Getting the Perfect Hair Cut at YOON Salon Over the Weekend


As we head into the weekend, I know some of you ladies (and gentlemen, of course) are looking to refresh your look ahead for the fourth quarter of this year. Don’t think I don’t know that some of y’all transform your crowning glory as if it has four seasons. So yes, if you are tired of your current post-circuit breaker look, it is time to make use of this weekend to do something about it.

Oh, and as usual, I have lobang. I have lobang for everything. I mean, that’s one reason why is still present despite the over-saturation of content in today’s internet and social media world.

YOON SALON: A Salon With Experience

While there are a lot of salons across the island, it is very difficult to find one that can really cater to your personal needs. A lot of the salons do not offer consultation services before starting your cut or treatment, so you are unsure of what kind of style is really suitable for your face shape. Some looks might look nice on others but you might look terrible sporting a replica of that particular look. As much as possible, I always rely on professional and dedicated hairstylists for advice so that I don’t ‘spoil’ my looks. (Very bhb, I know hehe)

Visiting Yoon Salon

YOON Salon has emerged as a leader in the hair service scene in Singapore. With a team of highly experienced stylists, it is definitely a go-to for anyone who is looking to get their tresses done.

They offer a large range of services including their Premium Hair Cut, Colouring or Creative Colouring for your tresses, Perming, Rebonding and Creative Hair Shaping.

For the Premium Hair Cut, the professional hairstylist will be in consultation with you regarding the kind of hairstyle you are suitable for. The stylist will personally assess the shape of your face – be it square, oval, diamond, long, or heart shaped before recommending the style that best suits you. Once you have settled on the desired style you want, the experts will unleash their handicraft and utilise their vast range of techniques such as wedge, graduated, blunt and layered cuts to make sure you received the best type of cuts for your preferred look. Fret not, you will receive the best technique for your chosen cut from the most experienced team you could ever find.

If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, go for the Premium Hair Colouring service. There is a large variety of colours available, all of which are rich and long-lasting and the ability to protect, strengthen and replenish your locks. The  dedicated professional assigned to you will choose the best colour mixture for your look to ensure that the tresses are of a natural, high-quality and vibrant shade.

Of course if you are looking for multi-tone, highlighting, ombre and balayage type of colouring for your crowning glory, go for their Premium Creative Hair Colouring services. You would not need to worry about how negative effects colour dying will do to your tresses because the salon uses high quality dyes that will lock in moisture and colour, ensuring that the texture of your strands are well protected and that the dyes have a long lasting effect.

For those of you who are looking to styling your tresses to another level, where a basic cut or colour are not sufficient for you, the Premium Hair Perming and Rebonding services are other options you would not hesitate to consider. The perming service offered here allows you to sport the Korean C-curl or S-curl and Wave look, should you be interested to look like your favourite K-pop/K-drama idol. I know some people had the experience at other salons where their perms ended up looking fake and unnatural, the results you get from this place might surprise you – in a good way. With the help of an oxidising lotion, your perm will be strengthened, hence resulting in long lasting and smooth curls. The technology and methods adopted by the studio are set to make your perm look soft and natural, resulting in smoother and bouncier curls at the end of the treatment.

Their rebonding services also result in a similar effect. While preventing your strands from breakage, your locks will feel much more moisturised and nourished. If you are looking to achieve a silky, shiny and sleek crowning glory that is worthy of its name at the end of your rebonding, the excellent treatment provided here has the ability to meet your requirements.

YOON SALON: Combating Problematic Tresses

Yoon Salon provides solutions to hair issues

Not only can you get the perfect cut for your tresses over the weekend or if you’re lucky, the long weekend, but those with any concerns for their locks will be pleased to hear that this is also one of the best places to get treatment for your locks done. The studio offers Hair Defrizzing Treatment that helps with defrizzing, repairing, and strengthening. Using the professional-grade treatment, it will help to repair, smoothen, and strengthen the cuticles in your strands. In order to ensure that your treatment has a long-lasting effect, the experts at the studio will be providing you with four weekly boosters for your locks. At the end of the day, your strands will achieve a silky, glossy and strong texture that many will envy.

As someone who has been troubled by scalp issues, consider looking into their Hair Regrowth Treatment. Whether you are suffering from oily, dry, sensitive or loss of tresses due to scalp issues, the professionals at the studio will be able to assist you in any way possible, ensuring safe procedure with visible results. When you first embark on the treatment, the professional stylist will conduct a thorough exfoliation on your crown, focusing on your follicles. This will help rid your scalp of any build up of dead skin cells and reduce the congestion that contributes to your scalp issues. Next, to hydrate, balance, and encourage growth of your strands, a PDT treatment will then be done on your scalp. Your gentle yet skilful professionals will massage your head to stimulate the lymphatic tissues and promote circulation. Lastly, you will have to return to the salon for weekly scalp boosters for four weeks to ensure that the treatment achieves an enduring effect.

