Meet-Up & More Meet-Up!


March Holidays are here, though it doesn’t really matter to me at this part of my journey in life, I mean, to a person not schooling, school holiday or no doesn’t really make much of a different. I am enjoying life to the fullest before Polytechnic life starts kicking in for me.
I do feel happy for many of my friends who are schooling because they are able to use this holiday to take some breathe and try to find balance between work and play (I swear this is the most difficult mission to accomplish. Not many people can balance work and play, people will either play too much or work too much). Whoever who can, please contact me and give me a free tuition on how to do it. πŸ™‚
Ohya, before I start digressing too much until I find it difficult to make a turn into what I want to blog about, DID I MENTION ABOUT MARCH HOLIDAYS?!
I am pretty sure that I did ya?
So what’s March Holidays means to me right now, since I am not schooling right now? March Holidays means that my friends who are schooling right now are more carefree and I can meet up with them!
So this week, up till now, I have had meet ups with my 2 different groups from friends, apparently all my secondary school’s friends. I know I wrote a bit too much above and whoever is reading this now may be getting a bit (I assume a bit uh) bored. HEYY! But no worries man, the post will soon be filled with pictures.
And don’t say I didn’t warn you. Don’t read this post if you are really hungry because you will end up wanting to punch me for making you feel like someone who was being locked up for days without food. Your stomach’s gonna churn for sure.
Let’s throwback to Tuesday.
It was the day which I had looked forward since about a week ago. It has been really long since I last went to the karaoke and it has been long since I get to see my dearest Pedoro peeps.
Was supposed to meet Hong Kiat for lunch at 1pm at Ang Mo Kio, hence I decided to have a very light breakfast at the coffee shop in my neighbourhood. Whenever I want to have ‘light’ breakfast, I would always think of: CONGEE.

Uh-huh. A bowl of $2.50 congee is just enough to fill me up. And it’s really nice!

And then, Hong Kiat said he will be really late because he still waiting for the sinseh (Chinese physician) so we decided to cancel the lunch meet. Walao.

(Image: memegenerator)
Hence, I decided to go to the market and lepak.
And then, this guy suddenly said he finally got to see the sinseh and can reach AMK at 1PM. Walao. I don’t think that I could make it so Hong Kiat gotta be the #foreveralone guy and eat lunch himself that afternoon. And I went to meet him at the MRT station without my lunch.
We hopped on the train and travelled down to Yishun to meet the rest: Yujing, Meiqi, Weifang and Chen Yu before heading down to SSC for KTV!!!
And Weihao joined us after his school soon after.
Apparently someone is being taken as a pillow. Haha!
Weihao came and just… erm.. lepak.
And sleep… And so they decided to take a photo with a sleeping Weihao.


Hong Kiat, Chen Yu and I are definitely enjoying our time singing!


And so do the girls!
Was singing halfway, but first, LET US TAKE A SELFIE~


The non-JC peeps in the house!

Yujing decided to photobomb Hong Kiat.


Β After the KTV, Yujing decided not to eat with us and so… we decided to take some selfies before she left. I swear we attracted many eyes while we tried to take some proper selfies. Yes. Yes. I saw some aunties looking at us.
After Yujing left, it took us quite some to decide what we would like to have for dinner. We even went into Daiso and take a look at the things before we decided that we were going to have Aston’s for dinner. (Even though I am not a fan of Aston Villa. Alright, I admit that was really cold.)
Aston’s Specialist.
Since I can’t have chicken and they don’t sell pork, I decided to go for fish. Grill Fish with Herbs with a more healthy selection of baked potatoes and garden veggies. πŸ™‚
This surely looks appetising, ya?
How can a dinner be proper without a selfie?


Another selfie!
We went to some void decks in Yishun afterwards to have a chat. And we talked quite a lot. I swear those conversations were really fun and interesting.
Really hope that we can hang out more often but this will be the year when most of them are really really busy with their studies. Maybe jio-ing them out for dinner every month? Haha. Hopefully we can really meet up soon. Can’t imagine my life without them. hmm.
Went to bed thinking about this outing and the outing next evening…
The skies were really dark in the afternoon. It was so dark that Elyssa panicky whatsapped us telling to bring our umbrellas along. And then she whatsapped me, feedback-ing that we may be eating elsewhere because big rains may cause Upper Thomson to flood. I was like: Woah, chill lady. Haha. I was telling her if big enough, scarly cancel. But she assured me that it WON’T be canceled.
It rained. An hour before the time when we were supposed to meet. And then, it stopped. Just in time.
And as I am reaching Marymount MRT Station… I received this very message from Elyssa:
Eddy is one big troller. I swear.
So when everyone’s there, we walked to Upper Thomson Road. I didn’t know that place was within acceptable walking distance from Marymount MRT Station. When we reached the Upper Thomson area, we didn’t know what to eat. There were Fat Boys, Habitat, some prata shop, some Tim Sum shop, some wanton mee shop. There were too much to choose. So we decided to walk around before we decide on something.
After walking down 2 streets, we were more confused. We were confused by the wide variety of food down there. Elyssa and I just taiji-ed this important decision making process to Stef and Sheri while we decide on where to go after dinner for ice cream: Udders or Salted Caramel.
The decision was made within a few minute just because I feel like having Udders.
Then it took quite some time before the decision to have Fat Boys was made. Fair enough, we walked back to where we were first at when we reached the Upper Thomson stretch of road.

