Long Time No See

So this will be a rather short post (but that also means the proportion of photos will be more than words here!)
Supposed to met up with Meiqi, Junwei, Brendan, Hong Kiat and Weihao for dinner at the NEW 18CHEF LOCATED AT LEVEL 4 OF AMKHUB! And then, it escalated into a reunion of me and the members of SMAQ Entertainment. Well if you want to know about them, visit their Facebook page HERE!
Leon Seah. Haven’t get to see him since I departed from SRJC last year.
Huang Hao Ze. The very healthy and motivating good friend whom I haven’t seen for like more than 1 year already!

Franklin Lim. Totally lost contact with him since the day of O’ Level results release at the start of last year. Still look very skinny. You these 1 year plus never eat is it? For someone whom I lost contact with, I definitely must double check with him if his phone number is still the same.
And. It’s still the same.

Chen Yu. Part of SMAQ and also part of Pedoro (Idk why but I’ll always call my this clique as Pedoro despite the change in name of our whatsapp group. You know, something just can’t be change. 🙂 ) Glad to see him after 1 month or so because he has been really busy with his duties at SCDF.

Hong Kiat. My 2nd brother! Didn’t know he is part of SMAQ, but definitely part of Pedoro. See him quite often but I still decide to take a selfie with him and put it up here!

The queue outside 18Chefs was really that long that I decided to take some selfies. Quite a number of selfies were taken but this seems to be the only perfect one. Guess why? Because B. Pang was trying his very best to block Junwei from the screen (This picture is therefore perfect because B. Pang failed to block Junwei at that exact moment when I pressed the camera button.

I really missed all my friends back at Ang Mo Kio Sec. It’s probably the only place where I can call it a ‘second home’. The friendships that we’ve made are irreplaceable, the bonds forged are indestructible. Hopefully one day, I can get a chance to have more reunions with all those ex-AMKsians.



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