21 English Words That You Might Have Been Pronouncing Wrongly

English is the lingua-franca of the World and it is important to get your pronunciation right in other for people from other countries to understand you. As we are in Singapore, it is good to get yourself familiarise with the correct British pronunciation of certain words. There are words that we tend to read it as it is when it’s actually not, and there are also words that we tend to read it as some other words when the pronunciation is rather obvious.

So here’s a list of 21 words that most people, including myself, have been pronouncing wrongly since the day we started speaking.

Since we are talking about pronunciation here, let’s get the keyword right from the first place. While the word ‘pronounce’ is pronounced as ‘pro-nounce’ (that’s really direct, doesn’t it?), the word ‘pronunciation’ tend to cause some confusion. The noun form of ‘pronounce’ is spelt differently (notice that they dropped the ‘o’?). Hence, it read it as ‘pro-nun-ci-a-tion’. Read it as how it is spelt.

Many people in Singapore, as much as I am hearing, mispronounce the longer formed of ‘etc.’ as es-se-tra. Of course, it should have been et cetera. Apparently, we are too lazy to read out the 4 syllabus word that we shortened it to just three.


(Image: theolinecitizen)

A parliament is probably the most boring productive place in the nation where parliamentarians from different political parties come together to engage in serious political mudslinging debates over national issues. The English language is kind of confusing when it comes to this, while we tend to decrease the syllables in words like ‘et cetera’, there are times that we get too conscious over our pronunciation that we actually very single syllabus that we think the word contains.

The word ‘Parliament’ is often read as ‘par-li-a-ment’. But, well, it should be read as ‘par-li-ment’. Probably whoever who derived the word realised that they doesn’t really deserves the ‘A’. Just kidding.


(Image: findhealthtips)

Something that we use as much as we get it pronounced wrongly. “Hey, do you have a comb? I need to comb my hair.” Many of us, including myself and the Americans, tend to pronounce words like this literally. We mispronounced it as ‘com-b’ – as in the ‘comb’ from the word ‘combination’. (Of course, it’s considered a correct alternative pronunciation if you are coming from somewhere where American English is preferred.) The actual and of course the British way of pronouncing ‘comb’ is ‘keum’ as in ‘womb’.

I swear English itself is confusing enough, and we really need not British English and American English to further complicate things.


(Image: enkivillage)

“Could you help us take a picture?”

Often, we pronounce it as ‘peek-ture’. Not sure what you are peeking at while taking a picture, but the actual pronunciation is in fact ‘pik-cher’. Don’t drag the ‘i’, just make it short and simple, just like you just press your shutter once to take a picture.

Another word that has always been mispronounced by almost everyone. The ‘photo-‘ in the word ‘photography’ doesn’t sound the same as the word ‘photo’ when it is left alone. It’s not ‘pho-to-gra-phy’ but instead it’s ‘fhe-tog-ra-phy’.

Told you English is confusing.


(Image: Wynn Las Vegas)

No, it’s definitely not pronounced as ‘suit’. Repeat it after me, “sweet’. Yes, they rhyme. Well, apparently they think that being in a suite is the most sweetest feeling ever. Must be.

Those things that we put on our necks or wrists for decorative proposes? Yup, that’s accessories. As much as we love wearing them, I mean er… most of us would love to have some accessories worn together with your outfit of the day, we tend to shout out the wrong pronunciation for this word.

“Dear, do you have the asses-so-ry?”
This pronunciation probably requires some assessment. It should be pronounced as ‘ac-cess-se-ry’. Well, I didn’t know I was pronouncing it wrongly when I realised that there’s no such word as ‘assessory’.

Sometimes, you got to pronounce how it is written.
Of course, sometimes, you don’t.


(Image: Big Box Training)

Before you start commenting on how your friend has an ‘athlete leg’, get familiarised with the pronunciation first before you get, er hmm, checkmate. We tend to read it as ‘at-the-lic’ which sounded right, but wrong. If we look closely enough, you’ll notice that there’s no ‘e’ after the letter ‘h’ in the word. It’s ‘athlete’ and not ‘atheletic’.

Not sure how and why we kept seeing it as ‘atheletic’. Pronounce it as ‘ath-lit’ and you are ready to go.


While there are actually two ways of pronouncing it, just like the word ‘comb’: the British way and the American way. That pretty much sums up how the Brits and the Americans are often at odds with one another. For countries who are using the British English, or I call it the more traditional version of English, the ‘l’ in the word ‘almond’ is silent.

Therefore, do pronounce it as ‘ar-mond’. Like how you say it after every prayer before your meals.

I still remember how I was reprimand for pronouncing the word wrongly back in Primary School. As how it is being spelt, we tend to read it as ‘s-word’. But too bad, it shouldn’t be read that way. The ‘w’ in silent here, just like how the ‘l’ is silent in ‘almond’, as previously mentioned. Read it as ‘sord’, my fellow friends. At least your friend will probably get the correct weapon for you during a fight.


(Image: thickslicepizza)

The most delicious thing to appear in this list. We all love pizza, don’t we? But we love pronouncing it wrongly too. We’ve been calling it ‘pis-sa’ but actually it’s ‘pitz-za’.

Forget it and just enjoy your pizza.

I don’t know why, but some people tend to pronounce it as ‘cote’. Just remember to pronounce the ‘u’ and you’ll be fine.


(Image: cosmolife)

“Eh, you don’t anyhow uh! I call the poo-lice uh!”
“Eh, you sign on poo-lice uh?”

I know sometimes being an uniformed officer can be a shit job but there’s no need to say that you are a poo-lice. It is not poo-lice but per-lice.

