Finally, It Rains!


And so after a month and more of dry weather, it finally rains in Singapore. The entire socialsphere went mad soon after. The sighs of reliefs can be heard all over the country, from the markets in the neighbourhood to social media platforms. Everyone was thankful for the rain.

I did not notice the rain initially. Well. It was still early for me to climb out of bed and walk out of my bedroom to notice what had even happened. I tried to sleep so as to capitalise on the comfort of air-condition that was still running in the room. Little did I know that the sky was turning dark and the surrounding temperature had in fact decreased. It was only until when I decided to pick up my phone from my bedside and click on the twitter bird icon.


My entire timeline was flooded with the term ‘RAIN’. Everyone, from Yishun to Toa Payoh to Jurong, was praising the sudden downpour all over the region. For the first time, the entire Singapore was cheering for the rain. It was just as rare as Manchester United winning under David Moyes. I scrolled through my entire timeline in search for anyone who is complaining about the weather change. None.

Finally the chaotah plants here met their savior. So has the entire SCDF team.

I could imagine the entire Civil Defence personnels cheering the moment the rain starts pouring down onto the island. They were relieved that they did not have to fight anymore bush fires, and they can continue to call fast-food deliveries, enjoy their food in their air-conditioned fire post.

Well. SCDF was not the only government agency to be relief. To be honest, the government agency that can find themselves really able to take a break after the rain was the one that was under scrutiny for ‘hiding the actual PSI level from the public’. The NEA was definitely having their sighs of relief right now. The rain pours can effectively clean the haze away from above our national skyline. It will, at the same time, removes the odour from the surroundings. Every time when I saw the PSI reading on the TV screen below 30, I find it really genuine (unlike previously).

Air is definitely fresher, wetter, cleaner and better now.

Maybe we should thank the rajah bomohs for the downpour.

REBLOG: 9 Things Successful People Do Right Before Bed (Business Insider)

By Jacquelyn Smith | Business Insider 
The very last thing you do before bed tends to have a significant impact on your mood and energy level the following day, since it often determines how well and how much you sleep.
Successful people understand that their success starts and ends with their own mental and physical health, and that it’s almost entirely dependent upon them getting enough sleep. That’s why bedtime routines are a key ritual for so many of them – and why the very last thing most successful people do before bed is read.
Reading is a great way to unwind, says Laura Vanderkam, author of “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.” “It both expands your mind and relaxes you.”
Of course, everyone is different, and there’s no one set routine that will guarantee success. “It’s really less about your activities and more about your state of mind,” says Michael Woodward , Ph.D., organizational psychologist and author of “ The YOU Plan .” “That being said, there are certainly behaviors that can help.”
Here are nine things successful people do before retiring for the night:
1. Read. 
Experts agree that reading is the very last thing most successful people do before going to sleep.
Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of “ You Can’t Be Serious! Putting Humor to Work ,” says he knows  numerous business leaders who block off time just before bed for reading, going so far as to schedule it as a “non-negotiable item” on their calendar. “This isn’t necessarily reserved just for business reading or inspirational reading. Many successful people find value in being browsers of information from a variety of sources, believing it helps fuel greater creativity and passion in their lives.”
For example, while some successful people use this time catch up on news stories from the day, skim tech blogs, or browse Reddit and Twitter, others enjoy reading fiction novels and ancient philosophy just before bed.
2. Meditate.
Many successful people use the 10 minutes before bed to meditate. Dale Kurow, a New York-based executive coach, says it’s a great way to relax your body and quiet your mind.
3. Reflect on the day.
Kerr says many successful people take the time just before bed to reflect on, or to write down, three things they are appreciative of that happened that day. “Keeping a ‘gratitude journal’ also reminds people of the progress they made that day in any aspect of their life, which in turn serves as a key way to stay motivated, especially when going through a challenging period.”
Vanderkam adds: “Taking a few moments to think about what went right over the course of the day can put you in a positive, grateful mood.”
4. Make your to-do list.
“Clearing the mind for a good night sleep is critical for a lot of successful people. Often they will take this time to write down a list of any unattended items to address the following day, so these thoughts don’t end up invading their head space during the night,” Kerr says.
5. Disconnect from work.
Truly successful people do anything but work right before bed, Kerr says. They don’t obsessively check their email, and they try not to dwell on work-related issues.
Woodward agrees. “The last thing you need is to be lying in bed thinking about an email you just read from that overzealous boss who spends all their waking hours coming up with random requests driven by little more than a momentary impulse.” Give yourself a buffer period between the time you read your last email and the time you go to bed. The idea is to get your head out of work before you lie down to go to sleep.
6. Spend time with family.
Woodward says it’s important to make some time to chat with your partner, talk to your kids, or play with your dog.
Vanderkam says this is a common practice among the highly successful. “I realize not everyone can go to bed at the same time as his or her partner, but if you can, it’s a great way to connect and talk about your days.”
7. Plan out sleep.
“Much has been written around the dangers busy people face running chronic sleep deficits, so one habit I know several highly successful people do is to simply make it a priority to get enough sleep  —  which can be a challenge for workaholics or entrepreneurs,” Kerr says. One way to do that is to go to bed at a consistent time each evening, which is a key habit all sleep experts recommend to help ensure a healthy night’s sleep.
Vanderkam further suggests that you plan out when you’re going to wake up, count back however many hours you need to sleep, and then consider setting an alarm to remind yourself to get ready for bed. “The worst thing you can do is stay up late then hit snooze in the morning,” she says. “Humans have a limited amount of willpower. Why waste that willpower arguing with yourself over when to get up, and sleeping in miserable nine-minute increments?”
8. Lie down on a positive note.
It’s easy to fall into the trap of replaying negative situations from the day that you wish you’d handled differently. Regardless of how badly the day went, successful people typically manage to avoid that pessimistic spiral of negative self-talk because they know it will only create more stress. “Remember to take some time to reflect on the positive moments of the day and celebrate the successes, even if they were few and far between,” Woodward says.
9. Picture tomorrow’s success.
Many successful people take a few minutes before bed to envision a positive outcome unfolding for the projects they’re working on, says Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and author of “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant; How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job.” “For most, this is not a task or exercise; they’re wired with a gift of solid resolution skills that come naturally.”
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Being Single