So, over this weekend, whether you are looking to sport a new look or to fix your hair or scalp issues, do make a reservation via their website or give them a call.

And the most important thing to note is that they are currently offering a 1 time session at a special rate of S$28! So, what are you waiting for?

Make a trip down to one of their three outlets in town:

Yoon Salon outlets across Singapore

All three outlets are open from 1100hrs to 2100hrs from Monday through to Sunday.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Being A PR In Singapore

I am going to digress from my usual topics and talk about being a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore. I have quite a number of friends who are PRs and a few of them have successfully converted their blue card to the pink ones in a matter of years. The permanent residency of Singapore has been highly sought over the years. This got me thinking about the who, what, why and how of being a Singapore PR.


Being a Singaporean, I can validate that being a Singaporean equates to having ample benefits ranging from tax benefits to enjoying subsidized fees in one of the top-notched healthcare facilities in the world. The healthcare industry in the country is nothing short of efficient, clean and safe. The government has organised the Republic’s Public Healthcare System to 3 integrated clusters – each equipped with a full suite of healthcare services, including polyclinics, general hospital, community hospital and a medical school — to better facilitate patients management. As the country takes strong preventative measures against counterfeit and unsafe drugs, all drugs that can be readily found in pharmacies across the island are usually safe for consumption.

If you are a parent, you will also want to enrol your child/children into local educational institutions, where they are operated under a system envied by the rest of the world. It was raved by former British Education Minister Michael Gove back in 2010 as one of the ‘world-leading’ education systems in the World. While international students bear a monthly school fee ranging from S$763 to S$1,777 depending on the educational level, PRs will only need to pay between S$218 to S$487. Hence, many expats prefer to attain PR status for themselves and their children in order to benefit from the exceptional educational system at a subsidized rate.

If that is not enough to persuade you, what about the idea of living in a country with an extremely low crime rate? The latest Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) Safe Cities Index (SCI) ranked Singapore as the world’s second safest city, after Tokyo. One reason is due to the stringent laws and strict enforcement which deters both its citizens and foreigners from committing crimes. The abundance of CCTVs installed across the island makes it even more difficult for criminals to get away freely. The city-state is the 11th-most surveilled city in the world, making it the 3rd-most outside China. Therefore, many will feel extremely safe even when commuting late into the night.

If you are someone who embraces multi-culturalism, and are always excited to linger with people of other cultures while learning about their background and practices, you will fit in perfectly in Singapore. The Lion City is home to 4 major races – Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian – giving the country a wonderful mix of various cultures. The city-state prioritises social harmony in Singapore, making racial tensions almost unheard of.

Influenced by such diversity, the local delicacies contain elements from the various ethnic groups and are something you cannot find elsewhere in the world. Furthermore, such delicacies are conveniently found in open-aired food complex called hawker centres, coffee shops and food courts. These places provide a wider range of options and are more affordable compared to those found in restaurants. The ‘hawker culture’ was nominated by Singapore’s National Heritage Board (NHB), National Environment Agency (NEA) and Federation of Merchants’ Associations Singapore for inscription into UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2018.

Given the benefits of being a PR in this little red dot, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) receives plenty of applications. However, the authority only grants between 25,000 to 35,000 PR applications per year, down from about 80,000 in 2008. Furthermore, the application process can be very tedious, given the amount of paperwork that has to be done. It can be very intimidating for people who want to start afresh in a new country.

Yet, local immigration consultancy firm Paul Immigrations specialise in the application of Singapore PR. They are well-equipped with comprehensive knowledge and expertise of the application process. The firm undertakes the responsibility of applying for PR on behalf of individuals from diverse backgrounds. What makes it one of the top choices for expats is due to the high success rate over the years, with over 15,000 satisfied clients.


1.   Share Insights and Provide Expertise

Given the complexity of the application process, it can be a hassle for many applicants. The consultancy has a team of specialists with years of experience that are valuable in helping to ease the whole process significantly. At the same time, they will be able to share insights and expertise to help you attain a better chance in getting an approval.

