Chinese New Year Eve and Returning ‘Home’

It’s Chinese New Year Eve, the day that I’ve been waiting for throughout the past 364 days. The reason is because CNY is my favourite festival out of the other festivals/holidays we have in this multi-cultural country of ours.

Started the day helping out at the kitchen after waking up at 0630. It wasn’t easy trying to drag myself out of the bed because I ain’t a morning person. 

After rendering some help, I went out because I’ve planned to go back to my alma mater, Ang Mo Kio Secondary, with Audrey and Kaihao. Auds was the first to reach after doing the nails at AMK Central. By the time I reached, I saw her chatting with the security guards – who have been there since the year of my enrolment. 

Kaihao arrived about 45 minutes later and we went around exploring our former school. It seems so different as compared to the last time I dropped by — that’s a good a year and a half ago.

We went to each and every classroom to find our teachers and I am not surprise some teachers couldn’t recognise me because I’ve really changed a lot in my physical appearance. HAHAHA

Of course, while I had the chance to be back at AMKSS, I need to go and find my favourite teacher there – Mr Tan Kim Huat 陳老大! 

After we were done finding our teachers, we went to have our brunch at Canopy – which is a few street away from AMKSS. The moment we stepped into the restaurant, I was taken aback by the stunning atmosphere and interior architecture. It definitely provides a cosy dining experience for their patrons. (To see how it’s interior looks like, do check out by vlog at the bottom of this post!)

Kaihao opted for Canopy Beef Burger and Auds decided to have Carbonara. As for me, I decided to get Eggs Royale — which consists of two perfectly poached eggs on English Muffins, coupled with smoked salmon, salad and hollandaise sause.

While we were eating, Kaihao and Auds took over my phone and start exploring the Portrait mode. You could clearly see the different when the photo is taken using the normal mode and when it is taken using the portrait mode.

(Credits to Kaihao)

(Credits to Auds)

We sat at the restaurant for a good 2 hours before my mother called to summon me back home to help out with the other preparations.

I went home and helped out for final preparations for CNY before having our annual CNY steamboat.

There was really lots and lots of food that all of us struggled to finish. But well, it’s good not to finish the food on CNY Eve because it represents 年年有餘!

As the clock strikes 12 in the midnight, it signified the start of the Year of the Rooster/Chicken. And I am looking forward to the activities for the next 15 days!

Check out my latest vlog!



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