Since today is February 14… Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

(Image: weheartit)

Valentines Day. Actually, to me, it’s a normal day. I mean nothing special will be happening to me, nothing abnormal will the nature be like and nothing unusual about any and every single living things around me. Okay… To be honest, I do mark it down on my diary that it’s Valentine’s Day, but I try to remind myself that it has nothing to do with me. I tried my best, but I failed to realise how depressed I am every Valentine’s. And nope, not because I know it’s Valentine’s but because of the what-I-call ‘extra things’ that couples usually do on this day. I mean, every couple in this world suddenly become so loving, so sweet (Not that I don’t believe that they are not as sweet as on normal days, but that kind of sweetness is like kind of over-flowing. I mean, why? Why being extra special on this day when you could do it every other day, or basically, everyday?)

Alright. Maybe I am getting jealous of couples that I don’t find myself making sense in my above paragraph. But well, everyone seems to have that kind of hoo-hah over Valentine’s.

And not to mention, Valentine’s is the best reason to make legit corporate scams. Walk down the shopping malls and you will see ‘Valentine’s Day Special’ or ‘Valentine’s Day Sales’ across every shop you can find. (Well, it is usually those shops that sells women’s stuff tend to have such sales.) Look, ‘Valentine’s Day Special’ and ‘Valentine’s Day Sales’ share the same initial of VDS, so does ‘Valentine’s Day Scams’. Ah well. Thanks to all these corporate ‘scams’, men who don’t buy Valentine’s Day gift may be seen as ‘scums’. Eh, I am very careful with my words, I said, ‘MAY’.

Talking about buying gifts for your girlfriends… I saw this picture while on Twitter last night:

(Image: @evansonthewall/Twitter)
Cny queue for 林志源 bakkwa, vday queue for pandora??? Tough being a guy in singapore lor HAHAHA”
Look at the queue at this Pandora outlet. Who says Singaporean man no good? You see, they even bothered queuing up to buy gifts for their girlfriends. (Not sure how much discount Pandora will give.) Although I may be depressed because I am single (Okay, depressed might not be a suitable word but you know what I mean) but I am kind of glad I am of that relationship status. I mean, imagine how broke I’ll be if I got myself a girl. Not to say in general but I think guys are the ones being expected to give gifts to his girls (although I also see many girls buying presents for their men, so fair enough. Haha). But I think in Singapore, being in a relationship is kind of a costly issue. Just look at the kind of occasions where there’s reason to give gifts:
1. Christmas
2. Valentine’s Day
3. Chinese Valentine’s Day (not sure if many people celebrate this, but still, a reason for gift. Heh.)
4. 1-month Anniversary
5. 100-day Anniversary
6. 6-month Anniversary
7. 1-year Anniversary
8. BF/GF Birthday
9. 1.5-year Anniversary
10. Any other kind of Anniversaries
11. GF/BF’s Mother’s Birthday
12. GF/BF’s Father’s Birthday
13. GF/BF’s Grandparents Birthday
14. Thanksgiving Day (also don’t know why this is on the list)
15. National Day (no shit, I am serious)
16. When your GF/BF’s favourite music artiste is in town
Yeah. 16 possible occasions when you have to fork out money on presents. And it can sometimes be really stressful because you know your partner too well to even be able to get anything for him/her.
I think I really know how to bullshit my way through this. But true right? HAHA!
Anyway, while many people are spending money on other people, I decided to give myself a Valentine’s Day present.
Yes. An Instax Mini90 Neo Classical instant camera by Fujifilm!
Have been longing for an instant camera since the end of last year and decided to place it on top of my wishlist for Year 2014.
And since I’ve gotten my last month’s pay and that Valentine’s Day is coming, I decided to get one and scrap it off my wishlist!
So I got this instax from Passion Gadget, where they sell a lot of Instax-related stuff and really cheaper prices, compared to other retailers outside in Singapore.
So there’s a brief description of the Mini90 that I got from the site. It’s a really really nice instant camera, giving the kind of retro feeling that I really fond of. I got it at S$225, and it comes with free gifts: film skin stickers, a photo clip, a mini photo album, a photo holder and a tripod stand. I kind of like the tripod stand, I mean, firstly I can use the tripod stand for my mini90 and also for my camera, it will come in really handy when taking group pictures!
After buying a camera, it is important that you get something to protect it, so I decided to buy a leather cover for it! (I got the picture below from the webpage itself because I wasn’t able to transfer the photo from my S4 to my laptop, ah well…)
Yeap. I got the brown CAIUL Cortex Vintage Leather Bag to add on to the kind of vintage feeling. As you can see from the picture I took above (the very first picture of my Mini90), the combination looks really good together! The leather bag was sold at S$18 (list price $25, according to their website). I think since it’s leather, it really worth the price tag!
For those of you who are also interested in getting an instant camera or getting accessories for your instant camera, just go to Passion Gadgets’ website ( and order your stocks online and they can get it delivered to your doorsteps! If not, you may just want to head down to their showroom at MacPherson and see what they have in store for you! You will be amazed by the things they have!
 Singapore Address:
PassionKites (Passion Gadgets located same as PassionKites)