A word that I, myself, have been pronouncing wrongly for the past decade or so. I read it as ‘co-cua’ while some others read it as ‘co-co-a’, which are both wrong. Forget the ‘a’ and read it as ‘co-co’.

Now let me make myself a cup of hot ‘co-co’ before continue on with the list.


(Image: raghukaka)

What do you call when you need someone to fix your sewage system for you? The plumber. That’s right. Not the ‘plum-ber’ but the ‘plum-er’. God knows why the ‘b’ is silent, probably it went down the drain.

A word that we tend to forget that there’s actually 2 ‘R’s in the word. Most of us tend to read it as ‘Fe-bu-a-ry’. For this, don’t miss out on any of the letters, pronounce the ‘R’s. Hence, it should be read it as ‘Fe-bru-a-ry’. It’s okay if you are struggling with it, because me too. TEEHEE

Many people look forward to this day because it’s an indication of mid-week and that means that you are halfway through your week and the weekend is coming in a couple of day’s time.

Wed-nes-day. That’s all how most of us read it as. But too bad, the Brits decided that since there’s only two more days to the weekend, they decided to read it as a two-syllable word instead of a three-syllable word. Therefore, it’s just ‘wenz-day’. They simply just combined ‘wednes’ into a syllabus. Well done, English.

For all you computer geeks out there, this word will not be stranger to you. For those who don’t know what’s cache is all about, it’s a part of the computer memory where informations are stored temporarily.

You may not understand how it works, but you’ll most probably love its actual pronunciation. It’s not anything close to ‘ca-che’. You’ll have to read is as ‘kash’, yes, somewhat like ‘cash’. Now, isn’t it easier to get it into your mind because it sounded like something you need it most?

Maybe that’s why my cash is always stored temporarily in my wallet. It’s gone almost immediately.

For most Chinese, we tend to read this as how it looks like, simply ‘chaos’, because that’s how we read it in Chinese. As if English pronunciation doesn’t create much of a chaos (remember this word has to be spelt with an ‘s’), they decided to pronounce it as ‘kay-yors’.

Sometimes I wonder how linguist gets to get everything right.


(Image: bootsnall)

I will probably live there if I wasn’t afraid of the cold was given a chance to. It’s a very beautiful place because there is basically little or no humans and human activities. There are more people pronouncing ‘Antarctica’ wrong than the among of people actually working there. We mis-pronounced it as ‘An-tar-ti-ca’. This is because we clearly don’t realised that ‘Antarctica’ is made up of ‘anti’ and ‘Arctica’, which when combined, means the opposite of the Arctic land.

Hence for that, ‘Antarctica’ should be pronounced as ‘Ant-arc-ti-ca’.


(Image: Paul Carroll)

Although this might not be a legit English word but this is for those football fans who are amazed by the sudden rise of Leicester City. As much as the name of this Leicestershire-based club is being mentioned almost everywhere – from workplaces to the pubs – it seems like everyone has been pronouncing their name wrongly. I was guilty of the pronunciation too. The city where it is based in is not pronounced as ‘Lei-chester’ but ‘Leis-ter’ as in ‘Lester’. Probably your friend named Lester might suspect if his name was actually spelled as ‘Leicester’.

Ok. That’ll be weird.

Think Fast Food Is Always Junk Food?

This will mark my last post of the year.
When we talk about fast food, the first thing that will arise in everyone’s mind would be that fast food are equivalent to junk food and many find it unhealthy to a certain extend that some will even reject the idea of having fast food for their meal, me alike. 
I’ve been trying to avoid fast food for the past one month because I don’t really like the idea of fast food.
But then, today, on the second last day of the year, we decided to try out a whole new kind of fast food. 
The Vegan kind.
For those who know me well enough, I am the kind of person who could not survive one meal without meat. I need at least a piece of meat before I can consider that I actually had a meal. (Ok, minus the days where I had to be vegetarian due to religious obligations) However, since the year is coming to an end, maybe I should try something new.
And since Peiyi was like craving for Vegan burger in the morning, we decided to head down there for dinner.
And I guess this will be the first time when Yoke can get to order anything in the menu of where we are eating since she’s a vegetarian.

VeganBurg is a so-called fast-food outlet whereby they serve vegan burgers and vegan food. It provides gluten-free and nut-free option, for those who are allergic to gluten or nuts.

Although it is located at a rather secluded corner along Jalan Eunos in eastern Singapore, in the middle of a pet shop and a Buddhist temple, it is not difficult to notice the existence of the rather big and round VeganBurg logo above the shop.
As we walked into the premises, I was awed by the aesthetically-pleasing modern interior design of the restaurant. Big glass door coupled with a nice combination of black, white and green. It was as though we’ve walked into some modern countryside eatery. 
Sir Paul McCartney’s favourite fast food joint, as they claim. 

Initially when I first saw the menu, I was rejecting to the fact that the burgers served contains nothing but vegetables, and more vegetables. I was like telling Peiyi and Yoke that I would “rather eat salad” because I thought there was no patty inside. However, looking at the menu closely when I was there, I realised every burger actually does contain patty, and it’s GMO-free soy patty.

We walked in to find ourselves a seat.

After doing much thinking, I’ve decided on ordering this Avocado Beetroot Burger. Why? Because I love avocado. 🙂

Notice that ‘Limited Edition’ label? HAHAHA

We’ve all went for a set meal instead of a la carte and there we go, three drinks to choose from.