2.   Organise ALL Necessary Documents

Any missing documents during the next step of submitting your documents through the online portal can result in an incomplete application. As the e-PR system is the only way for one to apply for SPR, an incomplete submission can result in your submission to be invalid. The specialists at Paul Immigrations will ensure that all the necessary documents are processed and delivered.

3.   Gather Additional Essential Documents

Just like an outstanding resume, additional documents that showcase your talents, strengths and contributions – including a letter of recommendation by your employer – will shine a spotlight on you for the right reasons. This can boost your chances of getting the highly sought after PR status.

4.   Write Personalised Cover Letter

It is essential for you to set your application apart from the rest of the applicants to gain the upper hand to attain an approval since ICA handles cases by the thousands. The specialised team of writers will craft the personalised cover letters, using your strengths to help you stand out from the crowd.

5.   Lead You Throughout The Entire Process

As mentioned, the whole journey to submit the application can be tedious. A simple mistake made during the submission can deem your submission invalid. The consultancy’s specialists will help guide you through the entire process to ensure you do not miss any documents or steps along the way.

6.   Reduce Hassle & Time Wastage

It can be a waste of precious time attempting to undertake the whole process without an expert to guide you. From the paperwork to the submission, make your process a seamless and hassle-free one with the professional team at Paul Immigrations.

If you are looking for an effortless PR application, visit Paul Immigrations!

Escape Into The Night with Sustainability

We are heading into the final weekend of the year and you might be wondering if there are actually any other activities apart from all the countdown events sprouting across the island.

Yes there is. In fact, there are plenty of it. The Lite-Up Sustainability Night is one of which you should not want to miss! Held this Saturday (28 December) from 6PM to 10.30PM, the event will be themed around energy conservation.


One of the main highlights of the night is the “Night at the Gallery” Eco Escape Room. You team of 4 to 8 explorers will have to travel back in time to prevent a climate apocalypse from happening. The objective of the game is to find out which year was the year of change. In order to find the answers, your team will need to solve some riddles and play some mini-games at the respective stations.

As the Escape Room is being held under a pitch dark environment, adequate safety briefing was given by the staffs before players embark on their journey. Each team will be provided with a game bag where you can find 2 torchlights and a map to help you navigate.

MAP IT OUT: Rebecca with the map that will be given to each group.
SERIOUS DISCUSSION: The team trying to figure out the answer of a riddle, in order to proceed to their next challenge.

Thanks to organisers, we managed to get a hand-on to the Escape Room and we can proudly say that we managed to solve all the riddles and eventually found the answer to the main question. Amazingly, we did it quite fast and learn a lot of knowledge regarding conservation efforts in Singapore, as well as how we as an individual can do our part in saving Mother Earth!

Registration is free and limited slots are available for the Escape Room! Sign up now HERE!


Apart from the exciting Escape Room, there is also a meaningful LED Bottle Lamp Workshop for you to unleash your craft skills and creativity! You will be surprised how upcycling plastic bottles can become a work of art.

All materials will be provided and it is free of charge for all participants! Limited slots are available so register now here.

My Shopping Haul on Shopee – Perfect for Running Enthusiasts!

I love online shopping, especially when it comes to buying supplements, sports equipment or apparels. Due to the fact that I am serving the nation now (going to ORD soon tho), I don’t have much time to go out and shop for things that I want and need. Hence, online shopping is what I gravitate to. My closer circle of friends know how much I spent online, especially via the Liverpool FC online store (LET’S TALK ABOUT SIX, BABY). 

For runners, the second half of the year usually proved to be one of the most eventful periods on our calendars. In Singapore, most of our races seem to be held during the southwest monsoon season (June – September) and the wet inter-monsoon period (October – December). These periods provide a less-dry and humid weather, hence forming the perfect weather to run in. While preparing for the upcoming running season, I always make an effort to gear myself up with the correct supplements and equipment.

Since I don’t have the time to shop for my items from brick and mortar stores, I naturally turn to online platforms for my procurement. Shopee became the app I turned to.

The reason why I like Shopee is simple. Shopee provides a great variety of products for an affordable price, there are products that you wouldn’t find in retail shops and yet are readily available on Shopee (i.e. Himalaya Salt in boxes). The deals on Shopee is by far one of the best I’ve encountered due to the daily flash sales and sitewide vouchers (those $10 off or 10% off vouchers that you can get to use once you spent over a certain amount from that specific shop). Even though Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Campaign has ended, you guys won’t be missing out as I’m excited to share my exclusive promo code, SHSEDDY, where you’ll enjoy $7 off a minimum purchase of $15! (For new users only, valid till 31st March 2020)

As Shopee follows a mobile-first approach, it means that users are able to shop on-the-go, everywhere and anywhere. I could be doing my purchase in my bunk, far out of civilisation in a land far away called Sungei Gedong, and have them delivered to my doorstep by the time I returned home over the weekends. Just how convenient it gets.