Lion Building B, #05-12,
12 Arumugam Road,
Singapore 409958
(1min walk from MacPherson MRT Exit B)
(See map here)


Opening Hours:


Tue – Fri: 11am – 9pm


Sat – Sun: 11am – 6pm


(Monday Closed)


New Year Eve: 11am to 6pm


We’re closed on New Year’s Day  


Contact number: (+65) 9181 4105 (Call / SMS)




More info:


LiveChat at their Website


WhatsApp: (+65) 9181 4105


Happy Ma Year!

Sorry peeps. I know I went MIA since last year. Really sorry because I was really busy with work.

Yep. But it’s good to know that my work ends on the 9th of March this year. That means I’ll be able to enjoy about 3 weeks of freedom before having to return back to school, this time as a Polytechnic student.
Before posting any updates on myself, I shall wish everyone a very Happy Lunar New Year! This year’s the year of the horse. Hence I wish everyone to be as active as a galloping horse and may you reach your goals as fast as a horse. (Don’t know if I really make any sense here. Haha.)
I don’t know how long this post is gonna be because I am going to be like posting my updates for the past one month and beyond with this post. (Ya, that’s the consequence of not updating your blog regularly.)
Ok, maybe not.

Since my title wrote ‘Happy Ma Year’, I should post about how I spend my Chinese New Year this year. I will post on another blog post regarding the things that happened prior to CNY on another day then. 😛

So apparently, I was ill for the first few days of the Lunar New Year. (That’s really sucks) However, I am still able to enjoy most of the celebration, aka. going out for visiting.

Okay, I wrote this a day before Chinese New Year’s eve? How’s my calligraphy? I really think I should try and improve my skills. Hmm.

How can one don’t attend Reunion Dinner on Chinese New Year eve? Here’s a photo, and for those of you who are hungry now, skip this photo.

I must admit that’s really a lot of dishes for the steamboat since there are only three people eating the Reunion Dinner. (Yes, who say Reunion Dinner always need to involve a whole lot of people? As long as the entire family — the parents and the children — sits down together and have a meal, it is considered as a Reunion Dinner.) I must also admit my presence on the dining table is becoming rather rare ever since I went for work at a retail shop (yeap, imagine working 8hrs and 12hrs shift), hence this year’s reunion dinner become so much more meaningful.

So as usual, my family spent the entire CNY eve afternoon preparing the offerings for the prayers, which was to be done at the strike of 11pm, and also the reunion dinner food.

Let’s skip Day 1 of CNY, because what my family practically did was to sleep through the day. And look at my hlaf #ootd:

Erm… Ya. A mask and a singlet. That kind of sums up my first day of the Chinese New Year while everyone else was like having fun at their relative’s place or enjoying local scenery outside.
Okay, here’s a literally #ootd for you. Oranges of the Day 😛
And guess what I’ve done on this day.
Okay… Those who want my signature please line up, no pushing! 😛
Fast forward to Day 2.
Yes! My mum decided to bring me to my aunt’s house so… Here’s my first #ootd of this lunar year:
Cool eh? That was my first time wearing suspenders. And oh ya, I was trying to dress in a retro fashion.
Ah. Something like this.
Went to my aunt’s house to have more steamboats (Omnomnom!) And get to see a lot of my maternal side relatives and that means… More angbaos! 😀
Then I got bored… Hence…




Sorry, zi-lian over-load here. Oops. 😛
Okay. Let’s skip to Day 3.
Never had chance to do an #ootd for Day 3 because I decided to go to Brendan’s house in a rush after finding myself feeling rather better (Yes… I was still sick, actually, I am still sick at this point of time when I am writing this post).
4.30PM, I decided to set off while the rest had been there since like erm… One in the afternoon?
Yes. As promised, we took really a handful of photos.





Finally get to meet them after like 342364567320 years. Ps uh. I was busy with my work so didn’t go to meet them previously. Oops.
Ohya, and thanks Mrs. Pang for the angpao! Haha!
And here we go, fast forward to Day 7, aka the birthday of human. As a tradition, South-east Asian Chinese will tend to ‘lou hei’ on this day!


Yes, we ought to keep such tradition going!
Time flies, and today is the 9th day of the Lunar New Year. The Hokkiens will celebrate the birth of the Jade Emperor by doing offerings on the night of the 8th day of the Lunar New Year (practically at 11pm, when it is actually 9th day of the Lunar New Year according to Chinese customs).


Chinese New Year is always the time when I get to learn more about my own culture and to continue the traditions and also, to pass such traditions to the next generation.
That’s basically a summary of my CNY. 🙂 Again, Happy Ma Year to all!

Merry Christmas and… Happy Birthdays!

Yeah. Before I begin with what I want to post, I shall wish everyone a (late) Merry Christmas!!!