I tried the seaweed fries first and as I took the first bite, I felt that I was in wonderland. The fries are perfect. The crisp was on point, and the inner part was rather mushy which made the entire feel felt so good. It was fried to a point where the exterior of the fries was crispy while the inside remains mashed potato. The combination of crisp and mash is like a combination made in heaven. I fell in love almost immediately.
The burger was another that’s worth talking about. It was made in the way that you won’t realise you are actually eating something that is vegan, it tasted like any other normal burger that you get from fast food joints out there. The GMO-free patty really does taste like meat, it looks like one too. So if you tried to buy burger for a friend or your children, you can pretend that it is some normal burger that contains meat. I was truly amazed on how they even managed to make it so similar. One word, marvellous.
The only thing that I need to complain, as usual since I complain a lot, is that the avocado was a little too little that I don’t really get to get hold of the taste of it. It’s almost non existent. Maybe I can suggest them to put a little more of avocado so that the taste would be there yet not strong enough to overpower the taste of the soy patty and other veggies.
Overall, the experience was great! Able to dine in such a comfortable setting with food that makes you feel healthy (of course, if you want to feel more healthier, you can opt for broccoli instead of fries).
Yup, like the broccoli you see above. (That’s Peiyi’s meal btw) 
Look how happy they are with their food. HAHAHA
44 Jalan Eunos
Singapore 419 502
Monday – Saturday and Public Holidays: 11:30AM – 10:00PM (last order at 9.45PM)
Sunday: 10:30AM – 10:00PM (last order at 9.45PM)

Phone: +65 6844 6868

(Since this is the last post of 2015, I hereby wishing everyone a Happy New Year and may 2016 be a good year, if not, better year for all!)

Because We Are in a Wonderland

HOHOHO! Merry Christmas everybody!
“We wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Everyone wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”
It’s finally Christmas and it’s about time to wrap up the year soon.
But of course during this Christmas season, everywhere and anywhere is putting up Christmas decorations to attract people to the area and Gardens by the Bay did an exceptional one.
They made sure that you spent your Christmas in a Wonderland.
So I decided to spend the 23rd December with Turtle Shadow (No, please don’t question me how the clique even got that name in the first place) in the Wonderland.
Gardens By The Bay’s Transformation to become a Wonderland this Christmas
I was of course mesmerised by the lightings that light up the night sky surrounding me. I looked up, the lights were bright and colourful, apparently the lightings are brighter than my future. Darn.

I swear that design looks like some bloody roots.

That call for a Bloody Mary, anyone?

Oh wait, it’s the Christmas season, not Halloween. Alright then.

As we walked through the entire stretch of lighting display, there was one that really caught my eye, which is the venue where performances are and where one can experience 5-mins of snow.


Just that you won’t feel the coldness, no thanks to the body heat produced by over thousands of people around the area.

I swear I was soaking wet. HAHAHA

Anyway, let’s go back to that venue. It was designed like a pavilion that comes alive from Cinderella. So fairy tale like that I felt that I was actually inside a fairy tale. So mystical.

*cue Lavender’s Blue*

Ok, maybe I am the pumpkin carriage in Cinderella. Oops.

It was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but to snap some photographs of it.
At 8pm, the snow moment came (ya, I don’t know what it’s actually called, so I called it the ‘snow moment’). It started raining soap bubbles.
And it was everywhere that I accidentally digested some of them.
“Merry Christmas, here’s some bubbles for you. Enjoy your meal.”
I thought I heard someone saying that, ok, maybe it’s my hallucination. HAHAHA
All of us from Turtle Shadow! Finally a full strength ya

After enjoying the ‘snow’, we went to Adam’s car to do our gift exchanges! Everyone’s got gift from everyone!

I need to admit I had a rather difficult time trying to choose the gifts for the rest of them. But HAHAHA, hope you guys like what I’ve gotten for ya’ll!

Thanks for the presents guys! I need to confess that some of the gifts are rather interesting 😀 LOVELOVELOVE <3 <– See my love your yall?

Meanwhile, enjoy the vlog of my trip below!


5 Most Cheapskate Ways To Save Money

It’s near towards the end of the month and I am sure many people are facing the same issue. The issue regarding the amount of money in your wallet or your bank account right now. Many of you, like me too, has already somewhat spent away a good portion of your pay and/or allowance and now trying to make sure you have enough to last till the end of the month or until your paycheque has come in.


The contrast between the start of the month and nearing to the end of the month is massive.

(GIF: Goodmeme)

I could totally relate to that.

1. Have Meal With Someone Who Has A Relatively Small Appetite

(Image: BBC)

That works absolutely well for me, especially during the past few weeks. I haven’t been spending a lot on food thanks to the kind of friends I’ve been eating with. Slowly you will realise that some of your friends (not necessarily those who are small in size because you don’t judge one’s appetite by merely looking at his/her size) don’t really eat much and that means there are always food for you to ‘cope’ from.

What I’ve personally tried was I went to the caifan stall to buy some rice and some meat for merely just $2 and when I returned back, everyone was complaining about not able to finish their food. Ohohoh, did I not mention to always be the last person to buy food because you’ll roughly gauge how much food you need to spend your money on – you see, if you see someone with a small appetite coming back to the seat with a huge portion of food, you know you can just go ahead to just get some staple food for yourself. Of course, the only problem is that: what if that person is really hungry that day.

Here you go, for a second round of food.

2. Drink more water

(Image: Today Online)

Well, actually, there’s another way if you want to save money from food. That is, to drink more water. Water can help to make you feel full and for those of you who are trying to prevent yourselves from gaining some pounds, drinking water is definitely the way to go! No calories yet you still feel full!

We are very fortunate to be here in Singapore where drinkable water is readily available everywhere, especially from the convenience of your own kitchen. Although water tariff for household is $1.17 per cubic meter below 40m3 and $1.40 per cubic meter above 40m3, if you do your math, you will realised that at the end of the month, you will save more when you choose drinking water instead of buying too many snacks or considering extra servings of food!

