5 Types of Players at Escape Rooms

Escape Room is simple, find the clue and get you and your team out of the place as fast as possible. It is a mystery solving game that will make everyone so headache yet everyone will enjoy it. There are so many things you could learn from the game, from problem solving to teamwork. It’s a great squad bonding game that any group of friends should attempt. Throughout the gameplay, you will definitely see your friends falling into one of these categories:

1. The Detective

Most likely the most enthusiastic person amongst the whole lot. You will never fail to see the Detective searching up and down, in and out for clues and hints. They probably watched too much Sherlock Holmes and/or being an investigative officer has been their aspiration since childhood. They will analyse every single thing they encounter like a dog sniffing through the trash bin.

2. The Commander



The leader of the team. They possess the critical thinking skills and provide the direction everyone would follow. The Detective is his right-hand man and they are usually formed by two with the most chemistry (like Sherlock and Watson, you know). He might be the only one who can stop the Detective from overthinking and get everyone excited throughout the duration of the game.

3. The Blur Sotong

We always bound to have that clueless friend who could not even catch the slightest hint. The clue could be right in their face, very blatantly, yet they still could not get it. There is no doubt that they are always the one who will be the last to understand the logic behind every hints.

4. The Sceptic



There is always someone who trusts no one. Not sure if he/she has been let down too many times by the group or that he/she is just plain paranoid. The Sceptic will always question the Detective on the clues he/she found and doubts the direction the Commander decides on. Despite he/she risked becoming the least favourite person in the group, the Sceptic actually helps to stimulate one’s critical thinking skills and train everyone’s decision-making skills. “You sure or not” will be the main thing the Sceptic will say.

5. The Nobel Peace Prize Award Wannabe

(Image: Imgflip)

Whenever there are the detective and the sceptic, you are guaranteed a repeat of the Cold War. That’s when someone, whose only mission there is to ensure that no ballistic missiles are being released and that everyone would be heading for a good dine-in instead of the mortuary at the end of the game. You will never fail to hear this person mumbling, “Eh, chillax, it’s only just a game.” (Or somewhere along this line, you get me)

He deserved an accolade if the team comes out of the game not blaming one another for anything.


Escape Rooms Singapore like Lost SG is a high-tech, top-rated 60-minute escape room game in Singapore where players put their heads together to make sense of thought-provoking clues, and seemingly abstract puzzles to escape from a locked room. Each little detail could be the essential clue to help you unlock another part of the puzzle, or the ultimate key to your escape.

Featuring the best in escape room technology, your experience with LOST SG will surely fill you with amazement when you hear the ‘click’ of success before the room makes way for your next encounter. LOST SG weaves advanced gameplay into a new generation of immersion and realism.

There are 5 interesting themes for you to choose from and each has its own challenges and complexity. Whether you are a Sherlock Holmes wannabe or a history lover or just merely looking for some weekends trills for your friends, you will definitely find the game that your squad will enjoy.

1 Sophia Road
#03-01/02/03 Peace Centre
Singapore 228149

Operating Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 1100 – 2245 (last game ends at 2345)
Friday & Saturday: 1100 – 0045 (last game ends at 0145)

5 Ways To Plan For Your Future

Everyone wants to be financially independent. Youths like me, who are still finding our way in life as we approached the real deal of adulthood, hope that one day, we will be able to make enough money to sustain our living. We want to be able to earn enough to spend on the necessities that we need and the luxuries that we crave yet having enough money for rainy days and for retirement.

Despite having a national savings scheme in the form of CPF which covers your housing and health expenditures as well, we still need to be self-reliant when it comes to personal finance. Such financial literacy becomes all the more important when the cost of living in this island are getting higher each year.

According to a recent study done by local bank DBS, they found out that more than 50% of their customers aged 20 – 35 either do not plan or do not know how to plan financially. As for the remaining who plan for financial goals, the majority of them do not exactly know the estimated target amount needed to achieve each goal. To one’s relief, 3 in 5 young adults do want to manage their money better in order to help them achieve their future goals – be it buying a home, growing their money or for self-development.

So with that, we decided to just share with everyone 5 simple ways to plan for your future because being financially stable and independent is our future.


I remembered watching this old MediaCorp Ch8 sitcom “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. The uncle of the main character was being rather stingy at times but that’s because he lives by a financial motto: Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit. Despite it being a Chinese show, it actually provided me with my favourite Malay phrase of all-time. The Malay proverb actually meant, “Bit by bit, and over time, it will accumulate into a mountain”.

Although that doesn’t mean you should be stingy with every penny. Instead, we should learn to set aside some money as our savings every month. For those who are working, whether as a part-timer or have already stepped right into the workforce, put aside a percentage of your income into your savings account. By the meaning of SAVINGS account, it means that you should not be touching the money inside at all unless it’s very emergency.