(Image: Alegoo)

So yesterday, on Christmas Day, was a day I’d been really looking forward to! It’s the day when I hosted a Christmas Day dinner for my beloved peeps from my Sec 4 class! I was really happy (and yes, I AM still happy right now) that this ended off as a successful event. Well, definitely must feel happy because I had planned and organised the entire event since a month ago. It’s a long process to plan and execute the event, and also to predict any problems that might occur and to do up a backup plan. It has been really long time since I last organised an event (Yeap, the last being some school event back in my Secondary School days when I was an EXCO member).

I must admit that from choosing the food to buying the presents for these beloved peeps was really really difficult. But it’s alright! Because seeing the smiles on their face at the end of the day, made me think that everything is just worthwhile.

Ah. Shall not talk much about the planning process or anything before the day itself. Shall share with everybody the joy that we had (or more specifically, the joy that I had) yesterday!

So yesterday, before everyone came, I was keeping myself really busy with all the housekeeping, collection of food, last minute present shopping and wrapping of the final batches of the gifts. While I was really really busy, the rest of them (excl. Yichen, Kayven, Qing and Junwei) were at Brendan’s house baking the cookies and enjoying themselves! (hehehe!)

The cookies that they tried to made. And yeap, they brought it to my house. Ate them only today and it’s really delicious! 😛
Back to my side here.
I was running out of time, some presents not yet wrapped, and a birthday cake was awaiting my collection at Clementi. Luckily, I found someone to help me! Chen Yu! He came and went to collect the cake for me. OMG! THANK HIM SO MUCH!!!! He helped me to make sure everything was done in time.
The peeps came at around 7pm. And I was shocked by the clothes they wear. Some of them a bit formal only uh. The first thing we do was of course to greet each other with Merry Christmas! HAHA! Thn they settle down to play Charades. And while they are playing, I was heating up the Turkey, ham and the pork knuckles. Thn some guys came in (Adam and Brendan) to check on me. And thn these 2 decided to get Chen Yu to help us buy some beer to go with the food. HAHA!
Once Chen Yu returned with the cake, the few of us went to the nearby shop to get some beer. Yes, and we returned with 2 cans of Sapporo. Aside from shopping for beer, we went around the neighbourhood in search for candles for the birthday cake, and while on this mission, Brendan saw a rather big ass lighter and bought it for $1.20. He was so amazed by that. Wow.
Chen Yu, Brendan, Adam and me met up with Junwei and Yichen before returning back.
And back at home… They were playing with my camera…
“See how cute I am!” *cough*
Aspiring to be a future model.
The girls trying to do some creepy smile…
Qing had arrived while we were out. And since we returned, it means that everyone has arrived! Time to start the feast!!!
Basically, it was Brendan and Adam doing the cutting, Chen Yu and Weihao doing the testing and me doing the heating up. Ok. Guys, now times have changed. The girls are outside watching tv and majority of the guys are in the kitchen doing the preparation of food. Let’s give ourselves a round of applause.
(Image: weknowmemes)
Must really thank Brendan and Adam for doing all the saikang of cutting the turkey, the ham and the pork knuckles! THANK YOU!
Look at Brendan trying to cut the meat.
Junwei and Chen Yu got the privilege to have some of the meat first because they can. 😛
The ‘feast’ for the night!!! Sorry, Brendan’s box of turkey was not caught on film. Gee… 😀
During the meal, some of us guys were gathering around the table, drinking beer and talking about any bullshit that we can think about.
So after the feast… Here comes…
Yesh!!! It’s time for the surprise! While the rest of them are watching tv in the living room, Brendan and I were trying to prepare the cake and the candles. And when everything is ready, brought the cake out for the surprise!
As everyone in the room started singing, Qing was staring at us with her poker face and Junwei was seating by my foot, staring around. They didn’t know what happen. Well. I understand the feeling, it’s the exact feeling I got when Yong Kang and Co. surprised me with a birthday cake during the BBQ session on the 26th October. Well well well. That was 2 months ago.
Yes Yes Yes
They were both caught by surprise. *Mission Accomplished*
Wanted them to take photo with they cake, but since I am holding the cake… Hehe. Photobomb? 😛
Time to cut the cake!!!!!!!
The interior of the rainbow cake! Looks really nice! It’s the first time most (if not, all) of us get to taste Rainbow Cake!


Qing and her cake!


Lan Jiao Wei with his cake!


Well. I’ve got the cake from this, erm… should I called it a blogshop that sells cake? Ah well. Take a look at her instagram!
Yes. Her shop name is call Sugar Rush. She makes a lot of different kinds of cake! From cupcakes to 6’/8’/10′ round cake to even cake in the shape of cookie monster!  Go check out her instagram if you want to order really nice home-made cake for any event, be it birthday celebrations or any sorts of party! Feel free to contact her at 91851154 as she’s a really friendly lady.
Yes. If you guys are wandering what kind of cake I’ve ordered from her this time, it’s actually a 10″ Red Ombre Rosette Rainbow Cake. And it only cost me S$47. Brendan thought such cake cost around S$60++. See, affordable! If you have a really sweet tooth, don’t even think twice, order the cake from her to complete your entire celebration or event!
So after this, we had our Christmas gift exchange!!! It was really damn funny. Brendan was hoping not to kena the Ferrero Rocher, but in the end, he really got it. That was really kind of funny! There were still lots of funny parts but not gonna depict them one by one here.
And then, as they decided to open their gifts (er… I know some of the gifts were like unwrapped :P), I went into my room to carry all the 12 presents that I wanted to give to them. So much so that I’ve hug them out. Everyone was shocked. Didn’t expect I was that generous right? Actually, I am just learning from Peishan (my friend in SRJC). Yesh. All this gift thing started when she said she wanted to give me a Christmas present so… Since this is a season of giving, I might as well get some presents for my really close ones? So I ended up buying a lot of presents!
They seems touched by me.
Aww. I never fail to make them feel touch since they never fail to make me feel the same way.
Everything ended around 11+ pm and I suggested we take a group photo together since it’s really rare to get everyone together! (Although we took the group photo without Meiqi because she had to rush to the airport to send her brother)
The so-called formal shot.