In the recently concluded 9.9 Super Shopping Day held between 27 August to 9 September, more vouchers and flash deals were made available and of course, an opportunist like me would jump on these deals and seized the moment to shop! I got most of my items from Shopee Mall, which hosts official brands and top sellers like Optimum Premium and Compressport. These brands and sellers can be identified through the label with the wording ‘Mall’ on both their profile and product page. This is definitely a great way to shop because it helps to ensure that you are dealing with 100% authenticity! So since I’ve made quite a number of purchases this time round, I would like to share with you what a typical runner like myself would buy online.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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It took a few days for all my items to arrive. It’s considered quite fast already and they all arrived in good condition. I am quite surprised by that big parcel I received because I didn’t expect one of the items to come with that.

A picture containing indoor, floor, table, sitting

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A screenshot of a cell phone

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I like how I could track my orders via the Shopee app.

1. Doctor’s Best Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM with OptiMSM ($23.80)

Because I suffered a knee injury (knee effusion, to be exact) weeks back, I was recommended to take glucosamine. There are also online articles which also discussed the usage of glucosamine and chondroitin in supplementing our joint health. 

Glucosamine is an amino sugar produced by your body that can be found in the cartilage. Chondroitin forms a crucial part of the cartilage and it helps to cushion joints against compression. 

According to an article by Liz Applegate on Runners’ World, ‘orthopedists and other physicians have increasingly advised patients to take both glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to ease the inflammation and pain of osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint condition caused by overuse, traumatic injury, or old age.’

Since I have inflammation in my knee, there is no harm for me to try this supplement to help me recover quicker from my injury and return on the roads soon.

2. Compressport Pro Racing Socks V3.0 Ultralight Run High ($17.40)

Despite being a runner for 5 years, I only have a pair of running-specific socks. The reason why I would prefer going on the roads with running socks instead of the normal ones is that running socks provide a better support for your foot every step you take. 

This pair of Compressport PRS V3.0 Ultralight Run High socks are designed to provide maximum support to the feet, perfect moisture management, ultra-lightness and superior comfort. Exactly the few characteristics of the perfect pair of socks I am looking for. Furthermore, it comprises of 360° slight compression band arch support, which prevents the socks from sliding down. Most importantly, it stimulates venous, hence delivering more tonicity to every stride.

Being knitted with fast-drying fibres, the socks dry very quickly so it prevents the runner from having wet feet. This is a welcoming feature especially if you have a sweaty foot situation like me and have to bear with it for the rest of the half-marathon/full marathon races.

I’ve yet to try it out for a run due to my ongoing injury, but I’ve tried wearing it casually. It does feel lightweight and very comfortable even when walking for hours.

Compressport is the apparel sponsor for this year’s Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

3. Sport Breathable Knee Guard Protector Support Brace Pad ($3.49)

Before I continue to write on, I need to add a claim that this is no branded knee guard protector. This is just a normal knee sleeve.

Knee sleeves are designed to protect the knees from any risk of future injuries or damages. For those who put their knees under great pressure – like runners – it is important to have such protection. Because knee sleeves act like a compression around your knee, it helps to increase blood flow and reduces pain during and after working out. A combination of compression and improved blood circulation would aid better recovery.

Because I don’t want to aggravate my knee pain, I am currently wearing this knee sleeve on my injured knee on a daily basis in order to prevent any pressure acting up on the same knee. It has been good so far and I will see how much I have improved once I returned for a recovery jog this weekend.

4. Sports Armband for iPhone/Samsung ($4.90)

Nothing fancy, just a normal sports armband to keep my phone in place when I am running. I am someone who cannot seem to be separated from my phone, even when I am on the roads. I need to rely on my playlist to keep my pace constant and motivate me further down the miles. A tight and sturdy armband would be sufficient for me as long as my phone doesn’t dangle and makes me feel uncomfortable during my run.

I got this armband because I lost my previous one, and I could complain to you all day long how much of a hassle it is to hold my phone while running.

5. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey ($29.90)

Should I say this is my favourite piece of loot I’ve gotten from this 9.9 sale? 