NOTE: Dying to buy a Hermes bag that’s at 60% off during this GSS season but you do not have a spare cash to spend on it is NOT an emergency.

I think we all do need some discipline when it comes to weighing between what is emergency spending and what’s not.

If you would like some tips on how to save money, do check out 5 Most Cheapskate Ways to Save Money.


Planning ahead means that you have to sit down with a pen and paper (or in front of your laptop/PC) and start to think ahead. Where do you want to be in 5 years time? How do you want to live your life in 10 years time?

It is inevitable that there are many uncertainties in life, but it is important to plan for at least 5 years ahead. It will give you the enough time to actually deliver what you’ve actually planned for yourself amidst all the uncertainties. There’s a reason why government plan always come in 5 years (remember a certain Stalin’s 5-Year plan for Soviet Russia back in the late 1920s and early 1930s?).

Plan backwards. Once you see where you want to be in 5 years, start planning backwards. Instead of an unachievable big leap forward towards your goal, break them into smaller steps. For instance, if you want to complete a full marathon in 5 years, and if you hadn’t been running, go for a 5km run in your first year. In the second year, upgrade and train for the 10KM. Maybe try running that distance for about 5-8 times at the pace you are comfortable in before moving on to the next milestone. Of course, you don’t run your half marathon straight, go for 12, 14, 16, and as long as you feel that you are comfortable with the distance already, move on, add another 1-2KM to your next run. By the third year, you are most likely ready for the half marathon. And you are half-way there already. The difficulty increases as you move beyond the 21KM, it becomes more tough and challenging. Yet, as long as you persevere, train right and take the right nutrition, your plan to compete your first ever full marathon can be fulfilled.

It’s the same as in life. Things eventually gets tough but you’ll always need to have that mental prepareness. That’s why planning ahead is so important. You give yourself and aim and the strategy to achieve it. Being clear of your goals and taking small steps towards it helps you make your life better.


(Image: Janisrae)

There is an old English proverb that goes “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.”

Indeed, imagine what happened if that basket dropped on the floor, you might just be left with no eggs at all. There is no secret that most major conglomerates actually venture into more than one industry. For instance, Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffett, currently has ventures in insurance (GEICO), retail (The Pampered Chef, Helzberg Diamonds, etc), media (Buffalo Evening News) and real estate (HomeServices of America) – just to mention a few.

Make investments, open a small company that is sustainable, write a blog, be a freelance, even picking up new skills at your own free time. These will actually help you receive money via several streams of income.

There are actually 3 types of income for your consideration.

a) Earned income: This is basically the money that you’ll be getting in the form of salary – something that you exchanged your time and effort with. It is one kind of fixed income. There is not much fluctuations, unless you receive a rise/drop in your paycheck or that you’ve decided to change your job.

b) Passive income: This is the money that you’ll get when you sell something more than it had cost you initially. It’s like selling things you’ve got on Taobao on Carousell or even opening your own business outside of your full-time work. You know, you can be the boss of a company yet you actually personally work for another company. As long as there’s no conflict of interest, I think this is a pretty good way to earn some extra money. Furthermore, it’s your own business.

c) Portfolio income: By portfolio, it means selling your investments at a higher price than you’ve initially made. Although it requires quite some time and effort to do the necessary research and gain credible knowledge about your investments, but the capital gains that you are going to receive from it might be more than what you’ve actually earn from your earned income or your passive income. But there’s always a risk to meddle with.


(Image: PinsDaddy)

Planning for the future also means finding THAT industry that you are willing to stay in for for at least 10 years. You might change job but never change your industry too fast. Give yourself some time to gain enough experience so that once you change job, you can upgrade your salary as well – instead of changing career path.

Unless you are very sure about your passion, spend your teens or years as a student to experience the different job environments out there in the market. Be a retail sales person, work in the F&B industry, shut yourself within the four walls of the office doing admin/office work, run around perspiring or squeeze your creative juices at media companies or test your limits with kids in the education industry. You will meet different people while working in different environment, experience things that you’ll never get to experience before (not to be biased but I strongly think being in the media industry gets you the best exposure to almost everything).

Slowly, you will find where your real passion lies and you will understand that the industry that you eventually venture in would probably be the best for you. You won’t even want to think about leaving your industry because you’ve experience first-hand of how other industry is like and the reason why you didn’t venture there in the first place.

It will give you the mentality to push yourself in your industry. Passion will eventually turn to cash, as long as you stay rooted to it.

If you are still unsure of how to be financially independent for the future, you should speak to a financial advisor. I know many of you, me alike, do not really trust financial advisors or basically anyone when it comes to money. You might be that they might pressure you into some investments or insurance that you are totally not interested in. Same here.

