5 Types of Players at Escape Rooms

Escape Room is simple, find the clue and get you and your team out of the place as fast as possible. It is a mystery solving game that will make everyone so headache yet everyone will enjoy it. There are so many things you could learn from the game, from problem solving to teamwork. It’s a great squad bonding game that any group of friends should attempt. Throughout the gameplay, you will definitely see your friends falling into one of these categories:

1. The Detective

(Image: Victor Tirasov)

Most likely the most enthusiastic person amongst the whole lot. You will never fail to see the Detective searching up and down, in and out for clues and hints. They probably watched too much Sherlock Holmes and/or being an investigative officer has been their aspiration since childhood. They will analyse every single thing they encounter like a dog sniffing through the trash bin.

2. The Commander



The leader of the team. They possess the critical thinking skills and provide the direction everyone would follow. The Detective is his right-hand man and they are usually formed by two with the most chemistry (like Sherlock and Watson, you know). He might be the only one who can stop the Detective from overthinking and get everyone excited throughout the duration of the game.

3. The Blur Sotong

We always bound to have that clueless friend who could not even catch the slightest hint. The clue could be right in their face, very blatantly, yet they still could not get it. There is no doubt that they are always the one who will be the last to understand the logic behind every hints.

4. The Sceptic



There is always someone who trusts no one. Not sure if he/she has been let down too many times by the group or that he/she is just plain paranoid. The Sceptic will always question the Detective on the clues he/she found and doubts the direction the Commander decides on. Despite he/she risked becoming the least favourite person in the group, the Sceptic actually helps to stimulate one’s critical thinking skills and train everyone’s decision-making skills. “You sure or not” will be the main thing the Sceptic will say.

5. The Nobel Peace Prize Award Wannabe

(Image: Imgflip)

Whenever there are the detective and the sceptic, you are guaranteed a repeat of the Cold War. That’s when someone, whose only mission there is to ensure that no ballistic missiles are being released and that everyone would be heading for a good dine-in instead of the mortuary at the end of the game. You will never fail to hear this person mumbling, “Eh, chillax, it’s only just a game.” (Or somewhere along this line, you get me)

He deserved an accolade if the team comes out of the game not blaming one another for anything.


Escape Rooms Singapore like Lost SG is a high-tech, top-rated 60-minute escape room game in Singapore where players put their heads together to make sense of thought-provoking clues, and seemingly abstract puzzles to escape from a locked room. Each little detail could be the essential clue to help you unlock another part of the puzzle, or the ultimate key to your escape.

Featuring the best in escape room technology, your experience with LOST SG will surely fill you with amazement when you hear the ‘click’ of success before the room makes way for your next encounter. LOST SG weaves advanced gameplay into a new generation of immersion and realism.

There are 5 interesting themes for you to choose from and each has its own challenges and complexity. Whether you are a Sherlock Holmes wannabe or a history lover or just merely looking for some weekends trills for your friends, you will definitely find the game that your squad will enjoy.

1 Sophia Road
#03-01/02/03 Peace Centre
Singapore 228149

Operating Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 1100 – 2245 (last game ends at 2345)
Friday & Saturday: 1100 – 0045 (last game ends at 0145)

Giving Your Credit Card A Street Look: A Peek into the DBS x SBTG Collaboration

DBS has recently given their Live Fresh Visa payWave Platinum Card a refreshing look.


It looked as if you are holding onto a piece of graffiti artwork inside your wallet. But of course, I don’t think there’s any other artwork out there that will provide you with the kind of benefits the DBS Live Fresh Card brings.

This ‘graffiti’ artwork is the brainchild of local sneaker artist, Mark Ong. More notably known under the moniker of ‘Mr. Sabotage’, his clients include international celebrities like Kobe Bryant and Linkin’ Park’s Mike Shinoda.

This is the first credit card to be designed in collaboration with a homegrown designer to feature a unique, glow in the dark camouflage print.

