3 Reasons Why You Should Charter A Yacht

When most people think of yachts, several terms come to their mind: luxury, fun, ocean, maintenance, and most importantly, EXPENSIVE. However, nowadays, thanks to companies like The Epicurean State, yacht charters have become way more accessible, making it much easier for people to enjoy a luxurious day on the waters, without all of the expenses and hassles of owning a yacht.

L45. why charter a yacht.

1. Yachts are Expensive

There are tons and tons of expenses that come along with owning a yacht. First and foremost, buying a yacht will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Obviously, yachts are not cheap (and a cheap yacht is a dangerous yacht!) and of course, the up-front payment is no joke. After this, the expenses do not stop. There is constant maintenance, petrol, crew and storage. The list goes on and on, and the cycle continues.

When you rent a yacht, you only pay for the trips you go on – so no up-front costs, no maintenance costs, no storage….you get the picture.

2. There are so many different yachts for the different occasions

As mentioned in the previous post, different occasions call for different boats. After investing so much money and time into buying a yacht, it stands to reason that you should use that one yacht as often as possible.

Renting a yacht means you can choose a different one for any occasion! The possibilies and options are endless, and if you do more than one trip, you get a totally different experience each time!

3. Going yachting takes a lot of planning and organizing

Whenever you plan a trip on your yacht, there are several factors that go into the planning: making sure the weather is fine, plan an itinerary, check that the yacht has been maintained properly and has petrol, plan for food, find a crew or captain (if you’re not licensed), and this is to just to name a few.

In conclusion, if you are planning to rent a yacht, companies like The Epicurean State do all of this for you! All you need to do is select the dates, the yacht, and the destination, and we can come up with an itinerary and sort out all the other problems for you! It’s a worry free and totally simple way to get yourself on a yacht and enjoy for the day.

This article is brought to you by The Epicurean State. The original article can be found here.

When A Bachelorette Party Goes Wrong

A bachelorette party is a party that is being held in honour of a woman who is about to get married. Thanks to Hollywood’s depiction, we tend to view such events as an evening of alcohol and to some extent, debauchery. It supposed to be a fun and thrilling night (depending on your definition) and everyone ought to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

But what if, things did not go as planned? Here comes THE JUGULAR VEIN,  written by seasoned in-house playwright James Thoo and directed by veteran theatre performer Kamil Haque. The Jugular Vein a one-act play about a group of women on a bachelorette night who, over the course of the evening, come to realise that they don’t all like each other as much as they thought. Tension builds, tempers begin to flare, and before long the entire situation breaks down into all-out anarchy.

This play is presented by The Haque Collective, a crowdfunded theatre troupe which prides itself in providing the opportunities for deserving talented and dedicated performers whose chances are limited due to their background, experience, vague ethnicity or appearance.

While there are a lot of plays or shows produced in Singapore with roles for women, few offer the range of characters or the breadth of definition to allow an actress to do their most interesting work. The Jugular Vein, features four strong female roles (portrayed by Stephanie Bovis, Nadia Dayan, Aiswarya Nair and Jolene Wong) with no male roles. The four characters may all be wives and one of them is a mother, but this is not the thing that defines them as people.

If you are ready to witness drama and splendid acting skills, be sure not to miss this play! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

When: 19th, 20th September 2019 @ 8pm; 21st, 22nd September 2019 @ 3pm & 8pm
Where: CENTRE 42, BLACK BOX – 42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951
Price: SGD40

Show-off Your FIFA skills and Stand A Chance to Win $1,500 Cash Prizes

The quadrennial FIFA World Cup is back and it is evident that the football fever is affecting almost everyone in the world. Everyone has been talking about it even before the opening ceremony on 13 June and I am not surprised when I get questions like “Why is Italy not inside”.

Some even asked why Singapore isn’t represented in the tournament.

Well, if we don’t suck that badly.

For those who felt that watching the matches on TV isn’t enough, how does the idea of being involved in a football tournament itself sounds to you?

Online marketplace Shopback teams up with Carousell to organise a World Cup Tournament Fair next Sunday (24 June) at ShopBack’s HQ in Ayer Rajah. This will be the first time the two local startups work together, with the intention of uniting football fans and gamers alike.

Participants will get pit their FIFA gaming skills against one another in the FIFA 18 World Cup mode on the Sony Playstation 4. The tournament will be rolled out in a two-legged and penalty format where the finalist will battle it out for the $1,500 prize pool, and the opportunity to be the best in the region.

Apart from the console game, the organisers also put in place a mini tournament of Super Sidekicks 2 – a retro arcade game from the 90s – where attractive prizes are up for grabs.

Lunch and dinner will be provided. In addition, there will also be a live streaming of the England vs Panama match before the end of the event.

Registration will be opened till 21 June. Be the first few to register your interest to enjoy the early bird price of just $8!