However, at DBS’s NAV Hub, they offer young adults free personalised financial planning sessions with no financial products being sold. In other words, don’t be sceptical once you’ve stepped into the comfy shophouse because they are not going to sell you any financial packages that you are not ready to invest in under this new initiative by DBS.

No financial transactions, just helping customers to navigate through life changes, uncertainties and opportunities.

Through a roughly one-hour session, you can learn more about their current financial health, as well as understand their financial goals and how to achieve them. In addition, you can also obtain financial planning tips from the NAV online space and attend monthly financial planning classes at the “NAV Hub” conducted by industry experts to boost your financial literacy.

“NAV HUB” is housed at 45 Tras Street, just some 5-minute walk away from the nearest MRT station at Tanjong Pagar. Do make a booking of the available slots HERE before heading down.

Nothing You Do In Life Will Be Wasted: Jaime Teo

(Image: DBS)

Speaking at the premiere screening of the latest episode of Sparks, former beauty queen Jaime Teo urges youngsters to seize every opportunity that comes along the way.

“It’s all life, just be the moment and enjoy it. You never know when is going to put in need in future. And even if you don’t, so what? Enjoy it! Don’t keep thinking that ‘No, I don’t want to do this.’ It’s never like that, it’ll come.”

Jaime has previously co-founded cupcakery chain Twelve Cupcakes in 2011. Baking is her hobby outside of her entertainment career. If anyone requires real-life substantial evidence on how you should pick up a few skills and knowledge along the way, Jaime will be our best example. Indeed, you will never know when your expertise will come in handy. Life is unexpected and having an expanded field of expertise will definitely pay off well into the future.

She elaborated on what her co-star Nathan Hartono, who rose to prominence last year after coming in as runner-up at the Sing! China competition, had said.

Recalling upon the series of events that lead up to his current success story, he shared how he managed to go from winning a competition organised by local magazine Teenage back in 2005 to making his mark on the international stage some 10 years after.

“The best strategy I’ve found over time is: don’t wallow, don’t be bitter, just keep your head down, keep working, and inevitably you are going to get better in whatever you do. The opportunities that come will become better and better.”

Exercise To Be Strong 

Jaime and Nathan sharing about successes. (Image: DBS)

Jaime, also an avid fitness enthusiast, recalled how she managed to carry a 35kg luggage up a flight of stairs when she returned from one of her holidays. “I told my mum, you know, this is why I work out. I couldn’t have done this a few years ago,” she revealed.

She added that after embarking on her fitness journey, she felt like she became stronger. “I don’t want my body to just be slim, I want to be strong and the thing is that when my body becomes stronger, it became it is not so important to me the number on the weighing scale.”

Many people, me alike, will have the tendency to overlook the benefits of getting fit. We all have the perception that the number on the weighing scale defines whether you are fit or not. It does not seem to be the case. Throughout my fitness journey, it is inevitable for myself to get overly self-conscious over, so much so that there are times when I came close to become bulimic (Thank God I have yet to become one). The whole point of getting fit is to be healthy and that means putting yourself through monstrous and food depriving diet will defeat the entire purpose. Strive to have 3 balanced meal per day, after all, you need the energy that will help you last through the day and your every workout. I need to admit that I am guilty of going on a crash diet that makes me feel kind of weak and somehow screwing up my entire energy-producing mechanism in my body.

I think Jaime’s words really pulled me back to reality and make me realised that fitness is not a short term plan but it’s a lifelong one. That being said, it has to be sustainable. Crash diets are never sustainable.

Both Jaime and Nathan will star alongside Adrian Pang, James Yang, Jamie Ha and Darren Tan in the mini-series that follows a group of young bankers as they navigate work and personal lives. Nathan playing as the young version of Adrian’s character, Chester. This latest episode will see us go back in time with Chester, to when he meets his first clients – a young couple (portrayed by Darren and Jaime) who owns a small bus company. It also gave a narrative on how he, guided by values he holds close to his heart, stands with the family through thick and thin.

Sparks Episode 7: Stand By Me is now available for viewing on YouTube. You can click HERE to watch.