Speaking of his design concept, Ong admitted how the iconic camouflage print was inspired by the notion of freedom – of choice and of independence. The signature design features a contrasting pink and turquoise camouflage, encapsulating the spirit of freedom of choice in its bold print.

He explained, “I designed the new DBS Live Fresh Card to buck against the trend. Camouflage is typically used to blend in, but I’ve adopted the camouflage design – with its unique glow-in-the-dark imprint – as a way for DBS Live Fresh cardholders to blend out. I hope that empowered with this newly designed card, young adults will take a cue from its design inspiration and truly start playing by their own rules.”





As part of the refresh, DBS will be introducing an exclusive giveaway of DBS Live Fresh X Mr Sabotage merchandise. From 8 January to 31 March 2018, 100 pairs of hand-painted AIR FORCE 1 sneakers and 1,000 G-Shock watches featuring the iconic camouflage print will be up for grabs via a lucky draw.

New applicants of the refreshed DBS Live Fresh Card will be eligible for a chance to win a limited edition G-Shock watch with every S$50 spent. Eligible lucky draw participants will be able to increase their chances of winning a pair of custom-painted AIR FORCE 1 sneakers with each additional spend on their DBS Live Fresh Card.

If you’d like to learn more about the DBS Live Fresh Card and its perks, click HERE!

Mini Guide to Singapore Coffee Festival 2017

Coffee lovers rejoice! Singapore Coffee Festival (SCF) is finally back for the second year after a successful inaugural edition last year. This year’s edition – organised by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and presented by DBS, will feature about 90 exhibitors, ranging from coffee purveyors to cafes and even equipment distributors.

Being a coffee lover myself, I would not want to miss the opportunity to learn more about my favourite beverage and to taste the different kinds of coffee the world has to offer. Kheng Yin joined me for this adventure as we indulge in the mystical world of caffeine.

So here’s a mini-guide we’ve collated after our visit so that you won’t get as lost as we did after coming face to face with a huge variety of choices.

1. Redeem your free drink samples with your stickers

Sorry, we’ve already gone all out to redeem our complimentary drink samples.

Basically, event-goers will be entitled to 2 drink samples. These stickers can be found inside your goodie bag – the first thing you’ll get once you exchanged your tickets at the counter.

KY definitely looked pleased with her goodie bag.

With over 90 merchants and hundreds over types of coffee to choose from (although not all types of coffees are available for sampling, do check out the full list here), I know it’s a bit difficult to make a decision. Hence, we’ve shortlisted a few of our favourites:

Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH)

CSHH is no stranger to most youngsters here. It’s posh and contemporary interior packaged as a traditional shophouse on the outside raises a few eyebrows when it was first established.

For this exhibition, they have in store several kinds of premium coffee, including Kayon Mountain from Ethiopia, Javanero Pasundan from Indonesia and Maragogype from Panama. Each kind of coffee has its unique and distinguishable taste so it will spare your taste buds some confusion.

Damage: around SGD5-8

Hook Coffee

There were so many varieties of coffee beans to choose from: Madame Lychee, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Eternally Grapeful and so on and so forth. I know how these names don’t sound like those of the traditional coffee beans but the strong aroma diffusing out of every bean will eradicate any doubts you have.

Apart from having your coffee freshly brewed upon order, you can also buy the beans back and brew them yourself.

Damage: SGD7 (per 100g of beans)

For those who are looking for some more out-of-this-world and hipster kind of coffee, check out this list.

3. When you are tired of coffee…

If coffee ain’t your thing, don’t worry.

If your taste buds have been overwhelmed by the amount of coffee you’ve tasted at the festival, don’t worry too.

There are always different kinds of tea to your rescue.

Here are our favourites:

Prana Chai

The masala blend is the highlight. The moment when you swallowed it down your throat, you will taste that strong cinnamon aftertaste. It could not have been stronger, yet it fits perfectly with black Ceylon tea.

