Shutter Speed

This is a late post, but it’s gonna be a short one.
For those who knows photography, you know what shutter speed means. For those who don’t know, here’s a definition:

The shutter is the mechanism that controls the amount of light entering the camera and the speed in which it does so. 

– Drew, Helen (2005). The Fundamentals of Photography (pp. 38). Switzerland, AVA Publishing SA. 

Before anyone mistakes this post as some photography introductory blog post, I just want to clarify that the reason I used the term ‘Shutter Speed’ as the title here because it seems more title-wise (ohgosh, is there even such term) compared to ISO or aperture. Well, the second reason is because I spent more time during the lesson on the DSLR trying out different shutter speeds.

I swear photography is really fun, of course with the presence of DSLR.

Hopefully I will continue to love my Visual Communications (Viscomm) lessons.

So, Mr. Alvin brought us outside of the classroom to take photos near the pond on a Thursday morning as the heat from the sun above was getting really out of hand. And, me being myself, got really excited (I mean, can use DSLR leh, why no happy? Gosh. I am so loving school). The main point of the so called field-trip was for us to practice our ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Shutter speed is the coolest thing on Earth. Sometimes I really regretted not getting a DSLR 4 years back.

Let me show-off to you some really good (well, at least I had never taken such visually pleasant photographs ever in my life before) photos from that day.
Okay. Before that, let us spend a moment enjoying this photo taken by Crystal. You might like to crop out the left side of the picture to get a complete 100% pleasant view. You’ve got to admit that Dallies look flawless in this picture. Mr. Photographer and Ms. Model.

It took me quite sometime to adjust my shutter speed, ISO and aperture combination to take this picture thanks to the bright daylight. And guess what, my main point isn’t the flower in front, but the red flower behind. 

 I tried my best to focus on the flower.

 One of my favourite photo taken. Focusing on the 1st and 2nd stalk of flowers.

Love the greens.
And since my title is SHUTTER SPEED, I must of course show you all the magic of shutter speed. ๐Ÿ™‚
Ignore the greenery and focus on the water that was being splashed out. You can basically see the water droplets. Not convinced? Scroll further down.

Look at the water droplets that are being splashed out as the water hits the water surface.
Maybe this will look clearer. The effect wasn’t really good actually because my shutter speed was quite low, but not very low of course.
Look at the water droplets across the sky. Whoosh.
And then as it drops…
Then I spotted a butterfly and finally was able to take a photo of it after literally running after it for quite some time.

Hey look! Another butterfly! This time more colourful!
The next two photos will show you the different effects of different focusing.

Focusing on the leaves, leaving the water pool behind as a back drop.

Focusing on the water and the droplets, making the leaves in the foreground a secondary object.
And after an hour or so (?) out there under the sun with the DSLR, we had to call it for the day. But the entire hands-on lesson was really fun and fulfilling! (Heard that we are going to use Photoshop to edit some of these pictures! Hopefully I could survive that lesson. :P)

It’s time to leave. Bye all. ๐Ÿ™‚

CMCT01 First Ever Lunch

Finally, the entire class (ok, I think with the short of one person) had lunch together after our Media Writing lesson.
Things are looking good, it seems.

For those who are my blog readers (I hope there are uh :P), fear not that you can’t recognised any of the people here. Because as usual, I will slowly introduce my friends on this blog. So… I think that within a year, they can all be featured in my blog and YOU ALL can know them. ๐Ÿ˜€
Lunch was awesome, of course, when you are eating as a group. A very big group.
After lunch, we decided to go up to Block 51 (the block above where we had lunch and where our next lesson will be held at).
And guess what did we do there?
Phototaking session.
Ohgosh. ๐Ÿ˜›
But I love it! 

Let me introduce to you… the only 3 guys in the class and 7/12 of the gals. 

Sialah. Gang fight siol.
But then… Who cares?

(From left) Jonathan, me, Ang Leng, Crystal, Dallies, Zeliang, Michelle Chew, Meihong, Jingwen, Peiyi

Ohya, if you are wondering why there are some people wearing full school uniform in a Polytechnic campus compound, let me explain to you. So… there was a msg circulating that the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Students’ Union (NPSU) ‘invites’ students to wear their ex-school uniform to campus on Friday. And our class decides to wear them to campus (other than me lah, cos my AMKSS uniform can no longer fits me and I refused to don my SRJC’s uniform). But end up, on that day, 4 people wore it, and the majority of us wore school-based t-shirts. ๐Ÿ˜€

I swear they were judged by basically everyone around the campus because of their uniform. But I call that unique.

And the four of them who wore school uniform, decided that they should that ‘step’ photos.

With their school uniform.

Before changing out of it (they can’t handle the amount of eyes staring at them :’D).

Formal shot. (From left) Crystal, Dallies, Ang Leng, Zeliang.

Sub-formal shot. Okay, I don’t know why I called this ‘sub-formal’. 

Swag shot. Much swag here. Too much I cannot. (I apologies to our Visual Comm’s teacher Mr Alvin for committing one of a serious mistake in photography: cutting at joints. I feel bad and uncomfortable looking at the bottom of the photo now.)

And then someone decided to ask me to help him to take a very SWAG picture. MUCH STEP. I must admit that Zeliang is basically the best looking one among the three guys.
But let me end off this post with…
(Credit to Dallies for that additional toothbrush moustache. :P)