Sparks & Chill

(Image: Screenshot from Sparks Mini-Series)
While waiting for your next job (aka army – yes I am going to enlist soon) means that you have a lot of time on hand. Okay, not really but no doubt that I am more in control of my time as compared to previously (although my schedule is still packed af). Apart from my eat, sleep, shit, exercise, and read routine, I took some time to watch videos – like films and dramas.
And from that screenshot above, you know what kind of film genre I am into.
(Image: Lovethispic)
However, this drama (or mini-series) that I watched recently wasn’t a drama on romance. Well, at least it’s not the main point in the storyline. Romance fits into any genre perfectly, and romance definitely will catch the attention of people like me who hopelessly indulges in the world of fantasy.
(Image: DBS Hong Kong)
SPARKS is a mini-series by DBS. It is an industry-first mini-series that follows a group of young bankers as they navigate work and personal lives. 
The personal life part for the female lead, Claire Lee (played by Jamie Ha), and the male lead, Jasper Wu (played by James Yang), is more drama than a Channel 8 Drama. Look at the screenshots above and you’d thought this was some English remake of a typical Taiwanese idol drama.
Since SPARKS is a mini-series, means that one won’t need to spend a lot of time watching the entire drama. And since the latest episode was being released just last month, I could actually spend no less than an hour binge-watching the entire series. Yup, there are 6 episodes and each has an average duration of around 8 minutes.
I’ll always have a habit of eating while watching my dramas and there’s no exception this time, even though the running time may be less than an hour. But hey, many drama-watchers will surely agree with me that eating/snacking while catching up on your shows just enhance the entire experience – it activates all your senses.
Always wanted to try the GRUB restaurant near my house and I remember how enticing it was whenever I ran past that place during my runs. So might as well call for delivery since Deliveroo can help to deliver. I asked for the delivery before I reached home so that I do not need to wait too long for the food to arrive before I can start on the show.
Shouldn’t be eating in bed but well, at least I made sure that my bed sheet does not get stained.
Perfect (late) dinner with a nice drama. While others “Netflix and Chill”, it was “Sparks and Chill” for me.

Obviously chilling.

For every drama I’ve watched, I always look out for things that I could learn from it and there is no exception this time round as well.

Through this mini-series, DBS hopes to convey the true meaning of banking, and to challenge the perception that banking is only about transactions. This reflects the bank’s commitment to understand what matters in life, and integrate banking seamlessly with everyday living. 

This is my favourite quote from the entire series. I like every aspect of doing business, and who doesn’t like to earn more money? But then again, there is something much more important and irreplaceable than money and that is humanity and life. While doing business, there are times we have to be tough, but there are also times when we have to “let life take charge”. 

Business and banks alike, I think it’s important to put profits aside in some circumstances, go forward and do your best to help your customers and clients. You’ll never know when these acts of humanity will result into something much better. (You will understand what I am talking about when you watch the series.) From what I know, DBS believes in going the extra mile for customers so that they can achieve their dreams and get more out of life. To make things happen, while leaving them with time and space to do what matters the most. To me, that’s really very good gesture .

Here is the synopsis for each episode:
In this pilot, Claire Lee, a relationship manager, is introduced to cocky, Oxford-educated Jasper Wu, her new colleague. Sparks fly when they meet. A reluctant Claire is asked to show Jasper around, and then to visit a potential client together.
A potential client, Lindsay, is in a predicament. Claire and Jasper get to know each other a litter better, and evaluate Lindsay’s plan with the rest of the team. Will they manage to successfully solve Lindsay’s issue?
The team manages to help Lindsay secure her loan, but an unforeseen development throws them off and tests them further. The young bankers hatch a plan to solve the new issue, but with big player in the way, will they be able to win over their community?
A new boss and an old acquaintance set Team DBS on a new mission. When an unexpected situation tests their mettle, they must dig deep and find their worth.
An impossible decision threatens to tear the bankers apart. And in their quest for the ultimate solution, they found something more valuable than they ever imagined.
The bankers embark on an incredible journey. Together, they challenge traditions and work to change the future of an entire village. Will they prevail?

Since launching in February 2016, SPARKS Episodes 1-5 and their trailers have altogether garnered more than 42 million views and over 1.7 million digital engagements across the region.

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3. Watch Sparks mini-series all at one go and take a photo that shows us how you enjoy SPARKS with your favourite binge-watching snack.

4. Head over to https://www.facebook.com/dbs.sg/videos/1311183795662533/ and leave your entry as a comment. (Remember to tag me @Eddy Chua so that I know you’ve participated!)

What are Adrian Pang and Nathan Hartono up to these days? We hear they are busy binge-watching the DBS SPARKS…
Posted by DBS Bank. Living, Breathing Asia on Thursday, 13 April 2017

Now get going! Contest ends 30 April, 2017 (Sunday) at 2359! The lucky winner will be announced the next day! Really, you won’t regret watching the mini-series.

5 Ways to Speed Up Productivity

Everyone loves high productivity, but is it easier to be said than done? As a person who procrastinates too often, high productivity seems to be out of the question for me. I used to not be able to hand in my best work for school assignments periodically because of that very bad habit of mine – something that I usually referred to as ‘a peccadillo’.

As I grow up and becoming increasingly bothered by my constant unproductivity, I knew I need to do something to rectify my problem.

