My first semester in Poly is finally over. 4 months into my new life, and everything seems to go just as fine.
So, last Saturday, 30 August, I met up with my most dearest group of people of all time. Well, I went to find them to have dinner together, that’s all. But hey! At least I got to hear their voices and see their faces again after so long.
They were studying, some for promos, some for prelims and others, doing their preparation for the upcoming A’ Level. It’s never easy being a student, and especially, being a student in Singapore’s tertiary institutions. At Ang Mo Kio Library, they were just so close to my house.
So I decided to head down to the library to find them and to have dinner with them. Guess where we had our dinner? EIGHTEEN CHEFS.
It seems like we have been going to the Eighteen Chefs’s outlet at AMK Hub too frequently. Let me see… The last two times we met up, we had dinner at that same place. (Well, hopefully I didn’t remember wrongly) It seems to have become our rendezvous.
It doesn’t matter what and where we have our dinner, the most important thing is about who you are eating with. Able to see them face-to-face after so long feels like a blessing. A blessing that I wouldn’t have call for more. Although we do not have the full strength that day, I know the friendship is too strong to be broken. I know, one day, when most of them are free from the torturous cycle of study-eat-sleep-school-study-eat-sleep-school, we will be able to come together again, like how it is during Christmas last year.
Here’s my attempt trying to take a selfie with Junwei. Freak. When can I learn to take proper selfie that wouldn’t make my face so… er… big.
It’s sad that we didn’t took a group photo, or, selfie together but at least… I took individual photos of them, with their food.
But first, let us look at what I’ve ordered.
This is actually from the Be-Your-Own-Chef menu where one can customise the kind of dish he/she would like. Choosing from 5 different bases (which consists of pasta and baked-rice), 8 sauces, 12 ingredients and 12 top-ups, there are really a lot of different kinds of combination for you to choose from. For me, this time, I chose to go for baked rice (hey wait… I always choose baked rice. :)). I tried to be funny and selected the sauce with 2 chili symbols by the side (You know, extremely hot that kind). Spicy tomato, that’s it. As for the ingredients, chicken sausage with top-ups of pan-grilled fish and scrambled eggs.
As I thought their spicy tomato wouldn’t be that spicy afterall, I was proved wrong. It is indeed very spicy. I swear they must have been using the killer chili padi instead of the usual garden salsa.
Junwei was laughing at my face being red.
I was suffering from all the sweat that was dripping off my forehead.
Before I could finish my food, my ice lemon tea was soon gone. Despite it being more spicy that I expected to be, my love for spiciness allowed me to enjoy it pretty much more than I expected. I mean, wow, the kind of numbness caused was so shiok.
The Deep Fried Wings that Meiqi and Fang ordered. (OMG. This just made me hungry while writing this post.)
B. Pang. Posed for the camera while he was halfway er.. adding cheese to his food.
Meiqi sat just right opposite me, so it was easy to take an individual photo of her with her food.


Junwei. It’s not very frequent that he will pose with that hand sign. No. It’s rare for him to even pose for you. HEHE ^^


Hong Kiat. He just can’t wait for munch on his food. HAHAHA


Fang, with her spaghetti and her fried chicken wings. It would be quite hilarious if she was holding on to a knife instead of a spoon. (Don’t ask me why, it’s like a photo before killing someone. Well~)


And then, that’s me with my food. Teehee~

After the dinner, they decided to come to my house (since it is, in my words, our Pedoro’s HQ) to slack a while before heading home at 11pm.

There, we chatted like it was 2012 all over again.

And how I hoped it was 2012 all over again. The day of reunion will come soon. SOON.



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