Getting a pet? You might want to read this first.

Are you thinking about owning a dog, a cat or that cute little hamster you saw at the pet shop earlier on? They are so cute and adorable that you can’t wait to bring it home and cuddle with it or to keep you company, right?

But wait… wait… stop right there. If you think that it’s that easy to get a pet, you might want to think through again. There are more than just providing your new friend food and shelter. I had thoughts of getting pets (especially cats!) at some point in the past, because I thought it would be nice to have some, you know, a living thing to keep myself company when I am alone at home or have some furry thing to hug when I am sad. The idea was dropped almost as instantly as it came across my mind. The reason is simple, I’ve thought through 3 key points and I realised I might not be ready to commit as a pet owner.

But for those who want to own a pet, maybe you can also think through the 3 key points that I am going to share in a short while. I might not be an expert in pet ownership but I have heard enough stories from Vivian, who volunteers at a local animal shelter at a regular basis, to come out with a simple thought process before owning a pet.

1. Capability

Are you capable of being a pet owner? Being capable means to be both financially capable and mentally capable. Financially capability is the most important factor to be because not only you need money to get food for your pets (and those pet food ain’t cheap, especially if you are going to get quality ones), you will also need money to visit the vets to keep the health of your pet in check. Pets, like us humans, do fall ill. A trip to the vet can cost to hundreds and you need to be mentally capable to take time off to nurse your pet back to health.

Furthermore, pets are like little children. They have their moods and behaviour as well. Are you ready to face with their ups and downs days? Are you ready to handle your pets tantrums? Are you patient enough to train your pets – whether if we are talking about toilet training or simple manners like (for dogs) not barking at any random strangers. All these needs some strong mental capability as well. Take it as some sort of parenting, I guess?

2. Commitment

Pets are not only there when you need someone to comfort you after a breakup or for cuddling. Once you bring them home, their welfare will be your responsibility. Will you be consistent in taking care of them? Will you remember to feed them during mealtime? Play with them during playtime (and not only approach them when you need companion)? Take time of to take care of them when they are ill?

Like what I said earlier on, it’s really like parenting. You have to commit yourself to your pets. Be prepared if you are really going to own one, it’s going to be time-consuming at times. If you are a workaholic who spends most of your time out of your home, maybe pet ownership is really not for you. Go to the pet cafe or park if you’d like to interact with the animals.

3. Environment

Can your pet fit into you and your family’s lifestyle?

That is one important decision that is not only for you to make. Bringing a pet home is equivalent to adding a member into the household. The pet will be part and parcel of you and your family’s lifestyle. Everyone needs to be agreeable with that in the first place. You wouldn’t want to have a tiff with any of your loved ones over the pet and probably resulting in having to offload your pet in the adoption shelter in the end. It’s not good for either the humans or the animal.

Well if you’ve considered all the three key points above and believed that you are ready to take up the responsibility in having a pet, then I would say go for it! However, don’t head back to the pet shop that you’ve came across. Instead, pay a visit to the animal shelter instead to ADOPT a pet. You will feel more sense of achievement by giving a new lease of life to those animals who had been abandoned by their previous owners.

UberSnap & SOSD Collaborates to Help Shelter Dogs Find A New Home

Sparked by the recent shift to a smaller pet shelter and dip in adoption rate, UberSnap collaborated with SOSD to introduce Singapore’s first pet GIF booth. Photography plays a key role in the adoption of pets, since most of the potential pet owners would want to look through the pictures of pets while making their decision. UberSnap hopes that through the GIFs, people would be able to experience the unique personalities of those loving shelter dogs.

SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation that requires public donations to continue their mission to rescue and rehabilitate street dogs. With the big move from East to West, SOSD hopes to raise funds for the renovation of their new pet shelter.

Little Vienna has been growing up in the shelter, after being rescued with a litter of puppies, and is still waiting for a home. She is playful with other dogs, but tends to get selective so will need work on introduction when meeting dogs. She is otherwise a very sweet and affectionate girl, who may still be a little overwhelmed by the outside world, and socialisation would be very important at this age.

Duncan may be old, but he behaves very much like a big puppy! He was quite unsure when he first came to shelter, and let out a deep growl when we approached. As time went by, he understood that we were not so bad afterall, and would wag his butt and tail vigorously, while letting out high-pitched whines until we came forward to give him head rubs. This goofy old man also has also since learnt about sofas and loves rolling and lazing on one. We hope this boy will be able to find a home, despite the odds of being an older dog.

These GIF photos really bring the whole adoption drive to another level. I mean, it looks more interactive now instead of staring at the static photo, right? There are also other lovely dogs up for adoption, so feel free to visit SOSD’s website to find out more!


In another news, if anyone responsible enough would want to adopt a cat and bring a feline member into your home, I’ve got a cute little cat that is up for adoption.

Spot is 5 years old and has its own Instagram as well. I’ve personally interacted with him before and I realised that for some reasons, he seems to like staring at humans. I have no idea what he is staring at, but there are times we ended up in a staring competition.

faBOWlous is mi #adoptSpotthecat #fostercatsg #blackcatsOfinstagram #cat

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So if anyone would like to adopt Spot, feel free to contact me via my email or any of my social media! I will then link you to his foster mum ya.

Remember to adopt, don’t buy!

Till the next post, see ya!



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