I ‘googled’ my problem and did some rather intensive research on the remedy. I experiment with a few of the suggestions and it turns out to be beneficial. Hence, I would like to share with everyone here on the 5 ways to speed up your productivity.


(Image: philmaffetone)

Everyone tends to make such a mistake. We all thought that engaging in multi-tasking will speed up our work. But, to disappoint you, no it does not.

Unless you are that 2% of the population who are capable of multi-tasking, but the chances are low, and we tend to overestimate our ability to do so. Just like you are unable to focus on the road while driving and talking on your phone at the same time, multitasking at work or studying has the same detrimental effect. Our brain needs time to refocus and studies have shown that multitasking reduces our productivity by 40%.

Instead of reading e-mails, scrolling through your social media accounts, reading random fanfics, working on your proposals, messaging your friends all within the span of 5 minutes, why not focus on one thing first, complete it, before moving onto the next one?

Prioritising is important. Prioritising what you have to do first can help you stay on track because you will be more organised this way. It will help to keep your mind clear from any distractions and your focus level will go up.

(Image: Happyologist)

Since we are on ‘prioritising’, it would not be complete if we do not set a deadline for ourselves. We can be spending hours and days and probably weeks on the task that is on top of our priority list but that is going to defeat the purpose.

Imposing deadline on yourself will create the sense of urgency, expect for those of you are impervous to deadlines. I will always set a deadline for myself on when I have to get certain things done – even for my shopping and fitness schedule.

Spend a little time at the start of the week to schedule your work (if you have more than a week to complete them) evenly, so that you wouldn’t have to panic when the deadline is reaching. If your deadline is on Friday, try and complete it by Wednesday, so that you will have 2 days to fine tune them and make sure you produce your best possible work. It’s not going to be easy, but force yourself – that’s the best advice I can give because I am also still in the process of doing this right.


Not as and when you like, but when required.

American self-help author Melody Beattie once wrote in “Journey to the Heart”,

“Rest when you are tired. Take a break when life stales. Take time to recharge your battery. Energy isn’t something you have – it’s something you are. To give and give and give, to put out without taking in, depletes your battery. It drains you, runs you down.”

Whenever I become wearied, I will put all my work aside and put my mind into rest mode. I am the kind of person who cannot focus once the fatigue level reaches a certain level and my brain will automatically shut down.

Instead of pushing yourself through the ordeal (and you can’t focus anyway), why not take a break, have a cup of coffee, have a KitKat or go for a walk. It’s good to put occasional 15-30 minutes breaks into your schedule so that you know the duration of the break you should be having and prevent yourself from turning a well-deserved break into a period of slacking.



 (Image: DBS Bank)

Thanks to the developments in technology, it is not surprising that there are mobile apps out there which can aid us in our cause for better productivity at the tip of our fingers. There is a “To-do List” app to keep track on your task, an “Accompany” app to keep track on your daily schedule and much more.

In Singapore, we all love food. But because of that, almost every hawker stalls, restaurants are full of crowds and it is inevitable that we have to spend much of our lunchtime queuing up for our favourite food (especially if your favourite food turns out to be everyone else’s favourite food).

I could be working on my articles or my videos instead of spending meaningless time stalking people scrolling through my social accounts while queuing.

One day, I was introduced to this app. It changes how I work, completely.

Okay, actually it’s a few apps.

Simply search for “DBS FasTrack” in your Apple or Google app store and you will see a list of restaurant apps appearing right on your screen.

Something like that.

After which, download the app that you wish to use.

Launch the app, order from a menu and pay for your food/drink on-the-go. Cashless payment is built into the apps so you can pay using your DBS/POSB credit or debit card, or with DBS PayLah! (a separate innovative mobile wallet app you’ve got to download which allows customers to transfer money instantly and conveniently to anyone, oven non-DBS customers!) [iOS] [Android].

There’s no doubt why DBS Bank is crowned the “World’s Best Digital Bank” in 2016 by Euromoney. They have been putting in efforts, such as embarking on a comprehensive and holistic mission, to change the culture and mindset of staff, re-architecting its technology infrastructure, and leveraging Big Data, biometrics and artificial intelligence to reimagine banking.

I don’t even need to bother about wasting time to queue. Just order it using the app and take note of the waiting time, go down to pick up your food/drinks once it is ready (the app will send you a notification). Just take and go, what can be more time-saving in comparison? It really helped me utilise my time to the maximum because instead of queuing, I could be doing my work to speed up my productivity.

Restaurants like Old Tea Hut, Five Star Restaurant, Old Kim Guan and Koufu (100AM and Square 2 branches) already have apps powered by DBS FasTrack available for download!

You can check out more information right here!


