Marriage, Is A Blissful Occasion

On Friday evening, I accompanied my mother to attend one of our relative’s wedding at Yishun SAFRA Club.


 The door gifts look really adorable.


Mind my selfie. I took that for my PEDORO peeps. 😛


The first dish consists of jellyfish and lobster. Of course not that little, I just took some and placed it on my plate, took a photo and send it to Gerald (aka jellyfish, my friend from my CSOP’14 sub-tribe who has a fetish, ahem, I mean er…, likes to eat, jellyfish :’D).


Shark-fin soup.


Look at that abalone!


And for the first time, there’s bird nest being served in a wedding dinner I’ve attended.

Of course these were not the only dishes on that evening, I didn’t took more because I was afraid of the awkwardness (Later they think this boy siao one uh, take photo of every single food). 😛 But I swear this is the best ever wedding dinner I’ve been to.

Thought I don’t really know that relative, but HAVE A BLISSFUL MARRIAGE!



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