It’s The Start Of Something New

This could be the start of something new.
No, I am definitely not going to talk about High School Musical, although it is part of my childhood. But it’s kind of relatable here. 
Week 0 at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Something that I looked forward to but also, at the same time, feared of. I am the kind of person who don’t really like to move on. I know this is life, but I don’t have that kind of high level of adaptability. My lack of sense of belonging at SRJC has seen its consequences. Though I met many people who eventually became my friends, really good friends but I still didn’t feel at home back at SR. Now, I am again in a whole new environment, knowing exactly 0 people there (just count out Nicole and any Year 2s whom I know). It’s kind of scary. I don’t like scary things. I don’t like that kind of feeling of fear and anxiety and the element of unknown.
But this could also be a changing point in my life. I mean, since no people know me, I can start anew all over again. This could be just the start of something new. I reminded myself, it’s time for the emergence of a new Eddy. A better person, probably a person who excels in both his EQs and IQs. The change in environment is probably coming at the right time and at the right place. Everyone says that it is important to look ahead, but to me, you can never look ahead if you don’t look at your past, understand your past and learn from your past. So I am here, thinking about everything that happened in the past year and learning from it, and make a difference to my own future at this point in life.
As I was saying, Week 0. It means the week for ORIENTATION — COMPULSORY SCHOOL ORIENTATION PROGRAMME (CSOP). Alright, to be rather straightforward here, I don’t really understand the need of inserting the word ‘compulsory’ into the name of the orientation programme. It just seems to people that everyone is forced into this thing (although we must really come into agreement at we really are being forced into this). Maybe they might like to rename it to something like erm…’Free School Orientation Programme’ or ‘You-Shan’t-Turn-Down School Invitational Orientation Programme’ or even ‘Let-come-and-have-fun-before-hell-starts School Orientation Programme’. At least these names seem less ‘being forced’.
Since I told myself to start all over again, I decided to go all out and be open and friendly to people I see, especially those from my Orientation Group (OG) (Or in their context, sub-tribes). And of course, when you are open, I think, people will eventually get comfortable around you. And there, I met 13 more new friends! My first 13 friends of my Poly life.
Since my OG is a sub-tribe, which means that it belongs to a bigger tribe! And since my OG’s group is called BATMAN, we of course belongs to JUSTICE LEAGUE!
(Image: paullus23/deviantart) Many bats from a bigger bat. Idk why I decide to put this picture here but it looks kind of relatable in this context.
I think I don’t really want to go into too much details about the camp before this gets too long and everyone gets really bored (yes, even I get bored writing things in too much details). 
So basically, this kind of sums up our Day One. We tried to play games, know each other and ya, more games. (I shan’t talk about the talks we went through, because many of us just feel like dozing off… haha!)
This is DAY 2. And look at the shirt that we are all wearing (I am referring to those blue colour shirts wore by us freshies at the last two rows). That’s the Sports & Wellness shirt for, obviously, Sports & Wellness module that my course will be having in the second semester. THIS IS WHEN BATMAN REALLY BEGINS.

Towards the second half of the second day, there was a mass games, involving everybody. Human foosball, what the called it as, was really really fun. Lining up as defence, in front of the bloody huge-ass goalpost (marked by the one chair at either side). I suddenly felt like I am a certain Iker Casillas or Luke Shaw (since I can’t use hand, I take it that I looked like either a restricted keeper or a full back).
And the photo above was taken after the guys complaint that the girls took selfie ‘bo-jio’. Idk why but it seems that the theme for this camp was more of SELFIES instead of SUPERHEROES. At least this is one of the rare group selfies ever. ๐Ÿ˜›
And then, towards the end of the event, the tribe leaders decided to call for a group shot!

(Credit: NP Photography Club) Shot No. 1: Formal ‘Family’ Shot. That’s a freaking big family I swear.

(Credit: NP Photography Club) Shot No. 2: Informal with too much swag, or in our Instagram term, #JLsweg. Take some notice on our very swag hand sign. Like a gang like that.
Day 3. A day where we didn’t start off from the school. We (or, specifically, my sub-tribe had to travel all the way from different parts of Singapore where they are residing at to Labrador Park. That’s like travelling to the other side of Singapore for me (er… Well. Travelling to NP from my house is also like travelling to other side of Singapore. Thank God Singapore is rather minute compared to other countries. I think I would just kill myself if I had to travel from Manhattan to Boston for school everyday).
Day 3 means we got to do some fundraising activity outside of school to help the Beyond Social Service Centre. Well, I got to admit this is really worthwhile the time but at the same time, I realised I am forever jinxed by the fact that no one will ever want to buy things from me or donate any money to me. I swear I can’t do fundraising activities for nuts.
That’s why I just donate. 
And selfie is such a thing nowadays and, especially, in this camp, we got to take a group selfie before we headed over to MapleTree Business City for the fundraising (Photo is above).
And of course a selfie after we sold our balloons. ๐Ÿ™‚

A group photo while we are waiting for the bus back to NP. (Trivia: Those balloons were from the nearby sub-tribe, we just basically borrow from them just to take this photo.)

A random candid photo taken by the girl who helped us in taking the group photo.
Since it’s the last day where BATMAN will be together…
Definitely must take selfie with each of the individual members right?!!
Siansue. 1/3 of our GLs!

Bernice. Another 1/3 of our GLs!

Soon. Ok, his name is actually Joosoon. But he call us to call him Soon. Soon. So soon. Oops. :’D

Mr. Jellyfish, Gerald. Someone who amazed us because he tried jellyfish and none of us did. o.O

Aida. One of our erm… yalam friends. Featuring a photobomb attempt by Seri.

Darla. I admitted that initially, I thought that her name was Lala or something. Oops. ๐Ÿ˜›

Seri. Not Siri, guys. You can’t install her voice into your iPhones anyway. :’D

Melanie. I swear I misheard her name as Melody. And guess what, she’s in the same tutorial group as Nicole See!

Cornie. Don’t judge a person by her name. She is not corny at all. 
PS: I didn’t have selfie with the other 1/3 of our GLs, Yasmeen (idk if I did take a selfie with her but it’s not on my camera roll ๐Ÿ™ ) Didn’t have selfie with Jillian (she left early) and Dayang (she was absent).
CSOP14 is really a fun camp. Although it ended, but the friendships that I’ve fostered for the past 3 days will not end here. I look forward in meeting people from my course and I hoped they are really as awesome! Like what I’ve said, 

Long Time No See

So this will be a rather short post (but that also means the proportion of photos will be more than words here!)
Supposed to met up with Meiqi, Junwei, Brendan, Hong Kiat and Weihao for dinner at the NEW 18CHEF LOCATED AT LEVEL 4 OF AMKHUB! And then, it escalated into a reunion of me and the members of SMAQ Entertainment. Well if you want to know about them, visit their Facebook page HERE!
Leon Seah. Haven’t get to see him since I departed from SRJC last year.
Huang Hao Ze. The very healthy and motivating good friend whom I haven’t seen for like more than 1 year already!