Whey protein is the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production. And if you think you’ve yet to have seen whey protein before, it’s that layer of liquid floating on top when you peeled a fresh carton of yoghurt. Protein shake is not exclusive to bodybuilders or gym-goers, runners also take in their share of protein. The reason is simple: since whey protein is a complete protein and a great source of branch-chained amino acids (BCAAs), it helps in fueling the muscle and stimulating protein synthesis. 

As endurance athletes, runners tend to have their muscles broken down and this results in micro-tears forming, damaging the muscle as a result. In order for the affected muscle to be repaired to become stronger and faster, anabolism needs to occur. Anabolism refers to a metabolic pathway that repairs these muscle fibres and stimulates muscle growth. Our body requires energy and nutrients for the anabolic process to occur, a lack of it will result in the body ‘eating’ its own muscle to supply itself with the energy required, leading to a process called catabolism. Catabolism might sound good for runners who are afraid of building too much muscle mass, however it must be noted that catabolism further weakens your muscle fibre, hence slowing down the process of post-run recovery.

As whey is the fastest digesting form of protein, it is the ideal way to increase the amino acid level in the blood and hence preventing catabolism from happening and increase the speed of recovery. A study in Nutrients published in 2018 stated that although protein supplementation does not alter recovery within the first 24 hours after a marathon, it does change the runner’s perception of fatigue and muscle soreness over the next 72 hours. Indeed, whey protein is crucial for post-race recovery.

Since I’ll need to take more care of myself and my recovery over the next 2 months leading to Singapore Marathon, I will make it an effort to swallow a bottle of whey protein post-run to ensure faster recovery and readiness for the next training.

You can catch the full unboxing video here:

What are you waiting for?! Grab all your running essentials on Shopee. Don’t forget to use my exclusive promo code SHSEDDY to receive $7 off a minimum spending of $15! (For new users only, valid till 31st March 2020)

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And hey! Shopee 11.11 Big Sale is coming too! From today to 11 November, you will get to enjoy free shipping on over 15 million products with 10% cashback all-day vouchers and 20% flash cashback vouchers with no minimum spend for the entire period!

When A Bachelorette Party Goes Wrong

A bachelorette party is a party that is being held in honour of a woman who is about to get married. Thanks to Hollywood’s depiction, we tend to view such events as an evening of alcohol and to some extent, debauchery. It supposed to be a fun and thrilling night (depending on your definition) and everyone ought to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

But what if, things did not go as planned? Here comes THE JUGULAR VEIN,  written by seasoned in-house playwright James Thoo and directed by veteran theatre performer Kamil Haque. The Jugular Vein a one-act play about a group of women on a bachelorette night who, over the course of the evening, come to realise that they don’t all like each other as much as they thought. Tension builds, tempers begin to flare, and before long the entire situation breaks down into all-out anarchy.

This play is presented by The Haque Collective, a crowdfunded theatre troupe which prides itself in providing the opportunities for deserving talented and dedicated performers whose chances are limited due to their background, experience, vague ethnicity or appearance.

While there are a lot of plays or shows produced in Singapore with roles for women, few offer the range of characters or the breadth of definition to allow an actress to do their most interesting work. The Jugular Vein, features four strong female roles (portrayed by Stephanie Bovis, Nadia Dayan, Aiswarya Nair and Jolene Wong) with no male roles. The four characters may all be wives and one of them is a mother, but this is not the thing that defines them as people.

If you are ready to witness drama and splendid acting skills, be sure not to miss this play! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

When: 19th, 20th September 2019 @ 8pm; 21st, 22nd September 2019 @ 3pm & 8pm
Where: CENTRE 42, BLACK BOX – 42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951
Price: SGD40

Makeup Guide: Finding the Right CC Cream

CC creams help in correcting complexions, so you can achieve that flawless look. But, how many times did you end up buying the wrong CC cream? Let’s face it – looking for the right one isn’t as easy as most people think. In most cases, you end up with a few misses before you land the right product.

Here’s the big question – how do you choose the right product to match your skin? If you’re wondering the same thing, this post is for you. Know how to find the right CC cream online with this quick guide:

Identify Your Skin Type

Different products react to different skin types. If you have oily skin, choosing a CC cream with a matte finish may be the best option for you. If your skin is prone to being flay or dry, better go with a product that has a moisturizing ingredient. In any case, before choosing a CC cream, it’s best to determine your skin type. This will help you find the right formula for your makeup.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Opinion

Looking for the right CC cream shouldn’t be a task you do alone. It pays to have help. Ask for suggestions from close friends who may have tried a specific brand. You can also look at online reviews to see what popular products are out there.

