Bird Eye View

A couple of weeks or so since this interesting thing on the roof top of Block 51 in Ngee Ann Poly.

Which inspired local trollers SGAG to come out with this:

Which in turn inspired me to want to make my way up to the rooftop and see how on earth they actually managed to get themselves up there.

After my last lesson, which is my Social Psychology lecture, I dragged Jonathan to follow me up to the highest level of Blk 51. Level 8. At least that’s the highest according to the lift. I tried to find the correct way up to the roof top.

Jonathan just wanted to wait for me at level 8 while I tried to maneuver my way around. I found a really ulu (Singlish, meaning some distant corner) stairway and it actually has a lift beside it. Woah. I mean, who will realise the existence of this lift. And the stairway lead me up to Level 9, or in my words, the level that never exist. Why? Because as I walked out of level 9, it’s like a small balcony over level 8. Nothing much. And it is impossible for me to find any way up to the roof top.

However, the view from level 9 was too magnificent that it is impossible for me not to take some shots from there.




Suddenly, I feel like a bird.



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