5 Types of Players at Escape Rooms

Escape Room is simple, find the clue and get you and your team out of the place as fast as possible. It is a mystery solving game that will make everyone so headache yet everyone will enjoy it. There are so many things you could learn from the game, from problem solving to teamwork. It’s a great squad bonding game that any group of friends should attempt. Throughout the gameplay, you will definitely see your friends falling into one of these categories:

1. The Detective

Most likely the most enthusiastic person amongst the whole lot. You will never fail to see the Detective searching up and down, in and out for clues and hints. They probably watched too much Sherlock Holmes and/or being an investigative officer has been their aspiration since childhood. They will analyse every single thing they encounter like a dog sniffing through the trash bin.

2. The Commander



The leader of the team. They possess the critical thinking skills and provide the direction everyone would follow. The Detective is his right-hand man and they are usually formed by two with the most chemistry (like Sherlock and Watson, you know). He might be the only one who can stop the Detective from overthinking and get everyone excited throughout the duration of the game.

3. The Blur Sotong

We always bound to have that clueless friend who could not even catch the slightest hint. The clue could be right in their face, very blatantly, yet they still could not get it. There is no doubt that they are always the one who will be the last to understand the logic behind every hints.

4. The Sceptic



There is always someone who trusts no one. Not sure if he/she has been let down too many times by the group or that he/she is just plain paranoid. The Sceptic will always question the Detective on the clues he/she found and doubts the direction the Commander decides on. Despite he/she risked becoming the least favourite person in the group, the Sceptic actually helps to stimulate one’s critical thinking skills and train everyone’s decision-making skills. “You sure or not” will be the main thing the Sceptic will say.

5. The Nobel Peace Prize Award Wannabe

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Whenever there are the detective and the sceptic, you are guaranteed a repeat of the Cold War. That’s when someone, whose only mission there is to ensure that no ballistic missiles are being released and that everyone would be heading for a good dine-in instead of the mortuary at the end of the game. You will never fail to hear this person mumbling, “Eh, chillax, it’s only just a game.” (Or somewhere along this line, you get me)

He deserved an accolade if the team comes out of the game not blaming one another for anything.


Escape Rooms Singapore like Lost SG is a high-tech, top-rated 60-minute escape room game in Singapore where players put their heads together to make sense of thought-provoking clues, and seemingly abstract puzzles to escape from a locked room. Each little detail could be the essential clue to help you unlock another part of the puzzle, or the ultimate key to your escape.

Featuring the best in escape room technology, your experience with LOST SG will surely fill you with amazement when you hear the ‘click’ of success before the room makes way for your next encounter. LOST SG weaves advanced gameplay into a new generation of immersion and realism.

There are 5 interesting themes for you to choose from and each has its own challenges and complexity. Whether you are a Sherlock Holmes wannabe or a history lover or just merely looking for some weekends trills for your friends, you will definitely find the game that your squad will enjoy.

1 Sophia Road
#03-01/02/03 Peace Centre
Singapore 228149

Operating Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 1100 – 2245 (last game ends at 2345)
Friday & Saturday: 1100 – 0045 (last game ends at 0145)



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