Well, if you aren’t the one paying the utility bills, extra savings for you when you replace your snacks with water!

3. Sign up for as many free customer reward programs as possible and look out for coupons
Or you can invest in some of the reward programs.

You’ll never know how much you could save with all these customer reward cards, be it absolutely free or something you’ve got to invest on. I’ve personally signed up for Golden Village Movie Club card (something that I truly recommend if you are avid movie goers). It entitles you to a “GV Members’ Tuesday” privilege where you can catch a movie at just $6.50 instead of the usual $8.50. Hey, that’s $2 discount. You can save this $2 on other stuffs!

While some of these reward systems are card-based, there are many that are card-less and they are everywhere. For instant, you can sign up for CapitaStar and remember to always scan your receipts at the CapitaStar machine located within any CapitaLand Malls and you will soon gathered enough points to redeem vouchers that you can enjoy during the last few days of them month when you are nearly out of cash.

4. Take part in volunteer work

(Image: Careerealism)

The moment when your friends jio-ed you for voluntering work or when someone approached you to voluntarily help them in something, go for it, especially when you are trying to save money.

Look, volunteering is free and you didn’t need to pay for anything. And during volunteering, especially when it takes up your late morning till night, there will be chances that lunch and dinner will be provided. That’s when you are already spending $0 on food for that day. And guess what the other perks are? You get to earn CCA points (for students) and you’ll get to expand your social circle. And the biggest perks of them all? You’ll get a sense of accomplishment because you’ve done something in return to the society.

5. Make use of all the discounts during special seasons, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

(Image: dealtaker)

Thanksgiving has just passed and we are now entering Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, that means you are so going to look out for all the offers across the country and online. During these days, most of the shops are going to have massive discount since it marks the start of the Christmas present shopping season. Online sites like Zalora are having up to 80% off and some even offer further discounts if you were to download their app.

I am so going to check out the other discounts right now to see how I am going to utilise the remaining money in my bank before money comes in next week when the new month arrives.

Just hope you guys will not be like the Americans when you are rushing for the deals!

If you guys have any other money-saving tips to share, do comment at the comment column down below! Will collate your tips into my future blog post!

Staying Vigilant

Last Saturday, I headed down to the Home Team Festival 2015 held in the Singapore Expo with Adam, Huiqi, Jonathan and Rebecca
Coincidentally, as we’ve planned this earlier that week, it was a day right after the Paris Attack.
I take it as a chance for me to reflect upon how we should learn to stay vigilant despite the time of peace in Singapore and at the same time, appreciate the Home Team for their effort in keeping the nation safe.
As we walked into the exhibition hall, the crowd volume had definitely overwhelmed us. There was so many people coming down for the exhibition, and many of them came as a family.
There are many displays put up by the organisers, from passports (under the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority, ICA) to rescue vehicles (under the Singapore Civil Defence Force, SCDF) to law enforcement vehicles and skills (under the Singapore Police Force, SPF and Central Narcotics Bureau, CNB).
What that actually interest me was the “Crime Scene Investigation Room”.
It allowed participants to “cross over the line to the crime scene and find out what it’s like to be part of the forensic investigation team”.
That kind of reminded how I once dreamt of becoming a forensic investigator after becoming a fan of a TVB drama series, the Forensic Heroes series.
Poster for Forensic Heroes II (Image: Wikipedia)
I even actually turned to Jonathan and said, “我是西九龍重案組高級督察馬國英。。。你可以保持沈默,但你所說的每一句話將成為呈堂證供。” (I am Ma Kwok-Ying, the Inspector of Police of the West Kowloon CID… You may remain silent, however, anything you say or do can and will be used against you in the Court of Law.) Well, for those who didn’t watch Forensic Heroes II, Ma Kwok-Ying is the character played by Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh. And somehow this line stuck in my head for the past 5 years…
Just as the group of us walked into the room, we were greeted by a rather messy crime scene…

I felt I was relieving my dream.
Well, it was once my dream until I realised how bad I am in the Sciences and eventually went on to pursue Arts in the end… (I regard media studies as a form of Arts subject though).
We were supposed to “gather” evidence and information by taking photographs before heading to the next room to share our findings with the officers.
There were 4 booths in the next room: 
One by the SCDF — teaching us on how to identify whether a fire is accidental or incendiary.
The second by the ICA — teaching us how to identify fake notes and passports, with the help of florescent lamp and UV lights.
The third by the CNB — teaching us how they identify controlled drugs during an operation using technology, such as iPhone app.
The fourth by the SPF Crime Investigation Department — teaching us how they use iron filings to reveal finger prints.
It was definitely new knowledge acquired through the explanation by the officers in-charge.
Here are some of the photos I’ve taken as we continued the exhibition after leaving the “Investigation Room”.
A display of past and present passport issued by ICA in Singapore.

And of course, here’s the brief history of passport.

Going face to face with a Police vehicle.

Of course, a photo with that police vehicle XD
Photo with the HAZMAT Response Vehicle

A picture with the SCDF Emergency Ambulance.

And how about let’s drive the ambulance? GET OUT OF THE WAY!

My love for vintage vehicle can’t be undermined. Introducing the vintage police car with a mannequin wearing the old police uniform. 

A nice way to teach people about road safety.. But apparently handling a real car is easier than handling the game. Oops.

After this trip, I am more appreciative of the works done by the Home Team. They are the reasons why we are able to work and travel peacefully without having fears of crime. Although low crime doesn’t mean no crime, it is a collective effort of both the Home Team and the general public like us to ensure low crime rate.

Let us stay vigilant together as one people, one nation, one Singapore.

