Bendgate And How The Other Companies Rub Salt Into Apple’s Wound

By now, many of you would have know about the Bendgate incident which brought Apple’s newest product, the IPhone 6 into shame. For those of you who didn’t manage to catch up with the latest news (even though this incident is not that new anyway), here’s a short description. The Bendgate incident happened when users who, well, kiasu enough to queue up front to be one of the firsts to get their hands on the most ‘in’ product from one of the highest grossing electronic company in the world, realised that they can actually bend their IPhone 6.

I guess the bendy phone only adds to the misery of this guy.


Many in Perth were still glad that he dropped the IPhone, not the legendary Nokia phone. Probably he got home to realise that he’s probably not the luckiest person on Earth.

Meanwhile, the bendgate incident took a storm in the twittersphere and of course anywhere else on the World Wide Web. The moment it was reported, the world just went crazy.

And here, this blog post is going to collate some of the most satirical advertisement and parodies done by netizens and of course, major corporates.

. @vladsavov @verge I went to check, the bent iPhone 6 poster in Berlin is real an hilarious
— Tom (@taknil) October 1, 2014

Someone’s Going To Pay For This
The person who’s in charge of this ad board in Berlin, Germany must have been fired from his company for making things for awkward and embarrassing for his client. But well, it seems like they are being honest in their advertising. At least, that’s something we should applause about.

This is freaking hilarious. From the Straits Times. #BendGate
— Tan Jiawei (@Bananasian) September 29, 2014

Taylor Swift’s Version’s A Guarantee 
A comic drawn in The Straits Times, Singapore. Apparently, there are 3 different versions to the IPhone 6 Plus. And… I guess everyone’s going to get the Taylar Swift’s version? Is there a red colour one?

— breen (@mehreenrana) September 29, 2014

iRolling On The Floor Laughing
In this technologically advanced era, there’s no need for a stylus. All you need is this iRoll though. It can help you to make your phone looks flatter than ever before. Any Michelin chef interested in investing in one?

Five reasons why @KitKat got 28,000 shares on a single tweet: #bendgate
— Nestlé (@Nestle) September 29, 2014

Have A Bend Break, Have A KitKat
I’d guess Apple should just take a break and we should all give them one. Here, have a KitKat. Oops, I bend, I mean I broke it into half.

LOOOOOL FAM #bendgate
— Mickey Goom™ (@Beatsbymichael) September 28, 2014

Bend It Like Beckham
I guess Becks will be the best candidate for brand ambassador., but at least goals are scored with Becks’ bend.

Bends rule! #bendgate #hyperbolicparabaloid
— Pringles (@Pringles) September 25, 2014

We Need Some Sauce
Pringles’ potato chips have the curve. So do the IPhone 6 Plus. Not sure if we should trying eating the IPhone, but we surely need some sauce to dip into. Is there any sauce available at the App Store?

Our phone doesn’t bend, it flexes…on purpose. #bendgate
— LG USA Mobile (@LGUSAMobile) September 24, 2014

It Flexes… On Purpose
A response to the Bendgate incident from one of Apple’s rivals (They sure have lots of rivals I must emphasise). It is just as brilliant, at least they’ve got a reason for their flexes. Apple might have sued them for infringing copyrights, you know?

@iarjunrk: Let the Apple #Bendgate trolling begin . Will it bend? @Nokia” HAHAHAHAHAHA iTROLL
— Ali Elnour (@itsALi01) September 27, 2014

No, Don’t Even Try
The legendary Nokia phone has something to say. Don’t even bother trying to bend that legendary phone. You don’t want to break the bones in your hands.

Dear Apple… #BendGate
— Heineken NL (@Heineken_NL) September 25, 2014

Bend It Out
A message directed at Apple from the… erm… alcohol manufacturer. Not sure if they are feeling high right now.

Curved. Not bent. #GALAXYNoteEdge
— Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) September 25, 2014

This tweet is an obvious evident on how intense the rivalry between the 2 of the world’s biggest smartphone makers. As much as Apple dislikes Samsung, Samsung dislikes Apple too. You’ll never see the end of the drama involving these two, it’s like Cold War, but this time between the West and
Asia. And I heard there’ll be a GapGate thing coming out, and we might see Apple taking its revenge soon.



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