Franklin Lim. Totally lost contact with him since the day of O’ Level results release at the start of last year. Still look very skinny. You these 1 year plus never eat is it? For someone whom I lost contact with, I definitely must double check with him if his phone number is still the same.
And. It’s still the same.

Chen Yu. Part of SMAQ and also part of Pedoro (Idk why but I’ll always call my this clique as Pedoro despite the change in name of our whatsapp group. You know, something just can’t be change. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Glad to see him after 1 month or so because he has been really busy with his duties at SCDF.

Hong Kiat. My 2nd brother! Didn’t know he is part of SMAQ, but definitely part of Pedoro. See him quite often but I still decide to take a selfie with him and put it up here!

The queue outside 18Chefs was really that long that I decided to take some selfies. Quite a number of selfies were taken but this seems to be the only perfect one. Guess why? Because B. Pang was trying his very best to block Junwei from the screen (This picture is therefore perfect because B. Pang failed to block Junwei at that exact moment when I pressed the camera button.

I really missed all my friends back at Ang Mo Kio Sec. It’s probably the only place where I can call it a ‘second home’. The friendships that we’ve made are irreplaceable, the bonds forged are indestructible. Hopefully one day, I can get a chance to have more reunions with all those ex-AMKsians.

Ash’s 18th


Our Miss Leow has turn eighteen yesterday. And look at the amount of people coming down to celebrate her birthday on that special occasion. Vivian wasn’t in this picture and I didn’t get to see her although she was with Ash this morning at her house. Maybe she got something on. And we don’t see Adrian in this picture because he got something on earlier and came only later during the lunch.


Buying the present the day earlier (as mentioned briefly on my previous blog) was quite funny because I was going around from Bugis to nex. Okay, not quite funny. But quite interesting. After buying my pop filter at Sim Lim Square, I went down to OG Albert Park to take a look. And while liaising with Elyssa on what to get for Ashley as her birthday present. And I saw this…

For S$49.90 and it looks kind of legit. But then since Yap Qi they all got here a bag, we decided to get something else. I continue to look around OG for fun. Then I saw some man wallets that looks nice. Although I need to change my wallet because it is torn, but the price of the wallet is too over the top for me. S$80 – S$110 for a wallet. I think I will be spending all my cash on a wallet that will cause me to have no money left to put in the wallet.

I left OG for nex.

And I walked around the area for some gift ideas. And eventually, I decided to get some kind of very nice mug for Ash.

The next day, I went for the birthday celebration later than the rest of them because I’ve got to help out at my parents’ shop in the morning. And yeap, I missed the fun part where they get to see Ashley do all the funny pranks. Well. Luckily Yap Qi videoed the process and put it onto the Whatsapp group.


I was in time for the group photo (which you see at the top of this post). ๐Ÿ™‚

And then, it’s lunch.

And we took quite a long time to decide what and where to eat at VivoCity because the entire VivoCity was damn freaking crowded. I don’t know why, but it seems that the entire Singapore suddenly filled with human beings. The MRT train was freaking full despite it was only 12 noon. The shopping mall was darn freaking full. I must admit it might due to the effect of the public holiday, the first public holiday Singaporeans and any foreigners working here get to enjoy ever since Chinese New Year about, let me see, 2 months or so ago. I think everyone was so stress because of the lack of holiday here that everyone decided to go crazy and come out from their shell like some flocks of birds during the winter season.

But eventually the 13 of us who stayed for lunch managed to find seatings at some KimGary restaurant.

Yes. 13 of us. Imagine how people are judging us on the kind of noise we’ve made in the restaurant. 13 people chatting their way throughout as if we owned the whole place. Ok. Maybe I exaggerated much. We didn’t cause that much amount of chaos like how the pro-Russians did in the entire Ukraine.

Sat near Kheng Yin and Elyssa. And why am I mention their names? Because I still kind of find it funny that they ordered ‘instant noodles’ in the restaurant. The moment they wanted to order something that look exactly like something that I could have cooked within 10minutes back at my home, I was like:

Sorry Elyssa if you are seeing this. I promised you not to type that out but I can’t help it. It is really kind of hilarious. Not saying such action is not allowed but erm… Not sure if it’s as worth? But it’s alright, the ingredients in fact makes the price looks more legitimate.

Since Kheng Yin was like wanting to have some fries so I decided that we share it among the three of us and probably the rest who wanted it.

The fries, as according to them, were really good.

The plate of fries, featuring Kheng Yin’s finger.
And then the food came.
And then I ate.
And then I realised that I’ve forgotten to take a picture of it. I mean foodporn. So I quickly grabbed my phone and took two snapshots of my food before I carried on eating.

Looks kind of delicious uh. And guess the irony? Eating some kind of south asian food in an East Asian restaurant. I am kind of hilarious too. But luckily, I had a cup of YuenYang to make everything seems more legit. (But it might also look like some teh tarik)
Before I end this post, how about an ootd?

When Edelyn meets Ashlyn

This was a really a meet-up that we owed each other for very long.

Very very long.

It was supposed to happen during the March holidays. And then, everyone was busy (Yes, when I say everyone, it means that there were supposed to be more than two people. Ah well.) Then, we were supposed to meet up last weekend, for a lunch and a photo shoot because we want to take ootds with the sudden growth of flowers in the country. Plus, someone wants to take photo with a kimono that she just imported in.

And then, it was cancelled.