Dining In The Habitat

It was two weeks back, a few days just before the end of the semester.

Back to the stretch of road where I usually hang out with my friends. Not exactly ‘usually’, just exclusive to a group of friends, who appears to be living around the area. Actually, if I were to really think about it, it has been a rather long time since I’ve actually really hang out with the group of friends I cafe hop with. And here I am, sitting in front of the counter of the cafe, with irresistible aroma of fresh coffee dispensed from the coffee maker adjacent from where I am sitting at. Coffee, something that has been powering my soul and mind since Day 1, is something that I could not live without.

Exactly my case right there.

This is Habitat, a cafe that I’ve been wanting to come since my JC days (Okay, maybe I make it seems that it’s so long ago. Actually it is. 2 years ago.) I was not really exposed to cafes until someone brought me to this stretch along Upper Thomson Road. This whole stretch of road is a heaven for many Singaporeans. From Pratas to waffles to dim sums, it has almost everything you would crave.

Not to mention Mookata and Aston’s, which have been favourites among Singaporeans in the past few years. Well, at least favourites among my groups of friends.

Many of us may have the misconception that this entire road contains shops that will set to burn a hole deep in your pockets. I have to clarify that despite the rise of cafes in this area, there are always a few coffee houses around that will help fill your stomach with good and tasty food. (I heard that the bak chor mee around here tastes not bad)

For those of you who are interested, you can check here for my adventure at FatBoys (a burger bar who has one of its outlets located along Upper Thomson) and Udders while you can also check here for an appetizing dinner at The Roti Prata House. 

Oh ya, I think I’ve digress too much, but that’s a short introduction to the legendary Upper Thomson Road.

I was back here in fill my soul with coffee. While contemplating which cafe to patron that day, I decided to scroll down the street. The amount of cafes is not exaggerating.

One Man Coffee is a cafe located within Crust Pizza so it is not surprising if you miss it from the first look. I had always wanted to visit this cafe because it kind of remind me about this Cafe.Waiting.Love movie:

(Image: funtori)
A direct translation to this movie would be ‘Waiting for One Person Cafe’. Hence when I first came across the name of this cafe online, I was like, 

“Hey… This sounded so familiar!”

To make a clarification, I doubt the cafe is named after this movie or inspired by it.

I continued to walk down the street… 

And then I saw this new Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters. You got to love its interior, if you are a fan of pure white design. I heard it is actually a rebranding of OZ Specialty which waas originally situated on the upper half of Upper Thomson Road. Walking past the shop makes you feel “WOW!”. 

I told myself that probably I will come again with my friends next time because there was a strong force that pull my mind and soul to the other cafe near to the bus stop where I alighted at.

Yes, you’ve already know what it is.
Now back again to the scent of coffee that spirited past my nose and down my windpipe into the air sacs. It totally makes sense now if I were to say I actually breathe coffee. No exaggeration at all.

The surrounding is so beautiful, I was mesmerized by the contemporary design which is made up by mostly black and white. This is exactly one would come if they want to take a good breather from work.

Or unless you are like me, bringing your work into the cafe while having your meal.
That’s like a whole new level.

Probably it’s only me, I seldom see anyone trying to do their studying inside a random cafe (Apart from that Starbucks where almost every local student patronised just for the sake for a place to study or to leech on their power supply or best still, to leech on its WiFi, which still remains rather rare in most of its outlets).

I humbly recommend more cafes to provide WiFi.

(Image: mrgeek)

That’s what the whole world is doing, isn’t it?

Before I took out my laptop from that bright red bag of mine, I took a look at its menu.

Sandwiches, brunch and pasta.

It was not that hard to actually decide a category of food that I wanted to have at that point of time since I haven’t had my breakfast. Pasta, that’s it. I flipped to the page and glanced at what kind of pasta they have. My eyes locked on the Chili Crab Linguine. That is really something new. While I was imagining how it will actually taste like, reality struck my mind that instant. I realised I do not have that much money to spend on one lunch. I decided to search for an alternative.

I took long enough to decide on my order, as always. Once I was done, I walked to the counter to place my order. Served by a rather handsome looking guy (Well, girls take note, the cafe guys there are not bad looking, probably you might want to go there to hunt for some eye candies).

I went back to my seat. The scent of aroma coming from the coffee making machine took away all my attraction and my focus on any thing around me. I shut my eyes, took a deep breathe in again. There is no doubt it caffeine was to be banned, I would be arrested by ICA and CNB officers for smuggling caffeine into this tiny little island.

The scent seems to be approaching nearer and nearer to me. It was not long before I realised that my cappuccino was served hot and fresh in front of me. 

It looked so sexy and seems to be seducing my taste buds. I whipped out my phone and started taking loads of photos. I need to confess that that’s like an obligation for me to take good photos of food.

Especially when the food is not that cheap (I mean, what can you expect from cafes) and when it was being presented so nice and appetizing!

While I was slowly savoring the taste of happiness, the main course arrived. Grilled Teriyaki Salmon pasta with a slice of lemon. 


I love the way the salmon is being cooked, just nice and just suit my taste. The sauce complimented very well with the meat, it was so close for me to describe it as a ‘match made in heaven’. I really recommend this to anyone who wish to patron Habitat.

As I enjoyed my meal, I took out my laptop and to continue on my work.
I am now hoping for my holidays to arrive before I can really go all out and enjoy life.

Which I am currently obviously deprived of. 

7 Things Men Truly Want In A Relationship

This morning, while I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across this blog post written by Wang Wenhui in her guest post for loveoutloud.asia. The post is titled as ‘7 Things Women Really Really Want In a Relationship‘. Well, she talked about this 5 Languages of Love, which I’d try before. Hehe, but in order to write this post, I decided to redo the quiz again.