The addition of organic honey and freshly diced ginger, coupled with other spices scouted from the whole of India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala, will help make you feel relaxed

Do pick up their pamphlet because there is a recipe to teach you how to make a delicious banana cake using Prana Chai.

Damage: SGD28 (per 250g retail pack)

Gryphon Tea

One of the best sparkling juices we’ve ever tasted. I am not even kidding. For a person who isn’t fond of gassy drinks, I find that this series of sparkling juice produced by Gryphon Tea Co. is especially smooth. You will not taste the carbon dioxide that tends to give your tongue that unpleasant sharp feeling. I am particularly surprised at how natural it tasted. It was as if I was savouring a cup of freshly brewed tea in the forest.

The newly launched Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Teas series can be boasted as the first of its kind in Singapore. It comes in three flavours – Pearl of the Orient with Lychee, Earl Grey Lavender with Strawberry and Osmanthus Sencha with Passionfruit. Each artisanal batch is said to cold-brewed at 4˚C for a total of 12 hours using a proprietary extraction method.

Damage: SGD3.75 (per bottle – non-chilled), SGD34 (per carton of bottles – non-chilled), SGD7.50 (per cup), SGD12 (per 2 cups)

HIC Juice

Oh right. HIC Juice doesn’t sell tea. Neither do they sell coffee. They are probably one of the few participating exhibitors there that allow you to take a break from caffeine. With cold press juices, juices popsicles, acai bowls and smoothies, event-goers can ‘revitalise, refresh and recharge’ before continue their coffee adventure.

Damage: SGD6 – SGD12 (cold press juices), SGD6.90 (acai bowl), SGD8 (superfood smoothies)

3. Have some crispy cream muffins to go with your drinks

It might be a ‘coffee’ exhibition, but surely we must have some food to go with it. Famous Japanese cream bun maker Hattendo has just introduced a new brand called ‘cream muffin’, specially for the Singapore market.

Unlike other muffins, cream muffin has a rather crispy outer layer due to it being covered by a layer of biscuit mixed with crunchy almonds, pearl sugar and chocolate chips. The interior, in contrast, is made up of a fluffiest, pillowy soft dough which will melt in your mouth. The combination is just match made in heaven.

There are currently three flavours of muffin available: matcha and chocolate cream muffins, and Singapore muffin filled with a combination of kaya and custard.

After the SCF, cream muffins will be only available exclusively at the Hattendo Cafe from 7 to 13 August 2017. Be one of the first to try it.

Damage: SGD3 each (muffins), SGD5 per cup (Hattendo/Singapore/Hiroshima Blend)

4. Grab your passport to rewards

The Live Kind Passport initiated by DBS will allow event-goers to participate in four social conscious task in order to redeem rewards like an eco-friendly reusable coffee tumbler or even a cup of free coffee.

One of the tasks includes dropping off a used plastic bottle at the designated recycling machine. On top of the stamp for our Live Kind Passport, we’ve also managed to redeem a snack with the plastic bottle we’ve recycled.

Apart from the activities, there are also workshops for event goers who are interested in gaining insight into everything from coffee brewing or edible art. For those who are into healthy living, there will also be a healthy snack making workshop by Boxgreen, one of the social enterprises that set up a booth at the exhibition.

Check out the full schedule here.

5. Chillax and take OOTD

Make full use of the venue while you are in it. The Sunrise Wharf on both sides of the exhibition venue provides a phenomenal view of the open sea which gave us the idea of photo shoot session. You don’t always get the chance of being by the sea side often so seize the opportunity!


SCF2017 will be held from today (4 August) till this Sunday (6 August) at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. Tickets are on sale at $22 each, $18 if you are a DBS cardholder or an ST subscriber.

Do visit its official website for more information.

