guide for Newbies Ordering Flowers Online

There’s a first time for everything, and having jitters ordering in local online florist is not something new, especially to those who are used to buying from physical shops. Where do I click? What do I do? How do I pay? Et cetera, et cetera. The online buying process is simple, and some comprehensive online shops even guide customers through it. Below are three steps you can follow for a smooth online transaction.

Browse and Compare

Every online shop offers feature flowers, some even have flower of the day or flower arrangement of the week. That’s a great way to start if you do not know what you want to get. If you know that flower that you want, take the time to browse through the pages of florist online shops as they post their inventory, complete with photos and descriptions. Check out various websites offerings, compare among your top choices, and select the one that can best satisfy your demands.

Select and Inquire

If you want the best florist offerings for your occasion and you can’t find them in the featured products, you can always contact the shop directly to ask them about your particular interest—whether it’s a hand bouquet, birthday flowers, or any other special products or services. The online florist Singapore shop that has great customer service will find a way to get you what you need.

Add to Cart and Checkout

Some florist does instant checkout, but most have online carts for customers so they can conveniently browse the site for other products or services they might need for their occasion. After you’ve got everything you need, just check out and wait for the delivery of the products. That’s it—easy, convenient, and every transaction done in the comforts of your home.

First-time online transactions can induce panic at first, but the more you use the service, the more it becomes more addictive. It’s even a better experience if the online florist Singapore shop you’ve chosen goes out of their way to accommodate your requests.

Just remember to always double-check the items you have placed in your cart and make sure you have not added the same item twice (or thrice!). And here’s an extra advice: Always be vigilant and look out for hidden charges! These can make you spend unnecessary cash, and it can damage the budget you have for your occasion.

Show-off Your FIFA skills and Stand A Chance to Win $1,500 Cash Prizes

The quadrennial FIFA World Cup is back and it is evident that the football fever is affecting almost everyone in the world. Everyone has been talking about it even before the opening ceremony on 13 June and I am not surprised when I get questions like “Why is Italy not inside”.

Some even asked why Singapore isn’t represented in the tournament.

Well, if we don’t suck that badly.

For those who felt that watching the matches on TV isn’t enough, how does the idea of being involved in a football tournament itself sounds to you?

Online marketplace Shopback teams up with Carousell to organise a World Cup Tournament Fair next Sunday (24 June) at ShopBack’s HQ in Ayer Rajah. This will be the first time the two local startups work together, with the intention of uniting football fans and gamers alike.

Participants will get pit their FIFA gaming skills against one another in the FIFA 18 World Cup mode on the Sony Playstation 4. The tournament will be rolled out in a two-legged and penalty format where the finalist will battle it out for the $1,500 prize pool, and the opportunity to be the best in the region.

Apart from the console game, the organisers also put in place a mini tournament of Super Sidekicks 2 – a retro arcade game from the 90s – where attractive prizes are up for grabs.

Lunch and dinner will be provided. In addition, there will also be a live streaming of the England vs Panama match before the end of the event.

Registration will be opened till 21 June. Be the first few to register your interest to enjoy the early bird price of just $8!


Date: 24 June, 2018
Time: 1000HRS to 2200HRS (registration starts from 0945HRS)
Venue: Shopback, 77 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-23

7 Things You Should Pack In Your Luggage

It’s the holiday season again, you have already gotten your air tickets booked and you are ready to embark on another journey out of this sunny island. You’ve gone on a thorough research on where you are going to stay over and where you are going to visit during your trip. Everything seems to fall nicely into place, but you realised something’s off.

You took a glance across your room and realised you have yet to pack for the trip. Your departure is just under 48 hours and you went into a panic mode. You suddenly have no idea what else, apart from your daily necessities and clothing, should be inside your packing list.

That was me before I left for Hong Kong two years back. I mean, hey, that was my first overseas trip in over a decade so I think I could still be excused for being so lost, right till the last minute.

I eventually figured out myself that there are actually a few items that one should be packed into your luggage no matter where your destination is. Guess it would be right if I share it with you guys as well!