(Image: Empiretoday)
My workplace is never that tidy. It is always in a constant mess, hence it explains why if I were to rush out my articles or any work, I will leave the comfort of my work desk and probably find myself sitting in the dining room to get them done.
The dining table is much cleaner as compared to my work desk – which is filled with magazines, stationaries, and drafts lying all around. It is not surprising how a cleaner workplace does aid in increasing your productivity level. 
According to a study done by Jeffery Campbell, PhD chair of the facilities management program at Brigham Young University, on the relationship between cleanliness and learning in higher education, 88% of the 1, 481 respondents reflected that ‘productivity, concentration and learning is hampered by dingy places.’ The reason being? When there are too many things on your work desk, you will tend to get easily distracted from what you are supposed to do.
Take me for an example. I have a stack of Men’s Health magazines on my desk, right beside my working area. Over the period of an hour when I was trying to research for this article, I’ve realised I’ve probably spent at least a quarter of the time flipping through the magazines. And after which, I got my brain really drained to even able to focus on my research. You see, when you are not focusing on something, that something suddenly becomes more interesting. 
Hence, remove everything that could be a distraction to you on your desk and keep it clean and tidy. If not, move to another tidier place where nothing else will distract you. Trust me, your productivity will increase.

BFF No Matter What


Here’s something for those who are a huge fan of LINE, and especially for those whose everyday life just revolve around the usage of LINE! LINE POP-UP STORE IS BACK IN SINGAPORE AND IT IS MAKING A GRAND APPEARANCE IN 313@SOMERSET because of their #BFFNoMatterWhat collaboration.

That means your favourite LINE characters will be there to interact with you, take photo with you. I swear they are more huggable than your partner. Er… I mean, your boyfriend or girlfriend not that fluffy right? HAHAHA

Now you got the feel to hug these fluffy mascots hard, so here are the details!

Level 1, Atrium
Meet the lovable Cony and Brown mascots
12 & 19 Jun, Fri : 7pm
13 & 20 June, Sat : 3pm & 7pm
14 & 21 Jun, Sun : 3pm & 5pm


Cheers with the Stars
13 & 20 Jun, Sat : 5pm, L1 Atrium
Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang and Kimberly Chia will join Cony and Brown to spend an afternoon of games and fun.


8 Jun – 5 Jul, L1 Atrium
Pose and snap your best shot at our LINE FRIENDS Summer Walk of Fame, and stand to win $100* 313 shopping vouchers and LINE premiums*. Simply post your pic on Instagram with hashtag #313BFF.

Eh got three events for you to hug them, take pictures and at the same time…

EH? Did I see got Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang and Kimberly Chia?!

Xu Bin (Image: Noontalk)


Aloysius Pang (Image: Noontalk)
Kimberly Chia (Image: Noontalk)

Handsomes and pretty are coming down so no reason you lepak (laze at home) at home drink coffee right
And feeling envious about your peers getting chances to be in close contact with them (Well, considered closed since there is no such barrier called TV screen that separates you and them).

If you are busy and couldn’t be part of the first two events, don’t worry! The third one is for you! (And for me too to be honest HAHA)






Anytime from now till 5 July, you just need to head there and take photo with these very cuuuuute mascot at the LINE FRIENDS SUMMER WALK OF FAME. You can do your #ootd or #selfie there also can and remember to upload to Instagram (I am sure all of you are addicted to this thing), but remember to also tag #313BFF and stand a chance to win $100 shopping voucher from 313@Somerset and LINE premiums.
Upload photos to Instagram and may got chance to win voucher, no need wait already.
Even my hands also itchy, you see:




Nah, just hope you wouldn’t me like me, also kena punched by this Moon. ><


Ahh~ That means you little fans of LINE and their mascots can get to buy related items back home, be it files, keychains or even PLUSH TOYS (OMG~)

You see the amount of people there! Heard that more are lining up outside! Better don’t waste this chance uh!


‘Further discounts for LINE User’
Swee lahhh! Heng got use Line 😀


Clothes for sale!


Mini Plush Dolls. Miniature yet cute.


I think it’s time to replace the pillows with this…


Ehh~ Can hang on bags ehh




I need to admit I fell immediately in love with Cony.


Cony says HI!


More shirts


A Brown shirt… Not literally but… oh wait.


Mugs for mugging. (Do I even make sense)


More cushions. I saw them replenish the stocks quite a few times when I was there. I think you’ll need to rush down quickly before these cute little things go out of stock.




Stationary sets for you students!
Actually adults also can buy uh. (Sorry, that stereotype from me :P)


Dont they look compatible?!
DAMN SWAROVSKI! I was immediately attracted to the designs once I saw them. So exquisite and beautifully made. Heard that it was so hot on sale that they only allow two pieces of jewellery per customer. So if you want to get all 6 designs, BRING YOUR FRIENDS ALONG!

