It’s The Start Of Something New

This could be the start of something new.
No, I am definitely not going to talk about High School Musical, although it is part of my childhood. But it’s kind of relatable here. 
Week 0 at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Something that I looked forward to but also, at the same time, feared of. I am the kind of person who don’t really like to move on. I know this is life, but I don’t have that kind of high level of adaptability. My lack of sense of belonging at SRJC has seen its consequences. Though I met many people who eventually became my friends, really good friends but I still didn’t feel at home back at SR. Now, I am again in a whole new environment, knowing exactly 0 people there (just count out Nicole and any Year 2s whom I know). It’s kind of scary. I don’t like scary things. I don’t like that kind of feeling of fear and anxiety and the element of unknown.
But this could also be a changing point in my life. I mean, since no people know me, I can start anew all over again. This could be just the start of something new. I reminded myself, it’s time for the emergence of a new Eddy. A better person, probably a person who excels in both his EQs and IQs. The change in environment is probably coming at the right time and at the right place. Everyone says that it is important to look ahead, but to me, you can never look ahead if you don’t look at your past, understand your past and learn from your past. So I am here, thinking about everything that happened in the past year and learning from it, and make a difference to my own future at this point in life.
As I was saying, Week 0. It means the week for ORIENTATION — COMPULSORY SCHOOL ORIENTATION PROGRAMME (CSOP). Alright, to be rather straightforward here, I don’t really understand the need of inserting the word ‘compulsory’ into the name of the orientation programme. It just seems to people that everyone is forced into this thing (although we must really come into agreement at we really are being forced into this). Maybe they might like to rename it to something like erm…’Free School Orientation Programme’ or ‘You-Shan’t-Turn-Down School Invitational Orientation Programme’ or even ‘Let-come-and-have-fun-before-hell-starts School Orientation Programme’. At least these names seem less ‘being forced’.
Since I told myself to start all over again, I decided to go all out and be open and friendly to people I see, especially those from my Orientation Group (OG) (Or in their context, sub-tribes). And of course, when you are open, I think, people will eventually get comfortable around you. And there, I met 13 more new friends! My first 13 friends of my Poly life.
Since my OG is a sub-tribe, which means that it belongs to a bigger tribe! And since my OG’s group is called BATMAN, we of course belongs to JUSTICE LEAGUE!
(Image: paullus23/deviantart) Many bats from a bigger bat. Idk why I decide to put this picture here but it looks kind of relatable in this context.
I think I don’t really want to go into too much details about the camp before this gets too long and everyone gets really bored (yes, even I get bored writing things in too much details). 
So basically, this kind of sums up our Day One. We tried to play games, know each other and ya, more games. (I shan’t talk about the talks we went through, because many of us just feel like dozing off… haha!)
This is DAY 2. And look at the shirt that we are all wearing (I am referring to those blue colour shirts wore by us freshies at the last two rows). That’s the Sports & Wellness shirt for, obviously, Sports & Wellness module that my course will be having in the second semester. THIS IS WHEN BATMAN REALLY BEGINS.

Towards the second half of the second day, there was a mass games, involving everybody. Human foosball, what the called it as, was really really fun. Lining up as defence, in front of the bloody huge-ass goalpost (marked by the one chair at either side). I suddenly felt like I am a certain Iker Casillas or Luke Shaw (since I can’t use hand, I take it that I looked like either a restricted keeper or a full back).
And the photo above was taken after the guys complaint that the girls took selfie ‘bo-jio’. Idk why but it seems that the theme for this camp was more of SELFIES instead of SUPERHEROES. At least this is one of the rare group selfies ever. 😛
And then, towards the end of the event, the tribe leaders decided to call for a group shot!

(Credit: NP Photography Club) Shot No. 1: Formal ‘Family’ Shot. That’s a freaking big family I swear.

(Credit: NP Photography Club) Shot No. 2: Informal with too much swag, or in our Instagram term, #JLsweg. Take some notice on our very swag hand sign. Like a gang like that.
Day 3. A day where we didn’t start off from the school. We (or, specifically, my sub-tribe had to travel all the way from different parts of Singapore where they are residing at to Labrador Park. That’s like travelling to the other side of Singapore for me (er… Well. Travelling to NP from my house is also like travelling to other side of Singapore. Thank God Singapore is rather minute compared to other countries. I think I would just kill myself if I had to travel from Manhattan to Boston for school everyday).
Day 3 means we got to do some fundraising activity outside of school to help the Beyond Social Service Centre. Well, I got to admit this is really worthwhile the time but at the same time, I realised I am forever jinxed by the fact that no one will ever want to buy things from me or donate any money to me. I swear I can’t do fundraising activities for nuts.
That’s why I just donate. 
And selfie is such a thing nowadays and, especially, in this camp, we got to take a group selfie before we headed over to MapleTree Business City for the fundraising (Photo is above).
And of course a selfie after we sold our balloons. 🙂

A group photo while we are waiting for the bus back to NP. (Trivia: Those balloons were from the nearby sub-tribe, we just basically borrow from them just to take this photo.)

A random candid photo taken by the girl who helped us in taking the group photo.
Since it’s the last day where BATMAN will be together…
Definitely must take selfie with each of the individual members right?!!
Siansue. 1/3 of our GLs!

Bernice. Another 1/3 of our GLs!

Soon. Ok, his name is actually Joosoon. But he call us to call him Soon. Soon. So soon. Oops. :’D

Mr. Jellyfish, Gerald. Someone who amazed us because he tried jellyfish and none of us did. o.O

Aida. One of our erm… yalam friends. Featuring a photobomb attempt by Seri.

Darla. I admitted that initially, I thought that her name was Lala or something. Oops. 😛

Seri. Not Siri, guys. You can’t install her voice into your iPhones anyway. :’D

Melanie. I swear I misheard her name as Melody. And guess what, she’s in the same tutorial group as Nicole See!

Cornie. Don’t judge a person by her name. She is not corny at all. 
PS: I didn’t have selfie with the other 1/3 of our GLs, Yasmeen (idk if I did take a selfie with her but it’s not on my camera roll 🙁 ) Didn’t have selfie with Jillian (she left early) and Dayang (she was absent).
CSOP14 is really a fun camp. Although it ended, but the friendships that I’ve fostered for the past 3 days will not end here. I look forward in meeting people from my course and I hoped they are really as awesome! Like what I’ve said, 



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