Just a little caution to those who are planning to head down: the second level is not accessible from within the first level of the exhibition. Event-goers are required to take the escalator from the outside of the exhibition in order to go up to level 2. The need to go through two rounds of security checks would certainly discourage lazy people like us to check out on the other exhibitors up there.

Members of Public Signing Petition for 4 Days of School

(Image: Change.org Screenshot)

Looks like someone has decided that it is time for Singapore to implement a 4-day school week.

A petition has been circulating around the internet over the past few days in a bid to request the Ministry of Education to implement a 4-day school week.

Gabriel Ee, who started the petition on 24 July (Monday), provided the reason that a reduced school week ‘may remedy the sleep problem than most students have’ and he believed that ‘the extra day off may benefit the learning economy of Singapore’.

His ideas resonate with many of the members of the public. One of the signatories, Jeremy Sng, agreed that a 4-day school week will help the students to become less tired. He left his reason on the comment column, stating, “All of those days of school could give student homework which we aren’t able to complete in one day so I think there should be one day less of school.”

Improved Results

The call to reduce the number of school days is not new. Schools in the U.S. states of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming have already cut back on the school days since 2015. However, here’s the catch: In the school that pushed out shorter school week, there also implement longer school hours on the each school days as well.

A study conducted in 2015 has concluded that a four-day school week is linked to better academic performance. It was initially thought that longer days on a shorter school week would hurt the academic performances of the students due to shorter attention spans and a longer weekend would mean an increased chance of them forgetting whatever that had been taught.

However, after looking at a number of students in each school that scored “proficient or advanced” on state-wide maths and reading test, before and after the school changed to a four-day week, they observed improvements in their results. It was observed that there is an increase from 55.5% of a school’s students on average achieving the top scores before the change to 63.1% after the change.

At the time of publication, the petition has already received 25,213 signatures, close to three-quarter of the total amount of people required for activation.

Amazon Prime Now Launches in Singapore

Amazon officially launches its two-hour delivery service Prime Now in Singapore on Thursday. Singaporeans will be offered thousands of products and are able to receive their goods via express delivery. Goods will be dispatched from its new fulfilment centre at the western part of the island.

The fulfilment centre covered a total of 100,000 sq ft at the Mapletree Logistic Hub in Toh Guan Road East and is now the largest in the world.

It hasn’t been a surprise to some, who have been following Amazon’s movements actively. There were reports last year claiming that the e-commerce giant will make its entry into the South-East Asian market. A source close to the company had even expected Amazon to launch selected services in Singapore by the first quarter of 2017, after its failed acquisition of RedMart last year.

It is better late than never.

In the recent days leading up to the official launch, there was a series of high-profile Instagrammers making sponsored posts with regards to the service. This further the speculations that Amazon will land here soon.

What is Amazon Prime Now?

According to its website, Amazon Prime Now is a benefit of Amazon Prime where members can place orders fast with same-day delivery in selected zip codes.

What’s in stall for Singaporeans?

Although Amazon Prime Now is extended to only Amazon Prime members, yet the company is still in the process of launching the membership here in Singapore. Therefore, the Prime Now service will be available without the membership element for the current being.

Orders over S$40 placed via the smartphone app will be delivered straight to your doorsteps within two hours without any delivery charges. Customers can also pay an additional $9.99 to get their goods within 1 hour.

And apparently, they are really selling almost everything.

From vegetables…

To health supplements.

And also monitors and TV…

And of course, they didn’t forget how everyone gets rather awkward buying condoms over the counter…

As part of the introduction of the Prime Now service, Amazon will also be offering a S$10 discount for your first order (‘10PRIMENOW‘) upon checking out. Visa card users will be entitled to a S$20 discount with your first order through the code ‘VISA20‘.

Deliveries will be conducted between 10AM to 10PM daily.

The Site That Motivates Me To Innovate

Entrepreneurship is on the rise, especially with the startup trend that is taking the world by storm. According to the co-founder of Warby Parker, Neil Blumenthal, a startup is a ‘company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.”