I think all the push toys are so cute that I find the need to take a selfie with them 😀


Alright. Pardon me trying to act cute there! But hey! Don’t want buy also just come take photos lahhh! HAHAHA

Heard that if yall want more updates on the event, can follow 313@Somerset on their official LINE account!

And before I end this post, I must really thank 313@Somerset for bringing LINE Pop-up Store to us because you know, it’s important to look at cute stuffs and interact with cute fluffy things. (Hope that doesn’t sound weird though :D)

Domino’s 4 Flavours On 2 Pizzas

I am going to blog about pizza. I’d love to blog about everything that’s no so common in my life, so what does eating pizza makes it so uncommon in my life? The thing is that I’ve never seen so many pizza at one go nor have eaten so many different kinds of pizzas before.
I finally know what’s the definition of happiness.
28 October. I was down at the Domino’s Pizza outlet at Kovan on the invitation from The Influencer Network (TIN). Being back along the streets of Kovan indeed brought me back some memories. Memories of when I was still studying back at Serangoon JC. I could still remember going there for pizza once after school last year (thought my memory failed me on who I actually went there with).
Of course, walking into Domino’s Pizza, you will get to see this really obvious logo on the wall of the shop.


Eh? What did I see on the banner right here? 4 Flavours On 2 Pizzas?
Sialah. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such idea.
And so this lady here kindly explains the details of the pizza chain’s latest deal.
And of course we were all listening attentively. BECAUSE WE WERE TALKING ABOUT PIZZA RIGHT HERE!
Brochure for Domino’s 4 Flavours On 2 Pizzas
I swear this is going to be the sex for pizza lovers, especially people like me who takes an eternity to choose between the different kinds of flavours offered.
Especially when there are 28 unique pizza flavours available for selection at Domino’s.
With the ‘4 Flavours On 2 Pizzas’ deal, we can simply just mix and match 4 different flavours on 2 regular pizzas from only $22, making it Half and Half pizzas! (Of course in order to make some sense, the sauce on the same pizza must be the same) The other good thing about this deal is that previously, there was a $3 surcharge imposed on the Half and Half Pizza but now, IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE.
Talking about the sauce… After the introduction of the deal, all of us present there were given a small little game to play (But personally, I think it used much of my brain juice).
So the 13 of us present were divided into 6 pairs to play this challenge.
So firstly, the pair were to taste a random sauce and guess what sauce it was.
There were 6 different sauces (apparently these are the unique sauces you can choose from for the base of your HALF-HALF PIZZA:
– Pesto Passion Sauce
– Top Secret Sauce
– Sweet & Spicy Sauce
– Napolitana Sauce
– Smoky BBQ Sauce
– Signature Sauce
I was paired with Fif Phan, a fellow blogger, for this. At first, during our turn, I had the honour to be the one testing a random sauce (there was, I think 4 sauces left?). But too bad, for a person who seldom eats pizza and Domino’s, I sucked at that. Despite BBQ Sauce being taken by a previous pair, I still strongly thought that what I’ve tasted was BBQ sauce.
I gave up.
Fif took another sample and SHE GOT IT SPOT ON. ALAMAK.
Napolitana Sauce. Made with fresh tomatoes, chopped onions, garlic and herbs, I was amazed by the taste of the sauce when I decided to try it out. It’s like the kind of flavour I want it on my pizza or any other carbohydrate-filled food.
So after every pair had gotten their sauce, we were given the names of different kind of crusts and toppings. What we had to do was to just simply pick our favourite crust and then the 2 toppings we want (since it’s a HALF and HALF pizza), and thn there we go, our very own personalised pizza. (Yep, that’s how you order your Domino’s pizza, to my enlightenment!) And then, haven’t finish yet. We were supposed to come out with a storyline about the pizza that we’ve ‘created’.
Choosing from 6 types of crusts (Classic Hand-Tossed, New York Crust, Crunchy Thin Crust, Cheese Burst Crust and Cheesy Crust) and 5 types of toppings (Napolitana Chicken, Romano Margherita, Diavola Beef, Parmagiana Chicken and Portofino Prawn) to go with the Napolitana sauce we’d gotten, we are spoilt for choices.
We don’t even know what to choose.
But eventually, we came into consensus after n minutes of discussion. New York Crust with Romano Margherita and Parmagiana Chicken served with Napolitano sauce.
As for the story, being not so creative in making something out impromptu, I created one of the most bullshit story I could ever come up with in the history of Eddy’s literature. Oops! (Nah, Me ain’t going to share the story here because it makes practically no sense at all.)
Oh, before I forgot, the best story got to walk away with 20 Free Domino’s pizza (of course in the form of voucher, if not I doubt anyone is capable of bringing 10 box – since the free dominos vouchers are being shared among the winning pair – home without any proper transportation). BUT HEY!!!! FREE PIZZAS LEHHHH


And then, the best speaker walks away with this specially made apron.
After everyone’s done with their discussion and coming out with creative stories after stories, it’s time for all of us to present our story. AKA STORYTELLING SESSION.
From left: Catherine (aka SG Complain Queen), Vivian and Melissa.