The fun-shot!!!!
Wait guys.
WTF did I see?
Did Junwei just tried to take a selfie in front of a camera, in front of a camera? Photoception well done. 😛
As everyone left, I must thank Adam, Junwei and Chen Yu for staying behind to help me clean up the mess!!! Couldn’t have done it fast without them!!!! 🙂
Overall, this is the best event that I’ve ever planned and organised to date!!! That calls for a celebration!

Happy Birthday, Pei Shan!

Yes. This girl has finally turned 17 years old. I mean like a finally. Yes, before I knew when was her birthday, I really thought she was older than me (I am referring to the month) cos she just look erm… way matured? I guess. I remembered when she told me her birthday was on 2nd December, I was like…
(Image: salzdummyspit)
I could still remember how she stared at me when I can’t believe she’s really younger than me by a month plus. (Well, one does not simply imply that a girl looks older than what she really is. Ohdear, I am gonna be dead if she read this paragraph.)
Alright. Let’s skip this nonsense, before I can imagine her saying, “Nonsense uh, Eddy.” (Yup. I can imagine that with her voice. Okok. Staph staph.)
Let’s be blog about the entire birthday celebration. Which was really rather epic.
Few days ago, a few of us went to buy birthday present for Pei Shan’s at nex. There were Nicole, Adrian, Wan Lin, Michelle and myself. (Apparently I could still remember the rather unpleasant moment at nex’s Pastamania. Fine. It’s not really unpleasant but the kind of mixing that Wan Lin made from the left over was really haunting me still right now. I should apologies to the Pastamania people for wasting their resources the other day.) After dinner, we went to get balloons and card for Pei Shan.
Initially, because we were afraid that too many people will be crashing the hotel room (at Hard Rock Hotel, Sentosa) that her parents booked as a family birthday celebration for her, only Charmaine and Wan Lin were supposed to go. But in the end, I don’t really understand what happened, they decided to jio more people. In the end, Yap Qi and I tagged along. That Ashley and Adrian wanted to go but in the end had to miss it due to personal reasons.
We decided to meet at 9AM at HarbourFront’s Vivo City.
Yes. 9A.M.
It’s kind of early. Very early actually. I don’t remember when’s the last I left home so early apart from school, CCA or work last time.
Well. I must make a confession here, I left home at 8.50A.M. And I hoped I could really reached there by 9.30A.M. so that the girls need not need to wait too long for me.
When I left Ang Mo Kio, Wan Lin was complaining that people had been staring at her because she was holding a balloon inside the mall. I felt really really bad. So I told her to give me sometime so I can reach there and help her with the stuff.
She then told me she’s meeting Charmaine and Yap Qi first. And I was like, oh man, I’m gonna be the latest again. (I must really admit that I am always the one whom people always have to wait for. Sorry ya!) As I reached Douby Ghaut, Wan Lin called me. And guess what?
What a nice twist of plot in here.
(Image: knowyourmeme)
That means I’ll be the earliest. (THAT’S SOUNDS REALLY NICE! No sarcasm intended. :)) And really, I reached at 9.45A.M., being the earliest to reach there.  I predicted that they should reach before 10.30A.M. While waiting for them, I decided to walk around Vivo. At that timing, many of the shops were not yet open. The entire shopping mall was really very quiet. I went round and round the area. The girls eventually reached at around 10.15A.M. (I guess) and we travelled down to Sentosa.
It was raining out there, so we had to take the sheltered walkway to Hard Rock Hotel, despite me being there just last week, we still managed to get loss because we can’t find the lobby of HRH. We went around in circles trying to find the sheltered route to HRH but we got lost. We even walked down to some unknown place and even almost hijacking some restaurant. (Yesh, we found ourselves at the back door of some restaurant in which we don’t even know what is it.)

But luckily for us, we eventually found the route, but we just have to bare with the tiny rain droplets hitting hard on our body.

Wan Lin went up first while Charmaine, Yap Qi and I were at the hotel lobby. The two girls were trying to complete the writing the cards.

We went up afterwards and found the room eventually. I swear that the hotel corridor is so damn freaking long and a bit complicated. Charmaine and Yap Qi were trying to hide on the left side of the door while I was hiding on the right, with my sunglasses on. Knock few times already and no response from inside, so this Yap Qi tried to kick the door. That was really hilarious.

The door opened and the girls shouted ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’. I was still trying to hide at the side, trying to find the best opportunity to give Pei Shan an ultimate scare. And if you guys are wondering, yes, I’d succeeded. She was shocked by everything that was happening at that moment.