I swear Fat Boy’s burger bar was the first bar in which I dined in. Never went to a bar before and the feeling was really great. I took a look at the menu and decided to have ‘The Elvis’ after someone said that Elvis’ song was being played.
I took long enough to decide on what to eat. I am so indecisive, as always.
And I was complaining about the Grilled Banana in ‘The Elvis’. I mean, who grills banana?!
But I decide to get that, nevertheless.

The highlight of the ordering process? Stefanie decides to order a pint of Hoegaarden. Woah. Alcohol siol. Well, too bad I 1) am still 6 more months to 18, which makes me not of legal age for alcohol and, 2) doesn’t have the liking for alcohol. I never understand how people like drinking something as bitter as my chinese herbal medicine and smells something like, in Elyssa’s words, antibiotics.

And while waiting for our food, we decided to take a selfie. (I seem to be addicted to taking selfies uh. :P)

(From left: Stefanie, Sheri, Elyssa, me)

Not long after, our drinks arrived. Meaning… THAT FREAKING ONE PINT OF BEER WAS ON THE TABLE TOO. I think that ‘PINT’ is just another word for ‘BUCKET’. It was freaking big cup, I swear. If only the coffee I get from coffee shop or cafes can serve in that big cup, I will definitely love it.

So I decided to take a photo of the alcoholic drink, with my ‘Lime, Lemon and Bitter’ drink at the side. (I admit I drank a sip and I still didn’t like the taste of alcohol.)
Chatted a while before our food arrived!
The two pictures above were the pictures I took of my ‘The Elvis’. Everyone thought it was chocolate bread. :’D
And while I was eating, the girls started asking me how was the GRILLED BANANA.
The grilled banana actually tasted as legit. It doesn’t taste weird. It just taste like banana. Nothing much. Just with a little grilled tasting, which didn’t spoil the taste of the banana. In fact, it added a bit of points to the banana.
The meat is tender.
And I should stop before I turn this into a food review. πŸ˜›
Here’s a special mention before I fast forward to our ice-cream dessert at Udders:
Being in a bar at night makes me feel so grown up. πŸ˜€
Yep. We left Fat Boy’s for Udders.
And I made the following comment:
“Later Udders or Salted Caramel? Why not, later we see which shop got more chiobus then we go in.”
I made this comment after seeing 2 really pretty looking waitress (not sure if stewardess is the correct term, but well…) at Salted Caramel when we were walking to Fat Boy’s earlier on.
The 3 girls just stared at me.
On our way there, we met Shawn Chee, an acquaintance of mine back in AMKSS.
When we were outside Udders, someone was suggesting to patrtonise both Udders and Salted Caramel. At the same time, I looked into Udders and saw 2 more chiobus.
“Nevermind lah, Udders also can. Got 2 chiobus.”
(Image: memecruch)
As we walked into Udders, one of the girls there smiled at me. So I smiled back to her. OMG. I can just die a happy man now. OK. Enough of my fantasy.
It took as long again to decide on what ice cream to have. And we decided to share a cup of some ice cream with 3 flavours — Kitkat, Mars and Cookies & Cream.
I was in fact more attracted to the a black board on each respective side of the walls.
Shit patrons write on the wall.
And, meanwhile, let’s #pray for MH370
More shits people write. But I have to say it’s these that beautifies the entire shop. πŸ˜›
And so Mr. Narcissist decided to sign his signature on the board.


#YNWA. And my loyalty to LIVERPOOL.


Stef decided to show off her artistic skills and her love towards the 2012 batch of AMKsians. πŸ™‚
And not long after, another chio bu waitress brought our ice cream over to us. Hehe.
So this is our ice cream!!! Sedap!


While having our ice-cream, our conversation was around MH370 and the Crimean Crisis. Trust me, I’ve been engaging in conversations surrounding these two topic for the past one or two week. I think whoever who meet up with me will never fail to discuss these two things. Things are getting really interesting. Hmm…

On a side note, I realised one thing about Upper Thomson…
(Image: memegenerator)
I swear.
We sent Sheri to her bus stop before walking Elyssa to her house there before me and Stef walked to Marymount MRT Station together. Since we were complaining having so little photos together, we decided to take a photo together before I went into the station.



Two shots taken. Two shots rather blurred. Stupid Eddy didn’t check quality. Ah. Next time take proper one lah. MUST.
Really hope to hang out with them again for dinner/supper again! But it will be long because Elyssa and Sheri got their A Levels’ to prepare while Stef’s second year of Poly is starting and my first year of Poly is about to commence to. Hopefully soon lah. πŸ™‚



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