An unguaranteed success might have put many people off from entrepreneurship, yet it has not been the case here in Singapore. It was reported that between 2005 and 2013, the number of startups in Singapore roses from 24,000 to 42,000, of which at least 5,200 are tech startups. Furthermore, the government has also pushed out various funding schemes to support local startups. The SPRING Startup SG Founder, Startup SG Tech and National Research Foundation’s (NRF) Early Stage Venture Fund (ESVF) are some of the examples.

However, despite all the resources available to start your business, it is important that one continues to read and broaden his/her knowledge. Of course, many might turn to traditional news sites like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes or The Business Insider or more locally, The Business Times for business and trends insights. As much as these traditional platforms do provide us with contents that are ‘harder’ in nature, these contents are usually ‘harder in nature’. They may not use layman terms that strike a chord with its reader.

Hence, I also make sure I expand my readings to other non-traditional sites. And recently, I encounter this site.

DBS Innovates

DBS Innovates is an initiative by DBS Bank. It is like a micro blog that is constantly updated with the latest banking innovations and insights. Of course, I ain’t a banker and neither am I interested in the banking industry. However, the site also provides readers with some motivations and ideas for business innovation.

There are 4 tabs for the site, Innovation Insights; Making Banking Simpler, Faster, Smarter; Innovate For Good, and Behind The Scenes. Personally, I feel that articles under ‘Behind The Scenes’ could provide some motivation for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. There are real-life stories of entrepreneurs who’ve gone on to make a mark for themselves (Koufu’s Pang Lim) and as well as of a UX designer.

Cashless Payments

I have an interest in the future of our local F&B culture and there are actually a few articles on the site that I read with enthusiasm. DBSInnovates has successfully persuaded me that there is a future in our local F&B culture by incorporating innovations such as cashless payments. In the words of Koufu’s Mr. Pang Lim, in one of his interview with the site, “Embarking on technology and automation to improve productivity helps not only in reducing operating costs, but it also improves our value creation ability.”

In another article, DBSInnovates interviewed a hawker who has been selling ngoh hiang for the past 30 years. Mr. Ng Kok Hua seizes the up and coming trend of cashless payments and allows his customers to scan QR code via their PayLah! application for payment.

These are the kinds of examples that are close to reality, which many of the other mainstream articles lack. This is definitely in line with the bank’s motto to ‘make banking joyful’. I definitely looked forward to more of such kinds of articles from the site in the near future.

Here are some of my favourite articles from the site:


A&W Returns To Singapore And With Halal Certification

A&W has recently announced that they are making a return to Singapore.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, A&W President and CEO Kevin Bazner has revealed that the new A&W outlet will be Halal Certified. He elaborated that the beef patties will be wholly sourced from Australia while its fresh chicken supply will “predominantly be sourced in the region and prepared locally”.

The announcement was received with support from the local Muslim community, many of whom have expressed their enthusiasm on A&W’s return.

Apart from that, customers can look forward to hot-sellers like fried chicken, burgers, Coney Dogs, waffle ice cream, curly fries and “freshly-made” root beer served in frosty mugs.

WAIT for A LITTLE MORE: Coney Dogs are one of the fan-favourites in the A&W fast food chain. (Image: SAYS)

Despite being the first fast food chain to open its business in Singapore, A&W had shut its last Singapore outlet in 2003, the same year Yum! Brands acquired the company. The company has since been sold to A Great American Brand in 2011. Since then, there have been plans for the fast food chain to return to Singapore.

The exact location on where the outlet will be have not been confirmed, but they are looking into key neighbourhood towns and regions, commercial malls and the Central Business District.

Meanwhile, those who crave for some A&W delicacy can travel across the Causeway to Aeon Bukit Indah in JB. You can take either Causeway Link bus services CW3 (Jurong) or CW6 (Boon Lay) to take you directly there.