1. Action Camera

(Image: Emily Ashman /RedSharkNews)

As a film and photography enthusiast, filming equipments are definitely at the top of my packing list. I don’t consider myself completing my trip without having to blog or produce a video on it. It’s like a habit that’s hard to get over, you see.

For those of you who share the same interest as myself, you should consider packing an action camera for your trip. Yes, I know most of us would own a DSLR, a mirrorless camera or, at the very least, a smartphone capable of recording in 4K. However, I felt that an action camera – as its name suggested – would best capture every action during your trip. It’s so handy, you can even hang it around your neck and start recording.

With various competitive brands and models for you to choose from, you will definitely find one that suits your budget and needs.

2. Power Bank

(Image: Hardwarezone)

I swear if you were to forget to throw this somewhere in your luggage, you will cry once your phone battery goes flat in the middle of your trip – especially when you are at places where power points are not readily available (i.e when you are trekking).

I would never leave home without a power bank (half charged at minimum), let alone leaving the country without it. It is the fundamental gadget in my backpack, apart from my phone and my earpiece. I will always have it on standby and grab it out anytime when I need it.

We are at an era whereby we become overly reliant on our mobile devices – we use it for any sort of purposes, be it finding your way around the city, booking private hire, communicating with your friends or even updating your whereabouts on social media. Once you are able to find a power source for your dying phone, I would say good luck to you.

Of course, power banks can also help charge your camera battaries (as long as you have the usb adapter for it) and any other electronics. You will be thankful for its existance, trust me.

3. Travel Adaptor

(Image: Materialicious)

Of course, apart from a portable power bank, you will also require a universal travel adapter. The type of power sockets differs from country to country. While a power plug from Singapore might fit in Hong Kong or the UK, you will find it incompatible with the sockets found in mainland Europe or USA.

DIFFERENT HOLES: The various types of sockets that can be found in different countries. (Graphics: Wikitravel/Peirz)

Hence, it is important to bring along some travel adapter so that you wouldn’t find any problem powering your gadgets back at your accomodation or at any power points whenever you are required to.

4. Sleeping Bag

(Image: Winfields)

Just in case you travelled too far out from your accommodation or you decided to be adventurous and wander deep inside the forest/desert, you will find comfort in a sleeping bag. You will want to sleep inside a spongy-feeling sleeping bag instead of lying flat on the grass or on the bench – at least it will do its part saving you from all the exposure in the wild.

Sleeping bag can also be extremely useful when you returned back to your accommodation too late in the night and you are too tired to wash up before heading to bed. Grab the sleeping bag and you can start dozing off on the floor – without dirtying your bed or the blankets.

5. Head Lamp

(Image: REI)

You can bring along a torchlight too, but I strongly suggest getting a head lamp for convenience sake. Imagine you are trekking through the jungle and your hands are holding on to the trekking pole, a torchlight and a map. It’ll be worse if you would also want to take photos for memories sake.

With a head lamp, it will help lessen the load on your hands, so that you wouldn’t struggle with so many items and end up dropping everything. You wouldn’t want to drop your phone on soil and mud.

6. First Aid Kit

(Image: Ready First)

You don’t leave for a holiday without packing in one of the most important things. I couldn’t emphasise more about the importance of having a first aid kit for your trip. Accidents might happen and when it does *touchwood*, you will want to respond fast.

It’s a matter of life and death we are talking about right now. Always be prepared because the faster you respond to an emergency case, the chance of it escalating will be minimised.

7. Waterproof Holder for Phones

(Image: Superpohod.ru)

This is especially for those who are visiting the beach or taking part in water activities. Grab a few waterproof holders and put them into your bagpacks. This will help protect your phone whenever you are going to the water and you can also take photo while inside the water!

Loan your travel gears from LEASANY

Leasany is a local start-up that advocates sharing among travellers to-and-fro Singapore. Travellers would be able to loan essential yet costly equipment for their trip. While this initiative helps to reduce travel budget, yet, the start-up aims to encourage travellers like us to try on new things without spending a huge fortune for a huge yet risky initial investment.