Consider the Coverage for Application

One thing you have to understand about CC creams is they tend to have thinner formulations than your regular BB cream. This means you will have to consider the coverage when applying the product. If you’re looking for complete coverage, almost all CC creams can provide you with this.

Look for Products with SPF

The sun can be unkind to the skin, which is why you need to choose CC cream products that have a good amount of sun protection factor (SPF). Go for products with SPF 30. Otherwise, you need to apply sunscreen before anything else.

Time to Shop for Your CC Cream

One last tip: compare products. Take your time when browsing online cosmetic shops for your item. If anything, go over the details of your chosen products and see if these can match what your skin needs.

The above article is written by guest author Lance Sprewell.


Everyone has a favourite place and mine’s always the beach. I don’t know why but I always felt at ease sitting by the beach side and hearing wave crashing. As much as I enjoy personal time by the beach, I always fantasise about being part of a beach party. The idea of everyone chilling out by the beach, listening to live bands playing the familiar tunes sounds like a perfect storyboard for a day out.

Last Saturday, together with The Fitspo People, we took part in the 5KM Charity Fun Run at the AIA Glow Festival. For every runner who completes the race, the organiser will donate $10 to children in need at the Children’s Wishing Well. The AIA Glow Festival fits the definition of my perfect day out.

Beach? Checked.
Live bands? Checked.

And on top of that, it’s a fitness event! I enjoy being part of any festival/event that promotes health and wellness and sports. Hence a combination of both kind of events just makes me feel so at ease and this was one of the rare moments that I could really forget about all my worries and relax myself. There was no PB to worry about, there was no work to ponder about. I just let my mind went into relaxation mode.

While the fun run segment supposed to flag off at 4pm, most of us reached the venue slightly later than the timing. Some of us managed to run together with the rest of the participants in waves, the rest just OTOT start the run after the last wave had been pushed out. Shuen, Reb and I were the last few from FPAC to start the run because we arrived a little too late. Yet, the thrills and fun of running in Sentosa was never diminished. The scenery was equally breathtaking, the hills were equally deadly, the sun was equally scorching and the energy level was high.

I went off on my own after I took this video from my Instagram Story. I want to explore one of the running route that I’ve been wanting to try at my own pace – the slow yet comfortable one. I’ve been to Sentosa quite a few times and I’d be lying if I claimed not to be tempted by runners speeding past me along Siloso Beach. The place is as attractive – if not, more attractive – than East Coast Park but the downside is that Sentosa is just too out of the way for me.

I ended up completing the course of the run (which is around 4.3km instead of 5km) within 30 minutes. I couldn’t have ask for a better timing given how bad my stamina and performance is these days. Alright, this is supposed to be a fun run so no talking about form and performance right here.

We gathered back at our meeting spot for a photo before everyone left for their own post-run activities.

Not everyone who was present was in the photo but nevertheless, it was great to see new faces joining us. Even though some of them might be joining us one-off, but it is still a good thing. FPAC really grew from like a 5-person squad into a relatively sizeable community. It started with Viv, Mish, Charmz, Yapz and I during Sundown Marathon 2016 and we ended up expanding and welcoming new friends like Justin, Shuen, Jaslyn and Zongwei.

I am very touched every time when I heard people coming forward to say that they wanted to challenge their limit or indicate their new found interest in running – for example Shuen and Zongwei. Reb ended up liking Orienteering after I invited her to represent us for a ranking league upon invitation from the Orienteering Federation of Singapore. It is heartening to see people who never really run in their life, eventually attempted and completed their first 10km run, motivating each other along the way. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Justin, Farhan and I motivating one another for a good 42km timing.

Breaking physical and mental barrier is one thing, providing the support for each other is one thing, providing the support for each other and promoting active lifestyle is another and those are the most important objectives, I feel. To be honest, I had thoughts about ditching this little project along the way because our schedules made it impossible for us to meet up for weekly runs. But eventually I thought, why not just let this little community slowly builds up and even if we do not meet, we could still cheer on and encourage each other on fitness and maybe, performance.

On a personal level, I felt that we are constantly being introduced to unhealthy living habits as we grow up in today’s society. Junk food adverts are omnipresent, giving us – me alike – the impression of the ‘need’ to reward ourselves after a day or a week of constant overworking. I’ve been trying hard to get myself out of the perpetual cycle of indulging in unhealthy lifestyle, only to find the motivation depleting day by day. Coming to the Glow Festival, I found that huge motivation that I need. Witnessing people from all walks of life coming together to sweat it out, improve their fitness and renewing their vitality, I realised that the best way to reward yourself after a day/week at work is to rejuvenate your body and provide your body with the best nutrients to keep functioning.