5 Ways To Plan For Your Future

Everyone wants to be financially independent. Youths like me, who are still finding our way in life as we approached the real deal of adulthood, hope that one day, we will be able to make enough money to sustain our living. We want to be able to earn enough to spend on the necessities that we need and the luxuries that we crave yet having enough money for rainy days and for retirement.

Despite having a national savings scheme in the form of CPF which covers your housing and health expenditures as well, we still need to be self-reliant when it comes to personal finance. Such financial literacy becomes all the more important when the cost of living in this island are getting higher each year.

According to a recent study done by local bank DBS, they found out that more than 50% of their customers aged 20 – 35 either do not plan or do not know how to plan financially. As for the remaining who plan for financial goals, the majority of them do not exactly know the estimated target amount needed to achieve each goal. To one’s relief, 3 in 5 young adults do want to manage their money better in order to help them achieve their future goals – be it buying a home, growing their money or for self-development.

So with that, we decided to just share with everyone 5 simple ways to plan for your future because being financially stable and independent is our future.


I remembered watching this old MediaCorp Ch8 sitcom “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. The uncle of the main character was being rather stingy at times but that’s because he lives by a financial motto: Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit. Despite it being a Chinese show, it actually provided me with my favourite Malay phrase of all-time. The Malay proverb actually meant, “Bit by bit, and over time, it will accumulate into a mountain”.

Although that doesn’t mean you should be stingy with every penny. Instead, we should learn to set aside some money as our savings every month. For those who are working, whether as a part-timer or have already stepped right into the workforce, put aside a percentage of your income into your savings account. By the meaning of SAVINGS account, it means that you should not be touching the money inside at all unless it’s very emergency.

NOTE: Dying to buy a Hermes bag that’s at 60% off during this GSS season but you do not have a spare cash to spend on it is NOT an emergency.

I think we all do need some discipline when it comes to weighing between what is emergency spending and what’s not.

If you would like some tips on how to save money, do check out 5 Most Cheapskate Ways to Save Money.


Planning ahead means that you have to sit down with a pen and paper (or in front of your laptop/PC) and start to think ahead. Where do you want to be in 5 years time? How do you want to live your life in 10 years time?

It is inevitable that there are many uncertainties in life, but it is important to plan for at least 5 years ahead. It will give you the enough time to actually deliver what you’ve actually planned for yourself amidst all the uncertainties. There’s a reason why government plan always come in 5 years (remember a certain Stalin’s 5-Year plan for Soviet Russia back in the late 1920s and early 1930s?).

Plan backwards. Once you see where you want to be in 5 years, start planning backwards. Instead of an unachievable big leap forward towards your goal, break them into smaller steps. For instance, if you want to complete a full marathon in 5 years, and if you hadn’t been running, go for a 5km run in your first year. In the second year, upgrade and train for the 10KM. Maybe try running that distance for about 5-8 times at the pace you are comfortable in before moving on to the next milestone. Of course, you don’t run your half marathon straight, go for 12, 14, 16, and as long as you feel that you are comfortable with the distance already, move on, add another 1-2KM to your next run. By the third year, you are most likely ready for the half marathon. And you are half-way there already. The difficulty increases as you move beyond the 21KM, it becomes more tough and challenging. Yet, as long as you persevere, train right and take the right nutrition, your plan to compete your first ever full marathon can be fulfilled.

It’s the same as in life. Things eventually gets tough but you’ll always need to have that mental prepareness. That’s why planning ahead is so important. You give yourself and aim and the strategy to achieve it. Being clear of your goals and taking small steps towards it helps you make your life better.


(Image: Janisrae)

There is an old English proverb that goes “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.”

Indeed, imagine what happened if that basket dropped on the floor, you might just be left with no eggs at all. There is no secret that most major conglomerates actually venture into more than one industry. For instance, Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffett, currently has ventures in insurance (GEICO), retail (The Pampered Chef, Helzberg Diamonds, etc), media (Buffalo Evening News) and real estate (HomeServices of America) – just to mention a few.