Rent your items from Leasany using the promo code ‘EDDYCHUA’ to enjoy 20% off your total rental fee! Do it fast because the offer ends 10 September 2018!

5 Types of Players at Escape Rooms

Escape Room is simple, find the clue and get you and your team out of the place as fast as possible. It is a mystery solving game that will make everyone so headache yet everyone will enjoy it. There are so many things you could learn from the game, from problem solving to teamwork. It’s a great squad bonding game that any group of friends should attempt. Throughout the gameplay, you will definitely see your friends falling into one of these categories:

1. The Detective

(Image: Victor Tirasov)

Most likely the most enthusiastic person amongst the whole lot. You will never fail to see the Detective searching up and down, in and out for clues and hints. They probably watched too much Sherlock Holmes and/or being an investigative officer has been their aspiration since childhood. They will analyse every single thing they encounter like a dog sniffing through the trash bin.

2. The Commander



The leader of the team. They possess the critical thinking skills and provide the direction everyone would follow. The Detective is his right-hand man and they are usually formed by two with the most chemistry (like Sherlock and Watson, you know). He might be the only one who can stop the Detective from overthinking and get everyone excited throughout the duration of the game.

3. The Blur Sotong

We always bound to have that clueless friend who could not even catch the slightest hint. The clue could be right in their face, very blatantly, yet they still could not get it. There is no doubt that they are always the one who will be the last to understand the logic behind every hints.

4. The Sceptic



There is always someone who trusts no one. Not sure if he/she has been let down too many times by the group or that he/she is just plain paranoid. The Sceptic will always question the Detective on the clues he/she found and doubts the direction the Commander decides on. Despite he/she risked becoming the least favourite person in the group, the Sceptic actually helps to stimulate one’s critical thinking skills and train everyone’s decision-making skills. “You sure or not” will be the main thing the Sceptic will say.

5. The Nobel Peace Prize Award Wannabe

(Image: Imgflip)

Whenever there are the detective and the sceptic, you are guaranteed a repeat of the Cold War. That’s when someone, whose only mission there is to ensure that no ballistic missiles are being released and that everyone would be heading for a good dine-in instead of the mortuary at the end of the game. You will never fail to hear this person mumbling, “Eh, chillax, it’s only just a game.” (Or somewhere along this line, you get me)

He deserved an accolade if the team comes out of the game not blaming one another for anything.


Escape Rooms Singapore like Lost SG is a high-tech, top-rated 60-minute escape room game in Singapore where players put their heads together to make sense of thought-provoking clues, and seemingly abstract puzzles to escape from a locked room. Each little detail could be the essential clue to help you unlock another part of the puzzle, or the ultimate key to your escape.

Featuring the best in escape room technology, your experience with LOST SG will surely fill you with amazement when you hear the ‘click’ of success before the room makes way for your next encounter. LOST SG weaves advanced gameplay into a new generation of immersion and realism.

There are 5 interesting themes for you to choose from and each has its own challenges and complexity. Whether you are a Sherlock Holmes wannabe or a history lover or just merely looking for some weekends trills for your friends, you will definitely find the game that your squad will enjoy.

1 Sophia Road
#03-01/02/03 Peace Centre
Singapore 228149

Operating Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 1100 – 2245 (last game ends at 2345)
Friday & Saturday: 1100 – 0045 (last game ends at 0145)

Giving Your Credit Card A Street Look: A Peek into the DBS x SBTG Collaboration

DBS has recently given their Live Fresh Visa payWave Platinum Card a refreshing look.


It looked as if you are holding onto a piece of graffiti artwork inside your wallet. But of course, I don’t think there’s any other artwork out there that will provide you with the kind of benefits the DBS Live Fresh Card brings.

This ‘graffiti’ artwork is the brainchild of local sneaker artist, Mark Ong. More notably known under the moniker of ‘Mr. Sabotage’, his clients include international celebrities like Kobe Bryant and Linkin’ Park’s Mike Shinoda.