Date: 24 June, 2018
Time: 1000HRS to 2200HRS (registration starts from 0945HRS)
Venue: Shopback, 77 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-23

Unleash Your Creative Talents with Singapore Monologue Slam 2017

The Singapore Monologue Slam (SMS) returns for its second edition in September. Being Singapore’s first monologue competition when it hits the town last year, this edition of SMS will feature a value of more than $30,000 in prizes!

The competition is open to all 13 to 35 years old residing in Singapore. Organised by Method Productions, the organisers hope that through SMS, it will provide opportunities for local young actors and writers to showcase their skills in front of a live audience and a jury panel from the film and theatre industry, hence promoting creativity.

For a registration fee of S$30, participants are entitled to personalised consultations and masterclasses – conducted by the acting coach and director from Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (HCAC), Kamil Haque. Kamil  These pre-competition events held at HCAC will gear participants up with the necessary skills and, needless to say, confidence to perform their very best work when the competition starts on 21 September.

The SMS is our way of empowering young people to express themselves and pursue their creative dreams.


As part of the newly thought out initiatives, the finalists of this year’s competition will have a chance to take their monologues on tour in different venues across the country. That means, you will have the chance to showcase your talents to the rest of Singapore! You might be the next Lim Kay Tong, Selina Tan or Adrian Pang and be the next shining star of the theatre scene.

WATCH & LEARN: Kamil Haque will be providing complimentary masterclass and consultations to participants.
(Photo Courtesy of Method Productions)
THE ALUMNI: Participants from the inaugural SMS last year. (From left: Hilmi Shukur, champion Sunita Chiu, and Brian Nai)
(Photo Courtesy of Method Productions)

SPOTLIGHT: 2016 SMS Ambassador, Shrey Bhargava, returns at a guest performer to showcase a monologue when we were there.
(Photo Courtesy of Method Productions)

This edition is also aimed at recognising as many deserving actors as possible. The Special Jury Recognition Award will make its first appearance this year to reward well-performing actors beyond the highest scoring participant.

Public who are interested can click HERE to sign up now because there are only 10 slots left (out of the initial 60 slots)

Of course, if you would just like to head down to the competition venue to watch the performances, ticket fee will be at S$25 ($22 for early-bird). $50 Festival Pass is available if you like to attend all three semi-finals.

Semi-finals will be held from 21 – 23 September, culminating in the Grand Slam on 24 September.

Registration Deadline: 30 June, 2017
Fee: S$30
Preliminaries: 21-23 September, 2017
Grand Slam: 24 September, 2017

Because We Are in a Wonderland

HOHOHO! Merry Christmas everybody!
“We wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Everyone wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”
It’s finally Christmas and it’s about time to wrap up the year soon.
But of course during this Christmas season, everywhere and anywhere is putting up Christmas decorations to attract people to the area and Gardens by the Bay did an exceptional one.
They made sure that you spent your Christmas in a Wonderland.
So I decided to spend the 23rd December with Turtle Shadow (No, please don’t question me how the clique even got that name in the first place) in the Wonderland.
Gardens By The Bay’s Transformation to become a Wonderland this Christmas
I was of course mesmerised by the lightings that light up the night sky surrounding me. I looked up, the lights were bright and colourful, apparently the lightings are brighter than my future. Darn.

I swear that design looks like some bloody roots.

That call for a Bloody Mary, anyone?

Oh wait, it’s the Christmas season, not Halloween. Alright then.

As we walked through the entire stretch of lighting display, there was one that really caught my eye, which is the venue where performances are and where one can experience 5-mins of snow.


Just that you won’t feel the coldness, no thanks to the body heat produced by over thousands of people around the area.

I swear I was soaking wet. HAHAHA

Anyway, let’s go back to that venue. It was designed like a pavilion that comes alive from Cinderella. So fairy tale like that I felt that I was actually inside a fairy tale. So mystical.

*cue Lavender’s Blue*

Ok, maybe I am the pumpkin carriage in Cinderella. Oops.

It was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but to snap some photographs of it.
At 8pm, the snow moment came (ya, I don’t know what it’s actually called, so I called it the ‘snow moment’). It started raining soap bubbles.
And it was everywhere that I accidentally digested some of them.
“Merry Christmas, here’s some bubbles for you. Enjoy your meal.”
I thought I heard someone saying that, ok, maybe it’s my hallucination. HAHAHA
All of us from Turtle Shadow! Finally a full strength ya

After enjoying the ‘snow’, we went to Adam’s car to do our gift exchanges! Everyone’s got gift from everyone!

I need to admit I had a rather difficult time trying to choose the gifts for the rest of them. But HAHAHA, hope you guys like what I’ve gotten for ya’ll!

Thanks for the presents guys! I need to confess that some of the gifts are rather interesting 😀 LOVELOVELOVE <3 <– See my love your yall?

Meanwhile, enjoy the vlog of my trip below!