Make investments, open a small company that is sustainable, write a blog, be a freelance, even picking up new skills at your own free time. These will actually help you receive money via several streams of income.

There are actually 3 types of income for your consideration.

a) Earned income: This is basically the money that you’ll be getting in the form of salary – something that you exchanged your time and effort with. It is one kind of fixed income. There is not much fluctuations, unless you receive a rise/drop in your paycheck or that you’ve decided to change your job.

b) Passive income: This is the money that you’ll get when you sell something more than it had cost you initially. It’s like selling things you’ve got on Taobao on Carousell or even opening your own business outside of your full-time work. You know, you can be the boss of a company yet you actually personally work for another company. As long as there’s no conflict of interest, I think this is a pretty good way to earn some extra money. Furthermore, it’s your own business.

c) Portfolio income: By portfolio, it means selling your investments at a higher price than you’ve initially made. Although it requires quite some time and effort to do the necessary research and gain credible knowledge about your investments, but the capital gains that you are going to receive from it might be more than what you’ve actually earn from your earned income or your passive income. But there’s always a risk to meddle with.


(Image: PinsDaddy)

Planning for the future also means finding THAT industry that you are willing to stay in for for at least 10 years. You might change job but never change your industry too fast. Give yourself some time to gain enough experience so that once you change job, you can upgrade your salary as well – instead of changing career path.

Unless you are very sure about your passion, spend your teens or years as a student to experience the different job environments out there in the market. Be a retail sales person, work in the F&B industry, shut yourself within the four walls of the office doing admin/office work, run around perspiring or squeeze your creative juices at media companies or test your limits with kids in the education industry. You will meet different people while working in different environment, experience things that you’ll never get to experience before (not to be biased but I strongly think being in the media industry gets you the best exposure to almost everything).

Slowly, you will find where your real passion lies and you will understand that the industry that you eventually venture in would probably be the best for you. You won’t even want to think about leaving your industry because you’ve experience first-hand of how other industry is like and the reason why you didn’t venture there in the first place.

It will give you the mentality to push yourself in your industry. Passion will eventually turn to cash, as long as you stay rooted to it.

If you are still unsure of how to be financially independent for the future, you should speak to a financial advisor. I know many of you, me alike, do not really trust financial advisors or basically anyone when it comes to money. You might be that they might pressure you into some investments or insurance that you are totally not interested in. Same here.

However, at DBS’s NAV Hub, they offer young adults free personalised financial planning sessions with no financial products being sold. In other words, don’t be sceptical once you’ve stepped into the comfy shophouse because they are not going to sell you any financial packages that you are not ready to invest in under this new initiative by DBS.

No financial transactions, just helping customers to navigate through life changes, uncertainties and opportunities.

Through a roughly one-hour session, you can learn more about their current financial health, as well as understand their financial goals and how to achieve them. In addition, you can also obtain financial planning tips from the NAV online space and attend monthly financial planning classes at the “NAV Hub” conducted by industry experts to boost your financial literacy.

“NAV HUB” is housed at 45 Tras Street, just some 5-minute walk away from the nearest MRT station at Tanjong Pagar. Do make a booking of the available slots HERE before heading down.

Nothing You Do In Life Will Be Wasted: Jaime Teo

(Image: DBS)

Speaking at the premiere screening of the latest episode of Sparks, former beauty queen Jaime Teo urges youngsters to seize every opportunity that comes along the way.

“It’s all life, just be the moment and enjoy it. You never know when is going to put in need in future. And even if you don’t, so what? Enjoy it! Don’t keep thinking that ‘No, I don’t want to do this.’ It’s never like that, it’ll come.”

