Finally, It Rains!


And so after a month and more of dry weather, it finally rains in Singapore. The entire socialsphere went mad soon after. The sighs of reliefs can be heard all over the country, from the markets in the neighbourhood to social media platforms. Everyone was thankful for the rain.

I did not notice the rain initially. Well. It was still early for me to climb out of bed and walk out of my bedroom to notice what had even happened. I tried to sleep so as to capitalise on the comfort of air-condition that was still running in the room. Little did I know that the sky was turning dark and the surrounding temperature had in fact decreased. It was only until when I decided to pick up my phone from my bedside and click on the twitter bird icon.


My entire timeline was flooded with the term ‘RAIN’. Everyone, from Yishun to Toa Payoh to Jurong, was praising the sudden downpour all over the region. For the first time, the entire Singapore was cheering for the rain. It was just as rare as Manchester United winning under David Moyes. I scrolled through my entire timeline in search for anyone who is complaining about the weather change. None.

Finally the chaotah plants here met their savior. So has the entire SCDF team.

I could imagine the entire Civil Defence personnels cheering the moment the rain starts pouring down onto the island. They were relieved that they did not have to fight anymore bush fires, and they can continue to call fast-food deliveries, enjoy their food in their air-conditioned fire post.

Well. SCDF was not the only government agency to be relief. To be honest, the government agency that can find themselves really able to take a break after the rain was the one that was under scrutiny for ‘hiding the actual PSI level from the public’. The NEA was definitely having their sighs of relief right now. The rain pours can effectively clean the haze away from above our national skyline. It will, at the same time, removes the odour from the surroundings. Every time when I saw the PSI reading on the TV screen below 30, I find it really genuine (unlike previously).

Air is definitely fresher, wetter, cleaner and better now.

Maybe we should thank the rajah bomohs for the downpour.



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