10 Things You Can Do During National Day Holiday

As National Day is coming, everyone will be wondering how are you going to celebrate this special occasion with your family and friends. Yes, I know it’s like a normal weekend, but hey! It’s National Day, it’s a special day! Here’s a list of 10 things (I wanted to do 49 things but woah, that’s really a lot) you could do during this break! (Hint: Some of them are really sarcastic or ridiculous but that doesn’t mean no one is going to do it. HAHA)

Yes, treat it as a family day for all of you. I mean, how often can you find a day when everyone in the family is on holiday? It’s a good day to get everyone down to have a meal, be it breakfast, lunch and/or even dinner! It will be a bonus if you can have the meal at the comfort of your house with delicious home cooked food (even though some may not really cook but at least, you get to taste the feel of home).

(Image: xinmsn)

Other than having a meal with your family, try heading out for some picnic. Don’t say Singapore got not much place for picnic. From the Marina Barrage to the Chinese Garden to East Coast Park, there are many places for you to picnic at. (If you try to have an evening picnic at the Marina Barrage on the 9th of August, there’ll be a high chance you might get to see the fireworks display from the nearby National Day Parade (NDP.)

That’s a bit ambitious but as long as you have enough budget, why not try this? Since I think place where the Singapore flag is sold at a lower price is at Daiso, why not try getting like few dozens of them (given if they really have enough stocks) and distribute it in your community. Go door by door to distribute it and you can make use of this time to recognise and talk to your neighbours (esp. those you didn’t even know existed despite staying in the estate for year). Good community service and society bonding.

A good suggestions for all your crouch potatoes out there who refused to do anything at all. I think Starhub is offering free cable tv channels for National Day, so you have like basically 300+ channels to watch and few thousands of programmes to catch. If Singtel follow suit, which I think they definitely will, you will really be pampered for choices. Get ready to stock up as many tidbits as possible because you’ll be glued to your television screen.


Here’s one for Singtel’s post-paid data subscribers… SPAM YOUR DATA PLAN LIKE SIAO because the telco finally want to do something good by giving you free unlimited data during National Day itself. So since it’s free and looks like it’s kind of one-in-a-lifetime thing, make full use of it. Start watching your favourite shows on your phone without the usage of wifi like a boss.

(Image: Singtel)

But of course, remember to read the terms and conditions here and make sure you ensured that your mobile data is waived before you start spamming your data like mad.

Sorry non-Singtel post-paid customers, do remember to connect to the nearest wifi around you.

I know many of us do not have the ticket to the NDP, like as always. Since MediaCorp is broadcasting the parade in the 4 different official languages, might as well stay at home and enjoy. Yes, so don’t keep sticking to your free cable tv channels, remember to tune in for the NDP ‘live’ broadcast, as you usually normally would do. Uhhuh, and you can catch the fireworks in those angles that you can’t possible see it at the venue itself because you can’t fly.

The National Heritage Board (NHB) has been encouraging everyone to visit local museums and they even have free admissions for all locals. What’s better than getting to understand the history of your country during National Day? And since it’s free, bring your entire family there, yes, your elderlies and the young ones. It will definitely be a fulfilling trip out. The elder ones can reminisce about the past while the younger ones can get to know more about the heritage and culture.

(Image: Screenshot from NHB website)

Well, other than the National Museum of Singapore, there’re also the Asian Civilisation Museum, the Paranakan Museum, Singapore Philatelic Museum and the Reflections @ Bukit Chandu. Yes, all are really FREE OF CHARGE for locals!

Going to the town to shop is just too mainstream already. Everyone seems to be doing that, like during every moment of the time.

“Today’s National Day lehh, where you going?”
“Go town to shop lah!”

“Today’s National Day lehh, where you going?”
“Go town watch movie lah!”

I swear that’s like the most common thing said during this time of the year. But… Singapore does not solely make up of the town areas.

Make a trip down to the really ulu parts in Singapore, like the Central Catchment Reserves and even Lim Chu Kang (caution: Do you dare to head there at night). I’ve went to these places before and it’s like a paradise, at least it allows me to really take a break from the busy city life and, also, from humans. Enjoy the nature in Singapore, guys.





The rural and the most natural parts of Singapore can be really pretty right?


Local Radio station 99.5FM will be playing local music during National Day this year. Means, there’ll chances that Kit Chan’s, Stefanie Sun’s, Tanya Chua’s and er… Sun Ho’s? music will be played on air. Yes, that’ll also mean that JJ’s ‘You Are The One, Singapore’ might get featured too (Remember the Youth Olympics 2010 that ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah hey!’ song?). That’s definitely a great news for those who are really into local music and also for the local showbiz. I mean, it’s really rare for a local radio station to air local songs (See the irony). So enjoy while it last.

For all you losers out there, me alike, with prelims and test and assignments due date around the corner, what is the actual definition of holiday for us? Holiday means time to catch up on your work right?