But then, someone misses me too much to keep postponing our ‘date’…

And so eventually, yesterday, on the last schooling day of the week, Edelyn is finally going to meet Ashlyn after so long.
Before I continue with recording down whatever happened yesterday, I must really explain who is this ‘Edelyn‘. And so the story goes like this…
On a random afternoon, the class committee of 13-1SR06 was trying to order pizza for some special occasion (in which I can’t really remember what exactly but yeah). Then since I’d never ordered pizza before and not sure about what I should really say to the operator (alright, I admit I suck in life but probably that makes me one of the best ‘taiji’ master in the history of mankind) and so I got my dear treasurer, Alicia to help me make the order. When the person on the other end asked for the name, she just conveniently used my name. Yes, I am using the word ‘conveniently’ because she said it’s just because I was the class representative. Oh well. An hour later, the pizza came and we went to pick it up outside the school gate. Eh? That’s not the main point actually. Just to make this paragraph looks kind of very long. I know I can get really naggy sometimes. STAPH. I took a look at the receipt. To my horror, YES INDEED TO MY FREAKING HORROR, the name was written as 
Nope, not the name of the operator who took our order over the phone. Because, it was written on that slip of receipt that the name of the customer is Edelyn.
Who on earth is Edelyn?!
The only valid reason Alicia and I can think of was that since it was Alicia who made the call, and the person was actually asking what’s Alicia name, which means, he was expecting a girl’s name. And Alicia, trying to be funny (or trying to be a better ‘taiji’ master than me) used the name ‘Eddy’. Since it’s over the phone, one doesn’t simply hear that clearly over the phone, and therefore, the person might have thought that Alicia said ‘Edelyn’.
This incident was eventually spreaded amongst everyone. And soon, Jia Yi (aka Ashlyn) kept on calling me ‘Edelyn’. But she loves to use the spelling of ‘EDDELYN’.
What to do? Because I seem to be more of a feminine guy, Edelyn seems to be my alter ego. A legit alter ego (Apart from Eddster and Edward, as given by Ratna). Ohgod, how can one person has so many legit nicknames? :’D
Getting back on the topic, I arrived at nex an hour before our meeting timing in order to shop for present for Ashley’s (read carefully, AshLEY, not AshLYN) birthday the next day (in which will be elaborated on in my next blog post). I went around to find a shop that sells laksa in that mall because someone told me she got that sudden craving for laksa. I found one, but because it’s a rather small shop and it’s during the evening peak hour when every Singaporean just decided to eat outside after work because they are lazy to cook something for themselves back at home. Or simply, they can’t cook. No wonder my previous colleague told me that it is really stressful to work in the local F&B scene. Because we Singaporeans really knows how to eat and these F&B outlets will always have customers round the clock and it is extremely tiring to handle the lunch, dinner and probably supper crowd.
The queue outside every eateries and restaurants I could find there was simply long. Probably as long as the queue outside any Singapore Pools outlet before the Chinese New Year lottery. I really think that Singaporeans will probably queue for two things without much complaints: Food and 4D/TOTO.
Went round and round the mall before I got that phone call from Jia Yi that she had reached the mall from school. It took me quite sometime to locate where she was.
And it took me quite sometime to take here to that one and only shop that sells laksa. (Whoever who chose that location for that shop deserves a smack right into his/her face. Because that location was so far away from the core of the mall. Who would have notice that shop if they doesn’t cross that place. And I swear, not many people walk pass there, at least from what I’ve observed.) At the same time, Jia Yi thought that I deserve a slap on my face for bringing her around in circles.
But because of the crowd, we decided to walk around more circles before we decided to settle down at Ajisens. We could have go around in more circles if not for my assurance that I can treat her for anything below S$20. (I can’t be afford to be very generous. :P)
Ajisens was damn high tech, I swear. This is how we order our food:
Now, how cool is that. Using a iPad provided by the outlet to order food. It makes thing so efficient that there may not need too many waiters and waitress to take your orders and they can all concentrate in delivering food out to the tables. And there can never be a mistake in any orders and if there is any, it’s the fault of the customers themselves. THIS is an idea worth adopting for F&B enterprises of the 21st century. (But do remember to lock your devices more than securely because you’ll never know which joker decided to bring this back home and tries to mess up your order next time by ordering everything on the menu and yet you didn’t know the existance of such customer.)
We took quite long to decide on what we want. Because everything seems rather delicious.
And everything was decided rather quickly when someone said, “Lao Niang๏ผˆ่€ๅจ˜๏ผ‰is very hungry already.”
We chatted so much while waiting for the food. From whatever happened to the school, to how she’s being late for school, to how interesting the new DM is, to things about her family.
I felt kind of guilty because I didn’t speak much about my family to her when she asked about it. Probably either I really have nothing to talk about my parents or I am oblivious to everything around me.
The food arrived and we continue to talk while eating. AND HERE’S PICTURES OF THE FOOD!!!! (I know I’ve been typing too much here and I am really looking forward in posting these pictures here in this post.)
An overview of our food!

A shot from my point of view.

A shot from Jiayi’s point of view.

Her ramen.

My ramen.

One of the best looking ‘foodporn’ I’ve ever taken. ๐Ÿ˜› /
OCTOPUS! I really love the sauce!
While eating, Jiayi also told be about her experience of her trip to Hokkaido. She LOVES Japan a lot. If her future boyfriend/husband is reading this, please remember to take her to Japan, because she really likes that place a lot. You could see her uncontrolled excitement when she’s talking about Japan and its street food and how different the Japanese cuisines are between Japan and Singapore (I mean, obviously the difference must be really large). Sometimes, I can really imagine her marrying a Japanese boy. And her wedding gown will be some sort of traditional Japanese kimono. Well, I am not as delusional as someone is when talking about her future with er… some guy.
Really had a great dinner, one of the best dinner I had since the start of this year. The food. The company.
And here’s a selfie before we parted for home (I mean, how will Dr. Chua forget about taking selfie during or after a meet-up with anyone? Especially those whom I won’t get to meet often!).
  In Jia Yi’s words, we two look damn sian after a long day.
Edelyn will be looking forward to the next meeting with Ashlyn. Which we don’t know when that will be.

Hillsborough 25: You’ll Never Walk Alone

Remembering Hillsborough
15th April 1989

England’s most tragic football disaster ever happened on this day, 25 years ago. And 25 years later, today, the families of the 96 victims are still in search for the justice that were wrongfully taken away from them since the day it happened.

The handling of the incident on that day, the covering of faults, altering of witness and police statements and the pushing of responsibilities by the South Yorkshire Police should be regarded as the most disgraceful thing ever to be done by the British civil service.