She didn’t know we were coming, she only expected Wan Lin. (Charmaine told her that she had went Malaysia and would only be back on Tuesday. Nice prank.) And best prank of all, Wan Lin told Pei Shan that she had called for manicure service for her and she really bought into her story. The bell rang, and no, not manicure service, but 3 familiar faces. This Wan Lin and her way of hiding things up.

Passed the cake(s), two huge balloons and presents to her.

I admit I was quite awkward there with Mr. and Mrs. Lee around. But I eventually got comfortable. They were really nice to us. 🙂

So apparently, we bought Pei Shan a skateboard and there was a sticking under it stating the cautions. One caution was the one that I decided to use against Pei Shan for the rest of the day when she was trying to skate. It wrote (it was in Traditional Chinese, so I am doing a literal translation here):

Please note that user must have a certain level of skills in order to use this safely.

I broke into laughter while saying it. Everyone else laughed.

I shall try to fast forward things… But here are some photos we had taken in the room:



We decided to go to the Loge to enjoy the 2 rides. One of the ride was fun and the other one was… terrifying.

Before we went there, we took some proper #OOTDs.

(Images taken by our best photographer, Wan Lin)
You have to agree that these pictures were taken in a very good quality. Not sure if it’s the person taking the photos is good or the background is really awesome. 😛
Went to have Mac (I am sinned), and it’s a treat from Pei Shan. (I felt a bit p.s. No pun intended, I swear.)

After lunch, we took the tram to Imbiah Station.

I saw my long-time-no-see friend there. I remembered the last time when I saw this dude at Sentosa was around, let me guess, between 6 to 10 years ago? That’s really long. The place there really has changed a lot. Singapore is in a constant development. Hence what I saw there today, may not be there any more in the future. Okay. Let’s cut short my ‘reflection’ here. We walked to a place called The Luge. For those who don’t know what I am taking about, here’s a screenshot from the official website:
(Image: Screenshot of Skyline Luge Sentosa’s website)
What I didn’t foresee was one of the scariest moment in my life. I paid the ticket without knowing what shit I was putting myself into. We walked to the starting point of the Skyride, my heart palpitated and my goosebumps developed. WHAT ON EARTH DID I DO WRONG?
I am gonna be hang up high into the air? I mean… WHAT?! Are you serious? Oh dear. I felt like running away right now. I have been afraid of heights since young. I remembered how I once refused to take the escalator from the top level of the shopping centre because I did not dare to look down. I was afraid that the escalator is going to collapse and bring me down with it. Now, I am going to face my worst nightmare and take it as a fun ride? Ohgod.
(Image: planetaurbe)
But still, I still took the helmet and put it on. And I was being really paranoid and make sure that my helmet was really in place because I am afraid of v = gt acting on me. (For those of you who don’t get what I am saying, do turn to your Physics book.)
Yap Qi suggested to take a group photo together before any really happens. (I am kind of glad I am not the only one thinking too much.)

We headed to the other part first. Go-kart. Finally I am able to breathe properly. Go-kart was really fun. And it turned out to be awesome! I was like speeding throughout the circuit. I felt like a certain Aryton Senna or Michael Schumacher. I felt like a speed demon.

There comes the nightmare in bright day light. The skyride. Wan Lin and Charmaine took the first cabin while Pei Shan, Yap Qi and me squeeze into the one behind. And here’s a fun fact: The ones in front were showing no signs of being afraid, while those at the back were on the verge of screaming and breaking down. The guy was trying his best to make himself comfortable, but on the verge of breaking down. The 2 girls were cuddling each other, afraid of looking down or anywhere else as the cabin went further up into the sky.

(Image: Taken by either Charmaine or Wan Lin while we are trying to make ourselves comfortable at the back)

I am glad that I eventually made myself comfortable, even trying to stretch my legs out to reach the leaves below me. I felt like I am trying to be like a certain Mr. Bean. I turned to the back and saw the beautiful scenery of the beach. Beautiful.

(Image: memecrunch)

However, those two siaocharbors beside me were still screaming. Guess what? They even sang… “MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB, LITTLE LAMB.” I tried to be really extra and sang together with them, only to realise that the two angmohs behind were laughing at us. I think we were really a nice entertainment in the middle of no where (yes, literally in the middle of nowhere). I am sure we are the best opera singers around the region.

After all these, we went to get Starbucks, took some pictures and play with the skateboard before returning to the hotel.


And oh ya, I must really mention this. We took photo with a snake. Yes. And this Peishan was really afraid of the snake that she almost dare not touch it. I was like saying, ‘Are we trying to get Peishan to overcome her fears today? Today mcm her Fear Factor Day sia.’
I don’t to comment much, but look at Peishan’s face here.

U Siao Drama Somemore.

So I saw this post by our famous Mr Brown about his new addiction on a relatively interesting website. (See his post here)


This website generates what your ‘future’ Facebook post will look like after synchronizing with your past tweets. And seeing how funny Mr Brown’s ‘future’ Facebook status will look like, I decided to generate my own set of the status, of course, with my account. And what turns out to be, are funny and getting more dangerous as more status are being generated.

Here are some of the tweets.

Well… That’s more of what others will say about me,not me to others. Or maybe this bot is trying to predict that I’ll be talking to myself sometime soon.
Err… Not sure about that. Calling a private crematorium? Did I kill anyone? Can’t remember.