Dee and Tselyn.



Carine and Sam.


Quan Mei and Claudia.
And of course, there’s Fif and myself. (I looked more like giving a General Election rally HAHAHA)
And after the storytelling session, THE FOOD WERE FINALLY SERVED! OMG!
For the whole of my teenage life (seems quite appropriate since my teenage years’ going to vanish in thin air soon), I had never seen so many pizza lining up in front of me, like right in front of my eyes. The picture above DOES NOT show the full story. This is just two out of the many pizzas being served to us.
Just look at the table. You’ll just have a gauge on how much FOOD there were. LET ME INTRODUCE SOME OF THE PIZZA AND FOOD! (I must admit my stomach is growling right now HEHEHE)
Chickensaurus and Alfredo Prawn.
Both are part of the ‘First Class’ portion in the menu, so basically a combination of two first-class ingredients makes the entire half-and-half pizza seems classy. The onions, red peppers, pineapple and prawns of the Alfredo Prawn half of the pizza coupled with the mushrooms, roasted chicken and chicken ham of the Chickensaurus half makes it so splendid. I mean, as a person who loves chicken meat and prawns, I am fancied by this combination. I GET TO EAT BOTH KINDS OF MEAT AT THE SAME TIME. The adding of Mazzarella Cheese on it just bring out the taste of the entire pizza even better. AND, for all you cheese lovers out there, there are really quite some amount of cheese added.
It is definitely a greater thing than the simultaneous equation.


Basilico Chicken.
A Classic selection. With mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and onions coupled with roasted chicken (<3) on Pesto Passion Sauce, I could only use one word to describe: marvellous. You can see they are not stingy on the ingredients used, I could taste chicken in every single bite, be it big ones or small ones.


Valenciana Mushroom and Prawn Sensation.

Another half-an-half pizza combination. Here, it’s where Valenciana Mushroom meets Prawn Sensation. Where an all-time favourite meets a first class. This is like where almost every single ingredients meet each other. Mozarella, Pamesan, Mushrooms, Onions and Spinach on the Valenciana Mushroom side and Succulent Prawns, Marinated Italian Herbs and Spices, spinach, juicy cherry tomatoes and onions on the Prawn Sensation side. I swear this is a sensation.

Hawaiian Paradise.
An All-Time Favourite topping. 100% Mozzarella Cheese with Succulent Smoked Chicken Breast, Chicken Ham and Juicy Pineapples on Signature Sauce. For those who love Hawaiian pizza, THIS IS FOR YOU.
 Obviously, Domino’s does not only sell pizza. These add-ons, like meat-balls (S$8.80) and Golden Roasted Drummets (6 pcs at S$7.80) are definitely necessary to complete your satisfaction!


AND AND AND!!! I must mention this. Your meal is not considered a full one without dessert (Right, Adam Oh? If you are reading this). MY FAVOURITE! The Chocolate Lava Cake (S$4.80)!
Look at the chocolate flowing out from the cake. It’s heavenly. It kinds of remind me of the chocolate fountain I saw back at Genting about 8-9 years back. Some of the bloggers even went to take video of Sam cutting the Lava Cake (Which I kind of regretted I didn’t, if not I need not use too many words to describe the wonderment and awe. I mean, a picture speaks a thousand words, a film clip, a million). The moment I placed one spoon of the cake into my mouth, the mixture of the surface of the cake and the chocolate fillings just melt so well, stimulating my taste buds to want more of it.
While we were trying our best to finish as much food as we could, the winners of the game we’ve played earlier on was being announced.
Tselyn and Dee’s story won them 20 FREE PIZZA. WAAAA!!!!!!!
And the best storyteller… Sam! HAHAHA And then he sort of like became the mascot for the outlet. HEHE ^^
Before we left, we managed to get some group photos together!


I would like to thank Domino’s Pizza and The Influencer Network for inviting me to my first ever blogger event. It is definitely a great exposure for me and to able to meet many other bloggers to have a pizza feast together, it’s a blessing. Everyone is so nice and despite me being an awkward turtle in the beginning, I eventually opened up after noticing that they are so outgoing and fun! Thank you all of you for making this a memorable event for me. 🙂
Here’s a three-of-a-kind before I end this post:
Apparently, we were all wearing shades of the same colour. HAHAHA
Disclaimer: Images credited to The Influencer Network and myself.
Domino’s Singapore
Instagram: @DominosSG