And this was made worse by the infamous front page of The Sun on the next day:

(Image: The Guardian)

They were cheated by the police into thinking that it was the fans themselves who caused the death of their fellow fans. It’s kind of stupid to actually label whatever was claimed by the local police as ‘THE TRUTH’ even before any inquiry or hearing was done. And The Sun is still paying the price for such reports with the boycott within the city of Liverpool that lasted even up till now.

Let’s not go too much into the disgrace of individuals because this is supposed to be a post in memory and tribute to the 96.

The names, as you will see below, are the names of our fellow Liverpool fans, who travelled down to Hillsborough in Sheffield with the team as they faced Nottingham Forest in the semi-finals of the FA Cup of 1988-89. They went, not to witness another astonishing victory by the great Liverpool team of the 80s. They went, but to be chosen and taken away by Hades. They went, and never return. They will never get to witness any other matches in which Liverpool’s going to play. They will never witness the winning of the league in 1990. They will never get to see the different eras of Liverpool’s leadership: from Alan Hansen to Ronnie Whelan, Steve Nicol, Mark Wright, Ian Rush, John Barnes, Paul Ince, Jamie Redknapp, Robbie Fowler and from Sami Hyppia to Steven Gerrard. They will never experience the chills in which every Liverpool supporters felt during that incredible and miracle European night at Istanbul. They will never get to witness Liverpool playing on the Fields of Anfield Road anymore…

(Image: Liverpool FC)

  • John Alfred Anderson (62)
  • Colin Mark Ashcroft (19)
  • James Gary Aspinall (18)
  • Kester Roger Marcus Ball (16)
  • Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron (67)
  • Simon Bell (17)
  • Barry Sidney Bennett (26)
  • David John Benson (22)
  • David William Birtle (22)
  • Tony Bland (22)
  • Paul David Brady (21)
  • Andrew Mark Brookes (26)
  • Carl Brown (18)
  • David Steven Brown (25)
  • Henry Thomas Burke (47)
  • Peter Andrew Burkett (24)
  • Paul William Carlile (19)
  • Raymond Thomas Chapman (50)
  • Gary Christopher Church (19)
  • Joseph Clark (29)
  • Paul Clark (18)
  • Gary Collins (22)
  • Stephen Paul Copoc (20)
  • Tracey Elizabeth Cox (23)
  • James Philip Delaney (19)
  • Christopher Barry Devonside (18)
  • Christopher Edwards (29)
  • Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons (34)
  • Thomas Steven Fox (21)
  • Jon-Paul Gilhooley (10)
  • Barry Glover (27)
  • Ian Thomas Glover (20)
  • Derrick George Godwin (24)
  • Roy Harry Hamilton (34)
  • Philip Hammond (14)
  • Eric Hankin (33)
  • Gary Harrison (27)
  • Stephen Francis Harrison (31)
  • Peter Andrew Harrison (15)
  • David Hawley (39)
  • James Robert Hennessy (29)
  • Paul Anthony Hewitson (26)
  • Carl Darren Hewitt (17)
  • Nicholas Michael Hewitt (16)
  • Sarah Louise Hicks (19)
  • Victoria Jane Hicks (15)
  • Gordon Rodney Horn (20)
  • Arthur Horrocks (41)
  • Thomas Howard (39)
  • Thomas Anthony Howard (14)
  • Eric George Hughes (42)
  • Alan Johnston (29)
  • Christine Anne Jones (27)
  • Gary Philip Jones (18)
  • Richard Jones (25)
  • Nicholas Peter Joynes (27)
  • Anthony Peter Kelly (29)
  • Michael David Kelly (38)
  • Carl David Lewis (18)
  • David William Mather (19)
  • Brian Christopher Mathews (38)
  • Francis Joseph McAllister (27)
  • John McBrien (18)
  • Marian Hazel McCabe (21)
  • Joseph Daniel McCarthy (21)
  • Peter McDonnell (21)
  • Alan McGlone (28)
  • Keith McGrath (17)
  • Paul Brian Murray (14)
  • Lee Nicol (14)
  • Stephen Francis O’Neill (17)
  • Jonathon Owens (18)
  • William Roy Pemberton (23)
  • Carl William Rimmer (21)
  • David George Rimmer (38)
  • Graham John Roberts (24)
  • Steven Joseph Robinson (17)
  • Henry Charles Rogers (17)
  • Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton (23)
  • Inger Shah (38)
  • Paula Ann Smith (26)
  • Adam Edward Spearritt (14)
  • Philip John Steele (15)
  • David Leonard Thomas (23)
  • Patrick John Thompson (35)
  • Peter Reuben Thompson (30)
  • Stuart Paul William Thompson (17)
  • Peter Francis Tootle (21)
  • Christopher James Traynor (26)
  • Martin Kevin Traynor (16)
  • Kevin Tyrrell (15)
  • Colin Wafer (19)
  • Ian David Whelan (19)
  • Martin Kenneth Wild (29)
  • Kevin Daniel Williams (15)
  • Graham John Wright (17)

Many of them, whom die way too young, could have settle down and have their own families within the past 25 years. They could have had the chance to bring their children, some even grandchildren to Anfield to witness the way of Liverpool’s football.

But, they don’t have such chances anymore.

Police’s negligence has made them lose everything.

And JUSTICE haven’t been fully paid to them and hopefully it will be returned by the end of the Hillsborough Inquest that is still going on since March 31. 25 Years of waiting for justice is way to long in the history of the modern world.

The entire football community are in an emotional mood today. Tributes pouring in from all over the world and from various rival clubs.

Man City.

Chelsea FC.

West Ham United.

Portsmouth FC Ladies.

Man United.

Arsenal FC.

Tottenham Hotspur.
As a Liverpool’s fan, I would like to express by utmost gratitude to these teams for standing together with us in such tragic moments. Thank you so much. This shows that football is, afterall, a beautiful game. 

While over at Anfield in the afternoon, an annual memorial service was being held. An emotional afternoon.

The ’96’ made up of scarfs donated by football fans all over the world.
The crowd at Anfield as they were reciting the prayers for the 96.
Liverpool’s manager Brendan Rodgers was there too with the rest of the Liverpool’s board and squad.