This is somewhat true. But incomplete, so let me complete it for you bot: Ever since I log into ilearn. Wow, what’s that? 可以吃的嗎?
Probably a premonition on this year end’s countdown celebration. Don’t say I never warn you, 101. Boomz.
Hey Apple, is Siri lodging a complaint against me? and Adam, laugh, just laugh. And what’s with laughing like no ASEAN Leagues. Oh ya, no one ever watches them.
Please. Messi is not running for EuroParliament, neither is he running for UN. Wait… Ballon d’Or, winning over again. This is getting psychic.
The bot makes some sense here on our freedom of speech, I guess.
Ohgosh. Where is this heading to? What can you compare ISA to?
This is heading too far. Sorry Nathan, I can’t help with this. Smile and scroll down.
Someone’s death might result in a political change? Ohgosh. *Praying that MDA won’t get to see this before they decide to shut off the site*
I am screwed. Thai people will come after me. *starts Thai accent*
Yes, to all, don’t take it too seriously. This kind of thing, touch and go can already. And I know I am freaking dangerous that the bot even comes out with such status generation. Dangerous me.
Well, here’s one last to make you smile.
Probably at the end of the 48hrs, my brain will turn squarish.

BBQ By The Pool

26 October 2013

I’ve been waited for this BBQ gathering for very long time. And it’s finally here!

It had been really long since the few of us met up and have fun for a day.

I remember the last time when we Gossip Club had our BBQ session, quite long ago, probably even a year or so ago, it was really fun! I really enjoy hanging with these bunch of people once in a while.

Let’s talk about the BBQ this time. I must really applaud Yong Kang. It was him who organised everything, yes, almost everything by himself. The food, the utensils, the charcoal and even the venue (Yes, the BBQ is held at the BBQ pit within his condo), all settle by him.  He swear he is really a great planner. (Uh-huh, so that we are able to go there and just help cook the stuff and eat them.) Haha!

In the afternoon, Tan Rong, Wei Hao and Junwei met at Yio Chu Kang MRT Station and wait for Yong Kang and his dad to fetch us to his condo apartment. We’ve 4 guys trying to squeeze into the back of the car. That’s really suffocating.

When we reached there, Tan Rong and Weihao decided to go for a swim. Junwei and I decided to follow them down to the pool, with a packet of chips.

When we reached the pool, I was really amazed of how beautiful the view of the entire place from the pool. Marvelous view!

Really spectacular, doesn’t it?
So while the two are swimming, me and Junwei were eating chips by the pool and enjoyed the pool water hitting our legs. And I decided to take a selfie with such a nice backdrop, apparently my angle wasn’t that good that I’ve basically blocked almost the entire background. :’D

Not long after, we went back to Yong Kang’s unit before going to the BBQ pit to prepare the fire!

And I must mention the view again!!!
Yes, that’s the view from our BBQ pit. It’s like I’ve went to another world, the world of paradise. OMG. I must have this in my dream house! o/
We managed to get the charcoal burning and cooked the food before Stefanie arrived. And moment before she arrived, we ran out of charcoal, so I dragged Junwei along with me to get them. So, basically, I didn’t see her arriving. Heh.
We returned shortly (but in fact, not really shortly).
We started to cook more food, eat more food and talk more crap. While I borrowed Stef’s DSLR to take some random shots.
Well, that’s me. Definitely not taken by me. (Image: Stef’s FB)
Tan Rong enjoying the basically tasteless otah. Hehe. (Image: Stef’s FB)

This Junwei just know how to play his phone game… (Image: Stef’s FB)

Fine…. He did help lahh! A lot! Haha! (Image: Stef’s FB)

Stef, with one eye being covered. And according to her caption for this picture, she’s gonna stab you. Be careful! Ahh! (Image: Stef’s FB)

(From left to right) Yong Kang and Weihao, the most hardworking duo of the night. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK! (Image: Stef’s FB)
WHAT DO YOU WANT – Weihao (Image: Stef’s FB)

Yong Kang enjoying the fruits of his labor! (Image: Stef’s FB)
And there goes the fan that has been with me through hot and cold in SRJC. (Image: Stef’s FB)

And towards the end of the BBQ session, while we were all trying to BBQ our marshmallows, Yong Kang disappeared suddenly. And not long later, I heard a little boy saying “Happy Birthday to you”. 
Everyone turned around.
Yong Kang was holding a cake.
And I was like, “Whose birthday is it today? Cannot be Weihao’s, cannot be Junwei’s, definitely not Stef’s. Tan Rong’s?!”
Everyone looked at me and started singing the birthday song. Of course I sang along too. Until my name was mentioned. Eh… Wait… What?
Everyone looked at me again and said:
OMG! They remembered! SHOOOO SWEEEEET EH!!!
I swear I was really stunned. 
My third birthday celebration and 5th cake in 5 days.
Here’s a picture of the cake. It’s really very nice (I mean it looks and taste equally great!) Chocolate, me favourite!
(Image: quickmeme)
I must really treasure all the friends that I have made. It’s good to really meet so many different cliques of very thoughtful friends. Really must treasure them, because they don’t owe you anything, not even a birthday celebration but yet they organised birthday celebrations for me. Really really really very nice and thoughtful.
Before we left, we took some group photos, here’s one:
And here’s a photo I owe Stef, since it had been long since we last took a photo together:
The last thing I could remember from this was Stef complaining and bitching about the very late arrival of the taxi. 😛

Birthday Celebration (Part 2)

23 October 2013

This is a late post, a really really late post. Webs is trying to be anal so I decided to migrate back to Blogger, the place where I started blogging back in 2007. As I am busying with school work (Yes, especially PW).