BALANCING MY LIFE: Trying out my yoga moves because I see so many people doing yoga-inspired photoshoot around me.
LOOKING BACK: Ok, err… I just want to show off the back of FPAC’s singlet. That’s all.

I don’t know when I’ll be back on track for my fitness and wellness, but I hope that the good vibes I get from AIA Glow Festival will carry me through the next stage of my life.

Getting a pet? You might want to read this first.

Are you thinking about owning a dog, a cat or that cute little hamster you saw at the pet shop earlier on? They are so cute and adorable that you can’t wait to bring it home and cuddle with it or to keep you company, right?

But wait… wait… stop right there. If you think that it’s that easy to get a pet, you might want to think through again. There are more than just providing your new friend food and shelter. I had thoughts of getting pets (especially cats!) at some point in the past, because I thought it would be nice to have some, you know, a living thing to keep myself company when I am alone at home or have some furry thing to hug when I am sad. The idea was dropped almost as instantly as it came across my mind. The reason is simple, I’ve thought through 3 key points and I realised I might not be ready to commit as a pet owner.

But for those who want to own a pet, maybe you can also think through the 3 key points that I am going to share in a short while. I might not be an expert in pet ownership but I have heard enough stories from Vivian, who volunteers at a local animal shelter at a regular basis, to come out with a simple thought process before owning a pet.

1. Capability

Are you capable of being a pet owner? Being capable means to be both financially capable and mentally capable. Financially capability is the most important factor to be because not only you need money to get food for your pets (and those pet food ain’t cheap, especially if you are going to get quality ones), you will also need money to visit the vets to keep the health of your pet in check. Pets, like us humans, do fall ill. A trip to the vet can cost to hundreds and you need to be mentally capable to take time off to nurse your pet back to health.

Furthermore, pets are like little children. They have their moods and behaviour as well. Are you ready to face with their ups and downs days? Are you ready to handle your pets tantrums? Are you patient enough to train your pets – whether if we are talking about toilet training or simple manners like (for dogs) not barking at any random strangers. All these needs some strong mental capability as well. Take it as some sort of parenting, I guess?

2. Commitment

Pets are not only there when you need someone to comfort you after a breakup or for cuddling. Once you bring them home, their welfare will be your responsibility. Will you be consistent in taking care of them? Will you remember to feed them during mealtime? Play with them during playtime (and not only approach them when you need companion)? Take time of to take care of them when they are ill?

Like what I said earlier on, it’s really like parenting. You have to commit yourself to your pets. Be prepared if you are really going to own one, it’s going to be time-consuming at times. If you are a workaholic who spends most of your time out of your home, maybe pet ownership is really not for you. Go to the pet cafe or park if you’d like to interact with the animals.

3. Environment

Can your pet fit into you and your family’s lifestyle?

That is one important decision that is not only for you to make. Bringing a pet home is equivalent to adding a member into the household. The pet will be part and parcel of you and your family’s lifestyle. Everyone needs to be agreeable with that in the first place. You wouldn’t want to have a tiff with any of your loved ones over the pet and probably resulting in having to offload your pet in the adoption shelter in the end. It’s not good for either the humans or the animal.

Well if you’ve considered all the three key points above and believed that you are ready to take up the responsibility in having a pet, then I would say go for it! However, don’t head back to the pet shop that you’ve came across. Instead, pay a visit to the animal shelter instead to ADOPT a pet. You will feel more sense of achievement by giving a new lease of life to those animals who had been abandoned by their previous owners.

UberSnap & SOSD Collaborates to Help Shelter Dogs Find A New Home

Sparked by the recent shift to a smaller pet shelter and dip in adoption rate, UberSnap collaborated with SOSD to introduce Singapore’s first pet GIF booth. Photography plays a key role in the adoption of pets, since most of the potential pet owners would want to look through the pictures of pets while making their decision. UberSnap hopes that through the GIFs, people would be able to experience the unique personalities of those loving shelter dogs.

SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation that requires public donations to continue their mission to rescue and rehabilitate street dogs. With the big move from East to West, SOSD hopes to raise funds for the renovation of their new pet shelter.

Little Vienna has been growing up in the shelter, after being rescued with a litter of puppies, and is still waiting for a home. She is playful with other dogs, but tends to get selective so will need work on introduction when meeting dogs. She is otherwise a very sweet and affectionate girl, who may still be a little overwhelmed by the outside world, and socialisation would be very important at this age.