This is the first credit card to be designed in collaboration with a homegrown designer to feature a unique, glow in the dark camouflage print.

Speaking of his design concept, Ong admitted how the iconic camouflage print was inspired by the notion of freedom – of choice and of independence. The signature design features a contrasting pink and turquoise camouflage, encapsulating the spirit of freedom of choice in its bold print.

He explained, “I designed the new DBS Live Fresh Card to buck against the trend. Camouflage is typically used to blend in, but I’ve adopted the camouflage design – with its unique glow-in-the-dark imprint – as a way for DBS Live Fresh cardholders to blend out. I hope that empowered with this newly designed card, young adults will take a cue from its design inspiration and truly start playing by their own rules.”





As part of the refresh, DBS will be introducing an exclusive giveaway of DBS Live Fresh X Mr Sabotage merchandise. From 8 January to 31 March 2018, 100 pairs of hand-painted AIR FORCE 1 sneakers and 1,000 G-Shock watches featuring the iconic camouflage print will be up for grabs via a lucky draw.

New applicants of the refreshed DBS Live Fresh Card will be eligible for a chance to win a limited edition G-Shock watch with every S$50 spent. Eligible lucky draw participants will be able to increase their chances of winning a pair of custom-painted AIR FORCE 1 sneakers with each additional spend on their DBS Live Fresh Card.

If you’d like to learn more about the DBS Live Fresh Card and its perks, click HERE!

Mini Guide to Singapore Coffee Festival 2017

Coffee lovers rejoice! Singapore Coffee Festival (SCF) is finally back for the second year after a successful inaugural edition last year. This year’s edition – organised by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and presented by DBS, will feature about 90 exhibitors, ranging from coffee purveyors to cafes and even equipment distributors.

Being a coffee lover myself, I would not want to miss the opportunity to learn more about my favourite beverage and to taste the different kinds of coffee the world has to offer. Kheng Yin joined me for this adventure as we indulge in the mystical world of caffeine.

So here’s a mini-guide we’ve collated after our visit so that you won’t get as lost as we did after coming face to face with a huge variety of choices.

1. Redeem your free drink samples with your stickers

Sorry, we’ve already gone all out to redeem our complimentary drink samples.

Basically, event-goers will be entitled to 2 drink samples. These stickers can be found inside your goodie bag – the first thing you’ll get once you exchanged your tickets at the counter.

KY definitely looked pleased with her goodie bag.

With over 90 merchants and hundreds over types of coffee to choose from (although not all types of coffees are available for sampling, do check out the full list here), I know it’s a bit difficult to make a decision. Hence, we’ve shortlisted a few of our favourites:

Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH)

CSHH is no stranger to most youngsters here. It’s posh and contemporary interior packaged as a traditional shophouse on the outside raises a few eyebrows when it was first established.

For this exhibition, they have in store several kinds of premium coffee, including Kayon Mountain from Ethiopia, Javanero Pasundan from Indonesia and Maragogype from Panama. Each kind of coffee has its unique and distinguishable taste so it will spare your taste buds some confusion.

Damage: around SGD5-8

Hook Coffee

There were so many varieties of coffee beans to choose from: Madame Lychee, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Eternally Grapeful and so on and so forth. I know how these names don’t sound like those of the traditional coffee beans but the strong aroma diffusing out of every bean will eradicate any doubts you have.

Apart from having your coffee freshly brewed upon order, you can also buy the beans back and brew them yourself.

Damage: SGD7 (per 100g of beans)

For those who are looking for some more out-of-this-world and hipster kind of coffee, check out this list.

3. When you are tired of coffee…

If coffee ain’t your thing, don’t worry.

If your taste buds have been overwhelmed by the amount of coffee you’ve tasted at the festival, don’t worry too.

There are always different kinds of tea to your rescue.

Here are our favourites:

Prana Chai

The masala blend is the highlight. The moment when you swallowed it down your throat, you will taste that strong cinnamon aftertaste. It could not have been stronger, yet it fits perfectly with black Ceylon tea.