And as he gave his speech.
(Image: BBC) Everton’s manager Roberto Martinez graced the memorial service, and with a speech given. Thank you, Everton.
MP for Leigh, Andy Burnham giving his speech and to show his support to the Hillsborough Family Support Group.

Lee Roy James and the Love & Joy Gospel Choir as they sang the ‘Hillsborough Anthem’ he wrote.

Trevor Hicks, Hillsborough Family Support Group President and also father of two of the victims, Sarah and Victoria Hicks. He had done a lot to rally the families together and to campaign for justice for the 96. A true hero.

Margaret Aspinall, the Chairwoman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group. Her speech today was great, reminded many about the late Margaret Thatcher.

‘There Is A Balm In Gilead’ performed by the Love & Joy Gospel Choir.
How could the memorial service be done without these three?

The support of the fans who gathered together to witness the 25th anniversary memorial event is great. I swear we have the best fans in the world.
Gerry Marsden leading the crowd in ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.
And the memorial service ended with the releasing of 96 balloons into the sky. Touching.

Justice will definitely be done. May our 96 dear friends rest in peace.


And remember,


The Flames Will Keep On Burning

Today was the day many dreaded. And the rest anticipated it with a percentage of fear and a percentage of excitement.

It was something that may affect their (well, most of them) confidence and attitude towards their A Levels. Something that will play a very big and important role.

Something sensational.

Okay, maybe not that sensational.

As many could have guessed it already, it’s the day of the release of the A’ Level Project Work (PW) results. And I don’t know why I was excited about it. Maybe because I can go back to meet those friends whom I haven’t seen for a very long time.

Went back with  Ms Nicole See and I swear she was wearing damn red today. Not sure if that was supposed to be her lucky charm?

Let’s start with how I actually cheated with everyone’s feeling by saying I am not going back. Poor Elyssa and Peishan had to try all their best to get me back. And that Peishan even called me when I was in school. Teck Ching was beside me and he kept shouting ‘CANTEEN! CANTEEN!’.

And it still puzzles me up till now how did she even not catch that.

Had lunch with Teck Ching, Shafiqah, Jiayi and Zainur. Oh my, long time since I’ve last bought and ate food in the SRJC’s canteen, and probably the last time.

Not sure if I’ve unknowingly passed my ‘racist’ germs to Teck Ching. I swear he’s getting racist. Heightist. And, sexist. Poor Zainur got to survive all his attacks in school. But she’s lucky that I’ve left.

Went to library with Teck Ching to disturb Zichao, who was studying for his Geography test later on with Barry. But then I felt really guilty and left.

Nicole and Ratna were outside, at our usual seats at the GNC.

How times had passed. The table behind us sat a group of J1s doing the PW. That was exactly us a year ago. Memories. But not sure whether I should miss that kind of days, cracking my brains to think of ideas for my Preliminary Ideas (PI) section of the PW. I can’t remember how many days of sleepless nights I had to endure to come out with my ideas. To anyone who happens to be reading this and who happens to be J1 this year, good luck to you my friend. You will need it. If you think your life now is miserable, you will know how close you are in ending your life in the next one or two months to come (Alright, I ain’t endorsing this act of stupidity and irresponsibleness).

And of course, we took SELFIES!

I know I am always not suitable to be the one holding the camera whenever I am taking selfies with a group of friends.

See. I am smiling so awkwardly. And look at Nicole. She thinks she cute uh.

Good. Swag. Peace.

I swear this photo was taken when I wasn’t ready. I looked as if I am going to fall flat asleep on the table anytime.

And this is a proper shot. Not sure why my eyes can’t be seen. Oops.

One very important tip when taking selfies: Never take it from the bottom.

Ok. This is a selfie taken when I was trying to prove to Ratna that the back camera produces better quality pictures compared to the front camera. It came out blurry because I failed to focus before taking the shot. And Ratna was complaining.
And afterwards, we went to the hall, with bit of fear and anticipation for the release of the results.
My PW group, aka #Incendio, decided that we should all sit together.
I didn’t really pay attention to the speech by the Principal because I was not sure if I am of the correct mental state to listen to her without making any stupid yet legitimate comments. Well, since when do I not make comments of any speakers speaking up right there on the stage. I swear I am a born asshole.
Let me skip all those stats and go straight away to the results.
Yes. Dr. Chua me got a B.
So does the majority of 13-1SR06.
And so after getting our results, as usual, everyone ranted here and there. Things started to get a bit emotional. There are several cases of the good ‘C’ word. But more cases of the bad ‘F’ word ringing around my ears. While I was at the back of the hall, raising my fists up in the air, as if I’ve led a team to win the Premier League title. A little resemblance of the late Bill Shankly, I would say.
(Image: The Guardian)
Of course. The team doesn’t get together that often. We decided to spam photos on our phones and yep, instax cameras.
 May the forces be with you.

#Incendio loves You. <3 :’D

This is actually by far my most favourite picture taken. :)) — Credit to Alicia. But I swear I am still very scared of going to close to girls when taking photos. What’s wrong with me. ><

While I tried my best doing this post, I had an uncanny resemblance to a pedophile trying to make his way into a picture with three girls. Just look at my eyes. Maybe next time I should try sticking out my tongue like how Peishan and Michelle did.

Some polaroids taken!
and this effects makes it looks really nostalgic.
Before I end this post, here’s a message to my team mates, really really awesome teammates (I know you’all hd seen this on Instagram, but it actually supposed to appear in this blogpost. Ahwell):

We are #Incendio 

One of the most awesome PW group ever was formed a year ago. Incendio means burn, to show our burning passion towards our task. One year later, after going through so much together, we finally see the fruit of our hardwork.  

Thank you girls for all the hardwork (yep, on the project and on bearing with all my retarded nonsense). You all are the best teammates I can ever ask for. God must have been real kind to me. 

Though I am no longer around physically with you all anymore, but remember, our affinity does not just end here. I will continue to pray for the success in whatever you all are doing, like how we’ve prayed before our OP. I will look forward to all your successes. And please stay in contact and the flames of Incendio will never cease.  

Because we are #Incendio.