Duncan may be old, but he behaves very much like a big puppy! He was quite unsure when he first came to shelter, and let out a deep growl when we approached. As time went by, he understood that we were not so bad afterall, and would wag his butt and tail vigorously, while letting out high-pitched whines until we came forward to give him head rubs. This goofy old man also has also since learnt about sofas and loves rolling and lazing on one. We hope this boy will be able to find a home, despite the odds of being an older dog.

These GIF photos really bring the whole adoption drive to another level. I mean, it looks more interactive now instead of staring at the static photo, right? There are also other lovely dogs up for adoption, so feel free to visit SOSD’s website to find out more!


In another news, if anyone responsible enough would want to adopt a cat and bring a feline member into your home, I’ve got a cute little cat that is up for adoption.

Spot is 5 years old and has its own Instagram as well. I’ve personally interacted with him before and I realised that for some reasons, he seems to like staring at humans. I have no idea what he is staring at, but there are times we ended up in a staring competition.

faBOWlous is mi #adoptSpotthecat #fostercatsg #blackcatsOfinstagram #cat

A post shared by Spot (@sp0tacular) on

So if anyone would like to adopt Spot, feel free to contact me via my email or any of my social media! I will then link you to his foster mum ya.

Remember to adopt, don’t buy!

Till the next post, see ya!

3-Step Guide for Newbies Ordering Flowers Online

There’s a first time for everything, and having jitters ordering in local online florist is not something new, especially to those who are used to buying from physical shops. Where do I click? What do I do? How do I pay? Et cetera, et cetera. The online buying process is simple, and some comprehensive online shops even guide customers through it. Below are three steps you can follow for a smooth online transaction.

Browse and Compare

Every online shop offers feature flowers, some even have flower of the day or flower arrangement of the week. That’s a great way to start if you do not know what you want to get. If you know that flower that you want, take the time to browse through the pages of florist online shops as they post their inventory, complete with photos and descriptions. Check out various websites offerings, compare among your top choices, and select the one that can best satisfy your demands.

Select and Inquire

If you want the best florist offerings for your occasion and you can’t find them in the featured products, you can always contact the shop directly to ask them about your particular interest—whether it’s a hand bouquet, birthday flowers, or any other special products or services. The online florist Singapore shop that has great customer service will find a way to get you what you need.

Add to Cart and Checkout

Some florist does instant checkout, but most have online carts for customers so they can conveniently browse the site for other products or services they might need for their occasion. After you’ve got everything you need, just check out and wait for the delivery of the products. That’s it—easy, convenient, and every transaction done in the comforts of your home.

First-time online transactions can induce panic at first, but the more you use the service, the more it becomes more addictive. It’s even a better experience if the online florist Singapore shop you’ve chosen goes out of their way to accommodate your requests.

Just remember to always double-check the items you have placed in your cart and make sure you have not added the same item twice (or thrice!). And here’s an extra advice: Always be vigilant and look out for hidden charges! These can make you spend unnecessary cash, and it can damage the budget you have for your occasion.

Show-off Your FIFA skills and Stand A Chance to Win $1,500 Cash Prizes

The quadrennial FIFA World Cup is back and it is evident that the football fever is affecting almost everyone in the world. Everyone has been talking about it even before the opening ceremony on 13 June and I am not surprised when I get questions like “Why is Italy not inside”.

Some even asked why Singapore isn’t represented in the tournament.

Well, if we don’t suck that badly.

For those who felt that watching the matches on TV isn’t enough, how does the idea of being involved in a football tournament itself sounds to you?

Online marketplace Shopback teams up with Carousell to organise a World Cup Tournament Fair next Sunday (24 June) at ShopBack’s HQ in Ayer Rajah. This will be the first time the two local startups work together, with the intention of uniting football fans and gamers alike.

Participants will get pit their FIFA gaming skills against one another in the FIFA 18 World Cup mode on the Sony Playstation 4. The tournament will be rolled out in a two-legged and penalty format where the finalist will battle it out for the $1,500 prize pool, and the opportunity to be the best in the region.

Apart from the console game, the organisers also put in place a mini tournament of Super Sidekicks 2 – a retro arcade game from the 90s – where attractive prizes are up for grabs.

Lunch and dinner will be provided. In addition, there will also be a live streaming of the England vs Panama match before the end of the event.

Registration will be opened till 21 June. Be the first few to register your interest to enjoy the early bird price of just $8!


Date: 24 June, 2018
Time: 1000HRS to 2200HRS (registration starts from 0945HRS)
Venue: Shopback, 77 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-23