Jaime has previously co-founded cupcakery chain Twelve Cupcakes in 2011. Baking is her hobby outside of her entertainment career. If anyone requires real-life substantial evidence on how you should pick up a few skills and knowledge along the way, Jaime will be our best example. Indeed, you will never know when your expertise will come in handy. Life is unexpected and having an expanded field of expertise will definitely pay off well into the future.

She elaborated on what her co-star Nathan Hartono, who rose to prominence last year after coming in as runner-up at the Sing! China competition, had said.

Recalling upon the series of events that lead up to his current success story, he shared how he managed to go from winning a competition organised by local magazine Teenage back in 2005 to making his mark on the international stage some 10 years after.

“The best strategy I’ve found over time is: don’t wallow, don’t be bitter, just keep your head down, keep working, and inevitably you are going to get better in whatever you do. The opportunities that come will become better and better.”

Exercise To Be Strong 

Jaime and Nathan sharing about successes. (Image: DBS)

Jaime, also an avid fitness enthusiast, recalled how she managed to carry a 35kg luggage up a flight of stairs when she returned from one of her holidays. “I told my mum, you know, this is why I work out. I couldn’t have done this a few years ago,” she revealed.

She added that after embarking on her fitness journey, she felt like she became stronger. “I don’t want my body to just be slim, I want to be strong and the thing is that when my body becomes stronger, it became it is not so important to me the number on the weighing scale.”

Many people, me alike, will have the tendency to overlook the benefits of getting fit. We all have the perception that the number on the weighing scale defines whether you are fit or not. It does not seem to be the case. Throughout my fitness journey, it is inevitable for myself to get overly self-conscious over, so much so that there are times when I came close to become bulimic (Thank God I have yet to become one). The whole point of getting fit is to be healthy and that means putting yourself through monstrous and food depriving diet will defeat the entire purpose. Strive to have 3 balanced meal per day, after all, you need the energy that will help you last through the day and your every workout. I need to admit that I am guilty of going on a crash diet that makes me feel kind of weak and somehow screwing up my entire energy-producing mechanism in my body.

I think Jaime’s words really pulled me back to reality and make me realised that fitness is not a short term plan but it’s a lifelong one. That being said, it has to be sustainable. Crash diets are never sustainable.

Both Jaime and Nathan will star alongside Adrian Pang, James Yang, Jamie Ha and Darren Tan in the mini-series that follows a group of young bankers as they navigate work and personal lives. Nathan playing as the young version of Adrian’s character, Chester. This latest episode will see us go back in time with Chester, to when he meets his first clients – a young couple (portrayed by Darren and Jaime) who owns a small bus company. It also gave a narrative on how he, guided by values he holds close to his heart, stands with the family through thick and thin.

Sparks Episode 7: Stand By Me is now available for viewing on YouTube. You can click HERE to watch.

NTU Is Now The Best University in Singapore

OVERTAKES: NTU overtakes NUS in the latest World University Ranking (Photo: NTU)

According to the latest World University Ranking conducted by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has now overtaken the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The ranking, taking into account of the academic reputation, citations per faculty, employers reputation, faculty student, international faculty and international student, has just been released this morning.

NTU scored a total score of 92.2 points, moving up 2 positions from the ranking last year to just right outside the Top 10. On the other hand, NUS scored 90.5 points, dropping from 12th to 15th, yet outperforming other prestigious universities in the likes of Yale, John Hopkins and Tsinghua.

NUS Continues To Score Well In Academic Reputation

(Image: NUS)

Despite losing out to NTU this time round over the overall scoring, NUS retains in 100 score in terms of their academics reputation. NTU scored 93.9. However, NUS did not score as well as NTU in the field of citations per faculty with the former scoring just 66.2 and the latter with 83.3.

Both local universities scored 100 for international faculty.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University and Harvard University remains in the Top 3 positions. The Australia National University and China’s Tsinghua University are the other universities from Asia-Pacific to be ranked within the Top 25 list.

You can view the full ranking here.