Yep. The Flames of #Incendio will keep on burning as long as we keep its spirit alive.

(Image: torange)

Life Is The Power To Lead The Future Into The Right Direction

I am probably going to chain up a new internet acronym. I mean, what’s the meaning of the internet without interesting acronyms.

Okay. Maybe this isn’t as interesting as I think it should be. However, this must be something that everyone may like to use.
Thank God For Friends.
I admit this was inspired off TGIF (for those who don’t know, that means ‘Thank God It’s Friday’)
So last weekend (yea, I am sorry that this post is like 2 days late, but well!), some of my really close friends back in my secondary school days decided to come to my house to study. Ok. Most of them spent only 60% of the time actually studying.
Most of the time, most of them are actually doing this:












Haha! Well. That’s the first time I am using the Photobooth on my laptop. It is really kind of fun actually. I mean, just look at the faces above. It makes us look erm… kind of retarded.


Thanks to Photo Booth, ‘travelling’ is made easier. Bienvenue a Paris!


And I guess I kind of like this picture quite a lot because of the HEARTS! WOOHOO! *inserts heart emojis*
Photo booth wasn’t the only distraction. Junwei’s new Sony phone was another distraction. Why? Because he finally got himself a proper phone. Yes, a proper smartphone which looks erm… proper.
And as usual, the main function of his phone seems to be playing mobile games…
And probably for Meiqi to run around to take selfie with.

Okay. To be fair to them, they really did study while I decided to stay in my room to watch some movie showing on Ch8. And then came out to the living room for the cable TV. And stumbled into a rather cool K-drama (ohgosh, I am actually interested in a K-drama…)

So it’s time for me to tell you which show it is…

(Image: Asianwiki)
๋‚˜์ธ: ์•„ํ™‰ ๋ฒˆ์˜ ์‹œ๊ฐ„์—ฌํ–‰
This was the second drama in two days that I’ve watched in regards to erm… time travelling. Not sure if if it’s the trend nowadays to film dramas of such a genre.
It was really interesting that I actually stayed on the seat and survived two episodes of each. Me and Junwei even went online to check for its synopsis. Guess what? Mind-blowing.
Okay. Which time travelling drama wouldn’t be mind blowing? I mean, if that happens in real life, to me in particular. Going back in time to stop the second World War and then coming back will cause a total difference in the reality world. Every action changed in the past will change the course of events thereafter, and hence resulting in a significant change to the present. (Suddenly that sounded like some quote from some legendary figure, but that’s just from me alright? :P)
Since I was on this topic, didn’t I mention about two dramas I’ve watched in two days that are about the same genre. So here’s the other drama…
(Image: mydramalist)
ๅฎ‰ๅ ‚ใƒญใ‚คใƒ‰
Yeap. This is a J-drama. I was bored at night that I was browsing through all the channels in my cable TV until when I saw some channel with the name Kimura Takuya written on its description. Yep, many people, actually in fact every of my friends didn’t know that I like Kimura Takuya (Uh-huh. Because of his Gatsby’s advertisement :D). So I decided to watch it although I don’t really watch J-drama. Me ish bored.
And so, the drama was really nice (I was watching Episode 5 and 6). I mean it was really cool with those future human-like robots running on some sort of OS. And also it was kind of dark because these robots are being hired by some human to kill other human.
Plus I spotted a really kawaii actress.
Maybe not that kawaii looking here.
Maybe here…
(Image: whicdn)
And here’s how she looks like without those nurse dressing:
She’s Honda Tsubasa. Looks kind of kawaii with that face shape and hairstyle ya? The sad thing is that her character in the drama, Suppli, who is actually the repair team for Kimura’s character died after trying to save his life.
Alright. Enough of girls. Let’s go back to Kimura. And erm… his character. I kinda like the name of his character in this drama: Ando Lloyd. Doesn’t it sound like ANDROID? I mean it’s like so cool. And when something is wrong with him, there will be like some sound saying ‘Restarting system”.
(Image: up.gc-img)
Look at how charming he is when doing the shooting scene.
(Image: Ryouchi)
And when he’s pretending to be a professor that looked exactly like him.
(Image: sinaimg)
And here’s Ando Lloyd showing his powers! Hehe! ^^
There is this particular scene that I liked a lot in Episode 5, when Ando Lloyd (yes, pretending to be Professor Reiji) was giving a lecture on erm… time travelling.
Here’s the link if you want to see what I am referring to:
And fast forward to 01:48 onwards.
Here’s a transcript of the speech, according to the English subtitles given on the screen:

Ando: “‘Everything in the future is already determined.’ So claimed the French genius astronomer, Pierre-Simon Laplace. This is his reasoning: Everything that is about to happen is a casualty of the past. By this logic it is possible to track every particle in the Universe, then it is possible to calculate everything that is about of happen. In other words, everything in the future is already determined. However, we can’t even track 1% of what is happening in the world. We cannot understand it. Thanks to our ignorance, we have empty hopes and dreams. And in turn, makes futile efforts. Even though everything in the future is already determined, then let’s try to disprove Laplace’s theory. Can one of us time travel back to Japan in December 1 of 1941, and tell them that Japan will suffer greatly if they joined the war? “

Nanase (Reiji’s sister, who is an associate professor): “If Professor Matsushima Reiji’s theory was true, then it is possible. Although we have mass, so we can’t go back in time. But data has zero mass, so it’s possible to send information back and forth though time. That’s what Professor Matsushima theorised. “

Ando: “That’s correct. Information has zero mass. Therefore, people’s desires can transcend time and space. As you can see from this equation, the speed of light is constant. However, both light and space have been confirmed to bend due to gravitational force. *Starts drawing some graph on the black board* Theoretically, there is another shortest path for light to travel from points P1 to P2. If there’s a particle that can travel through the path, than it is possible to exchange data through time using that particle. Of course, mankind does not currently possess such technology. But one day, someone here is sure to create that technology. Pierre-Simon Laplace is a great physicist, a philosopher, and a genius, but he underestimated the existence of life. Omniscience is not needed. People’s desire can change the future. They can even undo their mistakes in the past. Life is the power to lead the future into the right direction and to prevent a single life from ruling the world indefinitely. All lives end and they must hand over the baton to the next generation. Never forget that.”