The addition of organic honey and freshly diced ginger, coupled with other spices scouted from the whole of India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala, will help make you feel relaxed

Do pick up their pamphlet because there is a recipe to teach you how to make a delicious banana cake using Prana Chai.

Damage: SGD28 (per 250g retail pack)

Gryphon Tea

One of the best sparkling juices we’ve ever tasted. I am not even kidding. For a person who isn’t fond of gassy drinks, I find that this series of sparkling juice produced by Gryphon Tea Co. is especially smooth. You will not taste the carbon dioxide that tends to give your tongue that unpleasant sharp feeling. I am particularly surprised at how natural it tasted. It was as if I was savouring a cup of freshly brewed tea in the forest.

The newly launched Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Teas series can be boasted as the first of its kind in Singapore. It comes in three flavours – Pearl of the Orient with Lychee, Earl Grey Lavender with Strawberry and Osmanthus Sencha with Passionfruit. Each artisanal batch is said to cold-brewed at 4˚C for a total of 12 hours using a proprietary extraction method.

Damage: SGD3.75 (per bottle – non-chilled), SGD34 (per carton of bottles – non-chilled), SGD7.50 (per cup), SGD12 (per 2 cups)

HIC Juice

Oh right. HIC Juice doesn’t sell tea. Neither do they sell coffee. They are probably one of the few participating exhibitors there that allow you to take a break from caffeine. With cold press juices, juices popsicles, acai bowls and smoothies, event-goers can ‘revitalise, refresh and recharge’ before continue their coffee adventure.

Damage: SGD6 – SGD12 (cold press juices), SGD6.90 (acai bowl), SGD8 (superfood smoothies)

3. Have some crispy cream muffins to go with your drinks

It might be a ‘coffee’ exhibition, but surely we must have some food to go with it. Famous Japanese cream bun maker Hattendo has just introduced a new brand called ‘cream muffin’, specially for the Singapore market.

Unlike other muffins, cream muffin has a rather crispy outer layer due to it being covered by a layer of biscuit mixed with crunchy almonds, pearl sugar and chocolate chips. The interior, in contrast, is made up of a fluffiest, pillowy soft dough which will melt in your mouth. The combination is just match made in heaven.

There are currently three flavours of muffin available: matcha and chocolate cream muffins, and Singapore muffin filled with a combination of kaya and custard.

After the SCF, cream muffins will be only available exclusively at the Hattendo Cafe from 7 to 13 August 2017. Be one of the first to try it.

Damage: SGD3 each (muffins), SGD5 per cup (Hattendo/Singapore/Hiroshima Blend)

4. Grab your passport to rewards

The Live Kind Passport initiated by DBS will allow event-goers to participate in four social conscious task in order to redeem rewards like an eco-friendly reusable coffee tumbler or even a cup of free coffee.

One of the tasks includes dropping off a used plastic bottle at the designated recycling machine. On top of the stamp for our Live Kind Passport, we’ve also managed to redeem a snack with the plastic bottle we’ve recycled.

Apart from the activities, there are also workshops for event goers who are interested in gaining insight into everything from coffee brewing or edible art. For those who are into healthy living, there will also be a healthy snack making workshop by Boxgreen, one of the social enterprises that set up a booth at the exhibition.

Check out the full schedule here.

5. Chillax and take OOTD

Make full use of the venue while you are in it. The Sunrise Wharf on both sides of the exhibition venue provides a phenomenal view of the open sea which gave us the idea of photo shoot session. You don’t always get the chance of being by the sea side often so seize the opportunity!


SCF2017 will be held from today (4 August) till this Sunday (6 August) at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Tickets are on sale at $22 each, $18 if you are a DBS cardholder or an ST subscriber.

Do visit its official website for more information.

Just a little caution to those who are planning to head down: the second level is not accessible from within the first level of the exhibition. Event-goers are required to take the escalator from the outside of the exhibition in order to go up to level 2. The need to go through two rounds of security checks would certainly discourage lazy people like us to check out on the other exhibitors up there.