For those who need an introduction on the 5 languages of love, what it basically is is that different people have different love languages, ranging from quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch and receiving gifts. There are no surprises that some people have more than one love language (that is, scoring high scores in two love languages).

Here’s the score I’ve gotten. Seems like I am the kind of person who values quality time with my another half, although I myself have never been into any kind of intimate relationships before. Pretty cool though.
Anyway, let’s go back to the ‘7 Things Women Really Really Want In a Relationship’ post, the writer, posted, rather accurately what women expects of their other half. But then, women need to realise that we guys also have a set of expectations, what we truly want in a relationship. We’ve tried our best to digest what women really wants, but at the same time, I feel that in order for a relationship to work, the girls also need to understand what the guys want.
Here’s are the 7 things men truly want in a relationship:

1. Freedom
Stop being paranoid and over-attached at times. Not saying guys won’t do such things, but well, all of us really appreciate if we are given the right amount of freedom by our partners. Everyone loves just a bit of adequate amount of free space. By saying adequate amount of free space, I mean to stop whatsapping or call or whatever your boyfriend every now and then to check on what he’s doing. You know, it can get quite irritating it is being done too many times. Of course, good guys out there keep quiet to all these ‘torture’. But hey, you have to understand that he has his own freedom, he is entitled to one. We need some breathing space. Allow us to do whatever we want to do, as long as it is not too extreme (I mean, of course you shouldn’t allow your boyfriend to go kiss other girls right). Allow us to go pub to drink or to have fun with our buddies. Well, I guess most of us don’t mind if you actually ask if we could bring you along, if you are feeling that insecure. Right, guys?

2. Trust
Since we want freedom, of course we want your trust too. Being around with girls or texting another girls doesn’t mean that we are going to neglect you or you are going to be ‘replaced’. No, not at all. We still love you as much but we have friends too. In order for a relationship to work, mutual trust is really important. What’s a point of a relationship if you are going to be suspicious in every thing your partner do? You just got to trust them in whatever your man says,

Oh ya, don’t be offended if your boyfriend decided to take a peek on a girl who just walked pass, guys are programmed to do that. It doesn’t indicate anything, it doesn’t prove that the other girls are prettier/hotter than you. Guys just want to take a look. I mean, an artist does take a peek on other artists’ work even though he is a renowned one. Just make sure he isn’t erecting, that’s a total different story. That’s when you can really give him a good slap in the face.

3. We Are More Than A Gift Machine
All girls need to know this. We guys need to be sure that we are more than just a mere gift machine. I know some people’s love language, according to the 5 love languages, is ‘receiving gifts’. But expect gifts at a more appropriate timings. Not all guys are born in the Gates or Slim family, who can even afford to buy you a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and a Central Park apartment in NYC. Let’s be realistic, gifts from guys come as a bonus, despite some are necessary during special occasions. Expecting too many gifts from guys will only result in them suffering in financial stress. I am sure you don’t want your boyfriend to start robbing people or suffer from clinical depression while trying to find money to get gifts for you almost every week. Prada or Gucci bags anyone?

4. Understanding OUR Language
Girls want the guys to understand their language, a language that even a man who masters in both sign language and morse code has difficulty understanding. For the sake of God, we are not freaking encoders. We love things to be direct, because that’s how we work. Of course, all the guys are trying their best to understand what the girls are trying to mean in their words, ever so simple on paper yet complex in meaning like a contender for the annual Nobel Prize for Literature. What we guys want is that the girls are more straightforward. Yes = Yes, No = No. Don’t mix and match. At least we know what is expected of us so we can spend more time treating you like a princess instead of wasting time figuring what on earth do you actually want from us.

5. Commitment
Everyone wants a committed partner. Everyone wants quality time. The girls expect this from the guys, so do the guys expect this from the girls. I know everyone is busy with almost everything in life, from work to family to friends. But hey, you’ve got a partner too. Enjoy all the moments together. I need not say much because you know it yourself. Ask him out for dinner or to just slacken off together, yes, it doesn’t always necessarily be the guys asking the girls out. Anyone can just take the initiative.

6. Acknowledgement
Girls want to feel special, want to hear praises because their low self-esteem (which is particularly true because at least 97% of the girls think that they are ‘not up to standards’. Guys, we of course give them the necessary praising from time to time, because most of the time, we meant what we say. I mean, if the guy doesn’t find your attractive, he won’t be attracted to you, let alone spending all the mights and powers to woo you. Likewise, guys need acknowledgement from their partners. We are vulnerable too. Walking pass Abercrombie and Fitch and looking at those hot guys on the poster makes us feel insecure too. We just need to hear some words of assurance too, that we are the only man to treat you the best (apart from your dad and probably, brothers). I guess that will probably make us feel more confident.

7.  A suitable amount of personal touches
We don’t talk about the greatest desire of all men (allow me to generalise), which is SEX. Though I must admit guys wants sex. But that’s not even go there for now. Guys love personal touches, even though it does not go to the extreme. A little cuddling will make him feel rather happy. Give him a gentle kiss on the forehead or the cheek or the lips whether he is happy or sad. If not, give him a hug, I guess no one will turn down a hug right? It will really make his day. He will feel your love through all these. Of course, don’t over do it.

Of course, the above are from my point of view on what men truly want in a relationship. I don’t wish to generalise things and assume that that’s the thinking of ALL the men.