23 October is finally here.

As many of my friends will know, it’s my birthday.

As I’ve blogged about earlier on, my SWAGGLICIOUS darlings came specially to my house to celebrate my birthday early! Really very touched.

And on that night, I received a message from my CG’s Yap Qi:

So… My CT wanted to see me.
That’s kind of sucks.
But then…
I find it really suspicious (Sorry girls if you are reading this but I can’t help it. Haha!)


But well. I don’t want to be too suspicious. Because it may really be true. I mean I was really low key about my birthday when I am in JC. Not many people actually knew about my birthday. So it’s better to be careful. And then this almost resulted in me having an insomnia because my CT is not really easy to deal with. She’s SCARY. I swear.

Then the next morning (Yes, the morning of my 17th birthday), I received a Whatsapp, this time from Wanlin:


(Image: memecrunch)
But even though I started to be suspicious, I am still touched by the fact that someone bothers to celebrate my birthday with me in school. Really thanks!
For the first half of the day, Ratna, Nicole and I were like sitting outside GNC doing almost nothing because we had no H1 Mother Tongue lessons to go to. That’s a great 3hrs to waste and lepak. 
Thn at 10am when the H1 MT people were released, I must admit that I was really expecting that someone will come up to GNC and celebrate my birthday with me. And even till few minutes before our OP coaching, nothing happened. I must be really sad and yes, sad. Maybe I’ve thought too much. 
Thn the three of us went up to B3-1 for our lesson. And the moment before I stepped into the class… 
I SAW SOME OF MY CG GIRLS DOING SOMETHING SECRETLY AT THE SIDE OF THE TABLE. (I am so sorry, I just have to see it and leak it out here. haha!)
But me being so kind, decided to pretend that I didn’t see anything.
And as I walked into the classroom, this Peishan rushed out to me and start asking me some questions about PW. And I was really shocked.
Really shocked.
I took some time to calm myself down before I tried my best to answer her.
And before I could finish my sentence…
Okay. This time I was really shocked because the heart attack Peishan gave me earlier on had yet to cease.
Michelle, Peishan and Wanlin then pass me a box of Chewy Juniors…
Damn adorable I swear. Still got a cupcake with a face on it. (and they all say it looked like me)
They are really sweet. And for the first time, I managed to be able to celebrate my birthday together with my classmates. I’ve waited 17 years for this day to come and they let me wait no further. I would like to, through this blog, shoutout to them:
(Image: Hankblog)

 And after this, we returned to rehearse for our PW.

My group (Michelle, Peishan, Finzi and I) decided to do our rehearsal outside. A few moments later, more people from my CG started to walk out of the classroom. I was amused. “Why you all all come out sia?” I asked. Apparently, no one give me a reply, I supposed. Then this Nicole went up to Finzi and started talking in Korean. And I was like…


And here comes Soyoung. I turned to her and said, “You can talk to them here, they are conversing in Korean.” Haha. She looked puzzled though. And then Nicole went away. And we continued with our rehearsal.

Not long after, half-way through our rehearsal, I saw Nicole and Ratna at the staircase and Nicole called me to go over. I excused myself from the group and walked towards them.


This time, I didn’t expect such thing to happen. Nicole and Ratna got a cake for me! AWW!

(Image: memegenerator)

OMG. They are so sweet I cannot.

Thank You girls!
After that, we went into the classroom to cut the cake.

And yes, we didn’t have plates so I ran to the toilet to take toilet paper as our plate (Guys, toilet papers are clean).

Nicole then pass me a slice of cake and the moment I took it, Peishan puts the cream on my face and someone else, I think Michelle, slam the slice of cake into my face. OHDEAR!

(Image: memecrunch)

And more creams on my face. That’s the first time a slice of cake went straight into my face. It was really really fun. I rushed to the toilet to clean up after that. Heh.

I must really thank these bunch of crazy girls for my first ever birthday celebration in class. You’ve given me a lot of fun. One of the best birthday I ever had.

And… I AM 17!!!!

Birthday Celebration (Part 1)

22 October 2013
I was unfortunately, laying sick on my bed after a series of on-and-off fever. So actually, I was sleeping in my room since the morning of that day… And something great happened in the evening, after 6pm.
The door bell rang.
And wow! My peeps came to my house with a cake to celebrate my birthday (which was on the following day)! WHAT A SURPRISE!
I think I don’t want to go into further details in the blog, but instead I’ll be posting more pictures!!! :)
Nicely decorated cake by my dearest peeps! <3
Wishing upon a cake. Hopefully 2014 will be a better year for me!
Me and the guys! Trying to act gangster only…
Me and the girls. Kind of like Charlie’s Angels here.
Some groups shots that we took!
Thn after that, coincidentally, my godparents also gave me a surprise visit with a very very big cake which my godmother actually make by herself!
A rare family shot.
I am really thankful for them to have existed in my life. Really thankful. Maybe this is fate or what, I don’t know. But really, they are one of the best I’ve had in my life up till now. It had been more than 10 years since a large group of people actually came and celebrate my birthday together with me. And this is the first time where people actually come and surprise me during my birthday.
17 Years Old Now.