Apparently, I am believing that ‘Life is the power to lead the future into the right direction.’ It doesn’t matter if there’s really such technology of transmission of data between time, we must know that it’s always of our duty and conscience to take responsibility of our life and our future. It’s our responsibility to lead our own future in the right direction.

And I am really proud to see how serious my friends were when they are doing their homework and/or revising their work. They are taking responsibility for their future. They are studying hard to get the grades they need for their dream course in the University. Most of them know what they want in the future and they are pushing towards their goals, in order words, leading their future on the right path.

However, All Work But No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy. They know that they have to balance their work and play. Hence, we decided to go down to play Table Tennis when everyone was more or less done with their work. Living a healthy lifestyle (like what I am trying to do right now) is also a mean of taking responsibility of your future. What if you achieved your dreams? What if you get to earn big bucks, buy whatever you’ve always wanted? You can’t enjoy much when you have no health. Leading your future in the right direction is to balance work and play (and/or exercising).

Remember, YOUR future is in YOUR own hands.

And ohya, here’s a selfie after playing table tennis!

The Reunion & the Gatecrashers

So the picture above summarises what I want to say for this post. The AMKsians of the 2012 batch reunited in AMKSS after 2 years! This picture features a Jazz Band performer and 3 gatecrashers. (PS: I am definitely not doing some sort of description you will hearing during English Oral examination. Although I sounded like one specific student who is unsure of what on earth he wants to convey to his examiners. Am I that bad?)

28 March 2014 can be mark down as one of the more memorable day in my life. It’s a day full of reunion. Let’s not talk about what happened in the morning because I was just slacking my ass off. The day before, the Drama Club seniors were persuaded by the juniors to return for session because it was the last day of Drama for the current batch of Sec 4s.

The current batch of Sec 4s.

Time passes by really fast, doesn’t it? I could remember these batch of Sec 4s Drama kids joined the CCA when my batch was in Sec 3. I remembered how difficult it was to persuade them to join Drama (Er… Not sure how we managed to rope in three guys into the gang). And so… Their first Drama session started while we were all busy preparing for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging (Yes, it was still called ‘Central Judging’ back then. And that was my last ever SYF performance.)

They were so innocent back then and I was still unsure of how to interact with them because of that 2 years age gap. I wasn’t that confident because I never make any close friends out of the Sec 2s back then. Look how I am using my words, BACK THEN. (So that those closer to me now will never get offended. You see how important it is to foster human-to-human relations.)

The phrase ‘Back Then’ has many, or at least, a few meanings.

‘Back then’ can mean that things that one is mentioning has changed. For example, “Back then, the Sec 1s are really innocent.”

‘Back then’ can also mean, at the same time, that the thing that one is mentioning hasn’t changed at all. For example, “The Bomohs couldn’t find the missing airplanes back then, and still couldn’t locate it till now.”

My English is never accurate.

Let’s get back to topic before I start drifting away and don’t even know how to make a U-turn.

I had made it very clear from the start, I will only go if either Kai Hao or Hong Kiat go. And too bad, one supposed to have meeting and the other had CCA in the afternoon. Well, I decided to call for a dinner outing with the juniors and the senior batches.

So on Friday evening, I met up with Hong Kiat at Ang Mo Kio MRT Station because he came down from Anderson JC. Eh-hem. I was supposed to meet Kaihao earlier at 3plus PM because someone said his meeting was cancelled.

And then, he decided to stay in school.

And so, I decided to take a nap.

I thought I was late because we were suppose to meet at 5PM. But then my body decided to sweat like there is no tomorrow and I had to air myself dry before heading out. 5.30PM, I was still at home and Kaihao’s still at Botanic Gardens. Woah. I swear we are those kind of people who can’t be on time for meet-ups. :’D

After meeting Hong Kiat, we were supposed to wait outside Breadtalk for the juniors and Kaihao while Lizhong was making his way down from Hougang. It was then I received a message, from Tan Ting saying that they will reach around 6.30PM. Hong Kiat and I looked at each other, stunned. What are we supposed to do for the next one hour?

But luckily, Kaihao came while the rest reached around 6pm. Phew.

The three seniors met their juniors for the very first time since 2013, and some for the first time. Audrey and Tan Ting were the two whom we know. And then there’s a Minh Quang and Emily, in which we didn’t get to meet before this.

The meeting with the three girls were rather short because they had to go and not staying long enough for dinner. So little Minh Quang was left alone with us. And there came Lizhong.

After dinner, the old ones wanted to go back to AMKSS campus to gatecrash the alumni-organised gathering.

(Image: AMKSS Alumni FB Page, posted by Ms Tan Hui Teng)

Yes. This one. Where many of my friends (actually almost all) decided not to go because of the $25 price tag (originally $50).

After so much hesitation and ‘loitering’ outside the school campus, the four of us finally had some balls and walked into the school.

A photo taken while we were hesitating whether to gatecrash the Alumni Gathering or not.

The security guards let us in because we said we were there to see the teachers. Which is as true as it can be.

Finally got to meet a few teachers and chatted with them. Woah. The memories. The event was really very grand, and seems fun. Maybe next year’s alunmi gathering, I should persuade everyone to go, despite the amount of money. I mean, the most important thing is to enjoy the time and reunion with your beloved teachers and friends.

At the end of the event, Hong Kiat, Kaihao and I stayed behind to play Monopoly Deal.

Kai Hao with his pedo-face.


And he wants to show the world he had 2 Deal Breakers. Oh. Wow. :’D
And what’s a gathering without a selfie? (I am really a selfie addict)
From left: Hong Kiat, me, Kai Hao.
ย While we were trying hard to take a proper photo, Justin Chong and some of his jazz band friends walked pass. And so… we made use of this chance to call someone whom we know of to aid us.
Thanks to Justin, a proper photo was being taken!
And how could we forget about adding Justin into the picture? It has been a long time since I’d last seen him! (And that goes all the way to the picture right at the start of this post). Credit to Andrew Tan for helping us to take the second photo!