Virgin Online Shopping Experience

So… after going round and round shopping malls and not able to find what I want, I decided to shop online.
For the first time.
Initially, I didn’t trust online shopping a lot so it took me some time to look for really credible online shops. And Zalora apparently seems to be the one that has the most credibility. It is really important to go around and read about what consumers are saying about each and individual online shop/blogshop.
I need to admit Zalora was the first one to come into my mind when I decided to do online shopping. I don’t know, maybe friends around me were also shopping from that online shop (apart from Taobao). 
Looking at its website, I find that Zalora seems to have better looking men’s shirts and a generally lower price, compared to shopping malls’ shops. The clothes seems really really chio (pretty). I scrolled through the catalogue and I found some clothes that suit my taste.
I then decided to try online shopping for the first time in my life.
I chose 3 shirts that caught my eyes and buy it.
Thanks to being a NTUC Nebo member, I was entitled to a 15% off and also free LINKPOINTS! YAY.
As I filled in the payment and submit it, the gush of excitement filled my body. I SHOPPED ONLINE FOR ONCE.
Now I seems to understand the thrill of buying things online. The kind of anticipation is real. According to the website, they said that the parcels, containing my orders, will be delivered within three working days. That means, I would be getting my stuffs just before this weekend! (Since I ordered it on Monday night)
On Tuesday, they send me the notification through my e-mail that the parcel has been packed and shipped out, meaning, I will be getting my stuffs within the next two days (depending on how fast SingPost’s going to deliver my parcel).
On Wednesday, I waited for any postman to come and press on my doorbell. I went to bed that night with the exact same anticipation. I was praying it would as least reach my doorsteps by the next day.
On Thurday, which is today, I waited the entire morning and afternoon for the parcel. But no. No one send any parcel to my doorstep. I gave up waiting and went out to do my stuffs. I was still hoping the postman would deliver it to my house when I was away (At least my parents were at home to verify the delivery for me).
I came back, with the ecstasy of having able to collect my MacBook from repair, I almost forgotten about the parcel. Nope, it wasn’t here yet. No postman has delivered anything to my house even when I was away. I thought to myself, “Maybe tomorrow.”
During late evening, as I was having my sushi for dinner, someone rang my doorbell. I was puzzled. Who could that be? Is that my parcel being delivered to me? No wait, it’s late, since when postman work until so late? I peek through the peephole, and noticed a rather tall guy standing just outside my doorstep. 
I opened the door, nevertheless.
It was a neighbour living at the 10th level, passing me my parcel of clothes that have been sent to the wrong unit.
I was elated. Almost jumping for joy. I received the parcel from him and thanked him for actually verifying the parcel for me and actually return the parcel to me.
That was some thriller I swear.
I was lucky to have good neighbours to are honest enough. That’s pretty sums up the characteristic of my lovely neighbourhood. *thumbs up*
My first ever Zalora parcel!
Actually, to be honest, I was expecting it to be in an ugly SingPost box. But hey, that’s a pretty legit plastic bag! HAHAHAHA!
Since I just took a shower not long ago, I decided to try on the clothes, to see if it really matches me (You know, I use agar-ration when choosing the size of my clothes online. Since I am able to fit in ‘M’ size clothes in both H&M and Uniqlo, I presume that I would be also able to fit in any ‘M’ clothes.)
I didn’t believe that my virgin online shopping experience would be so smooth.
I am so happy that I decided to share on the blog what I’ve actually gotten myself.
1. Floral Denim Collar Polo (from EZRA by ZALORA)
I chose this polo tee because of it’s floral design. And also because of it’s colour. Not that I am a fan of light blue but I don’t remember having a proper shirt in that colour. 

HAHA. Stop judging me will you. I just love to take photos of myself wearing really nice clothes. I mean, look at my face and figure, I won’t ever get a chance to become a model or anything like that, so why not I be my own model for my own clothes. :’D
In my honest opinion, other than the collar looking really attractive due to the floral design, the material of the polo tee is just the usual pique cotton (which means it will look better if ironed. :)). But it still fit me nice. 
2. Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt (from 24:01)
For a moment, I thought I’ve bought myself yet another denim clothes. But after opening the packaging and feeling it’s texture, it’s actually chambray. I seems to light dark coloured clothings because maybe I am a dull person? HAHA
One will realise I’ve bought collar shirts and no t-shirts. The reason is because I seems to look more smart-casual and more presentable in collar shirts. 😛

3. Boat Pattern Short Sleeve Shirt (from EZRA by ZALORA)
Coming from Zalora’s very own brand, so I was really confident about it’s quality (another reason is because this shirt costs more than the other two individually). The moment my skin touches the fabric, I feel in love with it. This is probably my most favourite buy out of the three. The texture just feel so smooth and silky (Unfortunately, I don’t really know what kind of fabric it’s actually made from).

I swear I look really good in this (NARCISSIST ALERT!) :’D
I am really happy with the goods I’ve received. The delivery is considered fast, given that it’s from an online shop. The goods are of quality.
At least I know, this will not be the last time I am going to shop online (Esp. at Zalora). Cheers! 😀

10 Things You Can Do During National Day Holiday

As National Day is coming, everyone will be wondering how are you going to celebrate this special occasion with your family and friends. Yes, I know it’s like a normal weekend, but hey! It’s National Day, it’s a special day! Here’s a list of 10 things (I wanted to do 49 things but woah, that’s really a lot) you could do during this break! (Hint: Some of them are really sarcastic or ridiculous but that doesn’t mean no one is going to do it. HAHA)

Yes, treat it as a family day for all of you. I mean, how often can you find a day when everyone in the family is on holiday? It’s a good day to get everyone down to have a meal, be it breakfast, lunch and/or even dinner! It will be a bonus if you can have the meal at the comfort of your house with delicious home cooked food (even though some may not really cook but at least, you get to taste the feel of home).

(Image: xinmsn)

Other than having a meal with your family, try heading out for some picnic. Don’t say Singapore got not much place for picnic. From the Marina Barrage to the Chinese Garden to East Coast Park, there are many places for you to picnic at. (If you try to have an evening picnic at the Marina Barrage on the 9th of August, there’ll be a high chance you might get to see the fireworks display from the nearby National Day Parade (NDP.)

That’s a bit ambitious but as long as you have enough budget, why not try this? Since I think place where the Singapore flag is sold at a lower price is at Daiso, why not try getting like few dozens of them (given if they really have enough stocks) and distribute it in your community. Go door by door to distribute it and you can make use of this time to recognise and talk to your neighbours (esp. those you didn’t even know existed despite staying in the estate for year). Good community service and society bonding.

A good suggestions for all your crouch potatoes out there who refused to do anything at all. I think Starhub is offering free cable tv channels for National Day, so you have like basically 300+ channels to watch and few thousands of programmes to catch. If Singtel follow suit, which I think they definitely will, you will really be pampered for choices. Get ready to stock up as many tidbits as possible because you’ll be glued to your television screen.


Here’s one for Singtel’s post-paid data subscribers… SPAM YOUR DATA PLAN LIKE SIAO because the telco finally want to do something good by giving you free unlimited data during National Day itself. So since it’s free and looks like it’s kind of one-in-a-lifetime thing, make full use of it. Start watching your favourite shows on your phone without the usage of wifi like a boss.

(Image: Singtel)

But of course, remember to read the terms and conditions here and make sure you ensured that your mobile data is waived before you start spamming your data like mad.

Sorry non-Singtel post-paid customers, do remember to connect to the nearest wifi around you.

I know many of us do not have the ticket to the NDP, like as always. Since MediaCorp is broadcasting the parade in the 4 different official languages, might as well stay at home and enjoy. Yes, so don’t keep sticking to your free cable tv channels, remember to tune in for the NDP ‘live’ broadcast, as you usually normally would do. Uhhuh, and you can catch the fireworks in those angles that you can’t possible see it at the venue itself because you can’t fly.

The National Heritage Board (NHB) has been encouraging everyone to visit local museums and they even have free admissions for all locals. What’s better than getting to understand the history of your country during National Day? And since it’s free, bring your entire family there, yes, your elderlies and the young ones. It will definitely be a fulfilling trip out. The elder ones can reminisce about the past while the younger ones can get to know more about the heritage and culture.

(Image: Screenshot from NHB website)

Well, other than the National Museum of Singapore, there’re also the Asian Civilisation Museum, the Paranakan Museum, Singapore Philatelic Museum and the Reflections @ Bukit Chandu. Yes, all are really FREE OF CHARGE for locals!

Going to the town to shop is just too mainstream already. Everyone seems to be doing that, like during every moment of the time.

“Today’s National Day lehh, where you going?”
“Go town to shop lah!”

“Today’s National Day lehh, where you going?”
“Go town watch movie lah!”

I swear that’s like the most common thing said during this time of the year. But… Singapore does not solely make up of the town areas.

Make a trip down to the really ulu parts in Singapore, like the Central Catchment Reserves and even Lim Chu Kang (caution: Do you dare to head there at night). I’ve went to these places before and it’s like a paradise, at least it allows me to really take a break from the busy city life and, also, from humans. Enjoy the nature in Singapore, guys.





The rural and the most natural parts of Singapore can be really pretty right?


Local Radio station 99.5FM will be playing local music during National Day this year. Means, there’ll chances that Kit Chan’s, Stefanie Sun’s, Tanya Chua’s and er… Sun Ho’s? music will be played on air. Yes, that’ll also mean that JJ’s ‘You Are The One, Singapore’ might get featured too (Remember the Youth Olympics 2010 that ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah hey!’ song?). That’s definitely a great news for those who are really into local music and also for the local showbiz. I mean, it’s really rare for a local radio station to air local songs (See the irony). So enjoy while it last.

For all you losers out there, me alike, with prelims and test and assignments due date around the corner, what is the actual definition of holiday for us? Holiday means time to catch up on your work right?


When The Night Is Young

Long long time since I last met Adam Oh.
I kinda feel bad for not always making time for him, so when I eventually found some time, I grabbed him down for dinner at The Tea Party Cafe.
So, the above photograph showed basically what we’ve ordered. I can’t exactly remember the names of the spaghetti but I could remember the pizza. Roast Duck Pizza. That’s really something new, I’ve got to say. I guess not many shops actually served roast duck meat on top of a pizza. At least, I’d yet to see it until tonight. 
The Roast Duck Pizza was really really special. I like how the sweetness of the sauce that was accompanying the tender duck meat on top of the pizza. An example of east-meet-west: The usual duck meat commonly found in Chinese dishes with the pizza of the West.
My plate of spaghetti.
Me posing with the food
And Adam posing with the food!
I was a bit full but Adam insisted on getting some desserts, because got $1 off. 😛 Hence, we decided to get 2 different types of cheese cakes.

Oreo Cheesecake.

Nutella Cheese Cake.

The thing I like about Tea Party Cafe is that the environment seems like a temporary place to forget reality and enjoy chatting with your friends and enjoying the good food they offer. It’s a temporary getaway. You will feel relieved in there. Ohya, did I not mention about there’s no service and GST charges??? o/

The Tea Party Cafe
805 Bukit Timah Road
Sixth Avenue Centre, #01-07
Singapore 279 883
Mon – Thurs: 11:30am – 12:00mn
Fri – Sat: 11:30am – 1:30am
Sun: 11:30am – 12:00mn